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A taste of some of the childhood frame jobs, and setup attempts so that you can understand the dynamics of how my name is being smeared to the world to try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizo that needs to be removed from society

(You will also understand why there is so much worldwide aggression against me once I started writing a book, because they don't want this information coming out in my defense or about my life to keep their lies covered up)

While the world has been told every lie known to man about me in secret in these worldwide propaganda/terror systems to remove me from society. It is extremely important for the masses to understand what is really going on, and the types of operations not only done to me now, but how they interconnect from childhood to destroy my name a creditability to the world trying to make it look like I am a horrible monster, with no way of telling anyone worldwide what is really going on. It is all one sided fictional and out of context information that I did this or that. But like most snake oil salesmen, The information to the world does not describe the entire situation, nor does it describe the details of what was really going on. Showing Malicious intent and people conspiring together to do things of criminal nature and pre meditated agendas to try to get something they want. In this case, me in a cage, mental institution, or dead and gone.


Around 14 years old my father takes us on a Caribbean Cruise with my brother Jason and his friend Darrin Moselle with hopes they could make it look like I was a violent paranoid schizophrenic

The first piece to this strange event you need to understand is that at one point as a young child I was sent back to a in between grades at a special school where a camp existed in the summers called Sunny Skies Day Camp, where apparently it was some special school around the year. At this so called school, their is one instance, that my family with the world became Irate with me and that was when I kissed a black girl there. And by kiss, it was a peck on the lips. After this, the world for some strange reason was told not only do I hate black people, but that I am a white supremacist. Which is extremely strange that a child would be labeled a enraged racist for showing passion and warmth. Other things around that time were going on that I looked back and realized, example, someones parents were in the band Devo, which sings Whip it good, and they came and played for us at this tiny camp/school.

With this in context of the situation, we went on a cruise to the Caribbean, and while, Not knowing what was going on, I had a lot of fun. As I can recall on this cruise, no buddy seemed to care, if me or my brother and friends drank, or ordered alcohol because the argument was that we were in international waters. However I have my feeling it was for another reason all together. While every night, we went to all the bars, me, my brother, and Darrin, and they kept ordering the same exact things in bulk.

Kamikazes, and B52's, over and over and over and over and over. I can recall being a drunk 14 year old with several hangovers drinking lots of drinks every night on this cruise, and having a blast. In between all of this, at one point, my brother goes out and for no reason at all, buys me a Kershaw Pocket knife and gives it to me. It's not like I asked him too, and back then, as a kid I was thinking. Oh cool, a pocket knife. Now knowing the family and how they operate and understanding why for no reason my brother would buy me a pocket knife and give it to me.

Now, while none of this really seems like a big deal on the surface and normally wouldn't be too far out of the norm, you have to understand what is really going on. My family, the Police, Government is telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo for some reason analyzing and trying to go through each and every intricate behavior with a magnifying glass. Only the types of things obsessed crazies do. But they spew it out worldwide with their lies of fiction destroying my name and reputation while riling the masses against me. They are telling the world I read hidden messages in movies, music(Devo), images. You name it with an arsenal of worldwide lies. Then, all of a sudden, after this, here I am on a cruise, being labeled a white supremacist for some reason which I don't know about, and my brother and Darrin keep ordering drinks that have names of WWII airplanes in them while on International waters, and getting me extremely drunk while getting a pocket knife on me. Now I have had all sorts of people over the last 17 years going ballistic on me, one name Armie with large groups helping, or Japanese girls always hinting about WWII, taking part and endless things like this without direct explanations. And of course anything I've done to them, as well as the fact that these strangers worldwide know me, which needs to be explained. Not only this, but if they really believe I suffered from this mental illness, then why would they exert abusive behaviors to do things to make me mentally ill, and not have any actual concern or questions about anything? Showing their never was any concern about my health in the first place, and still to this day, their is no concern about my health.

There was something else going on, some elaborate fake scheme, I can't remember very well about some girl named Sephora or something that was a stowaway or something and my brother was going ballistic for me asking some simple questions of what was going on. But I can't remember the specifics. I am guessing it was another one of their scams to try to flip me out in paranoia.

So, what was the MOTIVE behind my brother and Darrin planting the knife on me so to speak and trying to get me so drunk to loose control? That should be very obvious. We have a family who is telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo while INTIONALLY sending me hidden message about WWII, and airplanes that relate with hidden messages in hopes that I'd flip out, and pull the knife on them in some kind of crazy paranoia. Yet this did not happen and like usual nothing happened. Except as I can recall, we were playing ping pong, And I was extremely drunk and while closing the knife, I grabbed the blade backwards with my thumb on the blade closing the knife scaring my brother and Darrin. I was brought to the infermery and didn't even need stitches.

Now, if you take out the freaky operations, it is a so what story about some kid who cut himself with a pocket knife while extremely drunk and wasn't bad, and who cares, so what. That type of things happens all day and night worldwide, and is trivial and not obsessed upon like someone is a danger to themselves or others. Or every time someone slipped at a party drunk they'd be put in bouncy rooms..

Now, come at around the age 30 after finding out their is a worldwide terror operation to remove me from society but not being able to comprehend what is going on. 16 years later or so, I take a drive up to Topanga Canyon to a turn off that overlooks the valley I am guessing around 8:00 pm to get some fresh air while wondering what the hell is going on and a police officer follows me, and when they get out, instead of just saying. The little turn off overlook area is closed. For absolutely no reason that first thing the officer says, for no reason at all is "Do you have a knife" then proceeded to tell me I had to leave and the park was closed.
The question was completely out of context and at the time seemed strange yet I didn't put too much weight on it because I could not comprehend the situation now realizing that these insignificant events are being collected, data-mined, taken out of context, turned into fictional events of rage, and given to the world with all sorts of psychological labels to figure out ways to remove me from society.

Now, there is no doubt my family with the police and government are staging these frame job operations. Because first we have the racial claims that I am a white supremacist which I not have had years of people from the black community following me with death threats anythings like this. To elaborate operations that I read messages in media while finding out people are putting things in media or using media to try to send me messages ongoing since a young child, and figuring it out around 38 years old. As well as most likely my brother and Darrin telling the world that most likely it was me ordering these drinks they were ordering for me. while hoping they could flip me out in a violent reaction to try to make their lies about me look true.

What is the illusion of me they are trying to present to the world? Kevin is a violent  paranoid schizo who reads messages in everything, thinks he's in a war, and will launch a war on some other race or go ballistic on them for no reason. Yet ironically when does this all seem to start? I traced it back to  around 1997 after my father took me and my brother to see a movie called Wizards, by Ralph Bakshi. A movie about a good and evil wizard brother. Who the evil brother projects imagery of Nazi WWII images into the sky and overloads the good people with Nazi imagery to defeat them.

While this is very strange and unprecedented, it is happening. And while this is one example, these types of things are done over and over to me in mass groups to  intentionally try to make it look like I am crazy and suffer from mental illness. Some things are a lot more obvious, and some things are a lot more subtle like this.

In other words, First is the lies, then the setup attempts, and if those don't work, they need to cover up the setup attempts with the frame job lies to cover up their illegal activities. Which goes from one thing to the next for 35-40 years or so. Now keep in mind, until the age 29, I had no clue that any of this was going on, and it took me until about 38 to comprehend the situation. Meaning every single detail of what the world is being fed incomplete fiction. Especially with these elaborate bunk psychological evaluations from a paranoid psychotic,and beyond any level of obsessed family who can't let things go.

The only real thing that happened in this situation, like all the others given out to the world that no one would care about is some kids went on a cruise and drank a lot. So you can understand how a blink of an eye in my life goes to Kevin is a murderer and needs to be removed from society.

Who cares is a kid accidentally cut his thumb that didn't even need stitches with a pocket knife, just like me tapping my foot by Aubrey Fisher sent after me was a crime, and hunted for over 6 years with worldwide support for that lie alone. You get the idea? These people have agendas and FBI/NSA resources with the end result to remove me from society and try to cover it all up by labeling me a violent paranoid schizo. Why does someone do something like this? because they don't like them and they want to rid them of the world.

Hopefully I don't cut myself shaving or it's the end of me. You get the idea. People don't do these things to people, then run around telling the world they are a danger to themselves or others over things like this. Hence why the endless setup attempts.

This is just one example of these Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking, operations to create mental illness to lock people away or push them to their end. And these operations involve insane amounts of time, energy, resources and worldwide groups involved now. So the question every really needs to be asking is. Why do these mass groups want to take someone who is extremely well grounded, was extremely healthy, and driven for making money, having friends, relationships, possibly a family, is very well tempered and non impulsive, and rid him of the world? well, that type of thing comes down to things like Hate, Rage, Jealousy.

Now we have all these operations to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizophrenic, but what is stranger is these operations are with the police, and government with endless resources. Normally the government is against this type of thing. Which raises all sorts of questions of, why is some 5 year old being targeted? Did I not fit the criteria for a perfect person because I have too much body hair? This is why it is why their is so much time in these cover up operations to try to make me look crazy. Because they know, that I know what the world is being told isn't true.

If the motive is to make someone look crazy or set them up or frame them, then obviously that person is a good person to begin with.

Some of the Calabasas High School and Woodland Hills Setup and frame job operations with  Jason Perelman, Mike Huntley, Brock Delp (wrestling Coach), Wayne Quigley(English and PE teacher), and Paul Schaeffer with random community members

When I was bout 16, and at Calabasas High, in California, all sorts of illegal setup and frame job operations were going on to remove me from society that I was completely unaware of. While I cannot get into all of them, I will enlighten people on some of what was going on and directed at me to  remove me from society.

Just like before 16 years old, I built several RC Electric cars, and a Gas RC car. And prided myself on building them ground up from the kits, and minor modifications. When turning 16, instead of getting the rich boy car, like most in Calabasas, I wanted to get into building and modifying them. So I was more interested in things like 68 Camero's, firebirds, or older cars that I could work on. So instead, I bought a cheaper used 1985 Trans am. I bought all sorts of books on how to rebuild engine, would subscribe to Hot Rod Magazine. And would take it upon myself to figure out how to build and modify cars.

While this is something I would have thought my family would be proud of, apparently it upset them that a Calabasas boy didn't fit the spoiled, give me a new BMW personality and would sacrifice material things for the ability to learn, create, modify, build, and show the ability to work for what I wanted as well as figure out how to make things happen by myself and take the initiative. I guess I didn't fit in to the Calabasas rich boy profile. While I truly believe that who you are is defined by your actions, and not a social class. Apparently, that does not apply in  this area as being original and showing initiative, drive, passion, and to make things happen is a big no no around here. Especially when the people around me can't separate one thing from the other packaging labels instead of being able to see the obvious.

Needless to say, one day on my way to Calabasas High in the morning, while it was raining, there was a motorcycle in front of me by Calabasas High. And he slid in the rain, and instantly got up wearing his leathers. This is not an uncommon thing. 2 years before this, I slid on a 100cc motorcycle hanging a right turn and skinned my knee. Now not knowing that this was most likely an INTENTIONAL slide. It happens all the time, and people don't pin things on you and use it against you for random people sliding in the rain on motorcycles. While the person got right back up, I did not pull over. Nor would it have mattered with what is going on.

At the time, I had no clue these were frame job operations, and it is very coincidental that 2 years later, being that they do these guilt mimics to me all day and night, that he was trying to guilt me about it, most likely. Around this same time, Ironically, My wrestling coach named Brock Delp, disappeared for a couple of months as we were told he got into a motorcycle accident and was in the hospital. So they had someone we called Johno, take over the wrestling team. Everyone loved Johno, so much that they didn't want Brock back but the school did the right thing, and told everyone that Brock was the original coach.

During this time period with Johno, strangely enough, if you recall what I posted above about me being labeled a white supremacist for kissing a black girl at a younger age, they had a black girl sign up to the wrestling team. Now, most people are probably saying that this is extremely rare for a girl to join a boys wrestling team. But things like this do happen. But yet, once again, coincidently, they paired the black girl up with me. I can recall practicing with her for a while, then her quitting. Now, while wrestling is wrestling, you sit on a Matt, learn the moves, and apply them. Especially in practice. And on times, both go all out to learn and see your potential. Although I was a crappy wrestler non the less. Needless to say, she wasn't there long, and quit. I can only imagine the worldwide lies being given out. Who knows what was said. Maybe Kevin hates black women, and takes out his aggression on them in wrestling until they quit, and things like this. Who knows. My point being, like everything else in my life, nothing actually happened, but what it is being made to look like to the world, is completely different.

Around this time, a girl named Cory Bixby I had a crush on wanted me to drive her home. And I did, but after this, she was angry for some reason based on thin air like usual. And when I asked her for a ride home when my car broke down, she went off on me. to find out around 38 years old that it was simply because of an imperfect push on a gas peddle. While my family, the police, and government were telling the  world I am a troll and hate women. Yet, this is about the same as being around a women, blinking your eyes wrong, and being hunted by world wide FBI/NSA resources, then thugged saying you can't see yourself with some kind of ulterior motives and agenda. Once again, all based on thin air as the world is distributed fiction about me on things no one would normally care about.

Not only this, but who knows if they are saying I plowed Brock Delp on his motorcycles as well. Because I am left in the dark on these endless worldwide lies about me while the world is told I am full of rage and doing all these fictional events. Now, what gets even stranger is where city wide people were and are notified to set me up and frame me over and over, now still going on at 45 years old. Why? because I built cars? How dare I? who knows.

So, while they are still working on the Motorcycle angle, around this same time, I am driving down Ventura Blvd, right Before Topanga Canyon, and at the time, there was a Honda dealer. And guess what? A lady was waiting on the right side of the road and when she saw me, threw her car perpendicular to me to cause an accident and get me to T-Bone her. At the time, I did not think much about it. But I did however find it strange that someone who was a million percent at fault, would immediately get out of her car yelling "You tried to kill me" People get in accidents all day and night, but yet when Kevin Perelman gets a 1 mph bumper tap, it's the electric chair. Sound kind of strange? not for any type of reason other then a rich boy building cars. Maybe that is crazy to some people who are programed societal robots. But I couldn't imagine any sane person having a problem with it.

If you didn't make the Motorcycle correlation, there are a lot of things going on with people trying to frame me, or set me up about Motorcycles and accidents to try to establish in image to the world of a reckless horrible monster, who is out of control in anger and rage and committing crimes. Yet non of it exists. The only crimes being committed are against me, with worldwide support.

Now, to make things even stranger, when the accident is reported to the insurance company, they call me up working on an Angle that, the accident is 50/50 at fault. And I explained that I was going straight in the fast lane, and she showed up perpendicular to the fast lane and caused and accident and she was 100% at fault. But what do you think they were conspiring to do? They wanted me on autopilot saying OK, so they could say it was an admission of guilt.

Now, you think that is bad, around the same time, On Mason Street, after I got into building cars, and learned how to build engines from Hot Rod Magazines, and buying How to, books. And taking the initiative to pull out my car engine and rebuilt it, as I was getting into building other cars. My friends decided to take me to "Kevin's Burgers" and work on their schitzo angle. While having all the Hot Rodders meet at "Kevin's Burgers" I can't imagine all the things being said about me. But one thing I do know is around this same time, My brother and his friends would make what they called Combustion Burgers, and load of hamburger meat with every alcohol in the bar trying to explode them. Later on realizing that it was some kind of analogy directed at me to hint that I try to make women angry and get them to explode in anger. Just one of their thousands of lies to the world in these frame job operations. So, the messages to the world, is that, I think women are cars, and are trying to explode them. Hence the Troll lables with people like Cory Bixbie, Aubrey Fisher, and pretty much every one who has befriended me and come in my life with these frame job operatons.

So, after everyone met at Kevin's Burgers, late on Friday nights, they would all go to Mason Street, and Street Race the Quarter mile. Now, interesting enough. But when I was driving down Mason, within this same time period, Yet another person waiting for me on the right shoulder of Mason, Launched their car at me! This time, I saw him throw his car at me and managed to slide my car sideways and avoid him. But you might notice a pattern of behavior of people launching vehicles at me over and over so they can tell the world I am reckless. Yet these same people racing down the quarter mile at Mason all night, every friday night are mad at me for some reason, saying I am reckless? Does that make any sense? It's the same argument as you walk into a coffee shop, buy some coffee and sit down, doing the exact same thing as everyone else. And every person in the room is in a rage saying. People don't buy coffee and sit down sipping on it at public! Which starts to bring important questions that need to be asked.

Now this does not only apply to vehicles, showing that, they are jumping from thing to thing, and every setup and frame job known to man. I can see someone concerned about one thing, but not jumping from one thing to the next. That means they have an agenda, and this agenda being to remove me from society no matter what it takes by riling up the world against me.

So, when I was around 16 years old, My Brother Jason Perelman went off to College at University of Colorado. He was dating an Asian cheerleader named Jen Yang. No doubt them telling the world I hate Asians, as you read above from the cruise, and the WWII references. When my brother goes off to College, one of the things he says to me is that my friend Greg Waugh, is a good guy, and Jen should hang out with him. Now, that is a very strange statement from someone dating a girl.

Needless to say that Greg and Jen spend a lot of time together and my friend suspect they like each other, and eventually while my family took us to Nassau Caribbean, Jen Broke up with Jason. I mean, that is going to happen when he is off at Colorado in college, and most likely inevitable. When my brother finds out, he goes ballistic.

I can recall Greg Waugh coming over to my house to see me, and my brother grabbing a crowbar in the driveway and going after him to bash his skull in. While I jumped in the way and stopped him. Obviously Greg Left. After this, my brother gave me a weird speech how I should have been giving him all this information, like some kind of spy or something. Especially when I wasn't really sure of anything other then my friends saying they think he might have kissed her or something and weren't even sure. But the point is, most people don't go around collecting information and disseminating it to others. They simply are out trying to live their lives, like I always have.

After this, My brother gives me this mobster "Blood is thicker then water" speech. Now, this is important because the context of that statement can mean all sorts of things. And let me tell you, after what I found out is going on, and that speech after trying to bash my friends skull in with a crow bar, is not the kind of Blood is thicker then water, I personally want to be around, and never have.

After this, while my brother was out doing all their road mischief, with his license plate frames "I swerve and hit people at random" and pinning it all on me with his friends, he tells me something very strange. He says to me, "Me and my friends made a teacher mentally ill and put them in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do on the radio" Now, how does one process this statement? first, you have a 18 year old who is trying to be a tough guy, doing stupid kid crap, and trying to look tough. And you figure he is just mouthing off stupidity. Because people say stupid crap like that all the time. The real question here, isn't what he said, but how he has Family, Police, Government, NSA/FBI resources is the real question.

That statement by itself is just someone trying to be tough, but the man power behind it, is something completely unprecedented, unfathomable, and never happens. Especially with worldwide support. Now, this is really where you start to see things unfold that I wasn't looking for at that time. And most people don't pay attention to setups and frame jobs unless something happens that they become aware of them. Hence me starting to put the puzzle pieces together around 38 years old when looking back at my life.

At this point, Mike Huntley, a 25 years friend, originally my brothers friend I met, because I was sent back a grade and I was one year older then my friends, and one year younger then my brothers friends. Unfortunately, Mike was sent after me, and he had a Stripper friend named Melody who he said needed someone to bounce at a few bachelor parties, so it was pretty harmless and I did. After that, I am sure there were several things going on, I don't know about. Example, Mike Huntley said her boyfriend cut her brake lines when she left her house going down the hill, he was probably pitching a lie that I did that to her along with his endless other lies about me.

Melody who worked at the Candy Cat, gave me her stripper cards to pass around. So I can recall in math class with a teacher named Mrs Prohaska at Calabasas High, A person named Paul Schaeffer who was approached and told to bully me over and over. Got a hold of the cards, and did some pranks by putting the Melody stripper cards in her dower. Pretty harmless if you think about it. But also, when I would fall asleep after lunch in Mrs Garcia's Spanish class, he then would set the alarm on his watch and throw it under her desk. He would do this over and over.

But not only this, right after this, my father gets me a job with a a person he says he knows Gabby ANGLE at an Auto Shop, called Star Auto Haus, using names like usuak to try to make me mentally ill and create things like paranoid schizofrenia. But of course, I am not away of that until my late 30's and how they operate. At this Mercedes auto repair, several strange things happened which really didn't seem like a big deal until later on after my 30's when I realized these weren't accidents. One thing I can recall is the person I was assisting throwing a wrench at me after he mouthed off to me, and I stood up for myself. But the bigger thing that happened was that I was told to drive Chuck Norris's car to him after the repairs were completed but they loostened the lug nuts on one of the wheels. Itwasn't abig deal at the time. I drove off, realized the wheel was loose, and told them. But know looking back, I think they were trying to get some kind of coerced false confessions about Melody. A common behavoral pattern of theirs to try to figure otu either how to make me go crazy, or figure out ways to remove me from society with these mass groups. And usually, they want some kind of false confession while torturingme to death with their psychological warfare tactics.

But what I didn't realize, that while my brother and all his friends were pinning their road rage activities on me, Paul, someone in my grade, was also told to frame me with the teachers. Remember my brothers comment "We made a teacher mentally ill, and put them in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listing to everything I do on the radio" in hopes he could turn me into a paranoid schizo and lock me away. Do you see a repetitious pattern of behavior with my brother, my family, the police, the government, and now with worldwide support?

That statement alone says it all! it defines everyones activities around me!

now, if you thought that was bad, this is where things get worse! No, while in Wayne Quigley's English class, who I was also in his P.E. class and seemed to be a really down to earth person. While I was sitting in class, Paul Schaeffer kept pushing my desk over while I was in it. While this was happening, Mr Quigley looks at me and says "HIT HIM!" a High School teacher told me to hit another student! And of course, I did not! He then separated us.

Now, this is UNHEARD OF! Why do you think a teacher wanted me to strike a student in front of everyone? I can tell you now after what I've seen. They were attempting to make it look like I was a violent paranoid schizo with the police to try to lock me away in mental institutions, or maybe Juvy.

Now, if I tell anyone this, they will try to make it my fault by saying things like "Did you tell anyone" as if you didn't, it's my fault. Now to keep things in context, while not realizing what was going on. Quigley seemed like a really nice down to earth person, and unlike the family I come from, I don't just snap if you fart wrong and that is the end of it. I establish who is who by what they prove to me and show me as I get to know them. And since this was a one time screw up from quigley, it seemed like a judgment error, instead of a coordinated campaign to remove me from society. Showing that I don't just go off the deep end like my family does over spilled milk. Have to know for sure.

Now I have left out a lot of things that were going on in High school, but this short exert, you can see that this isn't one accusation. This is setup and frame jobs that go from trying to make it look like I have road rage, to hitting people, to racial frame jobs about wrestling black girls off the wrestling team, and even Cory Bixby crying wolf over not perfectly pushing on a gas pedal I found out from my father guilts trying to make me look like a troll for blinking wrong.

Keep in mind, that not only are these endless setup and frame job operations done to me, but it's distributed worldwide on government level propaganda systems in secret, showing all sorts of Motive and Pre meditation to remove me from society. But no actual reason why other then things like, well Trichotillomania is a crime somehow! Can you imagine, you are born with a mole on your face or something and the world gets together to rid you of the world for imperfection? It's the same exact thing! While they try to throw all sorts of psychology scams that it has to do with  nervousness and I can't be trusted when I seem to be the only stable one around.

Now, you need to question what is really going on, come 29, and I found out what is going on, and the police and government want me dead and gone for finding out? Isn't this the type of thing that everyone involved is ashamed of, wouldn't want the truth coming out of what was done to my life. Especially when finding out I am a really good person, have done nothing wrong. And am being hunted for things like, I might suffer from mental illness or have problems. And yet, people do have mental illness, problems, and aren't hunted for it normally.

In other words, things like harmless Trichotillomania is a mental illness label, and society won't tolerate me based on some psychology label? but has nothing to do with who I am or my actions?

Also, the other things that people need to realize is that everyone in my family other then me has a psychology degree. And My Father is an Orthopedic surgeon with a minor psychology, my brother is a urologist that sends me hidden messages about popping my water bed, who has a minor in psychology, and my mother is an Art therapist! you get the idea!

I can assure you my brothers comments about putting me and teachers in mental institutions aren't because they want me to have a good life!

Now, the bigger question is, why would the police and government support this with NSA/FBI? these are scary questions you really need to be asking, instead of being mad at me for the crime of finding out I am being targeted for what I know, or cheese ball labels based on thin air. The argument of "Kevin can't see himself" is just a leverage play to accomplish an agenda leaving no recourse for discussion.

Going to Southern Oregon State College after High School Graduation

After High School graduation, my family during this time sent me to some college counselors, which now thinking back seems kind of strange due to the fact that I’ve never really heard of such of thing, because generally people figure out what school they want to go to and apply to them. I don’t know is this seems a little out of the norm, because normally people just choose the colleges they want to go to, and this seems like my family trying to dictate the outcomes of my life like usual with their manipulation. Needless to say, they suggested 4 schools. 3 in California, and one in Oregon. After going to visit them, instantly I loved the change of scenery in Oregon. The bright green alive atmosphere, instead a dull smoggy valley I lived in my growing up.

Needless to say, somehow making a choice to move further away from my family and their control groups really upset them. Hence sending a girl named Kelly Hatch to follow me up trying to remove me from society no matter what it took, working with my family, police and government.  

For some strange reason, people are being told I was on the run, for simply going to college in a different state. Something that huge amounts of people do, and is not in any way shape or form out of the norm. I think most people who actually have the choice, do go to college out of state to experience life while trying to figure things out.

Some things you should understand about Kelly Hatch is that she went to Calablasas High with me. But we were never friends, or in any related social groups. Their was absolotly no contact with her, or even ever seeing her around me at all in High School. I just recognized her from maybe seeing her on campus a couple of times. However her friend Kristian SANGER was in my Sociology class where a lot of weird demented things were going on directed at me I didn’t know about with Mike Huntley Reya Klienpeter my nextdoor neighbor were going on. Also, strangely enough, I think Reya was in the grade below me, so what was she doing in my class?

Not only around this time in High School, was that going on, but for some reason my brother and his friends were singing “Because her name is Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K E L L Y.”

Of course, I did not put anything together because like I said, their was no contact with Kelly and we weren’t even friends. I probably make this connection around 38 years old, looking back. And still don’t know why they chose Kelly, aside from probably she fit the profile of a righteous Narc who would devote their lives to hunting people they don’t like down. Especially with all Kelly’s talk about smoking weed in the Calabasas Bathrooms, although who would care about a little joint normally which happens every day of our lives.

Coincidentally, upon moving to Southern Oregon State College in Ashland, Oregon, they put Kelly a floor above me, almost right over me, in the dorms, Emerald Hall, across from Diamond Hall. This was also done to me with kinda a Goth Lookalike girl from my astronomy class in University of Colorado.

When walking up to Kelly in the Dorms recognizing someone that looked familiar, She said she went to Calabasas High, and also told me she moved 2 years after to San Francisco, probably some scam that I had made her leave knowing the types of things done to me by endless strangers I have no clue who they even are. Probably telling the world I was stalking her or something at Calabasas. Who knows with the amount of frame jobs I witness per day done to me.

Kelly was involved in working with the police in all sorts of setups and frame jobs. One was to use movies, like my brother and friends to send me hidden messages that I had no clue was happening until my late 30’s when I could put things together noticing worldwide anger and rage at me. One of the movies she wanted me to watch was called “The Bad Seed” from 1956. About an Evil girl named Rhoda. Who coincidentally my father had a Rhodesian ridge back dog he named Rhoda, and put shock collars, and shock perimeter collars on her, who she also bit some people like my friend Vasu who walked over her. Hence they were actually having her send me hidden messages that I am a dog, and like Rhoda. Which I had no clue was even going on with the rest of these endless mental illness tactics.

While this one incident seems like a weak stretch based on that one single incident, once you put them all together you see their paranoid schizo inflecting patterns of behavior to me. Kelly would tell me all sorts of weird things that their parents locked the food in the cupboard, I believe eluding to a neighbor who told me that if Rhoda did not stop barking, he’d give Rhoda a Poisened steak, This also for some strange reason had to do with me eating my fathers New York Steaks out of the freezer which for some reason he is mad about. Taking me to Ruth Chris, while they all go ballistic on me and him sitting their lying to my face that nothing is going on to try to make me look crazy.

While Kelly was involved in all sorts of operations to turn the world against me with the Government, some were based on her telling me to go in her room and get things if I asked to barrow them, then telling the world I am breaking into her room. Others were claims I stole her car and moved it down to the city leaving the keys in it. Being it was a white jeep Cherokee, very similar to Tom Farley’s green Jeep Cherokee. Someone who was sent after me starting around 8 years old by my family and government to figure out how to remove me from society.

While I will admit on this one occasion, on a few events, I got a little weird, clingy, and chumpy with Kelly who I really liked, and had no clue she was sent after me. It is not something that anyone would remotely care about. As situations like this happens every day of our lives. And people normally say, that person is weird, I just don’t want anything to do with them. And probably tell them. And that is that. Showing this is about removing me from society no matter how perfect I am. Especially if 24 years later, here we ate. Enraged worldwide groups mad at me for meeting a girl who it didn’t work at with, and that is basically that.

Every aspect of my relationship with Kelly Hatch, just like pretty much everyone in my life, is about trying to get things to take out of context to give to the world to rile the masses against me to remove me from society. Hence Mike Huntley’s statement “We are using the system against you”

Now, to give you an idea of how these mass groups operate, you normally might say that someone from your High School who didn’t like me, followed me up to Oregon, but it didn’t end there.

While going out and living my life, and walking around town, and shopping. I saw a gimmicky funny novelty shirt at one of the stores in town while shopping. Which you can still get today, even at the Christianbook.com or all over. It is a Christianity joke shirt that says “Lords Gym”, “His Pain, your gain” while Jesus is doing a pushup with the cross on his back and a little morbid.

Now, while not only is this harmless, people are wearing all sorts of shirts like this, and no one is mad at the people selling them. Only Kevin Perelman. So instantly 2 people are sent after me at the same time from Diamond Hall next door.

One persons named was Eric CHRISTIANSON, and the other was Sherri CHRISTIANSON, and the crux of the entire worlds argument is that I bought some gimmick shirt that someone didn’t like? Well last I checked, all day and night, people are buying things that people don’t like. From cars, to joking shirts, to women posting nudity all day and night on social networks, to people who don’t agree with others religions, or life styles. Or even women wearing skimpy clothing. Yet, no where have I ever seen a world wide campaign saying. You are an asshole because you wore a short skirt 20 yers ago and the world is going to hunt them with NSA/FBI, Police and worldwide groups over it Normally. everyone says. Well, I don’t approve of it, but they have the right to wear it, and I am going to go live my own life, and not associate with them is some harmless shirt is a big deal to them.

In other words, Eric and Sherri, used the shirt as an excuse with the government with saying weird things that this shirt is a nuisance to society to justify this operation to remove me from society with character attacks illegally to the world on these Propaganda/Terror systems. With messages that I better be the perfect robotic person. This also applies to things like expression, emotions, sadness, anger, passion, love, I am told are all crimes, and it’s my behavior!

Does this sound insane! That is because it is, and it has nothing to do with me, my personality, or anything but someone wants me dead and gone out of hate and rage towards me.

Now while Kelly and friends were working on me that I didn’t know about with the Police, so was Eric and Sherri. Eric, would figure out which girls I liked, and sleep with them, or at least tell me. And Sherri would start to pretend to like me, and when she saw I was focused on other things actually communicated this one issue, and once I dedicated time to her, instantly switched to liking someone named Chuck or his friend john, I believe which we all became friends. Later on she dated my friend Josh from the dorms and even got married I think later on. Which at the time, didn’t seem like a big deal until now looking back and realizing. These were all intentional by design, in hopes to try to get me angry at them in hopes to get angry reactions with the police to remove me from society. But it didn’t work, because I have always been very stable and well centered. Why the stalking groups have grown larger and larger for 35 years until the agenda is accomplished, now worldwide.

But after this, Eric got more aggressive. He started giving me books to read like J.O.B by Robert Heinlein, a religious parity on church and devil to frame me and try to make me look crazy and super religeous nut job. At one point, Eric wanted me to drive to Sandiego with him and meet his girlfriend Jen, and her friend Kat. Somehow, probably fake names eluding to my past. And most likely Jen Yang, the Asian Girlfriend who cheated on him with my friend Greg Waugh, who I then stopped him from bashing his skull in with a Crow Bar, and hidden messages like a lot of people hint that I am like a cat from their frame jobs.

So going down to Sandiego, they tried to stage a childhood reenactment to scare me into a false confessions. Now you will notice going down to Sandiego Police department in 2017. They were beyond any level of defensive and angry and not wanting any documentation of what is being done to me filed.

It is very hazy looking back, but I believe we went to the beach, and then when were got to their place, they staged a playful reenactment of Kat getting mad, and throwing a steak knife at one of them. Which I took the knife away and put it in my duffle bag after she threw it, because I didn’t want her throwing knives around. Which I forgot all about, and later on traveling with my family was scanned by TSA. Them saying you can’t have this in my bag.

Of course, normally this is not a big deal. So what, someone walks through TSA, and they have a steak knife, and then throw it away so they can get on the plane. Normally no one would remotely care. Yet, when it come the KEVIN PERELMAN, this is the end all be all of terrorist acts? Can you explain it?

Well, if you are flagged by NSA/FBI Police, and worldwide operations to remove you from society, farting wrong will be some kind of out of context accusation with worldwide support. If you haven’t figured it out yet, everything the world has been told about me is fiction and out of context statements to rid me of the world because someone doesn’t like me.

So now, worldwide, and people like Lorena Escobar my fathers Office Manager, and paid too, today at 45 years old is spazing out, about a joke shirt a 21 year old college student was wearing? Does this sound strange? Who would remotely care? What if someone was following you around 30 years later saying when you were 15, you J-Walked and are reckless and need to be removed from society or you are a danger to yourself or others? You get the Idea?

Now other things were going on with all the people in the dorm as well. One person named Tyler who went to Barnum and Bailey to try to be a clown in Washington, as I recall, was joking around when an Asian Girl Cheri, was having sex with one of our friends so he put a boombox blasting music by the door which the world was told was me. Another thing I can recall is that one of my Latin friends Javier, was joking around saying “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns” in idle convo.

Hence while in 2013, about 23 years later, a police office follows me to Encino Starbucks where I am being mass mobbed to death, telling me his name is officer Toro, and “If you ever take a picture of a person he will exercise the law in his own way”

Do you see a pattern of setups and frame jobs here?

How would the police or government even have this type of information and why would anyone remotely care? Peoples concersations are like this all day and night, and I’ve never heard of a situation were your conversations are data-mined, as well as every parking spot you’ve parked in the world to use against you.

Now, if you are wondering about the steak knife, that reenactment was about my thugging bullying brother who wants to look like a good person while going to med school, so he doesn’t want the things he did to me at childhood coming out so he can appear like a good person while ridding me of the world so he can have a life. So he wants t smear my name, even if they feel I might say something and have not.

The steak knife situation that occurred at childhood was a bother who was told to do everything known to man to try to get reactions to use against me. Some of these things involved holding me underwater for long periods of time in the pool. Some involved endlessly running up behind me and flicking me in the back of the ear, Some of them involved him and Darren Moiselle making their “Psychos” video movie and holding a knife up to my throat and saying “Lets make him the 5th member of the BeeGee’s” while also believe it or not with him, his friends, and my family endlessly showing me movies in hopes to try to create paranoid schizophrenia. While some of these things are normal childhood stupidity. A lot of them have pre meditation to try to make it look like I am crazy or had a traumatic event and am a violent paranoid schizo, with ulterior motives to remove me from society. Because these are things I never even thought about until years of watching mass groups try to lock me away for some reason after turning 29, met with Mike Huntley’s endless threats to me.

The reason he would flick me in the ear over and over from behind was to hint about “Flicks”, Movies! Now also finding out that tons of things were taken from movies as well as put in movies to try to turn me into a violent paranoid schizophrenic. Hence the Police, and my family’s cover up labels.

Upon one of subtle passive aggressive attacks of hitting me in the back of the head, or flicking me in the ear from behind. I was holding a steak knife which I did a fake dog bone through and dropped it to the ground after his endless terror attacks. To scare him off me. And he then ran around going from the usual Bully Pitbull to the poor little victim. Telling the world that I tried to kill him. Hence, Eric Christianson trying to get coerced false confessions with the world actually being told that I am the bully and did horrible things to my brother.

Now, you might ask, why I didn’t tell my family. I can recall, I did as a young child whing kinda about it. “Jason won’t leave me alone” But what is scarier, is that my family are the ones telling my brother and people around me to do these things. Meaning that, no matter what I say, they want me put away in jail cells, mental institutions, or just rid of the world for some reason.

Because normally, young kids brawling is kind of normal and most grow out of it. Around maybe 12 years old, my brothers attacks went from physical to psychological. And it kept going on my entire life while I loved my brother until I realized what was going on and looked back at my life. I had no clue.

This really gets more obvious the older I get and the freakier things that are going on, which they damn well know are going on, and refuse to address or acknowledge the situation and be honest. And then taking part in the terror tactics showing they are involved.

Now, once you understand how, what is known as Street Theater works, and is done. You can see the resources and these reenactments to mirror so to speak to try to blackmail and torture me into coerced false confessions to make these government operations look justified.

Other accusations of things like copying Kelly Hatch by getting back into Art in Southern Oregon State College because Kelly was very artistic, and I had sort of forgotten I was. As I sculpted at a very young age and was pretty good and painted the Golden Gate Bridge in water colors at 10 years old which was fairly good. Which makes you question things like Kelly supposedly moving to San Francisco and Then following me to Southern Oregon state wiith her cry wolf tactics with the government.

But my point was, once I got back into art which I will admit, she inspired me a little, once again, the world was told of my mean asshole behaviors and the angry enraged abuse directed towards me that I am supposedly imagining doesn’t exist.

Another tactic which was done to me by Eric Christianson was to take me to a Strip Club in Medford. While you might say that normally, that is harmless. In my life, these types of frame job operations are to make it look like I am stalking a specific stripper I have no clue who it even is. Who knows, maybe they had one show up in one of my classes, then he took me to the strip club telling the world I am stalking strippers. While this same tactic was done to me with Val Morozav in Colorado, Rodie Morales working with Victoria Walker and Mike Huntley, back in California, And Tom Farley. Notice, this isn’t one random event on that one frame job alone.

Another thing Eric was involved in, is working with Paul Humphrey back in California, with some pissing contest about guns and Glocks which led to them working on coerced false confessions attempts about a bullet hole that ended up in my fathers Mercedes 300e when I was 16. Or it might have been from my brother and his friends sling shot and patchincko ball road rage types of things they were pinning on me. After telling me he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution. Either way, the police know of these setup attempts and frame jobs, and are only concerned with keeping me quiet and putting me in a cage, telling the world I am a violent paranoid scizo showing that they are involved in all these activities. And at no point have I been questioned about any of these things, just hunted with worldwide support and lame excuses that I can’t see myself.

Eric also introduced me to a really good band named “Cherry Poppin Daddies” which once again, is completely harmless yet there is somehow worldwide, in secret, controversy over me simply saying. “Yes, I like this” While they actually try to somehow use the Band names, Lyrics, Song names, or even sentence fragments to somehow apply to me and use against me. Things that don’t even make sense. And also go from music to music that I listen too with newer and newer claims and lies to the world about my psychological well being for the crime of liking music. Just like liking women is a crime, or trying to have a normal life they robbed from me, is somehow a crime.

Example, one song is called “Go Daddy” and is about an abusive father I had no clue who my family was at the time. And so the mere fact of listening to the songs, somehow the world is told I am a violent paranoid schizo trying to do something to my father.

But with that thinking, it isn’t safe to every buy, or listen to any song, because anyone can take any lyric and use it against me in life and disseminate this fiction to the world on their Propaganda/terror operations. And I’ve watched endless people just jump from one song or band to the next giving out fabricated fiction about each and every one. Saying things like I am crazy and conforming to them.

This also applies to when I was around 14, and my brother and his friends kept showing me Horror movies, them trying to use the same types of arguments based on thin air to the world, while watching people even come after me saying weird things like Horror movies should not be allowed and people who watch them are a problem to society. Me knowing he was full of it, and had an agenda with Disinformation while working with these mass groups trying to make me think this is somehow my fault.

Also, have you ever heard of a situation where someone actually is an asshole, and hunted with worldwide NSA/FBI support? There are assholes in life, and unless that asshole is someone like Donald Trump, there is controversy. But there is no such situation where someone is infamous, or famous like Donald Trump, and told he is imagining it and crazy.

The fact that I am probably 10 times more known the Donald Trump and told I am imagining it says everything anyone needs to know. This is an operation, known as Gangstalking, to try to make me look crazy to remove me from society. Almost every person I have interactions with worldwide knows me, but it’s based on this cryptic language that has been developed to let me know they know me, then tell me they don’t know me verbally. And most are very abusive and in repetition to inflict pain.

You are either known world wide, or you are not, unless something very demented is going on, and beyond any level of illegal and unconstitutional. Like my families personalities, it is either this way, or that way, but there is no middle ground.

If you haven’t noticed the pattern of behaviors yet, all these people who befriend me, pursue me, follow me, are all connected with the police and government, and are crying wolf over every little thing. Then it is taken out of context, turned into complete fiction, and given to the world in secret using information as a weapon to rile the masses against me in terror chaos. Yet not one person in a direct sentence can tell me what I have done, especially to this magnitude of anger and rage directed at me.

Once in a while people will spurt out in anger “your past caught up with you”, “You know what you did” but no will will deal and acknowledge with the real situation and specifics because they don’t want anything truthful coming out. They are manipulating and dictating the situation, instead of dealing with the actual sitaution/ The only reason for this is because they have ulterior motives with an agenda. Even our judicial system is about getting to the bottom of things which I have been denied anyone who will be honest and are trying to control the situation to try to make me look crazy and cover up all the things done to me.

Transfer to University of Colorado and some of the things done to me there, I had no clue were even going on

After about a year and a half at Southern Oregon State College, in Ashland Oregon, a town of about 5.000 people, I wanted something a little bigger and better experience. While some of the cover up lies are that I had somehow committed a crime against Kelly Hatch and am on the run. Just like the same lies that I left California at 18 years old, and is on the run. As if someone who submits their personal information to colleges is somehow on the run. You get the idea with the all day and night changing criminal accusations against me. While Oregon was a beautiful place. I felt better being in a town of something like 150,000. And a larger more prestigious college of maybe 25,000 students and a much larger town.

If you didn't think the cover ups that I committed a crime and am on the run by going to college is the stupidest thing known to man. Then it gets worse, and by my own family. How did I know what Boulder Colorado was like? Well, I can recall going to visit my brother, who at the time, I thought was a good person that I loved and had nothing against. Little did I know what they were involved in. So, normally, this is common sense to most people, but due to the nature of what is being done to my life, I need to explain each and every detail. If someone has common sense of the average 10 years old, they will understand that by visiting my brother, and seeing boulder Colorado, that my choices are best on places I've seen that I liked. And while being a student at Southern Oregon College, I didn't have the time or money to find the perfect college.

I simply submitted papers for transfer at a college my brother had already graduated from. Seems pretty simple, harmless, and obvious. Only a paranoid psychotic or angry demented NSA type people who think someone has information they don't want coming out would see a problem with this. So, this harmless act of going out and living me life was being used against me just like everything else.

A simple transfer led to worldwide lies that I am somehow a Private investigator like in the Kowalewski, written from delusional fragments of my life and put in the movie, like all sorts of other movies centered around my life. Showing that my Family and Brother actually got mad at me for transferring to Boulder Colorado, and I am guessing it is because I left their first control group or setup attempts and frame jobs. Angry at me for wanting to go out and live my life. Just like My family putting Maggie their English Sheep Dog in a cage for half her life,and would get mad when it got out and was happy saying she was crazy.

I can recall, after being lucky enough to get into University of Colorado, finding my first place to rend on Arapahoe st. I don't see a problem with this, however to a bunch of paranoid psychotics or people that want you dead and gone, maybe they think that by moving into a place on Arapahoe st and 17th. Is some kind of crime. After all, it does have a fragment of Hoe in it. But if you can understand that last statement which most people normally can, you can understand the personality and behaviors of the people targeting me and stalking me since 5-9 years old.

While at this point I did not realize I somehow committed this imaginary crime by simply renting a place to live in while i get a college degree, I can recall the two roommates I had, one's name was Matt, a stoner, and Eric Feeley While living here, little did I know that these two roommates, just like back in Southern Oregon State College were approached or might even have known of me beforehand told to do whatever it takes to remove me from society. While at one point, I can recall them working with the government to send in a gay person I guess might have been their friend. I am not sure how he got over to our place, all I really know is when I went to sleep, he snuck in my room. Laid on the floor, and asked me "What are you thinking about". I can recall, not really being too tired to begin with. and eventually feeling a little uncomfortable, not being gay, and a little inexperienced with such matters at the time, walking out and sitting on the couch of this tiny apartment and watching TV.

He probably felt uncomfortable with the rejection which is common with most people. But somehow, this entire situation which I've just explained to you, where absolutely nothing happened. Somehow turns into, I committed a horrific act against the gay community. If someone would like to explain this, I'd love to hear what I've done to cause a worldwide extermination campaign? Did I sigh too heavy? So, by me not asking this person out who obviously wanted me to ask him out. I have been hunted by the gay community ever since. Even my brother and his wife Jen Pilchick having gay people try to get reactions in Florida visiting them out there. But remember, After kissing a black girl at 8 years old. They told the world I am a white supremacist! Now, how does not asking someone out who is gay, somehow equal, I killed 1000 gay people by bashing their skulls in with a baseball bat? I'd love an explanation for that? But their isn't one, because this isn't about gay people, just like it's not about black people other then to rile the masses against me to have me killed for some reason. So, at this point, Little did I know I was being hunted for this one reason, along with the endless criminal defamation, defamation, and slander with the other endless tie-raid of lies to the world. This one incident with this gay person being rejected is a situation that probably happens 1000 times per month in colleges and I have never heard of anything like this? Is this really about some gay person who was rejected? Of course not! The world doesn't get togethor to kill someone because he didn't ask gay person out. And if he committed a crime he would be told of it, and arrested since it is so bad. the real reason is they just want to make me think I am a bad person while ridding me of the world. Kinf of like adolf Hitler telling the Jews the showers are for them to keep them clean.

So, after that setup operation of their did not work. The Police and government with Matt and Eric Feeley, decided to take it a step further. I think it was around spring break, and Eric wanted to Sublet his room to someone while he was gone. So he had some dead head happy stoner sign a sublet, and after this, he never paid any rent. Kind of like the Movie Pacific Heights, although, a completely different situation. Know, I believe he was someone probably working with the feds to try to set me up. All he did was sip on ever-clear, smoke a bong, and I can even recall grease spots on the wall from his hair.

I can recall going back to California for a week I think, and coming back,and he had taken over my room. My and Matt were concerned because he seemed to kind of be taking over, and not even paying any rent. I can recall us calling the police several times. But they came in, looked at the sublet agreement and saying, well he signed a contract so there was nothing they could do. I can recall us going to the property management and related, to see if their was a way to deal with the person coming in taking over our property, but by contact he was protected. And clearly he knew what he was doing beforehand.

I remember Matt getting upset, and locking him out, yet he kept getting right back in, so I am assuming he was working with Matt, like most of the people in my life targeting me. Right before this, my brother and family played their angle that they wanted me to have friends, so my brother told me he knew someone named Jason BAUM! Get the references directed towards me? So, he introduced us and we became friends for a short while. And I can recall, when everyones anxiety was high, he steps in with the hook, and says to me "DO YOU WANT ME TO SCARE HIM WITH MY GUN"

After this, he was gone. Never really saw him again. Now, if you step back, there are several things going on with GUNS, a person who has never owned a gun, never been into guns, and never cared about guns. Is this kind of strange? First I'm killing gay people for not asking them out, and I also, have killed more people then Vietnam combined with every gun known to man? So, Obviously, Jason Baum was trying to scare me into a false coerced confession to cover up something that had happened from my past. And if you trace the information back, you have Eric Christiansen working on me about glocks, and that was traced back to Paul Humphrey. So what had happened? Well, out of these endless frame jobs directed at me, the only thing that happened was I can recall seeing a bullet hole in my fathers blue 300e Mercedes which he says is no big deal. And telling him. And that is pretty much it.

Now if 30 years later the police keep arresting me for things like a toy gun in some of my model Photo Shoots or the fact that I am joking around with in in my Social Network profile pictures. And they have all sorts of eleborate setup operaitons to remove me from society with all sorts of interrogation questions about guns in my art work and model shoots. Do you think soemthign strange is going on? Even if the gun was real, the 2nd Amendment states that people are allowed to have guns in their homes. So, what is going on? If it was any other person, no one could care less? How does one explain this? Well, it's basically the same as Pre-Crime. We don't trust you, your flagged, and your rid of the world. No actual crime has taken place. Only endless setup attempts and frame jobs. Why would the police not want the one person who exerts the most self control, and is the most well grounded out of anyone around him to not hve a gun, even though I am not really into guns. But after what I've seen with endless attempts on my life, having a gun in my home isn't such a bad idea. And any honest decent person would agree with me, and say, yes, you probably should Kevin. Not freaky things like My Family and Mike Huntley sent after me to kill me say with my father "You are not allowed to defend yourself" and on any level? Who would say that? Someone like Adolf Hitler to the Jews? This is not about my mental stability, this is about someones hate and rage towards me starting around 5 years old.

With that being said, and all the things being done to me with GUNS, it is blatantly obvious, that my father working with the LAPD put the bullet hole in his car to pin on me out of is anger and rage towards me. Or he would flat out address the real issues as to what is going on with the rest of the world. Because aside from this, I've never owned a gun or really ever been around them aside from my father taking me to a shooting range when I was young. At all points to the same thing, a family that is mad they had a child they didn't like and wanted an abortion after I was born. And has nothing to do with me. They are the ones acting out in rage, not me.

But yet, I have a mother who says, "My past caught up with me" and a father who ways "You know what you did" but they won't be specific about it. But were things really get weird is their suggestive accusations keep changing from thing to thing. Even some direct. Example, I think At 14 years old my mother for no reason at all asked me if I hit the Neighbor Kid, Josh Burnum in the head with a golf club which she now denies. Some kid I don't even really know and is in different grades, social circles, you name it. So what's going on here?

Now, after this, we realize after the police are called several times. They can't do anything, and that things are just going to get worse. MAGICALLY my mother calls me up, and just happens to COINCIDENTLY know a friend of the family who knew someone named Noah Schiller who lived in Boulder Colorado and needed a roommate! How PERFECT! Me not realizing I was being hunted, said, that's convenient, and sure. Now, anyone with common sense at this point can understand that, this whole situation was setup with the police and feds. So why do they want me close to Noah? Because they want information or false confessions to cover up what they are doing.

So, While all of this is going on, My brother introduces me to his next so called friend he is using to frame me, a person named Mike Wexler. And after I move in with Noah, they go back to working on me with women. While I can recall Noah's girlfriend lived in the same building, I can recall some of their friends coming over. And as I recall one gorgeous girl comes in, asking me if I'd help her move, and after she'd buy me dinner. And I did, and after that, she blew me off. Now, if you don't have enough common sense, of what she was doing, especially with being treated like this for 46 years with women for some strange reason, she was getting me to go out of the way for her, then treat me like complete shit to try to do things like get me to hit her to try to make me look like a crazy violent paranoid schizo. And like usual, it does not work and I move on. At the same time, Mike Wexler introduces me to some red head at a party who gives me her number, but yet, she keeps dangling carrots she wants to go out, but yet, never commits to it. Also in hopes to try to get me to go after her.

And while Mike Wexler is friends, he is telling me about how he knows how to pick locks trying to get confessions to use against me. As well as telling me weird things like, Statutory rape in Colorado is below 16 years old, working with a Girl Named Lyn Junkin Sent after me making up false claims how I've hacked her, trying to make her mentally ill, and stole her laptop when she shows up to a IRC party working on me with these mass groups. And you might ask, how do these mass groups know who I am all over Colorado in different cities and such.

Mike Wexler is also telling me things that drivers have the right of way, so that if a bum walks in the road, it's OK to hit them with cars or something like this, also working with Mike Huntley, another person who was originally my brothers friend also working on some angle that I hit someone with a car. But yet, all these things I am telling you right now that have come out of other peoples mouths, I am for some reason accused of worldwide. At no point did I confess any crimes. They were just trying to get coursed false confessions, and since they could not, needed to cover them up, like most criminals and murderers do.

I can recall eventually moving out on my own and finding a real cool single bedroom on the Hill. Almost across the street from the College. Now in between being social on IRC as the Internet came around which my brother was told to call me up and Introduce me too on all these frame job operations where Lyn Junkin Submerged with the mass on and off the Internet groups stalking me. But the Internet was a newer technology which they could use to bury me with worldwide support. Trying to make it look like I'm a horrible person and turn the world against me. Why would anyone want to do this? Well, I can't imagine. But ever more mind boggling, is getting worldwide support in these operations, and in secret.

Aside from the endless similar events on IRC with people and women on these setup and frame job operations, as well and the Entertainment Industry working on me. For example, just like the Big Lebowski, You will notice aspects of the Movie Hackers, and Lynn Junkin actually they try to apply to me with their delusional perception of who I am. Even of the first IRC party Lynn showed up at, she brought the movie hackers she wanted, me, covered up by all of us to watch. Working with Mike Wexler and many others.

I can recall in my astronomy class, one girl who wasn't model like, but more cute goth like, I was attracted to, but was kind of afraid to approach because I always had a difficult time breaking the ice with attractive women I don't know. At least when I was younger, and once I got past that was no big deal which my predators saw as weakness to hunt me, and always was open about it. At the time, I never thought about it. But while she did not look like Kelly Hatch, she had some similarities. Long black hair, dark tanned skin. But no thought ever even crossed my mind. But you could kind of apply any girl with long black hair and tanned skin and say they look like Kelly Hatch.

Needless to say, they weren't done with these setup attempts and frame jobs yet, and so, oddly enough, they had her move above me, and even at one point, She was told to intentionally leave the keys in her car in hopes I'd steal it. Now, the reason I know this is because one of Kelly Hatch and the Police Cover up operations was to tell the world I got mad at Kelly Hatch, Steal her Jeep Cherokee, and leave in downtown with the keys left in it. Yet, nothing has ever been directly said. They just want coerced false confessions. Sound odd?

Needless to say, Kelly Hatch also lived above me in the Dorms in Southern Oregon State College. Do you see a pattern of behavior merging yet of things being done to me? I can recall simply grabbing her keys, walking upstairs, knocking on the door, and handing them to her roommate telling her she left her keys in the car. I can recall shortly after this, her roommate was in my philosophy class, and I was overloaded, and asked my professor for an extension on a paper, and when she found out I got an extension went all Nazi on me about me thinking I am being special from being overloaded. And even dropping some classes because I had 6 classes, and most were almost all reading and I could not handle the load. I can't ever recall talking to her again, not that we were friends or anything, but I do remember her huffiness for no reason as I was more focused on other things, nor would we close on any level.

Around this time, a Russian exchange student named Val Morazov was sent after me to befriend me in the college recreation room called the CONNECTION, where I loved to play pool. As well as other pool halls. But the Connection was a very large bowling alley and probably had 30 pool tables. While the family I come from can't differentiate between reality and middle ground. To them, if you play pool on any level, you are a hustler screwing with nasty people and eventually are going to get killed. Like watching some kind of pool playing movie, and I guess wanted to teach me a lesson for my hobbies, jobs, friends, you name it.

In reality if you play pool, don't hustle, don't play for money, is not the same as taking $5000 off a person each night and pretending you can't play pool. They are different contexts which my family can't comprehend. So Val was sent after me. I can recall Val Befriending me in the Pool Hall, and eventually found out I was learning HTML and wanted to start a company with me. So, he was the next person after Eric Christiansen sent after me that wanted to go to strip clubs. Now, the reality of the situation is, just because someone goes to a strip club, or strip clubs does not make them the same as a Columbian Drug lord who makes a billion a year. As a matter of fact, If someone is a Porn Star, they aren't breaking any laws, and it doesn't mean they are ill tempered or a criminal. While sure, the nature is a little shadier. Like I said in my family. Their judgments have absolutely no middle ground or reason. As a matter of fact, simply walking around with a camera and taking pictures of animals, rocks and tree's will still have the same outcome in their thinking. Eventually someone is going to get angry and kill you with worldwide support.

Non of it really makes any sense in the big picture. So Val comes in, and wants to talk about business at strip clubs. OK, well, honestly, that is pretty damn harmless. Eventually we start a cheese-ball company, but as I recall, he didn't really want to do the work, he wanted me to. And around the same time. He was telling me that I should download porn, and put it on Cd's and sell everyones copyrighted material. Not only was I a little annoyed with Val for not wanting to work, I told him I wasn't interested in selling other peoples content. He, like Jason Baum, ind of Disappeared at this point. And I never said anything to him like go away. He just knew he couldn't set me up. Needless today, years later my father with Paul Humphrey once again would take me out to Houstens for dinner, also related to their Jen Hess setup attempts and frame jobs, and kept asking me how I made all the money I didn't have. In other words, There is no money. I mean I don't live in a huge mansion driving the latest Lamborghini's. They just wanted the next coerced false confession with the Police to remove me from society.

But if you have the common sense of a 10 year old, you can see, they keep trying to set me up or frame me, and they keep getting angrier and angrier, and then trying to cover up each and every single one. And it never stops. So why are they so mad when I was 5 years old?

I can recall around this time becoming friends with a person named Chad Bowers who worked in the Library, as IT, and was also in the Art department. When the Internet first came around, before the Prodigy and AOL days with dial-up, I can recall going to the Library and going on IRC. Because if you recall the Internet was originally a government and college technology. Hence doing simple things like logging into the Southern Oregon State College computers and looking up Kelly Hatches new phone number the public Internet computer White pages, the world was told I am a hacker and did more horrible things to Kelly Hatch. By calling her up.

Now, if you pull out a paper white pages, and call an old friend. No one really cares. But because we have people with psychology degrees using information as a weapon against me. You sugar coat everything into a hacked someone and tried to kill her or something. Hence Lynn Junkin with the movie hackers. Like everything else. Nothing exists that I have done wrong. Now, you could say, maybe Kelly didn't like me calling her. But that is as situation that everyone has to deal with their entire life, and people aren't exterminated over it. They just say, don't talk to them, or tell them they don't like them. Hence, What you are saying is someone who hasn't done anything wrong. He is just being hunted over things everyone does in life. It's just each and every aspect of my life is being turned into fiction and criminal accusations that don't exist. A :Propaganda/Terror system.

So, now, I am friends with Chad Bowers, and between him telling me lies I didn't pick up on, like he had a friend who was riding his bicycles and wasn't paying attention looking at a girl and hit a light pole or something. Was most likely some kind of lame confession attempt. But another incident I can recall was that something that happened with he, My Photography Professor Nick, and a black girl at the restaurant "The Sink" he wanted to take me too.

Now, to step back, while signing up to this film photography class back in 1995, the first day of class, Nick goes all army talking about, on critique days, if you don't show up, it's an instant F. Well, OK, his class, his rules. But oddly enough, come critique day, after Chad moving out of his house, and asking me if I wanted to rent it and me moving in to the new place, which was a shit hole, but big and cheap. I took it.

And the day of one of the critiques comes around, and the power goes out. Resetting my alarm. And so I miss class. That's a serious coincidence in this situation. It is rare a professor says that. And while I have no proof, it is almost like someone popped my power breaker so that the alarm would not wake me up. While not thinking anything of this back then, I am failed on the project, and I talk to him about it and he is nice enough to give me a C for the work part.

Now, after I do my final project at the end of the semester, I blow them all away combining my photography with my animation I did at home to learn because they didn't teach it in many colleges at the time. With what I called "The S.E.T.I. Project" taking pictures all around Denver and compositing and Alien into the scene, then re developing back onto film. Which these days is no big deal, especially with digital cameras and everything made nice and easy to do. I get an A. Everyone is impressed because it's something different.

Now, Chad takes me to The Sink to eat. By the way, Their was something about one of my brothers girl friends writing something about them on the wall or something. And Nick is there at the bar. Now, keep in mind, aside from some of the childhood frame job operations with black girls on my wrestling team, and the one I kissed at 8, the world wants me dead for which is odd. Their is a gorgeous black waitress, and when she walks up, I am as friendly as can be, and say something sort of joking and not even close to mean. And she snaps at me "I am not in the mood for it right now". I had no clue who she was, never seen her before, and just figured she was having a bad day and she needed her space and so be it. Didn't say much around her after that.

At the same time, while sitting down with Chad, who by the way lent me his old canon AE-1 for the class, Nick was at the bar eating. I got up, said hi to him and we ending up talking for about 30 minutes and I think he was telling me that he was impressed or something. I can't remember the conversation but it was very civil as I had no hard feeling against him or anything. And at the same time getting carried away leaving Chad all alone at the table, and in my life, I probably committed some horrific asshole crime and need to be killed for imperfection. Well, I can't tell you exactly what was going on in that situation but people want me dead worldwide. And especially the black community, and that waitress was black.

Around this same time, I can recall going to the CU football games with some of my friends and watching the game. Although I can tell you their was this gorgeous cheerleader I could not keep my eyes off of. Now, this is where things really get spooky. You are in a football Stadium of what? 80,000 people? You are a tiny speck looking down at this gorgeous girl who their is no way she can see you. She must be looking up at least 20,000 specs of head on that side. And she is just gorgeous and you can't keep your eyes off her.

Well, I am in the Student Union which I would go to a lot to study, and she comes in during the mid day, and asks if she can share my table because the place is full. She gets a little chatty, but all or her talking is lies. How she is a nursing student, and doesn't go to college here. Well, I am this shy person and this gorgeous girl comes up, and she's just spouting out lie after lie, and I don't want to offend her by saying your a liar or anything so I don't. But it kind of made it difficult for me to ask her out or anything based on the fact that I have to eventually tell her she lied. I guess for a one nigher quickie it would all be good. Needless to say, finding out years later after Mike Huntley telling me he had given me enough rope to hang myself and Lorena Escobar who kept hinting about me and cheerleaders in her angry rage with my family were probably hoping that they could get me to go off on her because she lied to me or something. I never even would have made the connection until I found out Lorena Escobar was being paid to help send people after me in Colorado while she lived in California with my family.

Also, around this time, by the Connection, Pool Hall, I can recall several things going on their was this cute girl in a few of my classes named Julia, and she took a job at the Copy Center right by the pool hall while being friendly and giving me free copies, but most likely for coerced false confessions. Because around this same time, the Police and Government had Skyler(Stephanie) befriend me on IRC pretending to be Julia Hayes, the Porn Star, and then working with the police threaten my life delivering me covert messages they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death which seems to be the case now going on since a young child with government extermination operations and flaggings. Although it wasn't directly said so you didn't know it was a threat. For example, she said "I like to Skullfuck people" as if their is a meaning to that. To find out that 25 years later the police are hinting about her, letting you know, that they are part of it. As well as her meeting me, giving me a blow job in Florida by my brothers house, and then intentionally getting pulled over to try to scare me into some kind of false confession.

Also, a girl at the Pizza place I think was called Mr Tomatoes, gives me a free slice of pizza, and ask why is it free? and she says that it is old. And when I tell everyone else, they go in and she isn't giving away anything free. Now was it because she liked me? Possibly, but I have a feeling not, looking back now and what is going on. For all I know she is working with the Police saying I stole pizza with what I have now witnessed all day and night for the last 17 years and 46 year SKULLFUCKING to exterminate me.

Other things going on was a sculpting teacher who called herself Nadi Carry, and talked about jumping in the river naked, I have a feeling might have to do with Kelly Hatches friend Carrie. And as I can recall, even though this is normal, that because one of my sculptures was molded from a female mannequin head, and I put a metal bowl in it, wiring up flashing colored lights and such with a robot head. She instantly jumped to the conclusion that because the mannequin head was female that I am controlling. While critiques are open for peoples thoughts. It kind of seemed strange that for no reason at all, she jumped to the fact that I am controlling based on a female head. Even though the reality is, that I just needed a mannequin head, and you grab what you can get in college. We are not talking MOMA work here.

Needless to say why worldwide I am being accused of being an asshole and a control freak based on thin air that I am then told I am imagining and no one knows me is even stranger, and really about a mass campaign to remove me from society. Also, I can recall writing a simple paper in one of my Art Writing classes about how digital art will never have the same perception and value as traditional art like sculptures and oil paintings due to the nature of the media, and my professor asking me to read it in class and spazzing out for no reason at all saying I am too sensitive about it. Yet I said nothing at all, or even was raising my voice. Just simply read my paper. Showing that she was taking thin air, and trying to make me look hyper sensitive and crazy of an insignificant paper, which seems to be truer as truer as technology gets more advanced. But my point is that I don't see professor spazzing out and creating non existent problems for other people from thin air which is happening from person to person in my life.

My own mother told me, everyone can see I have a problem, yet they can't specifically address anything because their is no problem but their lies, hate and rage towards me. Which shows that they are intentionally creating an unaddressable situation for reason with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Which all lead back to my brothers threats with my family that they are going to lock me away in a mental institution, because they just don't like me. How they got the Police, NSA/FBI and worldwide support is beyond me. Especially all based on thin air.

One of the people sent after me from IRC was a girl named Cia Negiatang or something. As I can recall, we went out on a few dates, and I wasn't really into her and that was that. A can recall getting annoyed with her once, but nothing out of the norm that situations based on reality where people express their emotions. But she was just someone I dated a couple of times. Later on to find out that she was working with the Skylar person who I met in Florida while Visiting my brother who was working with the police on these setup and frame job operations. I called up Skylar in Florida, she pretended to be an hour late in hopes to try to peak my anxiety. Picked me up and we went to her place. She gave m a blowjob, then said. "I have to go to the airport now" and I said, "I wish we had more time". And she said "Sure you do". She then proceeded to leave and on the way to drop me off and her pretending to go to the airport, we were pulled over by the police in hopes to scare me into some kind of coerced false confession. At this point her telling the world that I was treating her like shit. As another frame job operations. Maybe a year later, her telling me that she was coming to California, and me not being too into her after this, and kind of getting back to her a month later. At that point her telling me "If you ever want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like shit" and I told her to never contact me again after seeing that type of personality. After this, After this, My father, Lorena Escobar and she were all turning it around on me. But remember, no crimes have been committed. These are normal social situatons. Yet, I m being hunted worldwide from this one person alone that I am an asshole, as if an asshole which I showed I am not, is some kind of capital offense.

If you can't figure out what is going on, these are all setup operations that failed, and they need cover ups so they can keep hunting me. Cia, wanted me to fly to Colorado and meet up with her. And I figured I could come by see some old friends and meet up with her. But as I recall, the reason she did it was to make it look like I was stalking her. And when I called her, it was back to the I want to see you, but nope, not yet and blow offs. So, if you didn't get the point before. Now we have a girl having you invest money and fly all the way out for her so she can blow you off in hopes she can get me to hit her or something. So Cia kept blowing me off until I got a little angry about it and once I showed a little anger, it was supposedly the end of the world as if people aren't going to get angry over that. Years later to find out a California friend Paul Humphrey sent after me since 14 years old was trying to hint about it and get coerced false confessions. As one of the endless things he was involved in. Showing that she was trying to cover it up by probably saying things like I just flew out and wouln't leave her alone.

Which they are reinforcing with Jim Johnson's frame job operations. My Electronic Media Professor. Jim Johnson at one point said he was going to try something new. The Internet was new, and he wanted put our work on the web. The web back then is not like now so me putting up stupid picture back then would not have gotten the publicity the pretend it got. And actually today it would just get burred in billions of the same things. Needless to say, he wanted to put up a web page he called "The sleeping dog contest"Not only this, I think he asked me if I would help build it. As I was learning HTML and probably told him.

But wait, looking back now, that is very odd name? The sleeping Dog Contest? why? how does it relate to art students? very strange? Yet I have a family running around telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo, I have ripped peoples throats out like the movie Jupiter Descending, Am crazy, and think I am a dog. And also that I hear messages from dogs to kill people like the son of SAM and freaky things like this to the world, NSA/FBI. Once again, based on thin air. Oh ya, and I also saw an Alien light according to Tom Farley at 8 years old as well, which were his words and not mine.

So, he is using the name, and asking me to build the site in attempts to frame me and make me look crazy. Now, oddly enough, we all create are artwork, they all get put Online, and no one cars about anyones art but one person. KEVIN PERELMAN. Well apparently this 30 minute high speed cheese-ball composite of my putting Mike Tyson composited with a video game character Chun Li, or the Original might have been with a character Katana or something is the end all be all of crimes! According to the PSCYHOLOGY COMMUNITY, with the NSA/FBI and worldwide support from some cheese-ball composite that you see people doing a million times per day, is somehow a self confession that I think I am black, I hate women, am a women beater, and have no self control, and am a danger to myself and others? Did I miss something, am I in a twilight zone? I even saw a girl in the food cafeteria who was cute, but I had to drop the class I was in, women's studies because I could not keep up with the reading load, look at me with a scared look and walk away in fear. But wait? I mean we are talking a campus of 25,000 and how would she even know of this insignificant harmless picture? And that is because information just like today, back then is being data-mined, taken out of context, turned into complete fiction to use against me and given out to the world to rile the masses in anger, rage, fear against me. And yet, I am told no one knows me, and am imagining it while watching almost every person I am in contact with worldwide in a mass witch hunt of unprecedented proportions all based on thin air. But yet, not one person can openly talk about what is really going on. Is as strange and unprecedented as it comes. Hence them sending Jen Hess after me to try to finish the jobs of claims I hit her with a mask on after moving back. Even women befriending me on IRC trying to tell me weird things and get confessions trying to make me think I was in a Video game calling themselves Katana and things like this that didn't even go to my school.

One girl around this time who pretended to be in Denver told me she drove a white jeep and wanted me to come over. She told me. The door is open and come on in giving me her address. While at the time, I did not know I was being hunted by these worldwide extermination operaitons. And so I said sure, and went to her place. But I am not that stupid and I don't just walk in strangers places I don't know. If I have a friend and they tell me like Kelly Hatch who was sent after me to remove me from society then it is no big deal. And I think any honest person would agree. Yet someone random stranger off IRC of course I am not going to walk into their house. So I knocked, and it turned out it was some black guy who had no clue who she even was. So clearly I was being set up for breaking and entering. Later on realizing maybe around 35 that some random stranger across the world somehow knows who Kelly Hatch is, the lies she and the governmnt are spewing to the world about me, then trying to set me up with them. And that when she said she drove a white Jeep, that's the same car Kelly Hatch drove. Showing that all sorts of worldwide operations to remove me from society is going on. Yet no one is questioning the illegal information flow to the world on secret Propaganda/Terror systems which I am told I m imaging and am crazy. Yet I have all the proof in the world as to what is going on, and their isn't even a debate about it at this point. Just silencing me by stopping me from breathing which is the actions of lieing criminals and murderers wether they are in are government employees or not.

While I can write an encyclopedia of IRC people sent after me to bury me, and me being the nicest person, I will just name a few names as I will be writing forever. Minnie(Shane), Paranoid, Tatiana Dobsen, Spyguy, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Christina Stahlinsky from Arizona Some Nebraska Girl working on me with a stalker angle.

Now, come around the time where I have completed all my requirements, but 2 classed. One was an Art History class, the I got a D on the final, and I cannot figure out how because I knew everything backwards and forwards. Although, unless the rest of my family where they can drink beers all day and get A+'s, I was born with all sorts of learning disabilities. and it takes me a lot longer to learn then the average person. So for me, especially because my reading comprehension is so bad, and slow reading. I could read the chapters several times over, and do all the flash cards, and I will most likely get a B or a C. While my family skims it, and gets A's. And while I have no common sense about getting a D on this art history test. Just something inside me with everything else tells me it was intentional to hold me back. But on that one, That's just me guessing. The other class I had was a Spanish class and this was the problem of all problems.

First I will say, that people like Fernanda Sime, sent after me to execute me with my family and the government for whatever they are mad about are just trying to fabricate more lies when I Joke around with someone I thought I knew or was around my families business for 20 years and I am joking with a smile saying "No speaking Spanish" as most sane rational people can comprehend what is and is not a joke from the tone of people voices. Showing that they were collecting every single thing I say to fabricate lies and crimes to give to the world to use against me on their 36 year extermination agenda. There is no correlation between my joke, and Spanish classes other then their guilt and what they did to me, that I didn't even know was happening until maybe 38 years old.

In High school, I was required Spanish 1, and Spanish 2 to pass. In Southern Oregon State College, they only needed Spanish 1, and Spanish 2. But upon my acceptance to University of Colorado, they wanted a Spanish 3 for graduation. Now, the problem was that my Spanish, or me remembering the Spanish I had learned was so far back that I would need to most likely take Spanish one and two over. Or at least two. Well that seems kind of simple, although, 3 classed is 3 semesters, and that's 1.5 years. Now I am sure I put it off until the last minute dreading it. But needless to say, this is where my mother stepped in with some advice. Which at the time made some sense, but little did I know what they were doing to me. And this is kind of how predators work. They see weakness and they sweep on in.

My mother suggests that I walk the graduation before graduation, obviously without a diploma. The same types of things she was doing to me in my High School Sociology class by grabbing my paper working with the teacher, writing part of it, then putting me in a position in High School to try to make it look like I get other people to do my work for me. You know, like the bad seed, by their setups and frame jobs.

Now, the idea was. I symbolically walk the graduation, I come home, and finish those classes after I move back and transfer the credits for the diploma. It's not like I'm the president of the United States and something like touching a joint once will get me impeached? or wait? Or am I? because I'm about 10 times more known then Donald Trump from this extermination campaign that doesn't make any sense.

So hind site now says I would do the same thing, just maybe not symbolically walk the graduation as if anyone would really care about things like that, that don't matter. Needless to say, their real agenda was to make it look like I am a con artist and a liar. While for some strange reason, at this point, everyone wanted me out of Colorado. And like usual, their is nothing I did wrong. I was just out living my life, and being hunted by these mass groups with their endless lies and Propaganda/Terror systems to remove me from society. All based on thin air or imperfections which most people have no problem with in life.

So my Mike Huntley calls me up about a year before this and even flies to Colorado trying to grease me up that he wants to start an Internet Host Provider with me if I move back. My father wants to reel me in and fillet me by calling me up telling me he will let me live at his house for a year, oh and by the way, he met this Cuban Janet, who he is getting married too. Which he was working on those frame jobs to try to make it look like I was going after her while he worked on me.

And my mother pure pressure about the graduation. So, not realizing who my family was, and trusting them, and thinking they were good people, I took the bait. And I moved back 2 classes short of graduation and got side tracked with Mike Huntley on a pursuit to make money kind of with the thought process of no ones takes someone with a BFA in Art and computer media like an Astro Physics degree. Art and computers is kind of a different animal.

Needless to say, Years later, on different things, every lawyer I would go to for things would interrogate me about my graduation trying to profile me and let me know that I was a fraud and this or that. Yet how do they even have that level of intricate information that only the NSA would have? And how is it that everywhere I go worldwide people know me, and refuse to admit it? In other words, information usually doesn't flow like this. It is being data-mined by the government, and used to terror and extermination operations in macro levels that aren't usually done. Example, Most likely the NSA/FBI with thee world wide groups probably have a list of every parking spot I have ever parked in, and have come up with all sorts of theories and lies about the times I've parked in the same spot. Or we all have seen what happens when I park once backwards or crooked. But who does that? And why?

Well, it's not because I could be a terrorist or the unibomber, especially when my 46 year track records helping everyone in my path, and being the nicest person imaginable. So what is it really about? Hate, Rage, Jealousy and ridding someone of the world who might have a good life, and accomplish things because they saw the signs at a young age that he was kind, passionate, driven, positive, and thought outside the box of what people are told they should do, or who they should be. Isn't that what America was told we are supposed to be about? And yet people like me are the example of what Edward Snowden warned us about, and are killed for no reason over by our own government!

Why would my family send my own brother after me to tell me they are going to put me in a mental institution? Did I hug someone wrong? Did I blink wrong? Are rich boys not allowed to build cars? Doesn't make any sense to me. But what I can tell you is that the information I have in my head about what has been done to the last 46 year of my life is something that Americans and Those in power as so ASHAMED about, they don't want me ever seeing an light of day. And they should be! What has been done to my life is no different then what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. The only difference is their reasoning.

While this is the tip of the iceberg and a taste of my Colorado life, it gives you an idea of the things that were going on, that I had no clue of at the time.

The turning point in my life starting to notice all the freaky things going on around me directed at me and met with Mike Huntley's DEATH THREATS working with Rodie Morales and the Police, which they are trying to cover up by saying I snapped

While not realizing the I was being trolled and set up for the fillet by my mother, father, My brothers original friend Mike Huntley actually sent after me by the government, for a real trolling, and not the sad pathetic people the provoke people into reaction to try to feel important that has also been done to me my entire life. And most likely the entire term created based on what the government has told the world to do to me until I am dead to cover up and make it look like I deserve what is being done to my life. I take the bait being that I grew up with these people, loved them. Thought they were decent people. And of course could never fathom a mass conspiracy to remove me from society. Especially for no reason at all.

So, I moved in my fathers house not knowing of his frame jobs with Janet Nordet to try to make it look like I was somehow moving in when they got married as some kind of thug or terror attempts on her. To try to make it look like she went from normal to crazy from my doing. A common tactic my family has done to me my entire life, From Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso (Rodie Morales), Elita in my fathers office, and I am sure many others with this frame job tactic to show the world a fictional version of Kevin Perelman in their hate and rage. Of course, I had no clue of this while my father would take me out to dinner on SUNDAY nights, to complain about his Janet drama, which seemed odd that he just wouldn't leave her with the lies he was spewing like telling me she grabbed the steering while of his car and tried to crash them into a tree. Now looking back, in hopes he could get me to go after her. Which like usual. Did not work, but explains why people worldwide are saying that I am crazy and think I am a HERO.

After moving in with my father, of course Mike Huntley kept inviting me over to his house for dinners, and BBQ's and wanting to focus on starting up Signet, our Internet Host Provider. But really what was going on, just like my father, they were working together on their frame job and setup operations. Example, Because Traci, his wife was always around he was trying to make it look like I was trying to steal his wife. Just like the Jen Hess setups. Also, their had been something going on with Paul Humphrey, Joe Humphreys' younger brother, who was in my brothers class in Calabasas, on some kind of wife stealing angle since they both were sent after me at the age 14, with their VW Bugs.

Around this time period, and starting Signet, Mike knew that I had worked out on and off my entire life and they strategically put together a tactic to first show me some kind of Documentary about the Gym, changing peoples lives in a contest to be healthy. And said he wanted to join the Gym and wanted me to go with him. And he wanted to do this workout thing he watched. So I said sure, I will go with him, but I don't need to be part of the contest things, I will just work out like I always have. At this point, he wanted to join, a small Gym by my house where Rodie Morales was strategically put to try to figure out how to remove me from society with them posing as a Gym Manager. The Gym has changed owners many times went from Golds, To Worlds, To many others.

While oddly enough I can recall many Porn Stars going to this gym for some strange reason, oddly enough they were all mad at me from this disinformation and all working on me with angles and tactics in an angry rage. About what? Who knows. I blinked wrong at 5 years old and wronged them. So, they were not following m there because they liked me, I can tell you that much. Because one Porn Star named Envy when I simply jumped on a machine next to her, left and never came back without anything said or done. Other strange things like Mike calling one girl Arach Nipple for some strange reason got them pissed at me. And also me breaking up some fights Mike had started with some younger brother from a kid from my High School younger brother make was baiting. Of course, they were mad at the person who stopped it which doesn't really make much sense. Their was even one girl named I can't remember, but a cute blond girl named Laura, Mike was accusing me of wanting to hurt or something for me not doing anything at all to, as she started in on me with the provoking and attacks. Yet, of course, like everything else based on thin air, I hadn't done one single thing but be the nicest person known to man. And once again, based on thin air, just like Cory Bixby at 16 years old.

Also, Another lady from the gym I saw for years who was a trainer, who was always polite, and me back. One day I saw her in the morning, As I was walking in, and we started talking and she said, soemthing like, oh, hadn't seen you for a while, your hear in the mornings or something like this and her face went scared and walked away. And everyone was told I had harassed her. Yet I cannot figure out how in any way shape or form someone you have seen around the Gym for years, that noticing they aren't around and saying it is somehow threatening in any way shape or form. Which would mean, me blinking around someone would have the same effect.

Also, Another situation that didn't make sense was that while most people aren't perfect robots, while flirting with a cute Hungarian girl who Rodie Eventually told me her husband was a mobster, who knows if it was true. Around this time, I decided to take a couple of weeks off from the gym which just had to do with not pushing myslf too hard and taking a break. But of course, people were told that I was playing mind games with this girl as some kind of cover up or fabrication to defame my life. And this information goe worldwide and even to my parants in Canada as if I had committed another women hate crime. But of course with that type of Nazi behavior around you, you going to get shot in the head for sipping water wrong.

While these types of Gym situaition alone, which apply to every socia circles since 5 - 9 years old. You will notice one consistant. I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG! IT IS NOT ME! Now, I am not going to tell you I have been a perfect robot my whole life. But can you imagine if something happen that is out of the PERFECT category. Me and a girl get in an argument, I call her a bitch. Things that happen every day of our lives that normally people say or normal. Will be used against me to lock me away. Does this make sense?

Also, when they say I am nervous? You will notice that me walking up and talking to someone and them hunting me down trying to rid me of the world wide worldwdie groups shows that they are nervious and psychotic. But yet, they are running around with the PACKAGED SCAM! that "Kevin can't see himself"

Now imagine this, you keep meeting strangers you don't know, have never talked to, have no relationship with, and they keep telling you that you can't see yourself? Does this sound odd? How can someone who has no interpersonal communications with you tell you who you are? it's impossible! Sure, someone can say something about someone. But people still don't walk up to people they have never met, talked to, and before ever even initiating an interaction tell someone who they are?

It's not possible to know someone without getting to know them, but not only this. No sane ratonal person would ever say that. Meaning that what they are saying they already know are lies with ulterior motives, and hidden agendas to remove me from society. Or you can just call it Pre-Crime. The next level of exterminating those the government just doesn't trust or like, like Adolf Hitler.

Around this time, I can recall my mother and my step father from Canada, Arnold Silber, sending me a Arnold Schwarzenegger shirt of a guerrilla standing on the earth holding barbells with Arnold's name on it from a Simon Wisenthall event, and at this point Rodie Morales befriending me. I had no clue until maybe 8 years later seeing a news paper articles that he was sent their with the LAPD to catch a murderer with a double life. But of course, he was working on all sorts of setups and frame jobs with the LAPD on me. Now, you might ask how in insignificant Arnold Schwarzengor shirt is the crime of all crimes for extermination? Well, normally, no one would care. But maybe 5 years prior, I was telling people that I had watched the Arnold Schwarzengor Documentary he made, and telling the people I was talking to that Arnold was ruthless to his competition and mean as hell and would do anything. Which is true, and he talks about it. Example giving people false information who asked him for advice to use against them to sabotage them and things like this. OK, so what? who cares? Arnold put this in his movie and Kevin is talking to people about his movie? No big deal? Confused? Well this isn't about anything I've done wrong. This is about taking what I say and turning it into fiction to piss people off and turn them against me.

So I cannot tell you exactly what was said. All I can tell you is the Rodie Morales was sent after me to do things like this to me, and my step father and mother intentionally sending me the shirt to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizo trying to be Arnold Schwarzengor. But the competition of Rodie Morales wasn't about weight lifting, it was about government extermination. Now, things get even stranger. Around this time, My mother and Arnold come into town and I can remember going to Venice with them, and Arnold wanting to check out a restaurant named Shotzi's owned by Arnold Schwarzengor. Now, back to the Gun confession attempts and also working on me at the Gym with Rodie Morales on these endless setup attempts and frame jobs.

So, around this time after going to the Gym for a couple of years, and Brian Longbotham, another person sent after be doing these things to me for 15 years, Victoria Walker, who was Micheal Bialys, Who did "The Rudy The Rubber" show was sent after me with Victoria his girlfriend. So after Victoria Walker had signed up to my Gym, as I told her it would be a good idea to be healthy. At this point, she met Matt, a trainer their and eventually got married. But during this time all sorts of things were being done to me.

First, Rodie Morales, the 4th Person to want to take me to strip clubs in attempts for setup and frame job operations came in my life. Normally, no one could care less if someone goes to a strip club. Unless maybe the family oriented types that don't want to be around it. Yet aren't going to get in your business of things that don't affect them. While not only were the same cry wolf tactics based on thin air air going on at the Gym as well, Rodie wanted to take me to strip clubs. And Also, Matt Von Molaki and Victoria Walker wanted to go to Shotzi's Down on Venice Arnold Restaurant which he hosted once a month and invited me. And was really fun until I found out I was being hunted. I didn't make the connection between my step father Arnold Silber taking me to Shotzi's, as well as Matt and Victoria. I am sure all sorts of things were being done to me, I didn't pick up on at the time. Some I did later.

Example, Their is a famous weight lifter who went to my Gym named Frank the zipper. And I didn't really know much about him. All I knew is their was a cute redhead I checked out a few times with my eyes. Did nothing mean, said nothing. Did not give her a death stare which my mother accuses me of doing out of her hate, rage and jealousy towards me. And Rodie comes up to me and tells me that, he has a friend and he can get me a free member ship to 24 hr fitness. So, who is going to pass that by right? So I go down to the 24 Hour fitness in West Hills, close by, and talk to the person and he says try it out first, and I work out there one day. While I am there, I notice the red head, and she is there. We were not friends so I didn't say anything and then after trying it out. The person who said it was going to be free, then bait and switched me for a paid membership. Of course, I said no. And that was that. No bigger deal. Every day life events right? Well no!

So, Victoria and Matt take me to Shotzi's one month, as we would go each month and Frank the Zipper was there with her, and it turned out to be his wife or girlfriend, and he was looking at me in an angry rage. With mean looks but I had no clue what was going on because their was nothing I had done. Later on putting the puzzle pieces togethor that these were frame job operations and the reason he wanted me to pay, was to make it look like I was stalking her and even went out of my way to pay for a membership. Yet like I said before the cover up is always a lie because your predators don't want to look wrong.

Now, this isn't a one time event. Their were probably 100's alone with Rodie Morales. And Matt and Victoria with Mike Hunlley. You name it. And do you think that these things happen all day and night over and over to people and I am just too sensitive? I don't think so. Other things were going on, like Rodie would take me to Strip clubs or kind of get me hooked because I liked that environment, and at the same time, Victoria Walker would ask me to log into website to do things for her where strippers like Stephanie, a Latin girl was on with Angel wings sent after me hinting about Skyler (Stephanie). Delivering messages that her and the police were going to SKULLFUCK me to death and have me killed. So, by me typing in the web address while the police, NSA/FBI and masses worldwide are giving information off my computer what is it they are doing by calling me up and asking me to type in web addresses for them? Well, making it look like I am stalking these strippers I have no clue who they are.

Then they would follow me to the strip clubs, or Rodie would take me, then then the world is told I am stalking strippers. As you can see. It is not one things, it is endless operations like this by worldwide groups and never stops. What could I have done so bad at 5 years old? I can't imagine. Imperfect breast feeding? While I can write an encyclopedia about Rodie Morales and the Gym Operations, I will skip bake to Mike Huntley orchestrating a lot of this with Paul Humphrey, my family and Government.

At this same time, My father once again sweeps in, wanting to get me closer to him to say that I am a thug and control freak trying to get close to him. Although his mentality in life is Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. So he calls me up yet again telling me that Shelly, his on and off girl friend, now wife that he is married too now, is moving out, and they have Office space above his office. And gives use an a too good to be true monthly rent. On Ventura Blvd property. Who is going to say no? Especially if you think your family are good people. Well, once again, the first thing that happened while setting up the office was that Mike Huntley connected the Network switch of our office so that my fathers people he had next door could jack into our network switch and do whatever they wanted. Mostly involved spy-ware and frame jobs. and cover ups.

You have to understand that my family to your face are extremely kind and generous, and loving to your face and behind your back it is the complete polar opposite. You don't know where anything is coming from, and it always comes from 3rd party people until they loose control of the situation and snap.

Now, while these endless events are taking place on setup operations. For example, a couple of years prior a girl named Jen Hess working with my family and Mike Huntley and Paul Humphrey was sent after me to try to set me up and frame me while Mike and Paul were trying to manipulate me into doing things to make it look like I was stalking her. Even Paul Humphry Moving out close to her in Torrence, where he would want me to visit him as he did this to other women on IRC I had been talking to prior to try to make it look like I was driving out and stalking them and things like this with the Police in frame job operations

Also after this sending a girl named Julia Sophia Reynoso after me who I believe was Rodie Morales, and also after me moving on Juliana St which my fathers real-estate agent found me the property working on these mental credibility attacks to try to make me look crazy to the world to try to lock me away. And if you didn't give into these peoples demands on IRC I would be accused of trying to make them mentally ill and kill them and things like this working with the police to make their SKULLFUCKING campaign look justified.

I can recall this Julia who was completely anonymous, did not want to talk to me on the phone, give me a picture, or anything wanting me to meet her at the Rainbow on Sunset and because she called me too late and I was not around, I was then a dead man with the police. While everyone is taking sides how I am an asshole and supposedly did horrible things to this person. Non of it really exists other then I just didn't kiss her ass and I am a dead man with worldwide support. Once again, perfectly normal interpersonal relationships that just didn't work out and I am being hunted for extermination over it. Yet, someone who won't divulge any type of personal information and wants you to meet them somewhere could end up a bad situation to begin with which was partly lingering in my mind at the time. Meanwhile this person was sent after me trying to get whatever they could to frame me and rid me of the world with these mass groups.

So, I will skip to the turning point of my life. Going from someone who was all about friends, family, business, very passionate about doing things like creating businesses or projects of meaning that I could make money from and everyone could benefit from at the same time. Capitalism as we all accept. And for me, giving back more then others was always very important because for me, happy people make hart workers with motive and incentive. And the greedy tyrants loose employees or more less money because they are greedy and it is only about money for them.

While I won't lie, I had been involved in several things I found out my family did not approve of which were not crimes, and were not dangerous, like Adult websites, Strip Clubs, and Playing Pool. That is not really a big deal. Non of that is illegal. Yet we are dealing with perfect paranoid psychotic squares when it comes to my family and those who they sent into my life to control me and dictate my life or remove me from society.

So, While in my office and a trip to Cabo, I could sense things were really off. And not in a normal way. Thoughts about a stripper named Bentley in an angry rage saying "You will get yours" for no reason at all. Peoples manipulating behaviors around me. Things I wasn't clearly picking up on like Mike Huntley slipping strange things in Adult Website Contracts for a stripper named Venice which still isn't the biggest of deals normally. Behaviors with Mila a stripper who I liked pretending to play hot/cold which was more of an intuition that maybe they wanted to try to make me look aggressive and thugging by simply taking the initiative if I ad to which most women normally life. Things from Mila pretending I had done something to her like others making it look like I was mad at her.

But more importantly, other things I was starting to pick up on that I was not sure about. For example thinking about several times of going to the DMV years prior or even in Colorado and strange personal behaviors that strangers would not exert unless they knew you or were mad at you that I didn't pick up on, because you don't expect strangers worldwide to know you, especially when you are told no one knows you. And you are not someone famous with TV Shows or Movies.

I can recall being in 4play, and telling a stripper named Samantha, I think that I felt like a Rat in a Cate. And that is when they really FLIPPED OUT with the HE KNOWS mentality. At this point Samantha would tell me lies that she is practicing to become a hypnotist which my parents sent me too in High School to put me in a position to try to scare me into false confessions from being out of control with ones thoughts if you understand what I am talking about.

Also, I had a really bad feeling about Bob Sandler who I made a 3rd partner a Signet, Mike had brought in sending him after me when I bought a new laptop, and he told me he was out of money and needed a computer and I let him use mine, as if maybe he wanted to put things on my computer. But it was just a random thought which turned out to show who he really was with me saying nothing about it as I borrowed it back for the Cabo trip.

As I got back, something was very wrong, and I was freaked the hell out. I could not specifically tell you what was wrong, I just knew something beyond any level of freaky was going on, it had been, and I could not comprehend what I was seeing. Nor would anyone else in my shoes. These are unprecedented situations with NSA/FBI, worldwide support at that point for 29 years with mass conspiracies. How can you explain that in a sentence and when just finding out.

So, I call up Rodie Morales freaked out. Who has been setting me up and framing me for several years, but little did I know. And he asks me whats wrong but I can't explain it. And his voice goes from friendly and a stern cop voice, and says to me "It's not like you killed someone", and say no. Then he says something weird like, "Are you sad and lonely" probably out of a movie if that was crime. And I think I say yes, I guess or something. Which, I mean, I am sure 50% percent of people are lonely, even the married women who keep calling me.

Then realizing that he was using my life against me. First back to the gun confessions or murder confessions. But also, he is trying to apply sad and lonely to meeting women and fraud and things like this. WHY? Well, that links back to a family who wants to dictate their sons life and don't approve of his Studio Photography, or Adult websites. We are not talking about crimes. We are talking about a family who will do anything to dictate their sons life. Even kill him. And as it came out around 45 years old. Arnold seems to think that going to a Gym 4 times a week is unhealthy and mental illness. Well, most of the people I knew went a lot more then that, And I don't see people saying they are unhealthy and crazy for it.

So, at this point, I can recall Mike and Bob seeing that I am starting to figure things out, but I am not sure so they start to go for the jugular, but pretending to be concerned. "Are you OK, something seems wrong" Now, this is very important. Because the Definition of Paranoia, is that you think something is going on, that is not. And not something is going on, that you are finding out. Now with that being said. And this entire things being planned out by people with psychology degrees and threats at 16 years old that they are going to put me in a mental institution after stopping my brother from bashing Greg Waugh skull in with a crowbar. What do you think is going on?

At this point, I can recall being in my office and doing a yahoo, or Google search for "Kevin Perelman" and all of a sudden I notice that all forts of harmless files like business plans for Hot Body International and flow charts for their website rebuild and things like this have been taken off my computer and uploaded under all sorts of similar screen names to my own. At at this very point in time, my computer shuts down! So, thats pretty easy for someone in the room next door plugged into your network switch to do. Meaning that they didn't want me to see it!

So, at this point it is obvious that something unkosher is going on, and I am the target yet who can you tell? Also, I am starting to realize things about Bob Sandler which I didn't say about her personality and behaviors working with Mike and Paul of him pretending to be annoyed by Paul Humphry. Which he knows, Annoyed the fuck out of me. And know nowing he was doing it intentionally to try to set me up and frame me. So Bob Kept saying to me. "I don't like your friend Paul, we need to cancel his account". Of course my response to Bob was that, Paul is a customer and we cannot cancel his account. No matter if he likes him or not. But do you think that is the information he gave out to the world of who I am? Of course not.

And that alone is not enough for a conspiracy but with all the other things going on, like he and some guy he met named HTML Bum coming into the office driving an identical car, just like Mike did with Paul and all the other things going on. Something freaky was going on. At one point, Not comprehending the situation and at Mikes house, and if you keep this in context, I've knew Mike for 25 years. He was like family to me as far as trust. And I joked with him and softly, by any means put my hands next to his neck and joked saying. We need to make money.

And yet at this point, the entire world was told that I am violent and tried to choke him. Even having one girl at a bar play around then actually tightly choke me kind of in Anger. Yet how was this information getting around to strangers worldwide? And I am told I am imagining it.

Now, at one point I can recall Mike Huntley first breaking from his covert fake 25 year friendship saying "You are OK" meaning he was doing some kind of psych eval on me. And also he kept calling me Doctor for some reason. Eventually when he knew that I was starting to put things together and me starting to ask things like what is going on. Then he switched in anger and rage to cover it all up "You are an out of control for California and a monster", "Its your Behavior", Whatever that means since i am the only one who is professional and sane around these people who analyze every imperfect hiccup in life. "We are using the system against you", "I've given you enough rope to hang yourself with", "Have a good life now", Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea and making people mentally ill to control them. While walking around our office singing "World of Paranoia" saying "You had better live a careful life" and telling me something while working in my fathers office something like "You are not allowed to defend yourself" of course, me wondering what the hell was going on, and to this day, 17 years later, don't really understand any of it or why a world wide extermination campaign in secret against one man since earlier then 9 years old, is supported and tolerated and is remotely going on with world wide groups telling me I had better not say anything about it.

Also, another thing that was going on is one of the People in University of Colorado sent after me to befriend me and remove me from society name was Steve Mckpike a fellow pool player. After I had moved back to California, Steve called me up out of the blue and wanted to show me Microsoft .asp Web programming technology. He flew in town for no reason, pretended to be happy to do it. We went out, and when we went to Yankee Doodles pool hall and played pool. They MAGICALLY staged a coincidence of Tim Thompson an old friend of his from Colorado who had moved here, and just happened to be at Yankee Doodles.

After this, me becoming friends with Tim Thompson, and trying to make money together as I thought we had similar interests. Wile Tim did IT, and supposedly worked for Hot Body International doing their IT as a hook into my interests. I eventually gave him free office space to be around us as he showed common interests and seemed trustable. Later on things would come out that he was mad at me for Steve Coming down and teaching me ASP which is strange. AS if I planted some seed in his mind to do it. But more importantly, Tim kept wanting to make money off Adult websites just like Rodie Morales said he did. And so I started some projects with him, as he already knew that I had done all sorts of Adult sites. But he didn't want to commit to anything which was strange. He just wanted to manipulate me into it. Even though he already knew I was building them. Now, when the shit hit the fan so to speak. I can recall Tim Thompson anger saying something like "Well you built Adult websites didn't you?" In other words, he wanted to teach me a lesson. I want to build adult websites with you! You built adult websites, now we are going to kill you for what you did as punishment.

Now, things get even weirder, as far as random people from all over working together. Tim Thompson was leaving Hot Body International Porn Adult box covers by his desk in the office in a box. And always on Top was Alexis Amores box cover. While has nothing to do with my words to Mile "Think outside the box" as fragments of my life are collected to use against me. That would apply to Rodie Morales taking to me Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino and where Alexis Amore would show up and be as polite and sweet and friendly and professional as can be. But not only this, at one point asking to built a website for her, in the system of sites I was building, the world was told I was into fraudulent operations

Also, even weirder, A person who I knew for 15 years named Brian Longbotham, as so called friend and mentor wanted to take me to Yankee Doodles, wanted me to play some pool pole for 5$ for money to see if I would win, after I told him that I don't really play for money. And at the same time taking my pool cue and hiding it on some juvenile prank to shark me. Yet after this he wanted to go to Sharkies to eat, where Alexis Amore was told to go eat with her family. While at the time I didn't know what was going on, I saw her and was very polite and said hi, while she pretended she didn't know me in hopes maybe to try to provoke anger. Which did not work.

Now, where things get stranger is around this time, I walk in the office, and Tim, says to me, there is a phone call for you. And I pick up the phone and it is the Spearmint Rhino manger from Los Angeles. I say Hello. The manger says "I didn't call you" but then proceeds to tell me that they have a Citric Thin client computer solution and want to talk about some ideas. So I go down there. And yet Alexis is no longer in Van Nuys Rhino, she is all the way out in Los Angeles. I don't think much of it at the time, and after him giving me his ideas or what he wanted to do. I showed my friendly respects and wanted a lap dance from her. But oddly enough. She had a scared look on her face which was very strange to me. But you can't really ask a stranger what the problem is with a look like that for no reason that you know of directed at you.

Now, my guess is the manager was trying to check me out, and maybe I passed. But then the usual cover ups need to be put in place. Hence how i am stalking her, trying to get rid of her, how I am obsessed with her, and am crazy and won't leave her alone. But with the 100's of women per month with these same angles going across 29 years at this point. You can't really pin point what they hell is going on. And it clearly isn't about a girl. Women are just used as weapons so to speak since I kissed black girl at 8 years old. Which doesn't make much sense. Other cover ups are I hate women, and am a womanizer. Yet I have never even really been allowed to have any real friends of any gender my entire life.

At this point even telling the world I was trying to steal his wife Traci away from him. And working with a girl named Lisa Marie Paul had sent after me with them both working on me. At one point, Mike started using Movie references which I didn't know was going on and done to me my whole life and him saying that when theirs a problem, he tells Donk, and donk tells everyone in town. Taken from the movie Crocodile Dundee. Yet once again, how did Mike have NSA/FBI and worldwide propaganda resources and why? Because I farted at 5 years old wrong?

While this was the tip of the ice berg, I can recall being on the phone with my mother he told me "My past had caught up with me" and hints I had better leave the country. Yet later on when asking what this past was. She back tracked and could not answer showing they just wanted to get rid of me. It isn't really about anything. My fathers claims later on that "You know what you did" but also then told me that people aren't told what they did because they can lie, showing that he had nothing. But also, remember this is worldwide anyways. Theres no where you can go but dead and gone. To Elsewhere if that's what you want to call it out of a movie. Of course we are also talking about a mother who seems to have fantasies of my hitting Josh Burnum in the head with a Golf Club at 14. Which when Mike Huntley was threatening my life as I was finding out, Tim Thompson was standing behind him swinging as if he was using an imaginary gold club. Which might also pertain to Strip Clubs in their SKULLFUCKING operaitons. While showing me Joe's Cartoons of the frog being killed in the blender.

At this point I can recall knowing enough that something unfathomable is going on, but not being able to comprehend it. Because imagine, you are the type of person who is the nicest person known to man. You've spend your life doing things like traveling the world wide groups that go to 3rd world countries and feed and shelter the homeless. You help everyone in your path, and your positive and uplifting. You try to make money and help those around you. You give people free room and board in need. While this is a little over dramatized. But then one day you wake up with a worldwide campaign to exterminate you saying your a monster and need to die? Would you be confused? Wouldn't make any sense on any level. And not only that, but not one person worldwide will admit to the situation or tell you what is going on in rage beyond fathomable?

What that be the ultimate twilight zone? OK, so here I am down in Hollywood, Down in Oxnard, Going from State to state. Every person who See's me lashes out in rage. Person and person whistling with lies from my friends and family that people whistle. Trying to get out do something new and start over going to coffee shops, and watching between 10 - 100 people per hour showing up in their rage because they don't want you talking with mental illness tactics which is still going on 17 years later.

But yet, it's about nothing, and I am not allows to know what it's about? I just need to be SKULLFUCKED to death and die with worldwide NSA/FBI support. For telling people like Skyler, I am not interested in them when they get abusive. But remember, This isn't Skyler, Stephanie showing up at my door with a hatchet. This is worldwide groups committing crimes in her name to me. Well, this type of thing doesn't normally happen. Especially in secret. And with full Police, NSA/FBI support. So what is it about?

Well, now understanding. It is about what I know that was done to me!

Now around this time, my family wants to cover up these operations so my mother pretends like she is concerned and gives me a few numbers of shrinks. But keep in mind, around 5 - 9 years old, she and the rest of my family in their hate towards me threw of some of their fake drugstore psych labels that I am a violent paranoid schizo to remove me from society that they don't like me. But I didn't know this. So I take the bait thinking they are good people.

One person she sent me to name was Susan Donner, and as I recall, she was working with all of Mike Huntley's lie which is a breach of confidentiality, and also trying to get all sorts of false confessions. And I can recall me being in an office while my mind was racing and her asking me if I was in a fight with a Yankee Doodles Employee and auto responsing yes. While trying to understand. Well the first thing you need to understand is that it is ILLEGAL for any of that information to leave that room. With it is truthful or a lie. The only possible reason a shrink could divulge any information is if someone life was in danger and I was the only one in danger of anything. And she damn well knew this. But not only that, that information would go to the police and not private citizens. The point I am getting at, is at this point. The entire city, and especially Yankee Doodles pool hall who little did I know I was being stalked years prior by, we now using this as leverage to mentally batter me and end my life with worldwide support. Now, you can understand, Susan Donner, working with everyone in the psychology community worldwide who was probably paid off to do it, to cover up what has been done to my life and stopping me from telling anyone, to protect all these illegal operaitons going on. So they are throwing all sorts of clinical lies about me attacking me credibility to lock me away so I can't talk or say anything about what has been done to my life and try to make me look crazy. Hence such accusations that start from my own mother at a young age that I am a crazy violent paranoid schizo, who is abusive and has done all these horrible things that don't exist. Or Karine Echington working with Terrence Scroggins creating these elaborate lies how I glued his mailbox shut when I started telling her the things that were going on and done to me my entire life. Remember, My mother is an Art Therapist, My father and brother all have secondary psychology degrees. So she is siding with the psychotics with psychology degrees and they will do whatever it takes to stop the truth from coming to light. Even if it means my death, or locking me away. This isn't about mental health. Because no one invests billions in some harmless crazy person to make them look crazy, if they think they may be crazy. Their is no law that says crazy people need to be locked away. Laws are all based on crimes. Hence the endless provokings to try to set me up to make me look violant which they still have no succeeded even with the illegal arrests and frame jobs. They are however trying to paint that picture of me.

Around this time, watching 100's per hour come into the pool halls with all the waitresses working on me, and even Tom Farley trying to set me up telling me to actually harass women which didn't work. I started to see who is who and what they were doing in these operations. But like usual. No matter how good of a person I am, they have already decided since 5 years old to rid me of the world.

After this, Waitress's like a red head named Heather and some cute curly black haired girl who followed me to House of Billiards were all involved in this hunt. Some of their justifications were I used my phone so I wronged them, Or saying HEY to Heather why she was taking turns on me resulted in her being paid off most likely to keep following me to Encino Starbucks pretending she worked in the shopping center, trying to get me to go into the store while telling everyone I was stalking her. Also working with someone named Aubrey Fisher sent after me by the government.

Now remember, in all of this terror and torture operations, they still could not get me to hit women like Jen Hess was paid off to tell the world I hit her with a mask on because she didn't get what she wanted from me. She also was spewing with Mike Huntley that I was trying to steal her away from her husband that I didn't even know she was cheating on while pretending to be pregnant with my baby.

Also, Keep in mind when subconsciously I mentioned to Mila, at Bareelegance that a girl came after me and mentioned no names. They really flipped and went ballistic on me. Yet how would Mila even know Jen Hess, the situation, especially if no names were mentioned and I am some random person walking in which they claim I am not known like Donald Trump. Normally, she would say. Whatever! or that sucks! End of line man!

Now in order to cover this up, a girl named Adriana Olivarez was also sent after me by my father and Lorena escobar to get close to me to thug and blackmail me quiet, in hopes my family could dictate who I was with to control every aspect of my life. In other words, they wanted us to date, get married have kids, as my Jailer who I have to do what she says or I am killed. Hence, Adriana trying to take my conversations about Mila out of context in trying to make it look like I was trying to mob her to death which is complete fiction like everything else. Hence using everything I say and do against me with the rest of them.

Just like nothing was never done to Mila, Nothing was ever done to anyone, but me. And they know this and don't want the truth coming out. They are all cover up operations. The same thing that happened to Edward Snowden when he came forward. Except I have not violated any government contracts. I am a private citizen being hunted by the technologies he sacrificed his life about for to help us. And think about how this really got bad for me back in 1994 when my brother kept calling me up showing me the Internet. What do you think was really going on when he was calling me up showing me this new technology?

So that alone shows that what is going on, is a mass network of information worldwide on propaganda systems where anyone who is having a bad day, who doesn't like me, can kill me at whim with full government and NSA/FBI support? Violating all constitutional rights. And based on. We just don't like him and flagged is because he kissed a black girl at 8 year old. Doesn't make much sense. Until you understand who my family is connected to, and that they are pathological lying paranoid psychotics.

Now once again, this is just a taster of what was done to me moving back from Colorado. And is maybe 1% of the larger operations without the terror tactics which are done to me all day and night 24/7 with worldwide support to try to make it look like the nicest person known to man is the Unibomber or Vegas Shooter in cover up operations of the largest crimes in history known to man done to one person with worldwide support. On an unprecedented scale of humanity!  

Why do you think they don't want me talking?


After finding out that I was being targeted and putting the pieces together while watching a worldwide extermination campaign to make sure I would never speak out about any of it which is still going on by trying to lock me away in mental institutions or jails to stop me from talking


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