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Some of the art work being used to make these mass government stalking operations try to make me look crazy

While normally everyone loves art, everyone creates art of all mediums, In history, art has been created for expression, and for people to enjoy, talk about, use as a hobby for enjoyment, or even to make money if they are lucky enough to be in a position to. Art, as we all know ranges from music, photography, movies, once called moving pictures, sculpting, Theater, In todays era, art is more accepted then it ever has been. And after the invention of the Internet, it is not viewable in mass numbers all around the world. One no longer has to walk into an an gallery to see a painting, he can simply type in a search of his criteria and see a million works show up with all different themes, messages all across the world from people who think differently from one another.

While since I was a young child I was always artistic. But I guess at my younger age, I was looking the other way and not accepting my artistic skills for some reason more focused on building cars, and being a kid with my friends. Who I actually found out later in life were approached by the government and turned into my frenamies to remove me from society. As far back as a young child painting water colors of the Golden Gate Bridge, or sculpting a dog which was actually pretty damn good for something like a 10 - 13 year old. Not sure how young I was. And I never really recognized it and tried to hone in my skills until going to Southern Oregon State College and taking some Art classes while a girl named Kelly hAtch was sent after me by the Government to remove me from society which I was not aware was going on.

In High School, and College, in lectures and my classes, I'd have sketch after sketch on all my notes. All these things, not so uncommon in life. Their are tons of artists, a million times better then me. Now with the Internet, I can type in all sorts of searches of art I like and will see endless talent which is intimidating to see a lot of times making feel inferior. But to me, art is about enjoyment, fun, creating something that people are going to like, talk about, maybe even inspire. The normality of life, and what art has always been.

Can you imagine my surprise turning 29 years old, being labeled a monster for some reason that I am not specifically allowed to know, not only what I did that is so bad that I have a worldwide campaign to end my life or lock me away in secret on a propaganda/terror system which progressed to the Internet in 1994 after my brother calling me up working with the government introducing me to the Internet to ramp of these extermination operations so to speak and watching people hunt me down for every insignificant reason known to man that normally people don't care about and accept is how life is that is OK for everyone else, but unacceptable for Kevin Perelman.

Now, the first thing you need to understand is, aside from my father doing some photography when he was younger, he is not very artistic. My brother is just pretty much a murderer with a Urology Degree who runs around like Ron Cray saying, "Blood is thicker then water" trying to get me to support his illegal activities like trying to bash my friend Greg Waugh's skull in, then spends the rest of his life trying to hunt me down showing I am the opposite of him.and has the artistic talent of a garbage can. And my mother has some Artistic abilities in her warped delusional mind in her fantasy world while using her psychology degree to mix psychology and art, to rip art to threads as an Art Therapist. In other words, she does not like art, and uses it against you. Yet has some artistic skills. Because people who actually like art, take it in, and enjoy it. Of all mediums. Sure there is art we all like and don't like. But to go after people for creating art makes the statement that only art someone likes is allowed and OK, while the rest is a crime, if your going to attack peoples reputations, credibility, or throw on psychology evaluations from the art you just don't like.

For example, we will all agree that Wes Craven, Stephen King, Artistic who make painting of dark depictions, Marvel, Comic books, even no namers who make Dungeons and Dragons type war or hell scenes, and even fictional pictures that involve blood or gore, all fit in the same category of art, and people just expressing themselves harmlessly on an artistic medium, which most people accept, don't have a problem with, and can separate artistic media, from real life.

My family does not have the ability to separate art from reality, and come after me in angry rages, especially my mother for any artwork ever created. It does not matter if it is pretty fluffy flowers, a Dungeons and Dragon type Demon, a doodle on school notes, or even something with deep meaning if it were to be based on something horrible done to me. It all fits the same category of harmless expression, and I have never heard of anyone in at least maybe the last 1000 years of history being locked away for it, and being hunted by the government in endless attempts to get psych evaluations, until one meets the answer they want to hear. Based on some kind of insecurity that fits the criteria of what everyone does in our culture. And all my work my entire life has been very mellow.

For example, I am not creating endless pictures of disemboweled people hanging from the ceiling with their large intestines hanging out with happy faces and people throats cut. And doing this in repetition over and over and things of this nature that make people want to puke their guts out with visuals of mutilations stuck in their heads or anything like this. Accept for one actual Myspace profile image of me to prove a point which has exposed the police and my family in these operations which still doesn't come close to the gore we see in horror movies today.

So you can imagine, my family started in on me at a young age. And for stupid things that you could never even imagine like trying to squeeze wine out of a water melon. Some of their accusations about my art is so absurd, that you would think you were living in the movie "Idiocracy".

From angry and rage about my Bonnie, and Clyde the Happy Sperm characters in College, to My Photography Class final project with an Alien composite, I called the S.E.T.I. Project are all things my family, the police, government are all using against me to try to make it look like I am crazy to the world. But it is strange when you are sitting in art classes with everyone doing the same exact things, and their no problem with them, only you. What statement does that make? is it really about art? or someone who doesn't like you and wants you dead and gone.

Because If you walk into a coffee shop with 100 people, and they are all holding coffee and sipping on it, and they tell you that drinking coffee is a crime and we are going to put you in jail, is it really about drinking coffee? OF COURSE NOT! And as you have seen, this goes from art, to building cars, to my career choices, to the movies I watch or have watched, to me singing, to me listening to music, to my jokes. So what is it really about? Well, from that alone, you can derive that it's not really about art.

Because someone doesn't normally walk up to you saying "You a car thief, and I am going to put you away", then you say. "I've never stolen a car". Then the same person or group of people say, "Your a pedophile, and we are going to put you away", then you say, "No I'm not". Then the same groups of people say, "Your a hacker, we are going to put you away", and you say, no "I'm not", And then the same group of people say "Your trying to make people mentally ill and kill them and we are going to put you away", and you say, "No I'm not". Then the same groups of people say "You have given people death threats with your art or have confessed to crimes in it" and you say, "No I haven't" then the same people and groups of people say "You drove down to Los Angeles, and at one point a tire touched the dotted white line and you are a reckless out of control driver" based on worldwide groups told to watch everything you do, collect it and use it against you. And you say, "Well, if you are trying to collect every imperfection to use against me, you might think I am a bad person based on a fantasy world of perfection"

Now, if your around a group of people, and on a daily basis their story changes with the police to different criminal accusations, is it really, that your are a horrible monster? or is what is really going on is someone wants to remove you from society out of hate, so they keep making up newer and newer fabrications until they get what they want. But this isn't one person. This is every person I've been in contact with, with the Police, Government, FBI/NSA starting around 5 - 9 years old with worldwide support. CAN YOU IMAGINE!

Yet their is no reason for it other then "You are different" Coffee shops, We don't want his kind there? But what is my kind? It seems pretty much the same as everyone else's except I was robbed of a life, even though the argument is still UNNACCEPTABLE. So what is it really about?

Needless to say, you get the idea. For me, creating simple art of any kind, will launch mass extermination operations with full government support. Their are also other things going on. For example, in University of Colorado, during the death of JonBenét Ramsey, Someone in my Art Department put up a picture on the wall that said "Daddy's little Hooker" which sparked an outrage in Boulder Colorado from an artist making a statement at the time.  Well around 2001 while I was back in California. People started eluding that they were mad at me for doing this. I don't know what their motive was, but I am guessing to try to make me look like a schizophrenic or conforming to others which is one of their tactics. I can recall these indirect accusations back in about 2001 I think at the Van Nuys, Spearmint Rhino which Rodie Morales wanted to take me to so badly, in one of his setup attempts and frame job operations working with Mike Huntley and the LAPD. And keep in mind, Rodie was working with the LAPD on a murder investigation for someone else around this time as well, the LAPD is now trying to get murder confessions as well, on what I believe to be more of their tactics to try to make it look to the world that I am a crazy violent paranoid schizophrenic.

>Download full resolution or view The Robert Hidalgo Article Talking about his Mural in the CU Art Department people are trying to put on me during the JonBenét Ramsey Murder
Download full resolution or view this Rodie Morales - Daily News Article - Oct 12, 1998

So I've given you a little information so you have an understanding of the foundation of what my life is, and how these groups operate to try to remove me from society with the Police, Government, NSA/FBI operations, on illegal operations that most people don't understand or want to believe goes on that people like Edward Snowden came forward about. Now 99% of my art is beyond any level of something that would spark any type of controversy. And a few of the latest are a little more aggressive, but yet nothing anyone has ever seen in an R rated movie.

The only difference is I have a family working with the police and government throwing psychological labels against me to use as weapons out of their hate, rage and jealousy against me, which seems to be how this starts around 5 - 9 years old. THE HATE LABELS with  endless resources, funding, and government support which is unheard of. With worldwide operations and in secret. An unprecedented Government Crime, taking away my constitutional rights on every level. Allowing me no protections and based on someone not liking me as a child.

So as you can see, I just pretty much woke up to a global scale operation to rid me of the world using every resource known to man against me, feeding the world every lie known to man based on a life being collected, Data-Mined, each and every minuet detail taken out of context and turned into complete fantasy, in secret and disseminated to the world to rile the masses against me until either my nervous system gives out, my Brian gives out, while being attacked and tortured all day and night 24/7 with psychological terror operations with every person I am in contact with given psychological terror tactics to do to me. With full Government support. Done covertly in secret and behind my back. Yet it doesn't really seem to be about anything but a family who hated their child because he wasn't a paranoid psychotic like they are.

Keep in mind that almost everything I've done from childhood has been used against me. Simple Doodles that took 10 minutes, to complex artworks. I will show you a few so you can understand what is going on.

So here is some of my art which my family, my friends, the government, FBI/NSA have any sort of problem with on any type of artistic medium when it comes to me expressing emotion, art, individualism, Flipping them out in an angry rage of worldwide attacks as punishment for simply being human and expressing myself in their Nazi rage to oppress and, silence me from anything that they could not care less when it comes to anyone else.

Art Sites
My Photography - Youtube
My Google +

Dog Sculpture at a very young age

While I don't know the age I did this, I am guessing I was probably around 8 years old. While I never felt very artistic, and talented, Even today, I see millions of people way better then me and it can be discouraging. But I do it because I love to create art, and expression. For me and others to see. I don't think I really ever even focused on artistic expression maybe in Southern Oregon State College when deciding to take some Art classes which made a person named Kelly Hatch sent after me to follow me from Calabasas High, very angry with my family, the Police, And government. Around this age, I am guessing something clicked in my psychotic families minds when they saw I had talent, and more then them. I don't know exactly what age I was when my mother became an ART THERAPIST, Someone who analyzes troubled kids art. How that applies to real life? I don't see a connection. Art is expression and meant to create for enjoyment and expression on all levels. And maybe some troubled kids do vent. But it is still art and fantasy. It is not real.

Needless to say, I don't think I have every really heard of a legit job title as someone who is an Art Therapist, but I could be wrong. Now, I am an artistic and expressive person and my family doesn't like this which is odd, telling me I have to be some kind of robot or else! doesn't make much sense unless someone doesn't like someone. Needless to say. My family goes ballistic on all of my art, expression, conversations, you name it on any level in their anger and rage against me for whatever reason.

As far as dogs go, they have made up endless lies about me when it comes to dogs since this age. But keep in mind, their lies keep changing and switching from things like violent paranoid schizophrenia, to car thief and fraud like supposedly trying to get into photography to meet women. Do you see a pattern of criminal behavior against their so called CONCERNS?

Some of these accusations off the top of my head about dogs. Supposedly I hate dogs. I also think I am a dog. But then it changes to I am like the son of sam, and dogs are telling me to kill people. I have had several people with trained dogs send them after me some involving dog bites on me, and others running at me and trying to attack me while riding on a motorcycle at 14 years old. And weird things like if I call a girl a bitch, ironically their is billions invested with NSA/FBI, Police, and worldwide  operations of imperfect speech crimes which don't make any sense.

My point is, while this simple insignificant sort of talented sculpture of a dog, which looking back now, I am kind of impressed that I did this around 8 years old. Has nothing to do with my mental health, sanity, Violent paranoid schizophrenic. It has to do with someones hate and jealousy against me. Maybe they say talent and don't want me being better then them. Although, most people don't normally think like that, especially family members.

It also seems to correlate with Kelly Hatch sent after me and the world told I am somehow competing with her, yet we are completely different people with different careers, hobbies, and the only thing that would overlap is that we both have some artistic talent. But the real question of why she and my family, with the police and government don't want me creating art around this age?

My guess is that my family saw I can do better then them, and they flipped out in some kind of angry rage blasting worldwide lies and getting the psychology community involved with NSA/FBI because they just flipped out in some kind of jealous rage. Because other then that. The reality of the situation, is that some 8 year old sculpted a pretty good dog for his age, and that is that. I wouldn't understand how it could really apply to much of anything else then the people around me wanting me to  take things further and better myself which they then go ballistic once again labeling that thought process as PERFECTION.

Keep in mind, my mother is an Art Therapist, My father is an Orthopedic Surgeon with a secondary Psychology Degree, and My brother is a Urologist with a Secondary Psychology Degree, and I am the black sheep and the only sane one in the family. I will let you do the math from there.

Nothing in the reports about a person having his dog attack me
This is not a random situation. This is a person who is working with the police to set me up. And most likely this is a trained attack dog.  As you can see, instantly he doesn't want me talking about anything on any level. Why does he care so much unless he is involved in something illegal while trying to steal my camera, just like another person an hour earlier who stole my other one working with the rest of them? Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000's

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used
Victoria Walker texts after she took me to the flea market showing her true colors with the police in setup operations. Proving that is her address and that is what she said. Also living on the corner of Kelly/Lynn st. to other people sent after me The 187 on my car that is Victoria Walkers address
that she called me up and wanted me to come to. Telling me that the Penal Code for murder is "187" and gloves on the car with elaborate lies that I am a violent paranoid schizo that thinks he's O.J. Simpson that change from thing to thing.
Victoria Walker (Helen Bhd) of the Rudy the Rubber Show. Girlfriend
of a criminal defense attorney Micheal Bialys sent after me from a man named Brian Longbotham
posing to be visual FX Supervisor at Modern Video Film. Then befriending me for 15 years to stalk me in this 26 year operation
Hate statements showing that it isn't really about anything specific other then a 36 year operation  
Notice the real statement here is thugging to tell me not to tell anyone the truth that non of what the world has been told is true to try to terrorize and torture me quiet when finding out I was being hunted Police reports made to look like no big deal Notice there is nothing about the man with the trained attack dog who had it attack me with the threats "I will fuck you up" and "your a snitch" when I dialed 911. Actually working with the police Hospital Report of Dog Attacks Spit and the 187 on my car. As well as the sparkles glued on The torn Jeans from the dog  
The Dog Bite showing that this is a blackmail and thug attempt to try to silence me about what I know. And right after calling the police about my car   Me in the Hospital showing the clothing and that tis isn't a simple dog bite. It was a dog attack shredding my arm sleeves and jeans   The Arm torn by the dog attack    
The Grateful Dead Skull and Gun Water Color

While I believe I did this water Color painting around 16 years old and working at my father office in his filing room. And working like crazy to buy engine, and car parts to work on my cars which I had a passion for and bough books, and hot rod magazines tearing cars apart at 16. Rebuilding my Trans am 305 engine all by myself, with a bigger cam and 11:1 compression as well as a $300.00 1969 Firebird I bought while all my friends joked around calling me Kid Taco while going to Calabasas High, in a rich boy neighborhood.

I believe I was eyeballing a Grateful Dead picture and painting it. And thought it might be a cool tattoo idea. While Patti Googin in my fathers office had a problem with this picture for some reason. As harmless and insignificant as it is, when I told her I wanted a Tattoo of this. She said, something to the extent of "don't tell your father", or "Don't let your father see that" I can't be specific it was so long ago.

Now, there are several strange parallels to this picture especially since Patti Googin is heavily involved in these mobbing with Lorena Escobar who has pretty much been paid to stalk me my entire life. One is this SKULLFUCKING campaign against me by the Police and Government to have worldwide groups make me mentally ill and remove me from society. Which even a girl named Stephanie was sent after me by the Police, Government, NSA/FBI back in about 1997 when I lived in Colorado, and went by the name Skylar(Stephanie) also another Latin Stephanie working with VIctoria Walker a stripper at Bare Elegance befriending me after me jokingly asking people "Why is the sky blue"

Later on working with the police telling me she likes to SKULLFUCK people. at one point, ,also pretending she was a Porn Star on IRC named Julia Hayes to try to make me look crazy. Oh course, I thought she was a little weird or off, didn't realize she was involved in a global extermination operation. The Skullfucking I believe comes from this harmless water color painting. Which around the time of Stephania, a girl named Kacey was working on me. And my guess is from the Grateful Dead some Kacey Jones.

While Skylar was involved in all sorts of police operations, inviting me out by my brother in Florida, taking me home, giving me a Blow job, then saying, "I have to leave to the airport" me saying, "I wish we had more time", and her saying "Sure you do" then taking me back as a Police officer pulled us over in hopes to scare me into some kind of false coerced confession. A common tactic of theirs.

At the end of our relationship she told me, "If you ever want me to be your friend, I am going to treat you like shit" and I told her to never contact me again. But yet, these worldwide groups who should have no knowledge of some insignificant crappy superficial friendship I met once with a girl in person is somehow I committed the crime of all crimes to this person even in the polices eyes which nothing ever happened, at least that I know of, except me being the nicest person known to man, but kinda not really super into her.

So, there are worldwide Police and Government SKULLFUCKING operations, and these pretty much have been going on my whole life. Now knowing these are police threats. And after being hired at Golden State Sports Medical, Patty Googin was working on my heavily starting around 2007. Shownig that she was heavily involved in these activities and mad at me for things like Liking Guns N Roses, Queenryche, and pretty much every other band.

Now, around this same time at 16 years old, a bullet hole somehow gets in my fathers car, and I show him, and he says he doesn't think its a big deal. Except when I move off to Colorado, my brother introduces me to a person named Jason Baum, and he with the FBI send a person in my house to squat and move me out. Which sorta kinda parallels the move Pacific Heights. And when anxiety is high, he tries to get me to scare him with a gun. Or at least says it. And is never to be seen from again.

Looking back, now knowing he was hoping he could scare me into a false confession that I tried to kill or scare my father by putting a bullet in his blue 300e Mercedes. Now, these types of things happen before this, and after this going from thing to thing I am accused of to the world, but I am told I am Imagining it.

What is the reason behind, terrorizing, trying to create obsessional looping, trying to create violence, paranoia, schizophrenia, and going from thing to thing while people throw in all sorts of hints and references about my life like Mr Churches and his character, and how he dies from an abusive family and things like this. But never a direct verbal answer to what is going on, why it is going on.

Well, with the police letting me know in Police stations that they were in contact with Skylar, it is pretty evident, that they want to SKULLFUCK me to death. What is the excuse, that Skylar wasn't happy so I'm an asshole? I don't think so.

This starts at 5 years old, and goes from thing to thing, especially every piece of artwork ever created that they can leverage Against me. But you can understand the connections between how my life is data-mined and how the masses worldwide are told to work on me until I am dead and gone, or locked away in a jail or mental institution

The Joking around image I made for a social network profile years ago my father went BALLISTIC over which normally no one could care less about. Because this toy gun in this picture is from a girl he and the Police sent after me named Victoria walker for a 30th Birthday present in a mimick suprise box she gave me copying that I gave Kelly Hatch a suprise box with fun toys like a bottle with colored oil and water or black lights. Deputy City Attorney - Karine T Philips, Officer Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart, all involved in throwing me in Macimum Security Prison for this picture, with all sorts of fabricated charges and trumped up arrests. Because my father does not want this INCRIMINATING gun he is trying to get coerced false confessions to cover up an endless crime spree against me in any of my art. Because the art shows that I am not guilty of anything and exposes him. He simply does not want this gun and proof of his crimes working with the LAPD and Government to exist. The toy gun that my father tried to break into my house after they sent me to jail to try to get to dispose of. Recent artwork with the Gun after my arrests and the trial, Exposing why my father, police, and government are so mad at what I know, that they are trying to disseminate lies to the world that I am a violent paranoid schizofrenicand lock me away for what I know.Showing that this toy gun, and the use of it to rid me of the world is here to stay so that people can be safe of families like mine, and ILLEGAL GOVERNMETN OPERATIONS to rid people of the world, based on either, we don't like or trust you. Like ADOLF HITLER did The comparison showing a symbolic image of what my family fears from harmless art that no sane or rational person could think less about. Only psychotics with psychology degrees like my family with control issues who hunt people down for harmless art. Thinks most people wouldn't even think fatheomable
Mike Tyson Composite fight Chun Li in University of Colorado Computer Imaging class with Jim Johnson at University of Colorado

While the world seems to know of this picture and seems to be the biggest controversy since, The Cuban Missile Crisis and in secret. I cannot imagine why. A 30 minute quick composite. Which this is a remake because I could not find the original and prove a point from harmless art like this that we see all day and night worldwide.

While at University of Colorado I had a professor named Jim Johnson who, like everyone else was using his name to try to create obsession, paranoia, mental illness. At one point Jim Wanted to put all of are artwork on the Internet for what he called "The Sleeping Dog Contest", He even wanted me to help build it since I was one of the few on the forefront of the Internet technology in the beginning. While at the time, never thinking about it, the sleeping dog seems like a very out of context bane for art website. And the reason he choose to use this name was because of a dog Rhoda we had who my friend stepped over, and he bit him.

But it doesn't end there. The reason my father named the dog Rhoda was out of a movie in 1956 called, "The Bad Seed". A Tactic Kelly Hatch sent after me to Southern Oregon State College was working on me wanting to watch the movie with endless hints that I am an evil child working with the government to try to get coerced forced false confessions to lock me away and rid me of the world I didn't know about.

So, while I submit my art project with the rest of the class in University of Colorado. The world somehow instantly knows of this picture and am told how I am a violent paranoid schizo who hits women. Now, first off, how does the world know about this picture in the very beginning of the Internet days when only a few even used the net. And even today takes huge money to get your website known to the masses?

Because it has to do with government and police information dissemination systems that are highly illegal and people are approached given out information and places to obtain so called propaganda news feeds on the people they target. So, while accusations of me being this violent enraged wife beating schizo are given to the world, what does it have to do with me, or is it even based on? The person who is exerting the nicest friendliest personality is being hunted. But not only this, that still would not apply to a harmless picture that is similar to imagery we all see every day of our lives. Well, this applies to all my artwork and aspects of my life meaning that it pretty much seems like they hired creative writers to create this fiction and get it out worldwide and in secret.

But things get a lot deeper. Jim Johnson, also was working on some kind of Karma, Revenge angle about when I was 13 an incident that happened with Tom Farley and Eric Johnson sent after me. Or told to do these things by people in the government. Tom, whom I met around 8 years old to me, targeting me my whole life posing to be a really good friend, at one point did what he called "A Grunion Run" supposedly he did not like a neighbor named Eric Johnson, and hid a whole bunch of eggs where the school bus picked us up and dropped us off for middle school.When Eric got off the bus he grabbed the eggs with everyone, and yes, I did grab an egg, even though it was wrong, and everyone threw eggs on this fairly normal event of childhood stupid things. But Tom, took it a million times worse showing his anger and rage running up behind Eric Johnson and hitting him in the back of the head.

So, now why is Kevin Perelman being hunted for things that Tom Farley and everyone else did? But no one is remotely mad at Tom Farley or anyone else in my life for what they did. Even though most things like this are forgotten and people move on. Well, this is because that event was done with the sole intent too pin on me with Pre-Meditation by my family, police, and Government. Question of why our government flags and targets people for extermination is a whole different set of questions about our government and what is going on once you dig deeper through what is really going on.

But not only this, They kept working on this RUN tactic as my brother and his friends would go out on their reckless car RUNS causing some street havoc, Which ties in to people like Mike Huntley, and Paul Humphrey after me to pin endless things like this. Mike,, originally being my brothers friend.

So these fictional pasts that are catching up with me are everyone else's pasts done to rile the world against me for extermination. OK, I threw one egg that fell on the ground. What about all the middle school kids I saw fighting in the sandbox? Do you think they all have world wide extermination campaigns saying you got in a fight when you were 13. So, they have a theme with RUNS. And their anger on this seemed to peak when I liked to be healthy out go out jogging.

Doesn't really make much sense other then they are trying to make up lame excuses to justify ridding me of the world. But yet, when it comes down to direct questions. They can't ask any because they know are all fiction or other peoples things, so they want to set me up get reactions to use against me with the same motive.

But back to the Picture. How would this picture remotely have any controversy, racially, violently, or applied to me? The type of person who goes ballistic on a picture like this is someone who lives in a cave, and has no concept of reality or has ever seen a movie. Their aren't many of those out there. In other words, when I see these endless people using this picture as an excuse. It is about government flagging and extermination operations and nothing else. The rest is illegal propaganda, Criminal Defamation, Slander, and clear and obvious intent to create mental illness with a hidden agenda
Ariana on a chess board

After the Dissolution of our company, Signet, with Mike Huntley who contacted me at University of Colorado, wanting to start an Internet Host Provider with him to get me close to finish what they had started at childhood with the Police, and Government, Originally one of my brothers friends. And keep in mind, around the age 16, my brother basically told me that in and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution, cryptically by saying "Me and my friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do on the Radio" in hopes he could flip me into paranoia.

After the dissolution of Signet, and Mike Huntley's death threats which I couldn't conceive what was remotely going on with worldwide support, I got back into Photography after college, and bought a camera which the government and my family did not want me having on me. While sending Rodie Morales, and a girl named Aubrey Fisher after me in these operations. While this photo shoot is one of my first so called practice runs by a girl named Ariana, who contacted me off myspace asking me to do a photo shoot with her. Little did I know, that Aubrey Fisher who was in an angry rage because I was getting more into photography, especially Studio Photography, My belief is that the real reason was, and are so many people stalking me. They just don't want proof of the crimes, or a way for me to document or defend myself such as my father and Mike Huntley said "You are not allowed to defend yourself"

So, as I recall, she came over, signed a simple contract saying I could use her work for portfolio, and did a simple shoot while I experimented with a style and process I liked and thought I might be able to apply to future and making money. Or even hobby and expression because I had a passion for it, They types of things that 95% of the world think is a great thing and don't usually try to have you killed or put in mental institutions for.

So after the Photo Shoot Ariana wanted to get some food at P.F. Changs, and so we did while she started digging for personal information. Although sometimes people want to get to know people. But that was not her motive. It was to help the government try to figure out how to remove me from society. And since I didn't know I was being hunted, It didn't seem like a big deal other then a nosy girl.

After this, On myspace, Ariana started to get more and more abusive. So because we weren't friends, and I was seeing the signs of behaviors like Mike Huntley and the people working with him, I simply blocked her. Well, in most peoples lives, that happens all day and night. But in mine, blocking someone is turned around as one of the biggest crimes to man with every lie worldwide about it. How I trolled her, how I did this to her, that to her.

Know this is where the stranger things start to come to light. There are several things I had no clue were going on at this age. One was the fact that at 8 years old I kissed a black girl at Sunny Skies Day camp and the world was told I am a white supremacist. This is the strangest thing known to man to me. Especially with Billions of government dollars invested to rid me of the world, especially showing kindness and compassion.

So now you understand why the girl was black who contacted me wanting a shoot. This also applies to things I didn't know were going on like in 10th grade, a black girl was sent on to the wrestling team, and the coach had me practice with her, so that when she quit, they could say I like to beat on black girls and II am a white supremacist.

So after this photo shoot, the world was told I like to play games with peoples lives. Especially brutalize black women. But of course, where does all this fiction given out worldwide with billions of government dollars come from, which I am told I am also imagining, while being hunted and killed by the masses? or more importantly, WHY?

Now at 46, Victoria Walker, a blond girl sent after someone named Brian Longbotham, a person posing as my visual FX supervisor and friend, sending all sorts of people after me, as well as endless frame jobs and setup attempts for the 15 years I knew him after he was fired from Modern Video Film starts asking me all sorts of weird questions like why is the floor black and white, as well as the 4 on it. Showing that this person is working with them to try to get anything possible to rid me of the world.

She is also involved in moving out to Thousand Oaks where Brian lives, asking me to come over to her place on 187. While saying "Don't laugh at me because that is the Penal Code for Murder" while a weak later working with people in my neighbor hood writing fagot and hate speech on my car while writing "187" on it, while putting gloves on my car with their I'm like O.J. Simpson and hinting with her son that I am a whistle blower.

This also applies to Brian Longbotham hiring me to work on a Pilot called Hollyweird, a Wes Craven Production. Where Brian framed me telling me that Wes was playing a joke on someone on something and he wanted me to splice in a scene of O.J. Fleeing the seen in his white Bronco.

All sorts of things like this were done to me from job to job. Telling the world I am a Troll, and Fucking with Wes Craven and things like this. And to the world. Hence you see movies like Fight Club Mike Huntley wanted to show me. Making the world think I am like Tyler Durden. Which the writers in a rage at me.

Now you ask why the people and government are mad at me for speaking out? Well, that is the question of all questions. But also the question of every piece of art I've ever created since 5 years old is the crime of all crimes as they want to lock me away in mental institutions, seems to apply to my family, especially my mother with her being an Art Therapist. As well as my father and brothers second degrees in Psychology. But if anyone else worldwide created this picture. Most people would say. I like it, or I don't like it and this is why.

Of course, after Victoria's hate digging and agendas, I was curious as to what the issue was with the floor, and felt that it was pretty outdated with randier algorithms and spent 10 hours redoing it. So below is a recent 2018 touch up.
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