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Interactions with people showing their lying thugging,and abusive personalities

While the worldwide accusations behind my back and in secret since 5 - 9 years old are all endless and fraudulent, with obvious intent to remove me from society. 95% of the conversations are all based on people who don't want anything to do with me who have been told the lies. Those who actually do want something to do with me is to remove me from society which is a large percent of the worldwide population, because they want to set me up or try to frame me to remove me from society, and those who want to bully and thug me quiet. People who have come in my life, tactics have ranged from endless provokings and passive aggressive terror tactics over and over in hopes they could get me to hit them, to other large setup and frame job operations like people like Rodie Morales, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Paul Humphrey, Mike Huntley, the list goes on forever with things like trying to plant drugs on me. Trying to make it look like I am stalking women, Trying to make all my work I did look like fraudulent operations. You name it! These attempts on my like are in the 1000's, with worldwide, NSA/FBI,and my own families support to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society.

The Police and government have gone so far as telling the worldwide masses that I am crazy and a violent paranoid schizophrenic and to not talk to me, or try to prove it. But yet, In each and every one of my reactions, of me being the nicest person known to man, who I have always been, resides in blatant lies how I am threatening, attacking, Trolling, You name it. But what is always left out is the obvious truth, especially by any person I have any interactions with.

Normally, even if someone thinks you did something wrong, or is angry about something. They usually address the issues eventually. But the only thing I have ever been told, turning 29 and finding out what is going on, is the I AM IMAGINING the entire situation. I am a crazy violent paranoid schizophrenic, and everything I say is simply not true. It's my overactive imagination. Especially with the Police, leaving zero grounds of any level of defense at all before stalked and murdered or locked away when things really got bad from what they are doing.


You will notice in all these interactions, it is everything known to man except dealing with the actually situation and what is really going on. A lot of times it is to try to set me up to get reactions, then use the reaction avoiding the entire situation. But if they can't get any reactions, they always fumble and show their true colors even more. They will do EVERYTHING known to man, except address the real issue, because they know, their is no issue with me, and the real problem is them

Example, I have had several conversations with people playing stupid asking me why I don't just file a restraining order on these mass groups. But when it comes to things like simply asking them how you file 100,000 restraining orders a day against strangers who park their cars crooked or backwards directed at me is impossible and wouldn't happen. But more importantly then this. They more I speak to these people with the facts, evidence, and common sense, the angrier they get because they can't control the situation which usually leads to indirect threats or thuggins, then being stalked by larger mass groups.

Some people will come up to me pretending to be friendly asking me about my website or cards as if they don't know, and when I give them indisputable situations, they go from friendly to whistling hinting I am a whistle blower and things like this with more attacks. Some people will say off the wall things that because I am completely isolated, they can tell the world whatever lie about me that I am crazy. But yet, when I speak directly to them, I call their bluffs. Example, one comment was "Be careful he has a camera" as if cameras are weapons that kill. Other off the wall statements that people tell me because they have no accountability is that this is because I am a leader and it will be the rest of my life.

Or people telling me to be positive, and ignore the mass attacks, as if they actually believe the stupidity that they are preaching to try to give me disinformation like Adolf Hitler telling the Jews the Showers are for them.I even had one shrink tell me that the only way the shows could survive in the concentration camps was to accept their fate. Instead of saying it was WRONG!

Which is strange that out of all these interactions, with Police, Government, News, psychology community, citizens, On-line, Off line, since I found out, not one person, all involved has simply admitted to it, saying that it is WRONG! It is unacceptable, or even what it is remotely about, trying to make me look crazy or gt coerced false confessions from me asking me WHY they are hunting me since 5 - 9. Trying to cover up their crimes no matter what it takes and just simply admit they fucked up and destroyed my life. Showing that it is simpler toned my life over their screw ups, then admit  the truth.

And as the situation fizzles out, you will notice someone new will come in my life telling me I had better forget or things will get a lot worse for me. Because this coming out in the open and the truth about the situation and what has been done to my life. They do not want happening under any circumstances. Hence these bunk arrests as cover up operations to attack my credibility.

So what you will see here is some of these interaction showing that I am not crazy, and they are doing whatever it takes to remove me from society with billions invested from our government, and every lie known to man spewed out worldwide on this Criminal Defamation, Defamation, slander campaign to terrorize me and torture me until they can rid me of the world for some reason.

And keep in mind, I am told I am imagining the entire situation as these types of things which range from extremely aggressive to super cryptic and almost subliminal happen from almost every person I am in contact with worldwide. Then told, I think differently, and absolutely nothing out of the norm is going on, and I am just a crazy violent paranoid schizophrenic, Thinks differently then others, my mind races as ways to try to endlessly flip me out to try to remove me from society.
The Met Warner Center - Person Trying to Set me up with Security Company to get me to go on private Property

This is a simple video of Interactions with people, in this case, The Met Warner Center complex surrounding my place

Showing elaborate setup operations working with the Security companies to set me up to remove me from society with the Police and Government

While this is not a one time thing, these types of situations keep occurring from person to person who came in my life my entire life. And when they can't set me up, they spew out the lies anyways to cover up them looking bad

These operations went from all my friends my entire life since 5 years old, even High School Teachers like Mr Quigley in High School telling me to punch students that didn't work.

So the people who were my friends like Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Brian Longbotham, Tim Thompson, you name it all were told to try to set me up with the police and government no matter what it takes my entire life

Some of these friends, 10 years, 5years, 25 years, 15 years, non stop trying to remove me from society

And as you can see here, it is also worldwide people pretending they don't know me, trying to get in my life to set me up to remove me from society

These operations are non stop and never ending with NSA/FBI, worldwide, Police, and Government Support in hopes they can remove me from society

Such statements by Mike Huntley at 29 years old. "We are using the System Against you", "You had better live a careful life", "I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with", Singing "World of paranoia" over and over, and dropping papers about making people mentally ill to control them on my desk in South Korea as Death Threats

And while this is all INVESTIGATEABLE, the Police play stupid and refuse to do a thing

Showing my constitutional rights were taken away from me at 5 years old with loopholes in things like Patriot Act and FISA

With a family throwing untruthful labels on me at 5 years old saying I think differently, and am a violent paranoid schizophrenic out of some kind of hate and rage towards me

Police, Lawyers, Judges, and Black community making up lies that I am trying to force cards on people

While this video doesn't get much of the point across on the bigger picture of what the Police and Government are doing to my life, and want to silence me, torture me, and leave me isolated while trying to remove me from society, it does however address the fabricated lies and covert hidden agendas of the government to remove me from society for simply what I know. 

This video show 2 people waiting for me to come out of my house on a setup operation in hopes they could get me to force cards on them which did not work. 

This is a common tactic especially with the Black Community who has dug a huge hole for themselves since I was 8 years old and kissed a black girl they are now in a rage about for some strange reason. And when I figured out what was going on, they really got mad with their thuggings that I had never say a word. 

I guess you would call these types of people Uncle Toms, because they clearly do support things like Slavery and will say and do anything illegal. Then play victim and preach about their people.While I accept all races and cultures. I kind of have a problem with people who want me dead and gone. 

The judges, Lawyers, and Police are trying to cover up these operations claiming that it's about me being a nuisance because I am FORCED to pass out cards in self defense. But some of these worldwide groups threats to me is "If you don't accept what we are doing, it is going to get a lot worse for you" 

In other words, at no point have any of these mass groups involved said, hunting down, torturing, stalking and killing someone, is wrong. I just have to accept being hunted, killed or locked away for things like kissing a black girl at 8 years old.

While this gets way more complex then a simple kiss to a black girl. It is really about the information I know and the things done to me.And they don't ever want me speaking about my life to any person on the planet. No matter how passive. 

A simple verbal conversation at a coffee shop with a person about my life which is harmless, will result in mass mobbings, and followed by police with endless setup attempts and thuggings. But they are trying to spin the entire situation that I am a nuisance and an out of control monster. 

That is all fiction and comes down to things I know like the government telling my 10th grade English teacher Mr Quigley to tell me to punch a bully kid, and me saying no. In endless manipulation attempts like this to try to remove me from society or lock me in mental institutions. Or having a black girl join the wrestling team, practice, then quit, telling the world I like to beat up black girls and things like this.  Things, they just don't want the world to know what is really going on.

Obviously their cover ups are the I am a violent Paranoid Schizo, even though they were unsuccessful with their setup attempts.


Death Threat and Thuggings Compilation to show how far these mass coordinated groups will go to thug me quiet

While this has been going on, all day and night 24/7 since I was 29, 17 years ago met with Mike Huntley's Death threats. It was actually started at 5 years old.

What you are seeing in these few clips has been nonstop, and some on a passive aggressive level, and some aggressive. I never stops. But not only this. Every single one of these people will say they don't know me. And that I am imagining the entire situation.

According to them, none of what you are seeing here exists. Nor am I ever allowed to DEFEND MYSELF.

What is their MOTIVE? Get reactions with the police to figure out ways to lock me away forever! or get me to kill myself.

The definition of Gang Stalking. This is the reason why they don't want me ever having a Camera going ballistic on me with Mike Wexler taking my first Photography class at University of Colorado in 1995.

Him telling me I am not allowed to take pictures of people. Which I thought was weird at the time. Now it makes sense. He doesn't want me having any PROOF of the crimes against me.

Thus ruining my Studio Photography, and Photography Hobby, and possibilities of making money in that avenue as well as every other possibility of working.

While this video is just to simply show that, Like usual, I am the nicest person imaginable, and mass predators are told to get together and stalk me making up every lie known to man to justify their AGENDA. But what's even worse is that the Police, Government, NSA/FBI are all telling people worldwide to take turns on me until I am either dead or gone.

Building Internet based systems around me for psychological torture operations. For ERADICATION.

The world has been told 1000's and 1000's of lies about me, and most starting from my family, like my father telling the world I think differently in some kind of anger and rage against me.

However we are talking about a man who puts shock collars on his dogs, and locks others in cages half their lives when they could be roaming the back yard. You get the idea. This ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON, isn't a nice guy!

And is friends with disbarred lawyers like David Greenstein hired to work on crimes with him. Or his Office Manger Lorena Escobar he has been paying for years to stalk me from state to state with the Police.

Needless to say, this shows just a select few of these situations proving what the world is saying, is not happening to allow DISCUSSION of these events and to why I am being HUNTED. Which I am told I am not allowed to talk about.


Asian girl follows me out of the MET Complex while I am taking a walk to try to set me up with the CRY WOLF tactic and telling me that “You shouldn’t talk to people you don’t know” as some kind of thug censorshop tactic with the Police

While this is an example of a tactic that has been done to me from one person to the next for the last 40 years. You get an idea of how these people operate. First, like usual, I have no clue who this person is. Kind of like Terrance Scroggins, Baily Bernard, Greg Koenig, and the rest WORLDWIDE. 

Also, realize that the tactic used here, ranges on all levels from obvious like in this video to subtle. And usually I am not warned when the Police, NSA/FBI, and Psychology Community are hunting me with these operations and random people WORLDWIDE using the same tactic who I don't know 

This girl, doesn't want me talking to people, so she makes a statement that any human is going to ask them about. And when I start to talk, she CRY'S WOLF that I am harassing her.

 “You shouldn’t talk to people you don’t know” 

She then follows and pursues me in Anger, because she can't thug and INTIMIDATE ME quiet as I am simply walking away, and letting her know she means absolutely NOTHING to me. Making her Angrier, and showing that she is PURSUING me.

And while she is PURSUING me, she keeps threatening me that she is going to call the Cops, and Security!

But yet, I am out in PUBLIC, taking a walk, and she is acting like I somehow broke into her place. Or just like Terrance Scroggins said on the Stand, This is his City, and there is no place for me in it because he doesn't like me. This Girl Exerting the same BEHAVIOR that somehow the PUBLIC is hers as she follows me around from place to place threatening to call the police on me if I don't OBEY her commands. 

Showing that these peoples statement being that this is a GLOBAL operation, is that there is no place on the EARTH for my kind as they say. 

Labeling me different, and doing what Adolf Hitler did. Yet, I am simply out in public taking a walk, and she didn't want me talking to her or anyone else. 

While she has the right to not talk to me, she does not have the right to tell me to talk to anyone else 

Why not just tell me I'm not allowed to read books for outside knowledge.

And at any point she could have said something like "I am not interested" even though it was one sentence as I walked by her joking around and not really engaging in any sort of topic. 

Yet on this video, you can see that she is involved in something MUCH LARGER than some girl that doesn't want someone talking to her.

 She is INVOLVED in Cover Up operations to try to HIDE what they did to my life, on their mass EXTERMINATION Spree, and endless lies, smears, defamation, Slander, Libel, and Criminal Defamation to have me hunted and killed with Psychological Torture operations in mass endless WORLDWIDE Groups. 

So, by me taking a walk and talking to people is a threat to whatever aspect she is involved in this. And part of Mike Huntley, and Officer Sean Dinse's illegal Neighborhood Stalking/Torture/Extermination/Watch group operations

Black Person Follows me to Baja Fresh and Threatens my life - "I am going to choke you out"

One of the people who is heavily involved in these mass stalking with Terrence Scroggins, Bailey Bernard,, the LAPD to keep me quiet for what I found out at 29 years old. 

Met with Mike Huntley's Death Threats that he is going to KILL ME, with their psychological terror operations and worldwide support 

Follows me to Baja Fresh in hopes he can set me up with passive aggressive behaviors working with the Police to try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizo, and a danger to myself or others 

When get can't get what he wants which is a statement that he can use against me with the police on these never ending operations.  

He flat out threatens my life "I am going to choke you out" 

Pertaining to Mike Huntley's lies when I was 29 that I tried to choke him after he divulged he was going to kill me to try to cover up what he is involved in. 

When he says he is going to "Choke me out" he is eluding to their mass Gang Stalking and psychological torture and extermination operations in a cryptic form. 

In other words, if I speak about what they have done, and are doing, he is going to kill me with psychological terror operations. 

I have gotten endless threats like this. "No relaxing for you nigger", "You better learn to accept what we are doing or things are going to get a lot worse for you" 

You get the idea. 

In other words, he doesn't want me talking or he will kill me. The question of why the Police are supporting these Operations, and actually telling mass worldwide groups to take part is a whole other level of corruption and the bigger picture of what the Government and those involved don't want coming to light what has been done to my life 

Keep in mined, these are Police operations to set me up by drawing me in, then trying to get reactions working with the Police. At no point to the police care what is done to me with statements from my Father and Mike Huntley. You are never allowed to defend yourself on any level. Pretty much just DIE!


Terrance Scroggins in Unit #1

Greg Koenig in Unit #2

Terrance Scroggins, a 17 years stalker at this location with these groups follows me to where I am sitting trying to bait me, then follows me the next day to a Starbucks digging through trash in hopes he could get me to approach him

While this person is involved in stalking me for the last 17 years since I moved in. Obviously I have had no clue until 2013 when, he with Karine Echigian a therapist I hired contacted him telling him to accuse me of gluing his mailbox shut in hopes she could collect my conversations with something to use against me.>

While asking Terrance questions like. Was it Crazy Glue? and he said yes, showing that he was lying if he knew what imaginary glue was holding it.>

Getting more and more aggressive over the years with Officer Sean Dinse in their setup and frame job operations with these mass groups literally starting at 5 years old. and mass mobbing groups to remove me from society no matter what it takes trying to create the illusion to the world that I am an abuse violent paranoid schizo all based on thins air and propaganda systems to the world to end my life or rid me of the world no matter what it takes>

In this video, You will see the predator Terrance Scroggins  following me, and coming up to me trying to bait me into reactions so he can try to get reactions to use with the police that I am threatening him and a danger to him>

He has a pattern of running up to me with threats over and over about this and that. Yet he always plays stupid refusing to address the real issues of what is being done to me and blatantly obvious that it is occurring.>

Several claims he has made in the past that I am a threat to him, have threatened him, and am a danger to his life. But yet on all these occasions, he has run up to me showing that he is not afraid of me, is always the instigator. And each and every time if anything is said on any level, he will then cry wolf claiming that I have done something to him. Example, at one point he said he was on the HOA association and was going to charge me extra fee’s. And I said I would have my lawyer contact them if it happened. And at that point he yelled “Stay away from me” Because like most thugs and bully’s. He didn’t get what he wanted was me to kiss his ass while he wanted to steal my money. Even though he really isn’t on the HOA board. He has also claimed that he owns the property of our owned Town House’s. Well, only one person can own their place. Hence why there is an HOA. And he doesn’t seem to want me in his Imaginary place with his Neighbor in Unit #2 Greg Koenig, also stalking me for these 17 years since I moved in and on video, while they both have people follow me to coffee shops and other places wherever I go with these so called Sean Dinse, Stalking/Neighborhood watch groups of setup attempts and frame job operations.>

This is after arrests of them fabricating that I have threatened him. While he endless has threatened me and has accused me of all sorts of fabrications.>

Not only this. Each time I ask him to stop or leave me alone. He works with his mass groups and Sean Dinse, having larger and larger groups follow me from place to place attacking me with their passive aggressive terror operations you can read about and see proof of on my websites. And keep in mind. No matter how many times I go to the police with these things, their detectives refuse to investigate no matter what. Even when I came in with a hard drive full of mass stalking data directed at me from what I found out was going on at the age 29, in my company with Mike Huntley changing from, I am a 25 year friend and business partner, to you are a dead man, working with Officer Sean Dinse and others telling me "I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with". While I noticed worldwide people working on me to end my life, while watching larger and larger groups come after me when I tried to tell people what was going on. Especially the police.

Greg Koenig Showing he refuses to leave me alone while stalking me and following me from place to place with mass groups. Also showing some of the things he has done to my cars working with other people Terrance Scroggins following me 2 days in a row trying to bait me into reactions who claims I am a danger and threat to his life to the police Greg Koenig in Unit 2, his neighbor working with him. Involved in car vandalisms and desecrating my cars every way known to man. At one point even trying to get me to go after Terrance by telling me a Big person in one of the Green Miata's parked on my street in groups was going to beat me up.

More Incidences of Greg Koenig operations with Officer Sean Dinse
Greg Koenig Throwing cards all over my property before he had Terrance Scroggins do the same exact thing to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizophrenic working with the LAPD  in their 40 year agenda to try to get reaction and arrests from me
Person having his dog attack and girlfriend assault me with Death Threats

While on the surface this person may appear as a hot head with the inability of self control, but I can assure you he is really involved in cover up operations  In this 2 hour period alone of simply going out to take a walk of similar things done to me every day for 17 years And happens world wide.


- Car Vandalized

- One camera Stolen for taking proof of it in my complex, woodland oaks

- Another person waits for me after the police are called an hour later while they take their time and as I walk by has his dog attack me, threaten my life, his girlfriend hit me in the back of the head from behind, and has his dog attack me, and while I am walking away, keeps following me with the dog having it attack me.


And the dog seemed to have the ability to attack people when he wanted it too He is also in contact with Detective Angela Stewart in her illegal operations showing that, he and others are being told to pretty much have me killed.


While their objective is to try to make me look like a crazy out of control lunatic. I seem to be the only rational sane one. But because they are working with NSA/FBI operations to spew lies to the world now going on 35 years, most people are fed lies. This is proof of what happens when I simply go out, or take walks and will occur anywhere worldwide.


This is a more aggressive attack because in the last few days I stayed home, accomplishing things and getting some health back. And when things start to normalize, they go from very passive aggressive terror operations, to blatantly obvious attacks of rage that they didn't get their 36 year way of ridding me of the world. Also, you should note that this person is a skin head, so was Bailey Bernard, and so is Sean Dinse. While I have no white supremacist proof, the endless 36 years of racial slurs against me or towards me kind of says it all.


And I am Jewish

Canoga Victory Jamba Juice - Mass Stalkings and man breaking from their covert activities in anger and barking at me

You will notice here. I simply go into a Jamba Juice, Buy a drink, and try to relax for 30 minutes. As each person takes turns on me in their angry rage of whatever they are mad about from 5 - 9 years old. But remember, I am imagining the entire situation. And this is even out of the Police's mouths. Absolutely nothing out of the norm is going on here, and I am just crazy. Even the man in Grey/Black he barks at me unproved, did not happen according to them and I am just crazy.

This give you an idea of simply giving Jamba Juice my money and simply trying to relax for 30 minutes at the tables they have outside for this purpose while I try to drink it. Keep in mind, the black community with worldwide support has given me endless death threats because when I was 8 years old, I kissed a black girl the same age With such Death Threats as "No Relaxing for you Nigger" While this isn't really racial, races are getting together in mass groups to try to turn it around on me to look racist. Because of what I know and ground out was done to me my entire life. While this short video represents about 4 out of the maybe 50 attacks in this 30 minutes. I put some more obvious footage in it. Remember, the argument is that absolutely nothing is going on. I am imagining everything, and I am just a Violent Paranoid Schizo that needs to be put in a mental institution which starts at 16 years old after stopping my brother from bashing my friends skull in with a crow bar for stopping him from going after my friend giving me the blood is thicker then water speech and he and his friends are going to put me in a mental institution. If you watch this and say nothing is going on here, I'd pretty much have to chalk that person up as a Nazi. Because it is blatantly obvious, I am just sitting minding my own business. Especially because I am Jewish. Have no clue who any of these people stalking me worldwide are. Which starts at 5 - 9 years old
Confession from Togo's Employee about Dime in sandwich, to try to make me look crazy, and get reactions to set me up

While putting metal objects in my food is just one of the more aggressive tactics. Trying to make me look like a crazy out of control violent paranoid schizo is their motive.
And working with the Police, Government, and Worldwide support.

I am told that these all day and night 24/7 terror operations since 5 - 9 years old do not exist, and I am imagining it.

The police, knowing exactly what is going on, refuse to stop it. Telling me what is being done to me is not a crime with these endless Propaganda/Terror/Torture operations for setups to remove me from society

Hence this video shows a simple confession that, yes, things are being done to me and it is not my overactive imagination, or someone who thinks differently as my family, the Police, and Government are trying to cover this up with their Propaganda, Criminal Defamation, Defamation, and Slander
Black Person who see's me walking barks at me showing their aggression towards me

Notice how their argument is the I am a Nuisance, an out of control monster, a crazy violent paranoid schizophrenic. A pedophile, a women beater, you name it. But yet I am simply walking down the street minding my own business, and would be as friendly as can be which is impossible to have any type of communication at this point of my life with what has been done to it with the endless crime spree of worldwide lies and endless all day and night 24/7 attacks to put me in the ground. Yet I am still showing that I am still more friendly.

As you can see, not saying a word, this person see's me and goes straight for the jugular. I have no clue who his is, just like every other person in the last 46 years stalking me worldwide. Yet, they all play the same game that I am lashing out in anger at them. Nothing was said, nothing was done, like usual. They are simply offended because I am breathing, and that is wrong to them, and they can't live with that.

But where is gets stranger is that the LAPD, Officer Sean Dinse, Officer Jensen, Detective Angela Stewart, and many others, since 5 - 9 years old, are telling them to do this to me, and then trying to cover it all up calling it a neighborhood watch group. To supposedly keep people safe from me, and my horrible friendliness.
Grubhub or Chili's Delivery Rachael pretending to be a ditz trying to give disinformation and showing I am not a danger to anyone

This is a simple conversations hat are normally in my life with people playing stupid and trying to give me disinformation to first,  make me look crazy, then try to make me look crazy.

With each person worldwide pretending they don't know me. Telling everyone else lies based on my conversations that I am crazy

It also shows that even if I were to be paranoid, which most know I am not and will never admit it, that still, I show complete non nervous and angry demeanor which the Police and people like Officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart are working all sorts of illegal arrests, and having people threaten me, or attack me, then arresting me and claiming that I am a crazy violent paranoid schizo. Reason being, the only way they can remove me from society is to make it look like I am a danger to myself or others.

Hence these endless attacks of people turning things around on me. So now, the question you need to ask is, weather I were to be crazy or not, why are they trying to rid me of the world in these setup attempts, and frame job operations over and over worldwide since 5 - 9 years old if I never met the criteria for needing to be removed from society in the first place?

What is it they are afraid of, or more importantly, what is it that I know that they don't want me talking about?


Girl working with the fire department pretending to be crazy accusing me of doing something to her with magnetics

This lady walks by telling me I am somehow doing something with Magnetics to her.

But in the past, not only has she been completely clairvoyant, she also has seemed to be all there, when continually asking me for money. 

At one point in a general post on-line about people with no money, more desperate to take money for illegal activities, not directed at her. And the fact that she is scanning my social accounts in secret like the rest of the world. 

She changed from friendly to, going ballistic on me, which at that point, I made sure I did not give her any money, or really talk to her showing the signs of being aggressive and defensive for something not even directed at her that shows she has guilt and motive. 

You can see in this video she is timed with the fire trucks which know when I go out for walks, and 90% of the time, each time come out directed at me to send me hidden messages 

Also, while this may seem harmless, what appears to be a crazy girl yelling? It, like everything else will be used against me worldwide that I have done something to her. 

Because they use this tactic over and over on me with police threats x  

And things like this, so they can spew lies to the world on their propaganda/terror systems to rile the world against me in secret and remove me from society for whatever reason

Excel Investigations calling me after trying to rip me off, and trying to turn things around. Even to my face after what they are involved in and trying to make me look crazy

For specifics on what they are involved in, and helping the LAPD with these illegal arrests to lock me away for some strange reason. 

Officer Dinse, Jensen, Toro, Cover-up to thug me quiet after calling lawyers for a civil suit for destroying my life https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/11/04/officer-sean-dinse-jenson-and-toros/ 

While the specifics of the situation and details are too long for a YouTube description. I have stated all the specifics of the setup and frame job operations they are involved in on my blog working with the LAPD, NSA/FBI 

The simplified description is on the Yelp Review


But you will get a lot more insight to the bigger picture on the blog post which opens up a can of worms for something much larger and world wide

Person in black Jeep parked where they keep parking other Jeep Cherokees over and over from different people wanting to talk to me and then trying to provoke me when I am leaving

In this video you will see a black couple waiting for me in a black jeep when I come out to take a walk by all the other jeeps parked to send me hidden messages for years in the same spot with a conversation. Not only showing that I am not a violent dangerous person like they are telling the world in any attempt known to man to rid me of the world. 

But I am a normal decent person who is observing a mass crime against me. And full LAPD, and Government involvement to try to torture me quiet. 

Also, an hour later, another person in the Metro Complex parks a Grey Jeep there.  

Then people all come out, maybe about 30 of them walking dogs. Then the red/black clothing from Hollywood and Santa Monica the nights before directed at me which I took over 120, in the few I saw within a couple of hours. 

Also done to me at My Brothers BBQ in 2013 working with Sean Dinse, and Jensen, and Detective Angela Stewart to try to figure out ways to remove me from society because I found out their endless crimes against me growing up. 

Also, you will notice like 90% of my walks, the local fire truck comes out from down the street. As well as people all coming out with Adidas striped clothing, starting this week. An older tactic of theirs. 

Other things are 2 cars waiting for me with lights on next to each other. And a girl coming out of my complex in red/black. 

Showing they are the violent obsessed psychotics who won't leave me alone, and have been hunting me for 35 years now for some reason. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with me except for what I know.

Hispanic person playing stupid and asking stupid questions to try to make me look crazy and if what is going on is my fault

Hispanic person does not like me passing out cards or talking to people about my life 

He is waiting in his car for me to walk by so he can try to thug me about passing out cards. 

During and after this parking his car where I sit trying to provoke me into situations. 

He is also doing this more and more based on if anything is said on social networks about Hispanics, or even Alexis Amore 

Of course nothing is ever directly said about anything of importance or relevance is ever said or discussed. Just behavioral thugging to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society

One of the ladies working with Officer Sean Dinse trying to cover up the crimes she and her neighbors are involved in who keeps lashing out at me

This person is part of Officer Sean Dinse’s stalking groups, he calls Neighborhood watch groups directed at me to try to thug me quiet with the Police in these operations as well. And working with Sean Dinse, and Angela Stuart in these setup operations. 

Kind of tired of being mentally battered after 17 years so my communication this one time is a little squirrelly, but still shows what is going on, and what these people are doing. 


For years, while I am attacked worldwide all day and night with 1000's of these types of psychological terror tactics like this with mass gang stalking groups.

 On this one street alone by my house, for years people sit and wait for me to try to send me hidden messages. Normally, they sit around just leaving their car lights on waiting for me and letting me know they are watching me. Like they have told me. Starting in on me with their endless obsessed rage for some reason earlier than 9 years old. 

In the last week, I noticed they changed up their tactics now parking cars on the street and leaving the lights on with no one in the car. 

There are a lot of other things going on. For example, identical cars parked in patterns of 2's. 

Or a lot of cars they will put on dealer plates and you might literally see 15 cars without plates parked together, or maybe within a small area like 30 yards. 

A lot of times the plates will be directed at me using the plates to send me hidden messages to try to do things like create paranoid schizophrenia.  

Or let’s say I go do a photo shoot at the beach of a sunset or something, I will come home met with tons of Toyota Camry's. You get the idea. 

Also, if there is any verbal communication with any of them, they will mimic back fragments of my conversations from social networks or other people I've spoken too to create mental illness. All with intent to end my existence and try to remove me from society. 

If I tell someone about what is really going on. I will be followed by tons of people whistling at me, hinting I am a whistle blower. 

Also, I believe this is the same lady who called that police, then came out to talk to me after calling the police. Then telling me what I can and can't do, in hopes she could rile me up. And then working every angle to try to put me in jail likes been done to me all day and night for the last 35 years worldwide. 

Also, I was messages with tons of people worldwide even in This Land hinting about this person and others involved to try to thug me quiet. Showing this is a worldwide operation. 

This is an example of what happens when you don't do what these people tell you. And such things as. Who you can date, what you can do for a living. How long you are allowed to sit at a coffee shop or park. etc. Violating my constitutional rights, and working with the police, and government. 

She followed me back, yelled at me, then even hit my car because she can't get her way, and instead of leaving me alone. Endless threats with these people. They will not stop, and "It is what it is"

Simple conversation showing I am the decent person and they are the criminals

This is an example of a simple conversation with one of the people who came out of his house, because he doesn't want me taking walks with world wide support.  

So they all come out with about 20 dog walkers out of the Met Complex at the same time directed at me to try to create paranoid schizophrenia and get a reaction.  

Notice, he is also wearing solid black pants, and a solid white shirt. Which is one of their mental illness tactics in groups. Also, they usually come out in that color if I hand someone one of my cards which is Black and White. Notice how he tries to make things look personal, and it doesn't work. Also, notice the lame restraining order question.  

Because you can't file 100,000 restraining orders a day against strangers using psychological warfare tactics and no direct contact. Working every angle and tactic known to man to control me. Instead of just be HONEST, getting the truth out so everyone can have good lives. Notice how I am the calm, honest, and nonviolent one. And he is the Enraged Tyrant who can't get what he wants, and his tone is demanding and angry. Yet despite the fact I am being tortured to death by their terror operations to try to set me up. I am still the calm and nonviolent one.

One of the group dog walkers trying to thug me, and tell me what I can and can't do

Notice, I am simply being polite, and asking if she wants a card 

She jumps back like Aubrey Fisher did to me at an Encino Starbucks when telling her I had the flu to try to make everyone think I am violent and attacked her. 

Then she says "You better not" basically telling me I am not allowed to hand anyone a card with a blackmail tactic. Now I can

Understand why people are annoyed with cards.  

But they are only passed out in Defense to their endless mobbings. And the cards are 10 years or so after them refusing to stop and leave me alone. 

So this simple behavior of theirs applies to everything I do. If I don't sit perfectly straight, if I am in the bathroom for longer than 30 seconds at a Starbucks, if I sit at the park for more than 10 minutes.  

Basically some kind of pseudo new wave Nazi behaviors. But the Police, Government, are supporting all of this. 

This is also known as Gang Stalking, or Gas Lighting. Trying to make someone Crazy, My World Wide Targeting info

Group dog walker with matching Camero Colors

Notice here, I am nice as can be. Not only do they have a white Camera with a black stripe parked with they keep parking the one white, and one black jeep Cherokee’s.  

Last week they actually had 4 jeep Cherokees together in this same spot all in a row. 

But also his Jacket is white with a black stripe.  

And down the Street they had 2 people waiting for me in their Camaro’s. One was red, and one was black, across from each other 

Notice how nice I am, and notice his blackmailing, thugging personality. Basically, I do what they say, or I am dead and gone. Once again, not about cards. That is their cover up excuse. 

Notice how 100% of every conversation is, I do what they say. There is never any time taken to address the obvious, which I have endless proof of. 

Just like Adolf Hitler telling you that you are not a good person, only they are working with the Police as Police Volunteers, and neighborhood watch terror groups


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