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Incident Report Database (Detailed daily incident reports of my targeters)
Searchable database by time, date, tactic, amount of harassments per day
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For Those who don't want to deal with the extreme complexities of this situation, this is meant to show you the illegal activites going on world wide directed at me

Police, with mass groups worldwide trying to make me look crazy so they can lock me away for some reason since a young age (AKA GANGSTALKING but on a global scale) - With claims I suffer from mental illness, which is still not reason for these endless setup attempts and frame jobs. Trying to Disguise their severe abuse as mental illness.

One of the Police's attempts to cover this up and turn things around on me is saying that I have a vendetta with the police, and I am screwing with the Police, yet they have been targeting me where ever I've lived. California, Oregon, Colorado, since a young child as I found out at 29 years old
Continual psychological warfare and mental illness tactics by mass groups worldwide to try to flip me out, make me look crazy, and like a violent paranoid schizofrenic. As well as mass groups all throughout my life trying to make it look like I can't focus, and am a reckless driver even with all sorts of people trying to cause accidents in such ways to make it look like I am out of control still going on since 16 years old to try to make their terror operations look justified to the world

This is straight out of some arrest discovery

These terror, setup, frame job operations, and well as the worldwide defamation, criminal defamation which the police have called SKULLFUCKING, and slander change daily as these endless accusations, and terror tactics change and evolve growing their terror tactics they put in their so called laundry list, grow riling up more and more worldwide groups in anger and rage against me. All based on fiction with pre meditation, motive, and hidden agendas to remove me from society, no matter what it takes in their obsessed rage over something they accuse me of around 5-9 years old.

Read how they operate as I grew up to understand how these operations to remove me from society work

Some of the Officers Involved
Officer Toro (Fake name) (LAPD) (Threatened my life "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way")
Officer Jensen (LAPD) (Arrested for asking him for his badge number when he showed he was corrupt)
Officer Sean Dinse (LAPD) (Will not tolerate imperfection, or people with mental illness, as he uses mental illness labels for those he doesn't like)
Detective Angela Stewart (LAPD) (arrested someone else with Battery charges who was found innocent as well)

To understand how they operate with their endless all day and night 24/7 psychological mental battering, and terror and torture operations to set me up for reactions to try to use against me
The Incident Report System which I don't have the time and energy to keep track of after 2013 still going on today and never stopping showing the magnitude of these operations

The Pattern Tactic Explained so you can understand how it all works in such a way that it makes sense

Go straight to the pictures which will show you a taste all you need to know!

An extremely large number people worldwide are also exerting strange behaviors pretending that this site or well as certain aspects of my personality are somehow offensive or a problem while pretending to be stupid and have no common sense. When the real problem is what is being done to me and my life which they intentionally don't want to acknowledge and turn a blind eye forcing me into this situation

Lawyer who has honestly acknowledged the situation in this worldwide targeting based on the facts during the latest Thug/Blackmail arrests, setup, frame job operations because they don't want this website to exist, or me saying anything that pertains to the situation working with the groups involved

While most of the people worldwide that I talk to want the truth burred in the ground, me silenced and not saying a word while hunted or immobilized, and locked away for knowing what I know. This is one of the few honest people I have spoke with who has at least shown that the obvious is going on. And this has nothing to do with me, other then someone doesn't like me, and wants me dead, in a cage, or removing me from society no matter what it takes and with immense resources

Most people intentionally refuse to address issues, the accusations about me to the world in secret, known as propaganda for some strange reason with a secret wrap sheet of endless fiction to the world And you can see here, someone is being honest about the reality of the situation, and what it really is, instead of lies that I am imagining it. And anyone that says that, is involved in something illegal based on how known I am, and how much data I have to expose it

Situation that Edward came Forward about for the world to understand what can happen when your constitutional rights are taken away from you. And the fact that it can just happen when someone is in a bad mood, or having a bad day in our government with a family with secondary psychology or analyzes art for a living. While such lies start from an angry family claiming I am a violent paranoid schizo who says I am a danger to myself or others, and tries to set me up, out of who knows what, exerting paranoid psychotic behaviors based on me blinking wrong or something. Maybe eating my fathers steaks out of the freezer for all I know

You get the idea of a family all with secondary psychology degrees can ignite a worldwide forest fire around me using their psych labels as some kind of revenge for maybe me showing that while being a nice person if I defend myself in any intricate way, such as maybe telling a bully he doesn't scare me, and go to hell or something, Will result in something like this. With a family who keeps telling me weird things like "You are not allowed to defend yourself"

Doesn't really make much sense until your left isolated with a worldwide mob and conspiracy trying to give you disinformation, and federal support for some strange reason, and no one is speaking out or concerned about the bigger picture or what is really going on

Police threats showing that they are and have been pursuing me, my entire life, and don't want me talking

Back around 2010 - This is my simply taking some pictures of a fire truck after getting into Photography, the Police see me, and threaten me "We are watching you" The police really started getting even more aggressive once I got into photography and I had a camera on me once in a while. And I can assure you, it isn't because people don't have cameras as they have tried to tell me. It is because they don't want me having to ability to document anything if it happens on any level to defend myself, or expose what is being done to me.

Most people really don't care is someone has a camera on them and are focused on their own lives, or things that matter
2/16/2018 - Person having his dog attack and girlfriend assault me with Death Threats

While on the surface this person may appear as a hot head with the inability of self control, but I can assure you he is really involved in cover up operations  In this 2 hour period alone of simply going out to take a walk of similar things done to me every day for 17 years And happens world wide.  

- Car Vandalized

- One camera Stolen for taking proof of it in my complex, woodland oaks

- Another person waits for me after the police are called an hour later while they take their time and as I walk by has his dog attack me, threaten my life, his girlfriend hit me in the back of the head from behind, and has his dog attack me, and while I am walking away, keeps following me with the dog having it attack me. 

And the dog seemed to have the ability to attack people when he wanted it too He is also in contact with Detective Angela Stewart in her illegal operations showing that, he and others are being told to pretty much have me killed.

While their objective is to try to make me look like a crazy out of control lunatic. I seem to be the only rational sane one. But because they are working with NSA/FBI operations to spew lies to the world now going on 35 years, most people are fed lies. This is proof of what happens when I simply go out, or take walks and will occur anywhere worldwide. 

This is a more aggressive attack because in the last few days I stayed home, accomplishing things and getting some health back. And when things start to normalize, they go from very passive aggressive terror operations, to blatantly obvious attacks of rage that they didn't get their 36 year way of ridding me of the world. Also, you should note that this person is a skin head, so was Bailey Bernard, and so is Sean Dinse. While I have no white supremacist proof, the endless 36 years of racial slurs against me or towards me kind of says it all. 

And I am Jewish


2/16/2018 - Police Death Threat while reporting dog attack, Assualt and Battery, Camera Theft, Car Vandalisms all within hours reported to the Police showing that they avoiding anything of importance

While these types of things are all day and night 24/7 since turning 29 and finding just one of these endless people, Mike Huntley, sent after me by the Government to remove me from society broke from, I'm your 25 year friend to , your a dead man for some reason starting around the age of 5.

This is another Police Death threat while trying to file police reports of this endless worldwide crime spree against me to remove me from society for some strange reason. 

"Let's do him at Topanga" 

Where around 2011, they had a security guard named John Paul Naranjo working with the Police attack me, hitting me about 7 times in the head consecutively. First one from behind. 

After calling the Police, they told the world, like these 1000's and 1000's of over worldwide lies since 5 years old, most criminal accusations. That I had attacked John Paul Naranjo to cover up their endless torture and terror operations with worldwide support.

Claiming I am a Violent Paranoid Schizo. A label my own family put on me at around 5 years old in their hate, rage and jealousy for me for some reason so they could work with the Police and Government to figure out ways to remove me from society.

You will notice that, the Police have avoided to put anything of importance in the reports to establish anything is going on directed and me and personal. So they can try to make me look crazy, and stop me from having a paper trial of anything TRUTHFUL

Hence why they are so mad, my websites exist, and that I am speaking out about what is really going on. And that none of what the world has been told about me is true.


12/20/2017 - City Mobbings with mass groups following me in cars and waiting for me with their mass groups of patterns tactics

This is an example of what I found out 17 years ago is being done to me with worldwide support  started by my family and the police. Now NSA/FBI and worldwide operations to try to Gangstalk, Gaslight me to
remove me from society for what I know and found out with the psychology community screw ups. Endless death threats and well as the Police threatening my life sending a girl after me named Skyler (Stephanie on IRC that they were and are going to SKULLFUCK me to death.

While every industry is involved worldwide, especially the Entertainment and Adult industry using media to try to create paranoid schizophrenia. This video shows you what has been going on every single day at the Topanga/Ventura, and Winnetka/Ventura Shopping centers as well as some city events all coordinated. I've watched this worldwide, as well as in these local shopping centers alone for 17 years now with endless threats and telling me I had better accept being tortured to death. It also shows how Jada Fire (Hurricane Jada in this video) in one of her videos is being played out to actually hurricane me to death so to speak with the Black community thugging me, following me places with subtle threats as well as doing what it takes to stop me from talking to the police and lawyers all working together. Keep in mind, this is only 2 days, and a few hours. This is all day and night 24/7 which I noticed 17 years ago at the age of 29 where I magically went from extremely healthy to sick right when met with death threats by Mike Huntley, my business partner and 25 year so called friend who I met through my brother because they were friends, and Rodie Morales my Gym manager who befriended me working with him, while having my own company. And before this, growing up it started with more subtle psychological warfare tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society I had no clue this was even going on for things like stopping my brother from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar, and him giving me the mobster blood is thicker then water speech, and telling me I needed to spy on Greg for him and things like this which I refused. Then him basically telling me he was going to put me in a mental institution with his friends. Things get a lot deeper, but you get the idea of people who don't want you talking or the notion that some day you might talk, and want to collapse you brain and kill you, or as it has been put to me SKULLFUCK me to death like Mr Churches. Then cover it up saying I am a violent paranoid schizo to try to lock me away.

For the Shortened version just with Jada Fire, leaving out the proof of psychological terror attacks, https://youtu.be/niZWYTm8qjA to abuse me to death and remove me from society.
Endless mental illness operations like this with People like Micheal Bialys a criminal defense lawyer sent after me who did "The Rudy The Rubber Show" on public access tv with the adult industry

After interning at a job at Moden Video film. My visual FX supervisers name was a man named Brian Longbotham. Who supposedly got fired for standing up to someone who didn't get their credits in a show. He supposedly was then fired, and he supposedly sued for a million for breach of contract. After they didn't offer me much of a future with anything that would pertain to main stream productions, using SGI's or Wavefront software and not much money. While also watching their sweat shop business operations hiring young kids and not giving much back. I decided to not take the offer. But kept in touch with Brian thinking he was a good person with vision. While the 15 years I knew him after this. He was working all the same angles Brian Weaver was told to do to me as young as 13 with the frame job and attempted setup operations.

While Brian, sent Michael Bialys, Victoria walker after me in these SKULLFUCKING campaigns to end my life. Michael Bialys had his Rudy The Rubber Show (http://www.rudytherubbershow.com) and wasworking all sorts of character attack angles. One was asking me to rebuilt their website for them while his friend shane couldn't provide the service he wanted. The other were things like his girlfriend Victoria Walker telling me she wanted to do an adult site called Lisa-annsPlayhouse.com working with a porn star named Lisa Ann in all sorts of scams telling the world I am stealng her identity. Yet no one has questioned things like. The fact their are probably billions of girls named Lisa Ann, as well as it was Victorias website, not mine. I am was just the web designer for her.

Not only this but Micheal Bialys on the Rudy The Rubber show had lots of Porn Stars and people in the adult industry on his show. Showing the connection between the types of people hunting me down. My guess is that once he became a lawyer he didn't want people knowing he would hide behind a desk with a condom puppet. So they told the world it was my show and that I am crazy. or somehow doing something wrong due to how he treated me once I told him I no longer had time to work on his character for him for free. Pretending to be friends for years.

Micheal Bialyse would also do Stand up comedy, and was trying to get into the entertainment industry as well as sing at a place in Burbank called Dimples. But his big thing was with the BEE GEE's and that had to do with a little video movie My brother and Darrin Moiselle made they called "PSYCHOS" and Darrin held a knife up to my neck and said "Lets make him the 5th member of the BEE GEE's" While that in of itself is not a big deal. They clearly had motive and agenda to frame me with what they did somehow. I don't know what was said or done with it. But I am clearly being HUNTED for them doing it. Especially since Micheal Bialys is supposedly a Comic Collector like my brother. So they are clearly were working on frame jobs back then as well connected to Micheal Bialys. So you can see how these events are psychologically connected in things you would normally never even think about later in life.

But what is even freakier in this, and endless other ones like this is that Not only are their references about me in the movie "The Post Man" with Kevin Costner and Tom Petty in it. Micheal Bialys is pretty much a look a like or could have been a standin for him. While the entire Entertainment industry has wanted me dead since about 5 years old. To give you one of these endless frame jobs Brian Longbotham was involved in was to tell me Wes Craven in a Pilot at Universal Studios I was hired by Brian Longbotham to do, told me Wes wanted a clip of OJ simpsons Bronco fleeing the scene spliced in. So I did what my boss told me under the notion that is what Wes wanted which turned out, I was being framed and Wes told with the World I was FUCKING with him. While I have never been told about any of these things done to me my entire life. This is just an example of these endless things like this done to me since 5 years old with every person I have been in contact with for some reason.

Now keep in mind that in about 1997 in University of Colorado, the Police on IRC sent a girl named Skyler (Stephanie) after me delivering me a cryptic message that they were going to SKULLFUCK me and kill me with the Police. While this has been going on since 5 years old on a government flagging and extermination operation. Or way to lock me away. Who knows the real reason. This is an example of these people involved and these operations. Other body double people involved. Tia Cyrus and lookalikes in Encino Starbucks. Dana Puerino, and Lookalikes in Starbucks. And endless others.

While these illegal arrested and attacks are going on with people working with the police to assault and battery me, or dog attacks. Lawyers worldwide have been contacted and told to not help me. Well, Micheal Bialys is a Criminal Defense Attorney, and clearly does not want his secrets out in the open with what he is involved in. Especially with Victoria Walker contacting me trying to get all sorts of coerced false confessions 17 years later after they finally get these bunk arrests with officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart.

Victoria Walker is also involved in frame job operaitons with a Latin Stripper who called herself Stephanie, and wore Angel Wings, who played hot and cold with ulterior motives. If you made the connection between Stephanie and Stephania sent after me in the Police frame job operations. While Victoria was working at a company called Party Pop and would call me up asking me to go to their website for favors as she would direct me to locaiton to frame me while the NSA/FBI and worldwide groups were given the web pages I go to. Trying to make it look like I was stalking her. This is one of endless things like this.

So you understand the billions invested in my extermination. Not even for legitimate reason.

Keep in mind, out of these 1000's and 1000's of criminal accusations in secret to the world. I am not allowed to know what I have done wrong. This to do things like inflict severe terror with psychological warfare tactics. Try to create obsession, paranoia, anger, hence their lies to the world that I am a Violent Paranoid schizofrenic, or delusional. It's just about extermination.

Notice, No lawyer worldwide will be honest or help, or defend me which they would do and are obligated to do by the bar association and judicial system. Do you think their is a connection?
Mass 17/40 year Gang Stalking - Topanga Starbucks/Coffeebean/Ralphs Shopping center - shows unnatural Behavior changes directed at me

While this activity starts around 17 years ago, or when I first started going to Starbucks in this shopping center on Topanga/Ventura Woodland hills.

Met with mass stalking groups following me into Starbucks as I witnessed 10 - 100 people provoking me per hour. It still goes on today and every location in the world I go to in order to remove me from society, or end my life which the Police know about, and don't want me saying a word about for some strange reason

These operations have been done to me on a more subtle level since 5 years old.

This video shows un natural human behavior which shows people acting togethor doing the same exact things, and all at the same time. And then change all at the same time.

This shows that, people will park backwards with the other tactics. Then it will all of a sudden stop in an area which can only happen if information is disseminated telling people what to do. Showing non random events.

You will notice towards the end of this. While they try to make these attacks to me look like random people living their own daily lives are given information of what to do when they go to places they know I will be at. And even notified when I am there.

So you have people who are going here for a reason. But will do things like park cars backwards because they know I might show up. Then you have the groups who are actually following me. But showing that Internet based dissemination tools have been built around me to notify the masses to stalk me, and try to Gas Light, create mental illness with the Police, to remove me from society

Based on "He's crazy" labels thrown on me at 5 years old. Yet if I were to be crazy.That is no crime. That is like saying jews are crazy and need to be exterminated. In this case Crazy = Extermination.

What is crazy anyways? I like to play pool and you like to Sail, therefore sailing is correct, and pool is wrong therefore you are crazy?

Notice the Ralphs location at the end is 99.9 normal when the rest of the lot is 40% backwards. This can only happen by people being given information and told what to do all directed at me.

This is the same Ralphs parking lot on 3/17/2018 and 3/19/2018 and is a little more obvious with the city wide, and worldwide groups following me from place to place.

You can see the rate of change a lot better in this video. Especially at 4:00 am when the parking lot is almost empty and people start showing up

3/23/2018 What you are going to see here is me isolating all the terror patterned tactics directed at me, and showing only the people who followed me without license plates on in 1.5 hours or so.

While a small percent were already there in case I would show up to commit horrible acts, such as buying food to eat and stay alive which they say I am not allowed to do.

You will notice huge numbers of cars following me with dealer plates on, or other plate covers. Yet, in this 1.5 hours of a parking lot with 40% cars without plates on. I believe I took about 80 pictures or so.

While normally when you go into a parking lot, now and then you see some cars without plates. Not 80 per hour in a small lot.

Also, some of these people doing this around my house have had these plates on for years. Showing that the car is registered, but they choose to not put the plates on.

This is all directed at me to create mental illness and try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizo. Some of my brothers 16 year old threats that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution. Because I jumped in the way and stopped him from bashing my friend Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar after His girlfriend Jen Yang cheated on him with Greg.

But you will also notice, the more people find out what I am doing, the more defensive they get with their terror tactics, and thugging on video. Showing all sorts of hate speech, and people playing stupid and trying to thug me quiet, or false accusations they do to try to cover up their crimes by attacking my credibility. Trying to make me look crazy, or a public nuisance and things like this.

If I had committed a crime, I'd be arrested for it, Governments NSA/FBI, Police, don't launch mass campaigns to remove people from society based on a crime. Because they can just arrest them. They do this because of what they know. Like Edward Snowden. Why do you think they want me gone and out of the picture? if anything happens to me, I will have proven to you this is correct. Example, locked away for farting wrong, or killed. Hence why they want to provoke me into a mass crime, or try to get me to kill myself in pain, or look crazy and a danger to myself or others. The very definition of Gangstalking.

These are the types of operations where they try to make someone look like the Vegas Shooter so they can get them out of the picture

While you may not believe this is happening, While you may think I am a crazy or horrible person, with today's emerging technolgoies, we will have a rough future ahead of us with todays technology and capabilities to do things to people in groups that are undocumented and precedented.  This is a single web page built to try to get you just enough information with the least amount of energy for you as possible, but my situation is extrememly vast and hard for people to swallow. And cannot be explained in a simple sentence, or it just looks like some sales pitch.

This does not only effect Kevin Perelman, it affects us all. Who is next? These types of things don't take genuises to put into place, with my limited IT skills I could easily build simplified versions of these systems, although the hard part would only be able to scam people into taking part. Usually that is accomplished from people who approach others from an authority position so that the people think that they are doing good, when infact they are being used in doing harm or committed crimes. Although they don't know the difference because they think they are helping the community, not understanding that they should not be involved in the first place.  They are blindly creating chaos because they don't want to take the time to understand what is really going on and taking action instead of a dialog to the real situation. Chaose is created by people who act without communication or taking the time to deal with the situation. I am not the Chaos, I am the victim of the chaos, and those who started it against me, and refuse to acknowledge.

This effects everything! From people's health, safety, future protections with the Police, Government, Angry people, you name it, and checks and balances to keep everything in chekc for the future of humanity. This involves situations that todays police forces and are not able to deal with or don't want too and more importantly, everyones constitional rights and protections. And I mean everyone's which is why our constition was created in the first place.e first place.

I cannot force you to believe in what is being said on this website, you need to take a small amount of time out of your daily life, to at least look at some one the factual proof I have and then proceed forward to go deeper into what I can prove and talk about which has been surpressed. My websites only has about 1% of what I know and what was done to my life, and while without sounding like a crazy person can discuss the specifics logically, factually, and so it makes sense. But their is no simple answer to the complexities of my life and this situation. Without that, the situation connot be explained or converyed to you. Look past he endless lies and smears about me, and at least take the time to read and anaylaze the situation if you really do care about, peace, prosperity, and humanity, then I 'd say you are obligated to.

Without people taking the time, to care, listen, to what is happening around them with technology, you are in fact increasing the chances that it happens to you or your children with growing this technology, systems, and resources. I cannot force you to read this site. But I urge you to read it so that you can comprehend the situation without an instant judgement. Kind of like judging a person after you get to know them, instead of before. I cannot force you do this, but I assure it will affect all of our futures weather I am locked away or dead and gone or not. And while you might think I am a bad or crazy or horrible person, I can assure you I am not. And eventually you will see as technology progresses and our the  policies about it or future victims like myself from it.

This is undeniable proof which I have a lot more of, but this is meant to give you an idea of a couple of the terror tactics out of 1000's. If you approve of these types of things, then you are no different then a Nazi, Slave owner,, Slave owner,
communist, terrorist. or Tyrant that tortures and kills for what he wants. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with who I am, or ever have been. Since trying to Brain wash me into thinking I am this horrible person
to justify these actions is going on

The people who are involved in this do not belieave in freedom of speech, constition rights, rules, laws, you name it while the preach about me being a nuisence to coverup up their endless 35 year crimes. With all sorts of endless death threats like "No Relaxing for you Nigger", "It is what it is", or eve from people who have taken oathes like Karine Echington a psychologist working with the Police telling me "People who have anxiety die at a young age while giving my private information out to my fathers Office manager who has been stalking me for over 25 years when I was in Colorado as well. And dissemination these out of context conversations with psychologist to the world as they are probably even being paid off. And will do and say whatever it takes to coverup their crimes linking back to my early childhood.
s="groupGallery" target="_blank" href
Then of course, turning the entire situaton around on me to the world, and me finding this out at 29. They will also tell me, that it is not ok to  be curious, and wonder what is going on, and even research it on my computer while illegally violating my privacy and using that against me as well. Showing that, they are the terrorists, and I am a good person that they want dead.

Every place I lived in world wide, people who were roomates were approached, or or probably even paid off to get information to try to use against me, with threats from Mike Huntley "We are using the system against you" originally a friend of my brothers and a 25 year old friend of mine who started a 6 year company with me to get me close to rid me of the world.

With  my brother saying to me when I was 14years old, "Me and my friends made a teacher mentally ill and we have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do" to INTENTIONALLY try to create paranoid schizofrenia and working with world wide support. My family nor anyone else is concerned about this, saying weird things that it is my personality, I cannot see myself, you commit these horrific psychological warfare crimes against me using every resource known to man to stop the truth coming out, and sending person after person after me to cry wolf. Not only this, every person world wide I contact for help is told to make sure, I do not get it to put a stop to this. Lawyers, Private Investigators, Police, you name it, before I approach them.

Showing that they do not believe in peace, prosperty, people working togethor, or even people from races or cultures all working togethor to further humanity. Trying to make me look like the crazy one. My father will go even as far as telling the police that I am angry, and it's because I am conforming to him about when he was young being mean to an officer Romo, or because I am angry they set me back in 1st grade in a class called T1, where I kissed a black girl and they  went ballistic on me at this point for showing affection, and kindess. Trying to blame it on some egg that was unfertilized

Showing that this is more about control, and who I associate with, and has nothing to do with me, my personality, if I am a good or bad person. This gets very deep, vast, and complex, while the world pretends it is a simple problem we all know is not. And the problem is not me, but the people involved who are involved in a crime, and used to commit crimes for other people.

Their is also endless manipulion to try to make me look like I think I am a hero and going after people by people saying weird things to try to get me to go save people and things like this, or saying I am selfless and trying to make it look like I am not centered and things like this. Yet for some reason in the past 17 years of finding out, from anyone, me telling people what is really going on, and who I am, is not permitted to anyone, any where in the world trying to control and censor the real situaton

If I blink or hiccup wrong, anywhere world wide, I have somehow commited more and more crimes. Put in their world wide Laundry list of lies, yet no one will come forward openly and honestly with the situation in it's entirety. The more I speak the truth, the more people come after me, trying to mentally batter me quiet trying to say, that the truth is a crime, and I am starting fires or a nuisence, which is unprecidented, and the crime of all crimes againt one person world wide, in the history of humanity. With people like Adrianna Olivarez sent after me showing me Movies like Quills (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0180073/?ref_=nv_sr_1) to threaten me and let me know what they are doing to me. Someone who my family was basically giving me to be my jailer and wife or something, or it is what it is.

The police will also say that this is some kind of personal vendetta against them and things like this, when my only real coneern is why they REFUSE to stop this endless 35 year crime against me, and maintain peaee and harmony like my tax payer dollars pay them to do. Showing that it is personal for them for some reason. And they are obligated to stop crimes, no matter what, and keep EVERYONE safe. And remember that their is never any communication from any level to address the situation, just tell me I have to live with being tortured, and killed or locked away. Just as my brother and family wants, which is beyond any level of illegal known to man. And while I am not mad at the police in their entirety, I do have a problem with the corrupt ones, especially the ones targeting me for some reason.

My only crime is finding out at 29 and starting to communicate about it   

Some of my horrific trolling crimes which they are trying to ratchet me to death with their world wide network terror cells, are saying things like have cimmitted crimes by saying "Hey, Yo, Hows it going, my car wheels, my car colors, my clothing colors, not parking perfect, and even smiling, tapping my foot by Aubrey Fisher at people. Or even trying to be nice, and buy my fater a watch for his birthday is the end all be all of crimes. You name it! with lame comments that I think differently. Things you can't conceive of, that no person in their right mind would actually believe, or support. And then they say they are justified in their mass world wide terror networks to attack me in angry rages to punish me for trying to live my life. I am not allowed to do things like go to places to get food without mass groups following me with mental illness tactics, or even orderng food, showing their real motive!

Also accusations of every criminal crime to the world like stalking, fraud, pedophelia, theft, identity theft, screen names, cb names, art I create, you name it, showing that this is just like I was told, locking me away in jails, mental institions, or betting me to off myself, just like mybrother told me, and no one seems to be concerned about this.

And if there is any type of reaction on any insignificant level to they endless world wide mental batterings they will collect it, put it in their Laundry List of me to the world and then do that to me for the rest of my life basically saying, you do not react or defend yourself in any way shape or form on any level.

Also question of how people are getting this information world wide in Intentionally avoided which is a whole other set of privacy crimes. Of course, somehow, they say it's not their Behavior, it's somehow mine. I am one man, they are world wide groups ince earlier then 9 years old to rid one person of the world. Their is no justification on their end. For all we know, not that I am justifying it, but the person in Vegas who went ballistic was a target like me. Because that is their motivation and setup to try to get someone to do something like this. And it has nothing to do with mental illness in my case, it has to do with Gas Lighting or Gang Stalking to set someone up to rid them of the world.

While I have proved my entire life before and after knowing that I am the furthest thing from violant, a danger to myself or others, and that really puts  my world wide terror groups in an angry rage showing they have not got their way, ramping up their attacks, the more focused I get on myself to further my life.

This does not talk about growing up and how this all came into be, it just shows you what is going on now. To really understand the tactics used, or the people who came into my life trying to set me up, frame me, manipulate me, pin endless things on me, and disseminate it to the world on these terror propaganda systems you can go to
People and their Tactics
Tactics Used

While it is extremely difficult to explain these situations to those who don't know what is going on, no does the average person believe that in these rare occasions, mass groups, and with government support get togethor to remove people from society with endless resources against one man robbing him of his constitional rights, I have simplified some of the events which are difficult to explain, because in my life, I literally have upwards of 100,000 people per day working on me with these terror operations which is to try to make me look crazy. So I am going to explain some simple local events, but what people reading this need to understand is that these simple events that are centered around me, and being given out world wide by the government to have the world do to me.

Also keep in mind, While these terror operations, Street Theatrer, you name it directed at me get way more complex, I am only putting the simple terror tactics directed at me due to the fact that they take a lot of explaining with complexities. And it is difficult to put online with out al ot of reading for the people to understand how these operations work.

But the point is, that the things on this page are things that are not normal. For example, if you won the lottery 100 times in a row, and then traveled from place to place and every plaee you won the lottery. Obviously, this cannot happen without manipulation and coordinatiion. And would show that people are doing things to create mental illness, and try to make you crazy, or look crazy to remove you from society.

And when telling the people around you, your friend, your family, the police, they all have the same packaged answer

"Well, people win the lottery, you are crazy"

So I will show you a few events around my house, and when I worked at Golden State sports medical which is done to me world wide by almsot every person I am in contact with world wide. And have witnessed this for 17 years all day and night 24/7. And realized it had always been going on sculating since younger then 9 years old.

What you need to realize is that in these pictures and events, I am not waiting around for years collecting data and putting it togethor like is being done to me with the illusion from obsession. For example, at the age maybe 25, I said "Hey you" to my friends girl friend, and at the age 30, I said "Hey" to a waitress, and in the eyes of my targeters, somehow I committed a crime by saying "Hey" and had world wide groups for the last 17 years saying "Hey" over and over around me to try to guilt me to death because they had a problem with me saying "Hey" twice in 30 years.

What I am showing you here is the opposite. A 10 minute walk around my house will lead to maybe 10 pairs of identical cars parked togethor directed at me with schizofrenia (Ideas of references) tactics to create mental illness, and is done to me world wide. If I go to another state, maybe go to a coffee shop, especially a Starbucks, instantly people will show up doing it, and most of the time, the entire state is instantly notified right at the purchase of the airplane ticket. This is the level of resources being used on me by the NSA, FBI, government with world wide support for some reason. And then them demanding some kind of coerced false confession.

Also known as torturing people into confessions, violations of the constition, 1st amendment - freedom of speech, 4th amendment excessive force, and all sort of other consitional vioations bypassing the judicial system.

Keep in mind, that this is just a few of the psychological warfare tactics used on. These are literally in the 1000's and with world wide support, starting at younger then 9 years old. Some more subliminal and a lot harder to prove, some more obvious.

When trying to take simple walks outside my place to be healthy like I was at 29 years old again, I am met every single time for 17 years now with the Neighbors in all the surrounding complexes working on me every way shape and form. The Metro complex that surrounds my house has security cameras pointed at my front door, and the entire community is given this. When I step out of my house to talk a simeple 10 minute walk, people will be waiting and ready to come out. They will do things like, maybe 2 people will come out at the same time, both wearing solid black pants and a solid blue shirt. Maybe the next day, two people will come out wearing solid black pants, solid green shirts. If I say anything in response to this, they then will come out in maybe 10 or greater people wearing the same colors. Some times, they are all told to come out walking dogs all at the same time to try to send me hidden messages. But it's always in groups. Never random events. And then half the time, this is based on city wide notifications. So I may start drving place and notice mass groups in 1000's in the local areas doing this all conspiring and connected using internet based terror systems built around me.

They will also do things like, lets say I want to grab my camera and go take some photography. I might drive to the beach, where mass groups usually show up wearing solid black pants, and solid blue shirts. Soemtimes depending how long I am their, I might see 50 people do this over a couple of hours. And when I go home, aside from all the people in the city following me with all sorts of other tactics, when I get home, I might see several Toyota camry's on my small street, or by the gate I walk in. If you can't figure out what is going on, They are parking the Toyota Camry's to  use the name of the car, Camry, like Camera, to send me hidden messages about Camera's at the same time coming home from a photoshoot. To send me Schizofrenia messages. So they can create mental illness and make me look crazy. Then turn it around labeling me with the police that I magically turned into a Paranoid schizofrenic at 29 years old after running my own company for 6 years, college, several animation jobs, you name it.

While Dinse, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, my family have been working on the reckless driving frame jobs since 16. This will give you an idea of how they operate to try to make the world think I am something out of "The fast and Furious" in their anger and rage towards me
Woodland Hill Park Neighbor see's me making a left turn and intentionally walks in front of me while I am watching out for traffic to turn to try to make me look reckless

For 17 years, these people have made it clear to me, that I am simply not allowed to go to the park, and relax, or take walks. With all sorts of worldwide terror operaitons on social networks as well as the local neighbors coming out. One threat from who knows what state or contry was, "No Relaxing for you nigger"

Every single time in 17 years I have been here, mass groups have come out. As well as even Fox News bringing maybe 10 helicopters and a ground crew to try to thug me quiet.

Here you can see someone stealthfully trying to walk in front of my car, so he can report back to the neighborhood watch groups worldwide, as well as try to make it look with the people locally, that I tried to hit him. Have driving and focus issues. All with ulterior motives, and hidden agendas because they want to cage me and don't want me leaving my house because they are mad about something. Yet have no legitimate reason.
Strangers at Mission Hills Starbucks, a city where I have been a couple times in my life, see me and want to make it appear as I rammed them. A common tactic of theirs

While this is very subtle, these types of things are done over and over to me. And what you don't see are the interactions leading up to this event in Starbucks with the endless harassments, and them trying to make me look jealous because the person next to me asked out the girl to try to make me look like I am crazy and Jealous. This video might make me look a little paranoid. But I assure you it is happening. And a lot of the other events that I don't have on video, are way more obvious

One of the people in the community working with Officer Sean Dinse to endlessly try to set me up or frame me
She is involved in all sorts of illegal things and working with the police. One is walking over to my place, where my car is parked and cramming as many of my cards in the windows because she does not want me speaking out. Trying to turn around the fact that they had a security guard named Johnpaul Naranjo attack me, after 17 years of severe passive aggressive stalking and terror tactics at the Topanga/Ventura shopping center, for the mere purpose because I went to a Starbucks there, and bought coffee. This all interconnects with the fact that growing up, I had a friend named Paul Humphrey, approached as young as 14, in middle school, and he was approached and told to help remove me from society. Later on, he was a security guard for this property, and they thought I knew of his involvement putting them on the defensive when I simply sat down buying a cup of coffee.

This lady I have had several confrontations with as she keeps pursuing me, just like Terrence Scroggins and simply by walking to the park and sitting down. She and others with her will keep calling the police, sometimes multiple times in one night, for simply going to the park and sitting on a bench. Working with worldwide groups sending me sub tweet threats "No relaxing for you nigger" and things like this.

What is really going on, is they just don't want me leaving my house. As a neighbor named Terrance Scroggins basically threatened me before crying wolf and calling the police on me saying "You had better go back in your house" because they don't want me living my life, then trying to cover it up saying I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic

This is all about putting me in a cage, or trying to lock me away. And they will say and do whatever it takes to accomplish this out of their hate

Also, notice this person in this video, deviates from her walking, follows me, and hits my car in anger with her hand, because she cannot control me. This isn't really about anything other then telling me what I can and can't do about things that have nothing to do with legal or illegal. Example, I don't want you talking to that type of girl, therefore I will call the police on you making up whatever they can get to try to arrest me. It has nothing to do with anything they say such as being a public nuisance, or whatever their endless lies to the world are. She is also part of the mass group who all come out at the same time, walking dogs, when I come out directed at me to try to create mental illness and send me messages about dogs. Which might correlate to my father putting his dog Maggie in a cage when he could have roamed the backyard for half his life. Which is kind of strange the same thing is being done to me

Greg Koenig in Townhouse Unit #2, I believe to be neighbors with Terrence Scroggins involved in all sorts of illegal oeprations with the police and my family who try to tell me I'm paranoid and non of what you are seeing here is not happening

such as coming on my property maybe 17 years ago starting this inside job with the police by going through my trash, then calling the home owners association that I hadn't thrown out my garbage fast enough.

Also, as you can see here, throwing my cards all over my property because he didn't want me speaking out. Just like Terrence Scroggins working with him. As well as car vandalisms, having people follow me to public places for years, Cramming things in
my cars, as well as all sorts of interragating questions like is my cigar marijuana, which wouldn't matter because you can get it legally or medicinally trying to enforce their own laws with Sean Dinse and the LAPD based on what my family wants with all sorts of fantasy about self medication

As well as telling me that the person in the Green Miata, working with Sean Dinse, was going to beat me up, in hopes he could try to get me to go after Terrance Scroggins, which I found out later was his car. And he is also connected to a girl
named Jen Hess who was sent after me maybe 20 years ago. And paid off to try to set me up, working with Lorena Escobar, my family, and Mike Huntley and Paul Humphrey trying to figure out ways to make it look like I was stalking her with all sorts
of other frame jobs with them

Videos of Greg Cramming things in my car

Some of their car vandalisms which I believe to be Greg Koenig working with Sean Dinse and the Police


Community Mobbing – 7/11/2014 – Terror campaign at Coffeebean, psychologists office, and home -https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/community-mobbing-7112014-terror-campaign-at-coffeebean-psychologists-office-and-home/


Coffeebean woodland hills – People waiting in cars to try to provoke and intimidate me into situations working with the police - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/coffeebean-woodland-hills-people-waiting-in-cars-to-try-to-provoke-and-intimidate-me-into-situations-working-with-the-police/


Community Mobbing – 7/11/2014 – Terror campaign at Coffeebean, psychologists office, and home - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/community-mobbing-7112014-terror-campaign-at-coffeebean-psychologists-office-and-home/

2/20/2018 - Coffeebean discrimination, trying to thug and blackmail me out of my money, and working with Sheriff's associated with someone who assualt and battered me and unleashed a police attack dog on me who is a citizen

This happens at every coffee shop worldwide and most other places telling me that they don't want my kind there, or anywhere else on the planet breathing for that matter. 

In this instance, several people who were sent after me from my past started calling me back up. Victoria Walker, Matt Von Maloki, sent after me by a man named Brian Longbotham, posing to be a visual FX  supervisor at Modern Video Film who befriended me and stalked me for 15 years after with the government These are really NSA/FBI operations on endless death threats to my life. 

Around 5 years old they decided they were going to rid me of the world for some strange reason with endless cover up and terror operations. Some of the death threat sent after me was from a girl on IRC back in about 1998 in Colorado who went by Skyler (Stephanie) sending me a message from the police that they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death and kill me 

But of course, their are no reasons, yet they have worldwide support in killing me. 

Also known as GangStalking, accept this one is worldwide and the largest crime against one person in humanity and by our own government who could stop it and hold the people accountable at anytime.


2/22/2018 - Another Coffeebean thugging with more security guards for passing out a card

While 2 days earlier at another coffeebean location, after passing out a card. The employee tried to steal my money. And when it didn't work, he said

"I am making a call" and went in the back room. Instantly, a Sheriff came in who claimed he wasn't part of it told me as he walked up to the counter that the employee told me to leave and I didn't

Hence, because they are discriminating against me and stalking me with NSA/FBI and worldwide support. It was all on audio.


Two days later at a different location. They tried to do the same thing. Except the girl knew she was being recorded so she didn't say anything and picked up the phone calling

Hence people showing up and more security like at other locations I have on video

You can see here, the thugging and pursuing not because I have done anything wrong. But because they are aiding and abetting a mass extermination campaign to remove me from society and they don't want me talking about it.

1/12/2018 - Coffeebean mass discrimination, mobbings, and terror operations to make sure I never go to any of them in the world

If you watch it, you will see how these mass groups operate with their coordinated Propaganda/Terror operations against me. Especially the first 40 minutes you will see proof of unfathomable coordinated terror operations directed at me to try to provoke me into reactions with the LAPD, Government, in cover up operations to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizophrenic and figure out ways to remove me from society. While these operations have been going on for 35 years. They have ramped them up significantly about 17 years ago at the age 29 when starting to find things out met with all sorts of Death Threats. What you will see in this 40 minute period, you can apply to all day and night 24/7 worldwide locations. Which never ends, probably billions in government resources invested to rid me of the world for some reason starting around 5 - 9 years old. Never stops, and will happen with almost any person I am in contact with worldwide. Making this one of the largest crimes against one man in the history of humanity. And it doesn't seem to be about anything other then Hate, Rage, Insecurity, and most importantly, People not wanting me to talk about what I know. And the things done to me at childhood when this all started directed at me


Starbucks for Corporate involvement where I am attacked followed provoked at every location in the world with Corporate support after they found out I kissed a black girl around the age of 12 years old. Showing they are a racist establishment. Also riling up black communities to have black people follow me from place to place, endlessly threatening me and trying to thug me quiet. After I found out what was going on and started speaking out. While having people follow me from place to place whistling at me that I am a whistle blower, each time I talk to someone about it. Then contacting all non Starbucks coffee shops world wide when going to other places and trying to mentally batter me into the ground for knowing.

To give you an idea of what is being done to me at every location in the world with full Starbucks Corporate behind it here is a 2 hour video on Thanksgiving showing What is being done to me at each and every location worldwide
Studio City Starbucks Trying to thug me quiet for telling people they are being lied too

Starbucks thuggings because they don't want these mass terror operations they are involved in exposed because they are aiding and abetting a mass crime, And endless attempts on my life with their Discrimination. They have had several black people threaten my life working with Starbucks Corporate And not only are they working on me with worldwide Starbucks locatiojns, but then contacting and working with all other coffee shops, as well as restaurants The more I speak out, the more they try to hunt me down for what they are involved in which is much larger. This will give you an idea of how they are operating with these mass extermination operations which start from NSA/FBI flaggings with my own family in their angry violent bitter rage of jealousy which they seemed to start in on me around the age 5 - 9 years old. Now with worldwide support. This is something that will affect us all once you realize there is absolutely nothing I have done wrong but be a really good person my entire life. Not that mass torture and murder operations could ever be justified. Things Edward Snowden came forward with and I am the example of what happens when flagged For more details on these global operations to remove me from society, you can go to
Starbucks - Tarzana - 18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356

This is a 2 hour video showing with me explaining the all day and night 24/7 terror operations Starbucks corporation is involved in ending my life and trying to keep me quiet about what they are involved in that I noticed was going on 17 years ago. This is on Thanksgiving to show you that almost all stores are closed, and the level of their obsession, hate, rage to end my life deviating from time with families and enjoying themselves. It also shows that, on a normal day, things are extremely worse for me. This is a simple 2 hours. Imagine watching this all day and night 24/7 with world wide support for 17 years of knowing, and 35 years all together not realizing they were doing these types of things to me to rid me of the world. While this happens at every Starbucks in the world, met with all sorts of Death Threats by people working with Starbucks employees and with Corporate when calling them This happens at every location in the world. And even them working with my neighbors where I live to do this to me as well. It never ends, and they never stop, showing their true motive to remove me from society. While these operations start earlier then 9 years old for me. Starbucks is heavily involved with my personal life, working with people like Paul Humphrey sent after me around 14 years old

Some black girl named Felicia following me to Topanga/Ventura Starbucks and Encino Ventura/Havenhurst Starbucks telling me that in order to stop what is going on is to sue and that she is a secretary at a law firm with changing stories. While she is right as far as the people responsible for destroying my life and holding them accountable for damages. She seemed to be playing both sides of the fense with the Police and Lawyers in respect to them trying to put me in a bad light, as well as locking me into positions with the police and lawyers to charge huge flat rates instead of hourly, and keep arresting me to fraudulantly steal my money with a large group of lawyers, and turning things around on me, trying to make it look like I am crazy and a sue happy nuisence. All planned out with these mass groups.

Paid Security Companies working with Starbucks to Blackmail, Thug, Mentally batter me quiet about these endless 35 years of crimes against me telling me that I am not allowed to say anything about anything or tell anyone what they have been told is lies. Also telling me that even the sign on my car is a crime to my website explaining the situation from a truthful, out in the open context, with what is really happening, and open for any type of honest discussion showing their true colors. Also, these security companies have been working with other security companies my entire life following me from state to state, college to college after  my brother when he was 16, working with them to get them to chase him, then pinning it on me. Which they were all in on, including my brother and his friends with clear intent to try to figure out ways to remove me from society. Which he himself told me when I was 14, that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution.

They are working with Starbucks as an excuse but the bigger picture is that they have always been involved in stalking and targeting me working with my brother and family to figure out ways to remove me from society and thug me quiet about it

ADT Security - https://www.adt.com
Boyd & Associates - http://www.boydsecurity.com
Allied Universal - http://www.aus.com
Golden West Security -  http://www.goldenwestsecurityinc.com
Security Specialists - http://www.capatrol.com

Security companies following me from place to place harassing me for things that no one usually cares about. This isn't a one time incident, it happens over and over. Especially after getting more aggressive in telling people that the lies they are told aren't true. Showing that they are desperate to cover up their 35 year crimes against me. Criminal Defamation, Slander, world wide conspiracies to hurt, hurt, harm, mame, and rid of the world which they do not want the truth coming out. These are just some incidents on video, these are daily types of situations for 17 years, going on 35.

Ventura/Oxnard Location and it appears he is pretending to
smile like it is a friendly picture, afterwards he takes out his cell phone
trying to scare me videoing
Arriving a few minutes before closing, knowing when they were going to close
and taking pictures of my car, and trying to thug me quiet. I highly doubt he even works
for this property.
Woodland Hills location, not sure if same person
ADT security see's me in Van Nuys Follows me to Starbucks, then tries threatening,
 terrorizing me, telling me where I can and can't go and trying to thug, blackmail
me quiet about their endless 35 year crimes against me that they are involved in and most
likely being paid.
After he follows me and I don't listen to his threats of trying to keep me quiet,
especially what Starbucks is doing to my life working with Paul Humphrey, he
moves his car off the property so no one can match the plates with  him down in
Van Nuys following me
Him keep coming up to the window, because he thinks that  yelling at me from the outside
is somehow going to stop me from talking about what Starbucks is involved in doing to my life
the very first moment of walking in one at 29 years old while they worked with Paul Humphrey to try to
figure out ways to make me look crazy  especially after me finding out that I was being hunted from person to person since 9 years old
and their involvement to remove me from society with their world wide propaganda/terror systems

I am sure a lot of others paid to hunt me since a childhood


Starbucks employees discriminating p and trying to kill me  - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/gang-stalking-6182-14-daily-harassment-at-starbucks-home-2-accords-2-explorers-2-grey-pickups-2-people-waiting-in-cars/

Starbucks Discriminating against me https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/golden-state-work-mobbing-with-the-intent-to-kill-targeted-by-lorena-escobar-since-she-was-hired/


Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me with covert mental illness tactics known as Gang Stalking - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/gang-stalking-6182-14-daily-harassment-at-starbucks-home-2-accords-2-explorers-2-grey-pickups-2-people-waiting-in-cars/



Also, with an LAPD officer who gave me a fake name calling himself Officer Toro who told me "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way" once again showing these illegal LAPD and Government operations, and involvement.

Now, the more obvious are the cars. These pictures represent maybe just a couple of weeks, and maybe 7 10 minute walks. Of councidenes, completly impossible, just like winning the lottery 100 times in a row.

Neighbors all come out at same time walking dogs to try to create mental illness

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000's

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used
Next Day 2 hour walk at 5:00 pm to show you what it is like

The next day at 5:00 pm to see how things changed from mass groups doing the same things to more subtle terror tactics in hope for some insignificant reaction that can be used to give to the world saying I am
angry, violent, a nuisance, to show how these operations work. Normally, even if some said something rude to someone, it would not be disseminated world wide to use against them, Showing it's about information used to remove someone from society on these propaganda/terror operations
Day 2 at 8:20 pm - No Dogs but now way more subtle terror tactics

The Same Night at 8:20 pm. Shows how things ramp down from more obvious groups to more subtle and subliminal level terror behaviors to try to get get some kind of violent reaction based on what appears to be nothing going on. So they can make their lies look justified that I am crazy, need to be watched, and these things done to me. As you will notice, This time, groups of cars with dealer plate covers. Mostly "Keyes" and the Fire Department working on me
4th walk around my block, Very Detailed across 2 days - 10/21/2017 1:37 am and 10/21/2017 8:51 pm

This is across 2 days, you will notice, tons of coordinated events in 2's. Their these are the more subtle tactics which lead into large group mobbings as it kind of cycles back and forth. They start with the subtle terror tactics in hopes that they can get a reaction. But if they can't get a reaction, the will fabricate some kind of behavior they don't like.
Woodland Oaks Gang Stalkers Man in Black Jeep waiting by other jeeps and other things

In this video you will see a black couple waiting for me in a black jeep when I come out to take a walk by all the other jeeps parked to send me hidden messages for years in the same spot with a conversation.

Not only showing that I am not a violent dangerous person like they are telling the world in any attempt known to man to rid me of the world. But I am a normal decent person who is observing a mass crime against me.

And full LAPD, and Government involvement to try to torture me quiet. Also, an hour later, another person in the Metro Complex parks a Grey Jeep there. Then people all come out, maybe about 30 of them walking dogs.

Then the red/black clothing from Hollywood and Santa Monica the nights before directed at me which I took over 120, in the few I saw within a couple of hours.

Also done to me at My Brothers BBQ in 2013 working with Sean Dinse, and Jensen, and Detective Angela Stewart to try to figure out ways to remove me from society because I found out their endless crimes against me growing up.

Also, you will notice like 90% of my walks, the local fire truck comes out from down the street. As well as people all coming out with Adidas striped clothing, starting this week. An older tactic of theirs. Other things are 2 cars waiting for me with lights on next to each other. And a girl coming out of my complex in red/black. Showing they are the violent obsessed psychotics who won't leave me alone, and have been hunting me for 35 years now for some reason. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with me

Also notice after out conversation he says "Got it" Which is a common tactic of trying to force me into false confessions then trying to intimidate me and scare me quiet

The Met Property Call Cops for waiting for a parking spot on the street by a red curb

While you might laugh at the ABSURDITY of this. Not only from the Met security Guards following me from place to place trying to dictate my life 

Also the cops saying they have me on video by a red curb, trying to make it look like a parking crime, while the car was never off, or me out of the car 

Not only this, but people wait here all day. But they are only concerned about ONE person breathing 

What is this really about? What I know, and me talking about it! 

The only thing you are really seeing here, is Security and Police thugging to try to intimidate me for what I know. Especially with people like Lorena Escobar, and Fernanda Sime sent after me from my father’s office. Even before Lorena Hired me to work there. 

Lorena was involved in sending all sorts of women after me in Colleges for setup attempts and frame job operations. 

Which was her real Job Description at Golden State Sports Medical

 While in the end, he just wrote me up with a lying warning ticket that I "Parked in a Red Zone" not even that is true, or he would have just issued a parking ticket 

But you might want to consider my father’s story to me, which I have no clue is even true about a Police Officer named Officer Romo who gave my father ticket for turning too close to the right curb and my father telling him that if he ever came into the Emergency Room, no one would ever help him when I was a young child. 

If it is true, it could explain why no one worldwide will help me in this flagging operation mass extermination campaign since 5 years old. 

But I highly doubt the story is true. But the ACTIONS are one in the same. To hunt me, leaving me no recourse to defend myself with worldwide support, and everyone known to man refusing to help me

The Met complex Cherokee owners conspiring to create mental illness directed at me

This is merely an example of these types of mental illness tactics using cars. Not only is this locally around my house, this is done to my worldwide or wherever I go 

A lot of times, I can walk around these blocks around my house and literally have pictures of something like 20 pairs of the same cars together parked in 2's 

Example, 2 grey civics, 2 Honda accords. They are big on the Jeep Cherokee's because Kelly Hatch sent after me from Calabasas High to follow me to Southern Oregon State college was told to take part, and hunt me down working with the police and government. 

In order to try to cover up their crimes against me, and removing my constitutional rights, they are trying to torture or guilt me into coerced false confessions to try to cover up their endless 40 year crime spree. Hence these mass groups of Jeep Cherokee's 

While this is just one of the 1000's of these all day and night 24/7 terror operations to torture me to death to remove me from society no matter what it takes for what I know. 

This gives you an example of just one of these terror operations. It also shows you how these mass groups are communicating and conspiring not only locally, but worldwide in these operations using the Internet technologies that they don't want people knowing what is really going on, and what it is really about. 

Hence their cover up operations, just like Edward Snowden, trying to make me look like a horrible monster for what I know, and started finding out at 29 years old.


in 2'a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 17 year every single day where I live. (keep in mind, this is just a few 10 minute walks) 




















4 grey Lexus's in a row, sometimes they get larger groups the 2's, and sometimes they are scattered all around the block.For example, the street might go from maybe once in a while 1 grey civic. To 10 of them in the same day, but not togethor, scattered around. And then it might change to 10 green Honda accords scattered around. Only someone who is being stalked and put in a hypersensative state would be looking for this. Hence the defination of Gang Stalking, or Gas lighting. Doing things on subliminal levels to make them look crazy and rid them of the world.


After parking my car only once crooked in a hurry at at an Encino Starbucks, groups of people world wide were told to do this to me.And especially around my surrounding complexes, to torture me to death hinting, or guilting me,  that I am somehow a nausence for this imperfection of things that no one would remotely care about. And I believe the very first person to start in on me with this before the mass groups was Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager he really hired to send after me for over 25 years and really doesn't do anything else for him.


Parked Crooked at the places I go. And is done with mass groups at the same time in huge numbers. Then it stops, until they want to do it again, all at the same time. Rarely random events of just one car. I believe this was from 1 or 2 walking around my block.












Also, you can see here, that usually I take pictures of the more obvious proveable things going on because they are easier to prove so there is less despute. But there are a lot of more subliminal things going on. Such as idea of reference tactics. For example, here you can see, that most of the street looks normal, yet their are 2 pairs of red cars parked togethor.



Which of course, an hour later turned into 2 Kia's


Like I said, this is world wide and will happen whever I am, but when My father had Lorena Escobar approach me and hire me to do IT to work for his company, little did I know what his pre meditated intentions were. Going on my whole life with the rest of my family. This is the Northridge Golden State office. And showing even police involvement.


Police in 2's andcoincidently with bike racks, trying to send me messages about something to create obsession, paranoia, or whatever mental illness they can inflict



Patterns of 2's in the golden state parking lot. And remember, if I simply drive to a place for lunch, people will show up in cars of 2's or other suggestive messages and follow me each and every time from place to place, non stop. While these picture here are from about maybe a few smoke breaks in 10 minutes, thise went on like this all day for something like 10 years at this location alone.



















Sometimes same cars across from each other if they can't get the spot next to each other


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards. And this type of thing done over and over. Always in 2's. Never one random event.




Parked Crooked, just like at my house









Schizophrenia Intimidation Thugging Tactics. While this is harder to believe that things likethis are being coordinated by mass groups to hint about my childhood of things my fmaily accuse me of that don't exist, it really is going on. Even with blackmail demands in an angry voice to tell a psychiatrist everyone. And me keep asking them and my family what they wanted to know or were insecure about, and them refusing to ask any questions and telling me I had to confess to somethign with their endless mental battering.


Even most of the police, or lawyers I have had contact with telling them what was going on and that it needed to be stopped and people held accountable. Instead of normal This is unnacceptable answer and we will help. They all gave the packaged response that I had to confess to someone or they would not help me in any way shape or form. Saying that people cannot be sued, or crimes stopped, unless they know why the psychotics hunting you are hunting you.Which does not make any sense. I have never seen a police offier watch a man hunting down someone trying to kill him, and the officer say "I will not stop the crime, unless you tell me why this psychotic murderer wants you dead" and this is not one random person doing this to me, but it is packaged and given out to all the police, lawyers, psychiatriests, people.




Also, just so you get an idea of the interaction level aside from cars. This is also based on verbel, and other terror behaviors from interactions with people. So almost every person world wide I will talk to, will be involved in trying to trigger me in anger or get reactions to set me up. Once again, not one crazy, but world wide never ending. Which keeps me isolated to the world.


For example, lets say I go out and take a 10 minutes walk. And I try to be friendly like I was at 29, before finding out. And maybe I say to someone who came out walking, "Hi, how is your day" he will then put what I said on their internet terror system, and as I see the next person a few minutes later, they will mimic this back to me "Hi, how was you day" now this isn't a one time thing. This was done to me for 17 years alone where I live, stopping me from having any type of verbal conversations. And it gets a lot worse, because I could hop in a plane, fly to a different state, walking into a coffee shop, and instantly, that stranger would mimick the same thing. And sometimes, this was done at 100's - 1000's of business locations world wide in repetiton to the point, where it is obvious to the target that he is being hunted for extermination with  world wide support.

Another one of their tactics is doing things in number patterns. for example, if I go to any coffee shop world wide. People will sit down next to me talking to ach other saying "Yes, yes, yes" over and over. Then they will leave, next people come in, same thing, then I will go to any coffee shop world wide and it just keeps happening. And these tactic just keep changing, to newer and newer ones. At one point, people would sit next to me and snap their finger, and this would happen from person to person world wide all day for years.


Another tactic is that almost every person I have any type of communication from will mimic fragmnts of my social network conversations endlessly and over and over from person to person, then tell my tey do not know me, have no clue who I am. This will happen world wide. Another tactic is, at every coffeehop in the world I went to s I made a purchase, the employees would either tap the credit card on the counter or beat on the counter with their hands in repetition world wide.


Now, in the Golden State office was doing everythign known to man under my fathers orders to create mental illness and remove me from society with world wide support and onc of their tactics is to take every intricate detail of my life and try to turn each and every one into some kind of criminal accusation 

So after their endless lies and propaganda going to the world I built a trouble Ticket system to prove that 99% of what was said were lies. Because their argument was. That they could not work. So I wanted a system to show and document what was really broken and the time it took to fix. Showing that, their is no real issue. It was all people getting togethor just making up lie after lie about me showing their discrimination and hate towards me. Which was the first second I was hired by Lorena approaching me, and asking me to work there, and I walked in the door.

And once their was a system showing the TRUTH, they used the system as a mental illness weapon towards me. As you can see in the trouble ticket system how they don't post once, but in patterns like 2's and 3's. As you will see they have been doing with the cars in front of my house, and office parking lot as well for over 16 years.









As you can see, from this page, I have given you a couple of example, from some local areas, but like I said in the begining, this has been going on and done to me since before 9 years old, as I found out at 29, and all the abusive things that weredone to me really got spooky once I realized they were all connnected. Also, like I stated before, this has nothing to do with their endless setup attempts and frame jobs, just the mental illness tactics.

Also, these are the more obvious ones as they operate on a much more subliminal level which is harder to prove. This is done to me world wide no matter where I am. I have been in contact with over 1500, programmers in the years, Germany, Russia, Phileopeanes, India, Japan, China, Sweden, you name it. Almost every single one knew me, played the same murder games, not one even questioning if any of what they are true due to the 35 years of endless lies and propaganda to the world.

Which brings into play important questions of what can be done to someone, with the gov, just doesn't like them and flags them. Whcih is what Edward Snowden exposed, and I am the 35 year example of that.




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