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Memory Maps

While my life is like no other, the  details of these operations get into extreme complexity. Simply stepping out of my house to go to a 7/11 to grab some ice cream can result in 10 - 100 people within the local area coming out with 100's to 1000's of terror tactics. Mass groups following me into the 7/11 in matching clothing colors and such, as well as the conversations that involve all sorts of mental illness tactics based on their spy game tactics to try to remove me from society, cars backwards directed at me, patterns's of 2's, maybe 2 people show up in cars and wait in them backwards both leaving the lights on, and next to each other. And that is the tip of the iceberg. Hence trying to write or express the situation, or truth based on the situation gets tedious, and difficult to explain a lot of times because it involves all sorts of life time tangents into one situation to explain the bigger picture which most peple normally don't have to do in life. Clearly a psychological warfare campaign to inflict these types of things to me so that it makes things very difficult to explain, or makes it look like you can't focus, or have thought problems.

So, while sometimes the devil is in the details, other times, presenting a more visual depiction of incidents in such a way that people can connect the dots of all these situations which are all connected and most even planned out with pre-meditation in frame job operations to present me to the world as a horrible monster with no way of explaining or proving that non of it is true, and it is all operations to paint a picture of me as an evil person who needs to be rid of the world. In secret, behind my back, and told that non of it exists and I am imagining it to make me look crazy to remove me from society.

I call these Memory Maps. A simple location, and label based incidents from childhood to now. Which one can easily look at and put things together based on these things that were done to me, or how things interconnect, that are not isolated incidents. On almost all these things, I am being accused of things to the world, which either absolutely nothing exists, and or it is made to look like somethign happened.

Example, Tom Farley and Richard Grunberg stealing Ein Woodman's Skateboards when I walked out of my house and up to them, then telling the world it was me.Which then later on, Mr Woodman Hiring people dressed as Ninja's to  kill his parents for the insurance policy. Somehow translates into, the world told in secret that I like to fuck with crazy people and push them to their limited.

Of course the reality of the situation was I simply walked out of my house, and talked to my friends while they did stupid crap that most kids do. Hence, a worldwide campaign to remove me from society which does not happen to people. While this one example applies to almost all intricate  situation of my life feeding the world complete fiction about me to make me look like the devil. Non of it exists, and the only difference between me and other people is that the world is being riled up by angry enraged people who don't like me feeding them every lie, slander, defamation and complete fantasy to use the masses as a weapon against me.

My life is really no different then anyone else's, other the the situation that is occuring, built around me on these government terror operations after a flagging with psychological warfare tactics. What may appear to look like obsession is mass groups trying to guilt me to death about every aspect of my life they've data-mined and keep trying to get coerced false confessions from all these specific events. Hence me documenting what they are doing because they have refused to stop since I found out at 29, 22 years ago.

Hence, these Memory maps will help explain things with far less complex reading which interrelates to all sorts of freaky connected events to my life.

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