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Counter Surveillance with PoliceAbuse.com

IMAG0150 IMAG0150

One of the first vague PoliceAbuse.com reports


While I hired PoliceAbuse.com to go with me on a Drive to San Fernanda Valley, Ca,  Las Vegas, Nv, Sandiego, Ca, Mexico, and Washington DC. All the things in this post and activities EACH AND EVERY PLACE involved the same types of activites as I discuss mostly Washington due to isolation and lack of energy to write about 99% of my daily life. Example, every gas station we stopped off at. Each and every person, and employee knew me, working on me with their terror tactics. Of course then pretending they didn't.

Keep in mind, the Judicial System is going to use the fact that I contacted PoliceAbuse.com as Psychological labels for their AGENDAS that I am a crazy Violent Paranoid Schizofrenic, and like John Nash, as well as their other 40 years of lies and cover up operations sayig I am imaging it, and never contacted them for investigations

Las Vegas was a lot worse, and by the time we got to Sandiego, they were actually Mimicking Greg Miller the private investigor. For example. We sat at a table at McDonalds. We got up and moved. And the employee sat in Millers seat looking at me.

Same types of things in Sandiego, and we decided to go to MEXICO to prove that, this was an INTERNATIONAL Operations of WORLDWIDE Magnitude.
While in Mexico at a Hotel, we hard angered Hotel Employees, People trying to intimadate me when I left my hotel room. You nme it. 

While Miller did not want to stay in Sandiego Long, Sandiego was a pivotal location due to a girl from Arizona, named Christina Stahlinsky I met in IRC sent after me, as well as a person my Brother sent into my life named Mike Wexler, and also Eric Christianson, all wanted me to do Road Trips, and Christina Meet me in Sandego for some reason working with the Sandiego Police department on some FRAME JOB OPERATIONS and SETUP ATTEMPS. While I cannot tell you what the relevance of Sandiego, or what their ACCUSATIONS to the world that are kept secret from me. I can tell you that they have worked this ANGLE with Sandiego on me since I met Eric Christianen in Southern Oregon State College sent after me working trying to get the coerced false confessons after my father put the bullet hole in his 300e with the LAPD, as well as them trying to cover up my brothers childhood abuse, which I really didn't think was a big deal, until I found out my brother was trying to claim I had tried to kill or stab him with a knife.

In such operaions of my father taking me on a carribean cruise when I was 14, wit Jason Perelman, and Darrin Moiselle. Cramming as many B52's nad Kamikaze's down my throught, SO no reason buying me a Kershaw Pocket knife, in hopes he could flip me out into  paranoia with a knife going ballistic. Things the Government does not want me talking about. Which link to Eric Christiansen, taking me to see his Girlfriend JEN, and her friend CAT. By the way, same name as my brothers girlfriend. Jen Yang. Who I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar over trying to send me hidden messages I wasn't aware of at the time.

And when I met CAT, they were trying to cover up my brothers endless flciking me in the ear, endlessly from behind over and over to try to get me to go off on him. With cover up operations that I tried to kill him. Because he doesn't want me talking about the fact that he was an abusive brother. While I didn't even really think he was that abusive until I found out the REAL COVERT THINGS that were going on. With endless resources, that most poeple can't fathom is even possible to get people to work together on such operaitons.

Example, what resources does it take to get mass groups working together to get someone on a carribean cruise, cramb them endless drinks in bars at 14, because his last name is PERELman. Hinting about PEARL HARBOR. In the middle of the Ocean on a boat. While planting a knife on them. Then covering up these situations that I tried to kill or stab my brother, and or I am a violent paranoid schizo and am a danger to myself or others. With worldwide support. Or trying to set me up, over and over. And if that doesn't work, frame me, or make up such COVER UP lies. That I somehow tried to kill my brother or something to this extent that NSA/FBI, Police worldwide, and worldwide support are trying to ERADICATE me no matter what it takes. Is a difficult pill to swallow. Yet it is happening in mass conspiracies Because I seem to be the only stable, well grounded, person with Morales in my family.

While I did not have much about the other locations we went to, and might be written down somewhere on the INTRICATE terror tactics from person to person. I will talk about the WASHINGTON DC part which EXPOSES White house security knowing me, following me, and trying to intimidate me. Showing that if I was some random person who just suffered some little mental breakdown. Why am I known WORLDWIDE, and do such people in the WHITE HOUSE, of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, want me silenced, not talking, and INCARCERATED FOR LIFE! Or locked away in jail cells or mental institions. My brothers very threat to me at 16, after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar. He and his friends aare going to put me in a mental instition. (Mike Huntley Introduced to me by my brother spending 25 years on me)


So we decided to go to Washington DC, Mexico and all over the U.S. with a group known as PoliceAbuse.com that are against police corruption directed at me

While ex Police Sergeant Don Jackson (Diop Kamau) exerted making money over my safety and a service to provide protection for the common citizen who can't defend themselves against unlimited corrupt policing, and refused to give me a lot of what he promised as far as video, and paperwork he promised me. Especially after watching what had happened at the White House, with White House security EXPOSING themselves. I still obtained the reactions proving that I am not some crazy person imagining the entire WORDLWIDE incident. 

Of course, like everyone else on the Planet, Don Jackson (Diop Kamau) seemed extremely angry at me, and I am guessing that it has to do with the white supremacist lies after kissing the black girl around 8 - 10 at Sunny Skies day camp from my family to the world with their endless other libel, slander, defamation, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION campaign. And all the things on his website exposing police corruption on a much smaller scale, he seems to have no problem with. Yet after the White House, he tucked tail faster then  dog watching a Semi Truck coming his way.

First PoliceAbuse.com report (Witnesses to the crime although, Although even though Don Jackson (Diop Kamau), Miller, and someone with him, saw everything. Made this report very vague, and refused to give me the final reports as well as a lot of other things even though it was all paid for. He just wanted more and more money, never providing me the Paperwork or video footage) - Here

From things like Police coming into Starbucks and telling me I am not allowed at ny Starbucks in the city on video or anything else Showing these Operations. Yet, it still proved that something of unfathomable proportions is going on.

While Police Abuse could have been used to testify with Don Jackson (Diop Kamau), and His private investigator Miller, in my behalf on these later 2017 arrests and fabricated charges. After 5 months of pre-trial. The decision to go to Trial was the next day with ZERO preparation for Trial Time by the Defense the very next day. Making it IMPOSSIBLE to have any time to even contact them and fly them out. Or anything else for that matter. Like preparing for witnesses, Discovery, and Evidence that were going to be used in the bunk kangeroo, Jury tampered trial. With odd belief systems that people being mobbed to death by 40 year mass groups are ruining their lives by still breathing.

Have you ever heard of a trial the defense is not allowed to prepare for?

Mike Huntley working with Ron Perelman, Officer Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart in COVER UP operations for sending Jen Hess After me to end my life or remove me from society - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/officer-sean-dinse-jenson-and-toros/

Being that the police have known what has been going on since 10 years old, and at any time could have stopped the crime. They have not, meaning they are involved. Not only this, but when I came to them for help, they refused to help, or put a stop to it and endlessly tried to bully or thug me quiet. Having officers who called themselves Officer Toro endlessly follow me with the rest of them saying "If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way" the reason for this is obvious. Even though I bought my camera's for art purposes, they did not want me having a camera. Reason being, events could be documented. I can't imagine a police force wanting to cover up a mass world wide crime, unless they were responsible. And they clearly are using all their resources to try to end my existence since childhood.

In my case, this is right up the alley because my family with the police and social workers have been trying to figure out how to take away my civil rights and remove me from society with their endless false claims and secret hate towards me. Recently, arrests that pertain to the 2nd Amendment, Right to bare arms in some elaborate operation that links back to my father buying a 357, then putting a bullet hole with the LAPD in his 3000e Mercedes, and launching an investigation claiming I hate tried to kill or scare him with a gun. This all done right after I painted a grateful dead water color painting of a cowboy hat, gun, and skull. Which his office employee Patty Googin said I better not show my father after telling her I wanted a Tattoo of it.

After this, in College all sorts of people sent into my life to get confessions about this. From state to state. While you think that is bad. The people were told worldwide that I am on the run, and the lies kept changing from one to the next. Telling people to watch me, and report any unusual activity to the police on worldwide terror systems built around me. Not only reporting, but endless provokings, setup attempts and frame jobs.

I traveled alone so that no buddy would know that I had people watching and recording the events.

And this is what happened. At first, I called Uber to give me a ride to LAX

The Uber driver was Peruvian and wearing a blue and yellow stripped shirt. As contact him on my phone, he drives away for a while, then turns around and comes back. A common tactic Uber had been doing in patterns as some kind of bait, or parking way off and making me walk to them. Also of course, with all sorts of Alexis Amore hints. A Peruvian Porn Star which the world oddly is saying I was stalking which links into all sorts of freaky things that had been going on with someone named Rodie Morales working with the LAPD to take me to strip clubs, working with strippers to try to make it look like I was an obsessed Stalker with Mike Huntley, Victoria Walker, Tim Thompson, Tom Farley, and many other. In all sorts of situations I can elaborate on to try to create mental illness, flip me out. And figure out ways to put me in jail cells or mental institution. AKA Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Harassment Groups.

His name is Hugo, so I say, like the movie, which my father says is his favorite movie
I should note that the 2 uber drivers before him, made me walk to the car about 500 feet away a couple of times
He's sort of nice, but he keeps calling me buddy which is one of the terror tactics to do over and over and asks me what radio station I would like. Of course wearing a blue and yellow stripped shirt, which is one of the tactics.


He asks what station he should put the radio on, I tell him to put it on 98.7 but oddly enough, they are not playing Rock n roll, which is odd. So he turned it to another station. Of course, probably hinting about my brothers 16 year old Mental Illness attempts that, "He and his friends have a bug in my room, and are listening to everything I do on the radio"

This tactic starts around the age of 10 with my brothers endless assaults which I now believe my parents told him to do and then getting mad at me for a 10 year on telling his parents, which my brother and these mass groups realized at that point they had to use mental illness and psychological warfare tactics because I was getting old enough to stop my brother from battering me. Hence him following me around colleges trying to get confessions I stabbed him, or their bullet hole in my fathers Mercedes which they are telling the world is me, and trying to scare me into confessions as well. and telling the world I have no self control and am a danger to myself or others when scaring him by dropping a steak knife to the ground. To stop his assaults. This is when they realized they needed to do things like create paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping because I stopped him from such things as endlessly flicking me in the ear behind, bashing me in the back of the head, and holding me under water in the pool for as long as possible.

Once we get to the airport he says, have a good one, which is another tactic done in repetition world wide as I get my ticket. While that does sound like I am too sensitive. I can assure you. People worldwide are notified to do this in repetition in such was that are very stealth. But they do it over and over. Example. I might be driving down the steer, and someone might say, "hey bro what's up" out their car window. And 30 minutes later in a completely different area, someone will do the same exact type of thing. This type of thing is done over and over worldwide, non stop. But if you tell someone. They will say you are crazy and that I think their are no coincidences in life.Keep in mind. This is all done on Worldwide Internet Systems based on web, SMS, Email Notification systems. You name it! Billions of government dollars invested to build these terror systems around me.

While checking in, on the kiosk at the airport I eat a cough drop for my cold, and my long hair gets caught in it. About 15 minutes later a girl on twitter with the name of Guzman twins, on twitter. Posts a similar picture she takes of her doing the same thing. Which is just one of billions worlds wide networked together to create mental illness to try to remove me from society all working together in global terror networks which started at 10 years old, and if now world wide since the Internet and my brother working with the masses introduced me to it as leverage to end my life. Now, you might say that is a coincidence. Except these coincidences are all day and night with people worldwide and never end. Like winning the Lottery 100 times in a row. IT SIMPLY CANNOT HAPPEN!

As I go through TSA, it's clear they know me and work with their innuendos as well to provoke me, of course pretending they don't know me. I say something to call his bluff and he says he's psychic. Him being sarcastic around because I've seen their pattern of behavior with worldwide support for so long, I can call it out instantly. Yet, where the problem lies, is that no one worldwide will admit they know me, or to the situation. Them then saying "I don't know you" Hence, the motive to try to make me look PARANOID.

Once I get through TSA, the lady checks my carry on backpack, and I see the person in front of me going through the metal detectors, and I see a weird electronic thing which could be an amp, I ask him what it is, and he says it's for his music and band.
We talk a little more and he says he's in a band called "Trophy Wife" which is interesting because one of the big anger issues towards me is that I need the perfect girl or trophy wife for this mass crime against me with them trying to make me look crazy. And people hinting to me when this ends, I will get my female prize, and things like this.

He seems nice, but as I go to Starbucks, and get some tea for my cold, I see 3 people next to each other all with MP3 players. One lady sees me puts her legs up on a chair which is one of the coffee shop tactics to guilt me to death for resting my feat on a chair. And done at every one WORLDWIDE for probably 10 years. I jokingly ask them if any of them has seen Harold and Kumar, but all of them refuse to answer pretending they can't hear me probably trying to bait me into a fight like usual since 10. But the reason I asked is because after the Frame Jobs with Brian Longbotham when I worked in Hollywood doing 3D Animation and Visual FX as he worked on me for 15 years with the Government in these operations. At this point, I'd guess a good 40% of the media out there, has small things taken from my life and put in them for the sole purpose to try to make me mentally ill to remove me from society and Harold and Kumar is one of them,

A cleaning man walks by whistling which is another tactic. In the beginning, 10 - 40  per day for years. Hinting I am a whistle blower. Because someone will ask me about my life, and when they see I am talking about what was done. They whistle at me and larger groups stalk me. This happens over and over. Showing they don't want me talking about my life. They want complete control, kind of like Adolf Hitler while, SKULLFUCKING me, as they called it.  I sit down for a while, the band member walks by the hallway, looks at me, with a scared look. Of course, nothing was said to him. But I know what is going on in the Starbucks that I am a in the airport with people told to wait for me there. Knowing I am an aid coffee drinker.  I looked at the website to see if he is who he says, and if they are a famous band. Which looks like they are. But their were similarities, but I didn't see him long enough to know if he is the same person or a lookalike. But he had the same hair. Also, the person that is him or looks like him seemed to have been doing the mimic tactics of color patterns to gestures of my twitter picks, and I think some songs were even  written based on my life. Just like people endlessly do with the movies.

While this media tactic gets vast. It all seems to start from my family angry at  me for the music I listened to when I was young. And them telling my brother to keep showing me Horror movies with his friends. While I have watched people for years tell me I need to be removed from society for watching Horror movies. While this does not make any sense. It gives you an idea of I will have a conversation with someone. They will tell me weird things like Horror movies create crimes in our streets. Then mass groups will stalk me hinting about it. And in hopes that I go to the police saying crazy things that don't make sense or are unbelievable. Except the part that the police know it's going on, and don't want me talking is even stranger.

Of course when your told no buddy knows you and you are imagining it, and it's world wide, it's clearly to create things like paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping. As if there was respect they'd be honest about what was going on and wouldn't tell me I was imagining it as well as the endless enraged people attacking me all day and night saying I've done "Something" at the age 10, but won't tell me what this something is that they've been hunting you your entire life, because they know their is nothing I've done that warrants anything remotely like this but not being 1000% perfect. In other wards, putting my life under a microscope smearing my name with endless lies, and hunting me down for things that done matter like tapping my foot or resting my feet on chairs, as my family deems a crime. While telling me my past caught up with me, to justify their criminal activities and try to make them look valid or OK.

When I checked in, I noticed that Expedia gave me a window seat but the computer said I had no seat and had to select from the computer on a full flight with no isles or windows available except one seat with the emergency exit. I selected it because I like window seats
Of course getting the boarding pass by the plane the man started provoking me with the same mimic tactics of tapping on the counter and repeated saying of mine, or ones people are told to do in patterns when they see me.
On boarding the plane, the lady asked me after seeing the ticket if I was capable of helping others in an emergency, I said yes, she then said "Perfect" which is one of their guilt innuendos. I said Perfect to  Starbucks Employee, and after this, PERFECT was mimicked to me over and over by mass groups. When getting on the plane, I was lucky enough to have no buddy in the center seat, in a 6 seat row. So 3 both side. Which I thought was strange on a full flight and knew it was not a coincidence.
Of course the really good looking black stewardess, who was going to show us the emergency routine stood by my row and said "Hi Guys" which is a tactic done in patterns after I met Rodie Morales and he would call me guy, and probably from some movie eluding to something to guilt or harass me in hidden message. Or get a confession.

After we took off, everyone went to sleep on a red eye flight. I stayed up and drawing on my computer. Everyone in the plane slept how everyone on planes normally sleep which is laying back with their heads on the head rest, But all 5 of the people in my row and not other seat on the entire plane all were laying with their heads on the table in crash position. And I'm pretty sure this is because I watched the movie back in 1993 called FEARLESS, with hidden references directed at me or from my life.

This is a common tactic started by my family of trying to hint or reenact scenes out of movies or send me messages about them and such to create mental illness. Not only that, but 50% of the media I watch, TV, movies, news, etc have things either directed or taken from my life in them. Of course I am told no buddy knows me and I am imagining it. This is obviously done to create paranoid schizophrenia. I trace things in movies directed at me all the way back to something like 1980. Which means I was about 8 years old.

The entire plane as I checked going to the bathroom was in normal sleep position. Normal meaning when most people sleep, they rest the back of their heads against the back of the chair on the head rest. These aren't the best pictures, completely dark, and trying to get an app on my phone but it shows enough

IMG_1421064240412 NightVisionCamera_1421062265030 NightVisionCamera_1421062286809
Of course their was another  Latin girl in the same row in thigh highs and a black and white horizontal shirt like the man driving the uber, except his was blue and yellow horizontal stripes and hers was black and white
But this is common to have people do things in 2's to try to create mental illness and make me look crazy. Also, I should note, these people weren't together. Meaning that sometimes, people who relate to others, have similar behaviors especially in families. But these people arrived and left separately. Yet they all did the same exact thing. SShowing they had been contacted. And put in that row. Then when I got to the entrance ramp to the plane, the lady switched my seats to sit by them so they could stage this. A Gang Stalking tactic known as STREET THEATER.

When I got off the plane, I saw a man with coffee, and it was morning so I asked him where he got the coffee, he said starbucks and pointed. Then man next too use started humming which is one of the tactics to have strangers walk by me all day humming world wide. At one point, just like 10 -  40 people whistling at me per day. Wherever I went world wide people would see me and sing or hummm.

I then got to Starbucks their were three people waiting for me, in solid black pants, and a solid green shirt. Also, in the refrigerator, with the fruit, everything was normal with all the mixed fruit, but one container had all grapes and this was because I posted a twitter background a few weeks earlier with grapes. And have mad several other grape jokes.


A man then sits beside me and starts humming as well


When I leave, I walk about 100 feet, and then realize I need to look something up on my tablet so I sit at some tables close by. he leaves, and goes to where I am, and copies me

P1160685 P1160687


On my way out to the rental car, hertz, I believe a few people saw me and whistled as well as they walked by me. I'm guessing about 15 strangers walking to terminals harassed me on my way out with the tactics.

At Hertz, the man kept mimicking back my sayings. He then tried to up sell me on a already paid car, making it to $99 more which one of the tactics is things with 9's.

Not only this, but he said he was renting me a avenger, with a GPS, and when I got to the car, it was a Chrysler 200, as you can read about my other posts, called hero tactics, But what he was doing was trying to send me hidden messages that. I am giving you an Avenger because you think you are a Hero, and then the common 2's tactic that since 10 year old my family has accused me of 2 things or something. I'm not sure. That is why he is giving me the 200. Or it's just random hidden messages to try to make me go crazy and remove me from society, which seems to be the bigger picture. This also relates to my neighbors continually parking Chrysler 200's in front of where I walk out as well, but you get the idea.


where they keep sending people after me, and when I find out something isn't right, will accuse me of going after them to cover up their crimes.


During the next day, We went in the Metro Train and shopping underground with the people from Policeabuse.com. I of course was by myself, and them tailing me and documenting and recording the events, and then

There were several harassment's in the stores. Employees mimicking me over and over as well as a homeless lady trying to get as much money out of me but at the same time sending me hidden messages to try to get confessions. She also later with a group of people followed me to the cigar shop. They were trying to scare me into another confession.

I went from store to store telling them what would happen, what people would say, and a good amount did exactly what I said would happen.

we then went ti police metro, and another court building, which both had security walk through, metal detectors, and scanners. While I was going through my backpack I after we went in, and in a waiting room, I noticed a pocket knife. my pocket knife from my home. Somehow it got out of my place I put it because I knew I was flying, and back into my bag. I was away from my bag 2 times. once while going to the bathroom with the obvious people in the row doing what they were doing on the plane, or filling up a drink with a homeless lady sitting at my table which was working on me for confessions at a McDonalds.

It was put in my bag to set me up as I went through the police scanners. Most likely it was more of a scare tactic. You speak out, this is what we are going to do to you and put you in jail. Although, these things have been going on all day and night since I turned 29 and found out what was going on. But also, the intent to remove me from society in stealthier ways has been going on since 10 years old. So really the message to me is, You be quiet as we try to remove you from society in such ways to make it look like you are the problem.

The White house visit.

With PoliceAbuse.com they wanted to walk me into the white house to see the reaction they got. Because I am known world wide with world wide armies to create mental illness and remove me from society. And they try to leverage this campaign by putting me in isolation, and saying you are imagining what we are doing, and it isn't happening, now do what we say.

But walking me in front of the white house across the country to see the reaction proves that not only am I known, that something shady, undermining, illegal, and covert is going on if they react and get defensive.

For arguments sake, let's say I am crazy and they are afraid of me? well, I don't think that would matter with 100 tourists in front of a guarded fence. Nor did they have much interest in the lady talking to herself there.

I got to the front of the white house there was 1 white car with 2 security officers. I stood around for about ten minutes and took a few picture of the white house.
I then walked around for a bit, and then went to the information booth and got some food from a food stand about 40 yards away. I also uploaded a white house picture on twitter to see what happens. About 15 minutes later I go back to the white house. it is now crowded with more people, and the people walking by were using the mental illness tactics saying things when I walked by like "Perfect" or things in 3's, etc which are documented on my website showing that people were notified of my location, like usual and followed by mass strangers.

When I get back, the car is gone, and there are now 2 SUV's with multiple cops, and what appeared to be the more aggressive crew.
I stayed for about 10 more minutes and took a few more pictures and decided to leave. as I left, I sort of made sure I observed their reactions and low and behold, far behind me was a bike cop, working white house, following me. I decided to walk around the city and see what happens to make sure.
As I walked up the street I noticed that the security or police in the surrounding building were all aware of me and focused on me as I walked up the street.
I went up 17th and as I got half way up, sure enough the police on the bike was tailing me. Not only that but the security from the other building came out and he started to talk to them. I then went to the corner of 17th and Pennsylvania ave and looked back, he was still following me up the street trying to be inconspicuous.
I then crossed the street and walked slow making sure I wasn't obvious about where he was. I walked down 17th, past a Starbucks and to the book store. I looked back, and there he was, still following me. I decided to go into the bookstore to see what they would do. he sat on the other side of the street peering in the windows. Not only that, but a black SUV pulled up with a man just watching in the windows. I am not sure if he was Secret Service but he looked very suspicious and I am pretty sure he was.
After this, I walked down to 18th street, and there he was again, trying to look inconspicuous. I walked into a bakery and bought some cheesecake, and there he was. He finally gave up, but I knew it wasn't over, so I then went back to starbucks by the white house and he had gone.'

At that point, if they were still watching, they were doing a better job. I stayed at starbucks for a couple of hours after and there is no doubt that they probably had more stealth people coming in watching me. aside from the world wide mass neighborhood watch groups.
About an hour in a half after I was at starbucks, people started to come in get more aggressive with the passive aggressive mimic, or suggestive message tactics
and a police officer sitting in the outside seats which appears to try to be intimidating me as I am inside, he as sitting behind me and just sort of spying on me from behind most likely to intimidate. usually the tactic is to have people provoke while they try to collect reactions to use to say I am angry and a hateful spiteful person, and suffer from anger and rage. so it makes sense that he would sit there as people would come in to passive aggressively provoke to collect the reactions. But the question of why do they need to provoke me to set me up since 10 years old in the first place is going on.
Another one comes and they both come inside and sit next to me watching out the window. so if I were to look left, they would be right there.
one looked at me so I gave him the peace sign to show them they didn't scare me

after they leave, a black man sitting on the couch gets up and leaves and while he walks by me whistles, one of the tactics.
a guy eventually pulls up in a red escape and parks his car in front of starbucks and sits trying to watch to intimidate as he peers in the glass wall and doors or wants me to see him to let me know they are watching me. and in front of him is someone sitting in a black SUV as well doing the same thing. These are done over and over and are intimidation tactics to try to provoke me into going after them for more setups.

P1160729 P1160730 P1160731
about an hour later, still waiting in cars, a secret service agent with a marked shirt comes in starbucks which I don't know what protocol they are allowed to show up in secret service uniforms. after he leaves, 2 motorcycles pull on each side of the streets. the both walk into different restaurants. on each side of the street.
They leave and then another police car comes, and another cop goes and gets food at another place next door to the other place across the street.
At the same time, the black girl that sat across from me wearing black and white, a common tactic with clothes, and starts pointing her phone at me pretending to use it and trying to either record me or pretend to record me to try to intimidate me. When she leave, she walks by and starts humming, which is another tactic.
When I come back in, the person sitting next to me starts humming. And recording me defending myself, of course at this point, I know all their 30 year thugging and setup tactics to try to immobilize me quiet as they try to remove me from society, so that was never going to work.

The next day I  went around the city to see what happened and document it

we went to gap
-There was a police car opposite side of street waiting for me
- employee asks if I needed help, I said yes and asked where I could find shirt without collar but had buttons. He then mimicked some of my collected sayings and directed me to. That night on the Greg Gutfeld show he used references about trying on clothing, and sweaters and collars, as well as on the five, directed at me showing that this operation actually has left wing media being used to try to keep me quiet and help remove me from society with a political agenda.

Greg Gutfeld's shows and writings for other shows on Fox as well as their entire media networks have been used for the purpose to try to thug and silence me quiet about their endless 30 year crimes against me.

- as I was leaving an undercover cop pulled a man aside and said I am whatever PD, but I did not hear what it was about as I left.

We then went into forever 21
as walked in, noticed either security are someone eyeballing me, not sure if anything.

Also, the whole time I was staying at the Hotel, I had the entire employee, and customers working on me. People from the room across from me were hacking into my wifi, and kept launching the web cam to try to spy on me. Conversations off my phone and such were being collected as well as they were launching apps to try to scare me.

Once I figured out that they knew my wifi passwords and changed them, that stopped. all sorts of things with the devices. other things they were doing with cars in the parking lot were being done. For example,  one person kept parking a black charger next to my car backwards with suggestive hints, we are going to charge you with covert terror tactics such as this. These are endless tactics that go on all day, but this gives you an idea of their attempts to create mental illness.

The next day, I then went to a Starbucks by the hotel.

when walking to starbucks two women were outside with purple and black. or maybe one purple and purple black. solid purple top, solid black pants. and were walking away. solid purple and black is one of the tactics done in patterns. When I bought the coffee, she charged me 242, which some people were texting me at that time. might or might not be.
after sat down, the black lady I was facing snaps her fingers while talking to her friend, one of the tactics done endlessly for years after me having a conversation with someone and me snapping my fingers in a mid thought.
the lady to my right is in all black, one of the tactics, and when I leave, she mimics me and gets up and leaves same time. done several times to me. Needless to say, that for the couple of hours I was there, something like 300 people came in, working with the starbucks employee every way shape and form. One man tried to intimidate me by pointing his camera at me because I was recording everything and it was being sent to policeabuse.com. Other people were sitting next to me mimicking my collected conversations. People were coming in with specific clothing colors, or patterns of 2's doing things.

Some other things that happened

they filled up place and left one seat open in the corner next to the bathroom. once I moved,

the people on my left and right started tapping
When I say, "always only 1 seat available" man sitting there starts texting
the employee that looks like Amanda plummer. hence by the bathroom, says "Have a good one"
one of the tactics. suggestive messages on bathroom, plummer and relation to the actor to create paranoia

Two people come in wearing green and black
another person is sitting across from me in green and black
and another man as I start typing this in green and black gets up to get cream and sugar in front of me.
black lady who was tapping to the right of me, puts her feet on chair, one of the mimic tactics

Two men come in together all black
another man Mexican behind them whistling

Two more people come in wearing green black together

Another man comes in green and black

Another man comes in green and black
And another man comes in green and black
Female police officer comes in
I go next door to CVS Pharmacy man comes in whistles at me

Of course these tactics happen at every place in the world I go where I can sit and relax and try to get my mind off things. But coffee shops seem to be a big one because they know I can relax and get healthier and start my life over and they don't want that. Especially if they know I am healthy enough to speak out about what is going on.

I Bought cookie at the shop near by
I then go buy a cookie, at a place, the person was giving me a couple of suggestive comments, but no longer fresh in my mind
I then went to 5 guys to get food, the person serving me also was talking in innuendos, and mimic tactics, I can't specifically remember what
when I was leaving, I could not find the trash can so I put the bag on the counter and left. the person to my right picked up his cell phone and texted on their system. when I got back to the hotel, they were waiting for me and come out with trash and threw it away.
as i walked back to the car, I noticed a security or police saw me and as I walked by and looked back, he was watching me. he then went back around the building to meet me on the other side to intimidate me.

also, as I walked back to the car in the local area where I parked by the 664 11th st address. People were then walking around with solid black pants, solid green shirts. I think I saw about 10 of them.

Thats all I can remember, I'm sure there was more


I had then left that part of town and went to another hotel for a night.

Before checking in, I went to an Italian restaurant.

1/16 dinner at a random Italian restaurant, put me in the corner of an empty

When I was there, the women who came in at the same time with family and child was wearing one of the color patterns and saying some things to her friend but with idea of reference tactics or mimic tactics directed to provoke me.

The man sits me in the corner back to window in an empty restaurant, This is very important for later that night.  and at the same time everyone was talking about seeing the American Sniper movie which I have a feeling they were working on their weird fantasy scare tactics.

The waiter gives me some rolls and asks, "There are 3 rolls" why would he ask? especially with people continually hinting all day and night about 3's on some sort of paranoid schizophrenia campaign.

I think I eventually make a joke about my position and being shot. As I am eating, he and his daughter keep checking their phone on my social accounts waiting for me to say something.

he's asks me if I am OK? and I say, I am, but you don't look OK. After this, I order some coffee as I pay the bill, and when he gives me the coffee, someone who looks like the owner comes out and sits across from me and brings out a coffee to mimic me.

Then get to Best Western, check in, and they put me in the corner again which was no coincidence. Not only that but some hinting things being said at check in but I can't remember.
also, room next to mine has paper crammed in the lock, and 2 pink fake flower pedals on the ground next to the door and they pissed in the toilet and didn't flush it before giving me the room which may or may not be.
the next morning after checkout I  go to a place called Cosi for lunch, man sits across like at Italian restaurant just like the night before.



After I get food, someone comes in and does same thing as night before sitting across from me.

Also, when leaving, a cop was waiting for me to try to scare me, this type of thing is a common thug tactic.


I went to my car, and as I left, he was gone, showing that I was the target




when get too airport, man waiting by first security point in blue shirt with white stripes. As you can see from my newer posts, now I have teams of people following my into coffee shops with horizontal stripes all day.
as go through next checkpoint 2 officers ask "how are u" i then put bags through security scanner and they pretend to close mine making me go through another line away from my bags probably trying to make it look like I am hiding or on the run. girl wants to go through bag.

and asks if i have any sharp objects or anything fragile trying to scare me about their setups, .i say not unless someone put something  in, like this group did on way there to try to scare me. He face drops with guilt.
as i get in terminal there is a another man sitting in obvious spot in blue and white striped shirt, and across checking out another man standing with same type and colored shirt

on plane, the pilots are mimicking me, saying thank you, greatly appreciated to someone else and saying things on the loud speaker from things I've said. Things they and people started mimicking from my blog posts in patterned behaviors like the other tactics
After stewardess decides i had too many drinks, of course me doing nothing wrong. She says wow and gotcha, using the terror tactics to control, mimic, or suggestive tactics to keep me in line which are some of the tactic to start provoking to get that reaction and then turn the situation around.

Example, You had too many drinks. You haven't done a thing wrong, but I don't like it, so now I will start endlessly provoking you. If she gets a reaction she will then say. He is out of control and an alcoholic and needs to be watched. Things like this that have been going on since childhood.

Example, I started building cars at 16. I don't like that, now people are going to try to cause accidents to say you are out of control.

Well he drank too much and lashed out at me. He shouldn't drink.
I think an air Marshall or maybe just someone trying to intimidate me in front of me when looking up a line in the lebawski

"the plane has crashed into the mountain"

on Youtube he goes in checks the bathroom and they stage this little scenario while flight attendant blocks the bathroom and checks it out

Also, some of the things I didn't mention, I'd say in Washington DC, about 50% of all the cars were parked backwards. This was directed at me after one day parking my car backwards.

Not only that, every Uber Driver, and almost every person I was in contact with knew me, and the majority would provoke me with these terror tactics. The Uber Drivers were actually coordinating some of the terror tactics because they knew that the tourist spots in DC most you can't drive too.

This doesn't cover all of what was going on but it gives you an idea of what is going on and this is world wide. I went to several places with PoliceAbuse.com.

California, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Mexico, Washington DC. All across the U.S, and out of the country and it happened at each and every place. From gas station to gas station on our drives which I would tell them what was going to happen beforehand, to airplanes, to different countries.






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