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Some of the lies disseminated to the world about me to rile up the masses against me

Go straight to lies illegally disseminated to the world

What you need to understand is that I am known worldwide. Probably something like 10 times more known then Donald Trump from these Government built terror systems to try to torture me into a perfect person based on information given out worldwide to try to create an environment where their is chaos and backlash wherever someone deems something they don't like as INNAPROPRIATE. Example, tapping my foot around a girl named Aubry Fisher which she did not like resulted in 6 years of worldwide punishment of anyone worldwide who saw me tapping around me to try to guilt me to death.

Now you might say that some Billionaire or President of the United State like Donald trump has to live a very sheltered and careful life surrounded by secret service and such. Or some SUCCESSFUL and FAMOUS actor like Tom Cruise, making 50 million a year has to be careful around people. But the context is different. For example, this is a life choice of theirs. Plus, when they walk around, people run up to them confronting them as they know who they are. "Your Tom Cruise!", or "I don't like this movie", "Can I have your autograph",  "I don't agree with this policy" etc

But what if you were 10 times more known the Donald trump to keep you in-line based on someone demented perception of what life should be, or who you have to be which defines perfect to them. And when you went from place to place, their was not one thing positive. And you were known by almost every person worldwide. But every single person pretended they didn't know you with ulterior motives.

And each one was told to guilt you to death based on some kind of lie they were told disseminated worldwide. And these lies were in the 1000's. Example. Starbucks corporation claims I masturbated in their bathroom, so I am not allowed at any coffee shop worldwide? ANY! Coffeebean, some no name place/ And so if I try to go to the bathroom. Person after person will harass me. Some will be told to follow me waiting at the door or knock, trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Starbucks employees will follow me waiting, or go inside when I walk out over and over. Multiple Starbucks locations all over were told to keep turning the lights off on me in the bathroom. Topanga, woodland hills, 14 times on me.

Of course, nothing is said from stranger to stranger except "I don't know you." Yet they do, and they are in beyond any level and ANGER and RAGE known to man. Even Mike Huntley Indirected confessing to me when I asked what the hell was going on, he quoted a line from Crocodile Dundee movie "No back there if you got a problem you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town, brings it out in the open, no more problem"

Except I am confronted by one stranger sequentially after the next with hidden guilt an thugging messages, then told I am crazy and imagining it. As well as crazy comments like I can't see myself. Now you might ask why someone would do something like this while adding newer and newer lies to what they call their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up with? Is it because asking a girl out with tattoo's is inappropriate behavior because no one in my family has Tattoo's and weren't raised around them so I have to be punished? Because someone with Tattoo's can't be trusted and are not PERFECT according to them?

Or is the ACTIONS of continually smearing someone's name, then having worldwide groups endlessly attack them until their nervous system collapses, Brain collapses, they can't take the pain and blow their brains out, or get pushed to their limits and get arrests and go to jail or get put in mental institutions pretty much the answer?

Now, How did I meet Mike Huntley at the age of 14? Well, he was originally my brothers friend but 2 years older then him he met through Mitch Viner a fellow student in Calabasas High. Now just a taste of my family dynamics: At the age 16 my brother indirectly threatened my life telling me "Me and my friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listening to you on the radio" This was said to me after I had stopped my brother, Jason Perelman from bashing my friend, Greg Waugh's Skull in with a crow bar, because he was mad that his girlfriend, Jen Yang, broke up with him after he moved to Colorado, and cheated on him with Greg. When my brother told me "Blood is thicker then water, and you need to support me" I told him, I have my own life, and I don't support things like this.

Now, Normal families don't normally give blood is thicker then water mobster speeches, but what is even scarier, is in everything that is going on in my life. My family seem to support my broker and his criminal behaviors. So, you can derive that this speech coming from my brother wasn't just some teenage kid watching Good Fellas too much. But he was actually being told by my family to do these things.Especially with  everything else coming my way from them which the don't see are wrong.

But what gets scarier is that no family has the resources to do what is being done to my life. These are government operations with Billions invested, and people in my family with psychology degrees. Hence some of the Polices indirect death threats that they are going to "SKULLFUCK" me to death. And sending women on IRC like SKyler (Stephanie) after me to make sure I got the message.

So you might be asking what is really going on, other then them trying to get me to spout out crazy things to make me look crazy to remove me from society. And it all pretty much stays right there. At 5 years old, I was flagged by the government with my family spouting out lies that I am nervous and am a violent paranoid schizophrenic which started the forest fire. After that, the government flagged me, and decided to remove me from  society no matter what it takes.

You might be asking what I did? Well, the answer is simple! NOTHING! if you put anyones life under a microscope. Even a Nun, they are going to look like Ted Bundy! That is because normal, sane rational people don't think like this and analyze everything you say or do on every minuet level. But yet, once they come up with their conclusions based on thin air, it is disseminated worldwide.

So once again, you might bas asking WHY? Simple, because that is how you rid someone of the world in such a way they look like they just went crazy and killed themselves or went to jails or MENTAL INSTITIONAS.  Why doesn't the  police or Government stop it? Simple, because they are aiding and abetting an unprecedented crime in the history of humanity against one person which will expose a lot of sick and demented people. And they can't live with that shame and would rather kill me instead so they can deal with what they did to my life instead of doing what is right.

And thee Guilt Attacks or whatever you want to call them. Known as Gas Lighting, community harassment groups, Cause Stalking, are now upwards of 100,.000 - a million per day worldwide directed at me based on all this falsified information, and no one thinks they are doing anything wrong because they are acting based on lies, even though their is any reason to be justified in hunting someone down and killing them. But they are acting just like the people who supported Adolf Hitler are.

(These are just a few of the well crafted world wide lies to rile the masses against me)


Some of the UNOFFICIAL clinical labels to the world by my family and the Psychology community

First it's I have nervious issues

Then it's I suffer from anger and rage issues

Then it's I am a paranoid

Then it changes to I am a schizofrenic

Then I am somehow a Violent paranoid schizo who is a danger to himeself or others

Then I have anxiety issues

Then I am an agoraphoebic

Then it's about fear issues

Then it's manic depression

I'm a sociopath

I'm a Narcisist


So which is it in these daily changing clinical labels?


  • I'm supposedly and have always been acting out to try to be removed from society, and committing violent acts, am ACTING OUT, none of which exist to be removed from society - Just one Example, Mr Quigley my English Teacher/PE Teacher telling me to PUNCH Paul Schauffer which didn't work. And example of one of their endless setup attempt to remove m from society. And try to paint a false picture to the world of who I am. The Cover ups are obviosly endless lies to the world that I have done this, and all sorts of things like this that don't exist
  • I'm supposedly, obsessed, can't move on, no matter how abusive someone is and suffer abondonment issues. Yet, I move from person to person one sequentially after the next given PACKAGED TERROR tactics, and then the lies CHANGE to He demands PERFECTION
  • I supposedly have driving issues. When the majority of my life I've been an exceptioal driver. Who has avoided tons of people who launched their vehicles at me, before and after finding out they were setup and frame job operations. With an exceptional driving record. Which officer Sean Dinse even puts in some of his illegal arrest discovery fabricating endless lies as he puts together worldwide neighborhood stalking groups, he tried to call watch groups which is beyond any level of unconstitutional.
  •  supposedly have some genetic based never ending order which people are offened by. Which they are trying to make me think it is riling up the world against me from it. Never heard of worldwide groups mad about an oder. With Psychologists trying to get me to endlessly clean or something to make me look like I have OCD. Just like they are trying to do with women, lawyers, and everything else by contacting them, and poisening the well.
  • He has a reaally good memory, which seems to be some kind of psychotic issue with them . Never heard of anyone having a problem with someone for having a good memory
  • He's a Paranoid Schizophrenic, and or whatever other mental illness label they can fabricate to cover up their mental illness tactics so that what they are doing looks justified. Hence Gs Lighting, Gang Stalking, Community harassment. Even working with groups in the psychiatry community world wide to cover this up and make it look justified on a world wide scale working with the police and government.
  • George Escobar was working on me with another Officer Person named Dominique trying to scare me into coerced false confessions that I am into Child Porn and that Dominiques brother is a police officer who busts people into childporn while stalking me in these mass groups and kept getting the Admin password with Lorena Escobar, Fernanda Sime, Shanna Briantseva
  • Family holds me back a grade very young at a place called Sunny Skies Day camp. They call it T1 when I was around 112 years old. I kissed a black girl there, then my family went ballistic telling the world I am a white supremacist for kissing the black girl. And my father a few years ago even said with his pathological lying that I was somehow in a rage about them putting me in T1. Yet like usual. I never said anything on any level about it, or even thought about it, until finding out they are manufacturing endless lies to the world to try to make it look like I am an angry enraged person like they are. Trying to fig up all information relating it to my cars and women and things like this that are complete fiction like everything else to remove me from society.
  • Some kind of Sad and Lonely label that jusitfies my extinction
  • I'm supposedly have not only masturbated n a Starbucks bathroom, but also a Coffeebean Bathroom, both or which would be impossible for them to know unless they had spy cams in there. While turning the lights off on me over and over at multiple locations over and over to provoke me into reactions
  • Something about my father's 357 he bought and has spent 30 years trying to frame me with it over and over with such frame jobs as him and the LAPD putting a bullet hole in his 300e mercedes when I was 16, and telling the world I tried to kill or scare him
  • A mother around the age of 14-16 asking me if I had hit Josh Burnam the neighbor kid I never even associated with, in the head with a golf club riling the masses against me
  • I've supposedly drew some psychotic violent picture of gruesome picture murders as a child I can't remember and am schizophrenic (started by my mother out of anger against me after her becoming an art therapist then notifying the psychology community world wide with these lies and art she cannot produce)
  • Mother asks me, then tells the world that I hit a kit named Josh Burnam in the head with a Golf Club when I was 14, another fictional story of hers to the world
  • Claiming I got into Adult Websites and Photography to meet women. Yet despite the huge amount of work I've done, Tried to make it look like it never existed and tried to make me look like a Fraud
  • Mike Huntley has told the world that I tried to choke him to cover up his crimes
  • Tom Farley Claims when I was around 8 years old, that I saw an Alien Light in his bathroom, because he pointed to a light reflection and said "Look an Alien" telling the world I am crazy since then
  • My brother pinning his road rage crimes on me to the world
  • Tom Farley telling the world I had egg mobbed and hit Eric Johnson in the back of the head. When it was him in his rage towards eric Johnson
  • Aubry Fisher working with Modelmayhem.com telling them I am a fraud while asking me to help her with her photography while she sabotaged it for me
  • Aubrey Fisher also trying to get a pedaphile confession after I hat put up a photography website for her, then telling the world I am a pedaphile
  • Rodie Morales working with the LAPD in operations to try to frame me no matter what it takes with accusations to the world that I killed someone.
  • Lame attempts to make computer Pings, look like murder or attempted murder. Especially IT server pings to see if they are online.
  • Accusatons that bcause I installed VNC on computers to maintain them, I am spying on people
  • Accusations that I am trying to force cards on people
  • Accusations by Elsie Sandoval that I am trying to Jam Car windows shut with business cards
  • Accusations that I stole medication from my fathers office
  • Accusations that I have driving problems after I figured out that the cars on the shoulder of the roads were intentionally being launched at me waiting for me. And then ramped up even more by strangers afterwards
  • Lies that I only date models, when I have never been allowed to date ANYONE ever in my life
  • Accusations that I am a homeless vagrant and making feel unconfortable at coffee shops when driving in with an XKR Jaguar
  • Accusaitons that by reading a book and resting my feet on a chair outside at coffeeshops is somehow Inapropriate behavior and I am not allowed at any coffee shop worldwide for things like this that don't make sense
  • Accusations that I am crazy, have no self control, can't see myself, and am not allowed to tell anyone anything about my life, who I am, or about how I really think which is way beyond more well grounded then anyone I've ever known or met.
  • Accusations that when I was 16 I stole ten thousand dollars from him because he got mad at me for building cars and buying an engine.
  • I want to go to jail for some reason
  • I supposedly knew a girl who's husband was in jail. And I think that seems to correalate with them throwing me in jail over and over for some kind of revenge for more of their fiction
  • After Kissing a black girl at sunny skies day camp, and school, my family put me in a class called T1 in between grades around the age 12, the world was told I was a white supremacist by my family and police for some strange reason riling black communities against me my entire life in secret.
  • He's a Narcissist. Obviously well thought out, to turn things around on me as a label when it came to defending my self or telling people what is going on.
  • He's a troll, a women hater, and a women beater, and harasses women
  • He's on the run (Continual lies to the world since a young age that I've done something wrong and am on the run to help turn the masses against me)
  • He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia (One of my families, Police, Government largest lies to try to justify their actions, and give to the world to get them to help them in what they are doing
  • He has no communication skills (Of course not only are these people strangers, but how can you communicate with people trying to remove you from society or create mental illness who refuse to address their issues with you and tell you that you are imagining it)
  • he can't see himself
  • He's VIolent (of course no history or factual evidence of violence, just people trying to make me look violent)
  • he's a racist (I believe my family was telling the world this either to try to dictate who I associate with, or to just create world wide mobs to end my life)
  • He's angry at the world or thinks the world is out to get him (I believe said at a young age because my family didn't like I was a fun loving, open minded free spirited type, and they could turn around what they were doing on me to try to make me look angry)
  • He is acting and pretending to have paranoid schizophrenia and playing mind games (as a cover up for the original lie that I have paranoid schizophrenia)
  • he's confessing to things either through his artwork or behaviors
  • he's too sensitive
  • He's Catty or Bipolar (except these claims are made by strangers I've never spoken too for such things as taking some days off from the gym and other various cry wolf tactics from strangers, then noticing them endlessly trying to trigger me to get reactions which shows they are lying and have ulterior motives)
  • he has a high Libido, therefore he's angry and in a rage and a murderer (As if sex is somehow related to anger as we know it is the opposite)
  • He's a troll trying to get people to blow up (of course not based on anything rational, factual or logical. (More like He asked a girl how she was, and he committed a crime, or maybe he wore a red, green, blue,  orange, or any other clothing or he went to the gym or went jogging, or listened too music or sang, and somehow that equals trolling with no actual fact explanation or logic behind it. Just random events taken and used by putting stories to each action and taking them out of context and giving them to the world. This applying to every minuet details of my life from any gesture, saying, appearance, you name it.)
  • He thinks differently then other people
  • He's waiting for something
  • He's a hacker
  • He's a pedophile
  • He's starting fires by speaking out about what is going on (obviously the fires are being started by my predators, and speaking out is the only option showing that it is a cover up)
  • He's a women beater and has hit multiple women
  • He's pushy, violating, intrusive, following people, and spying on people (of course these just seem to be more lies made of for people to endlessly do to me to justify their actions)
  • He's a bully
  • He's Spying on people
  • He's Stalking people (of course the only so called stalking I've done is wonder or be curious as to what was going on when people were sent after me to end my life and remove me from society. Which is clearly not stalking and people and the police trying to cover up their crimes of endlessly trying to set me up until it started to become apparent)
  • He's trying to get people to blow up in anger
  • He's Racist or hates gay people or even women
  • He believes in Karma, therefore he is committing crimes (Another attempted justification so they can commit their crimes against me and make it look justified)
  • He's trying to control people
  • He snapped (this was said after I found out what was being done to my life and freaked out because I didn't know what was going on to cover up their crimes of trying to remove me from society with a mental illness campaign)
  • He's like Loki, and creating mischief and screwing with people
  • He's playing mind games with people   
  • He has no morals, is a con artist, and involved in fraudulent acts
  • he's a danger to himself or others
  • he's out of control and needs to be watched (he's a danger to himself or others)
  • we are trying to help him (of course by following me around with mental illness tactics)
  • He's shady and can't be trusted
  • He's different or weird
  • he's committed crimes and needs to be accountable  (and some of these crimes they use as excuses to end my life are breaking the speed limit or J-walking, he peeled out in his car. Things that don't matter and don't justify their actions, even though they never could be justified anyways)
  • he's lost
  • He suffers from obsession, or anger, or rage
  • He's competing with people (and of course, not just normal competing even though the lie isn't true, but psychotic type of things)
  • He's careless (Yet my life has been about caring giving and helping everyone I knew or making sure I didn't do anything wrong or offend people within reason. While endlessly being setup, I might have fell for a few insignificant things, not paying attention, as I am then     told it is my fault, and not the fault of the people trying to destroy me)
  • People are afraid of you (of course they don't actually have any specific reason why anyone would be afraid of me)
  • It's a public shaming (of course I seem to be punished for all the crimes committed against me, because I haven't done anything wrong accept find out about all the attempted setups and smears, which means it's a cover up and torture operation to keep me quiet. Not that world wide public shaming operations would be legal anyways and would violate your civil rights)
  • It's his personality (of course not based on who I meet and if it works out, but rather trying to profile me, and give it out to the world wide masses before I meet them to poison the well so they can't see who I am because they're  perception of me is based on endless lies intentionally giving out to destroy my credibility and keep me isolated)
  • And finally to cover up their mental illness tactics since 10, he suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia and obsessional looping (this way they can get away with their crimes by trying to make me look crazy)

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