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Tactics Used
For a list of all the tactics used on me by the masses

After years of trying to live my life and being hunted and harassed until the end of time I had to document my predators tactics that they were using on me for the last 30 years.

To understand the specific types of tactics and how they are used in daily situations to create terror, aggravation, torture and inflict psychological pain, go to the daily blog and read some of them to understand what has been done all day and night since 10 years old. Keep in mind that my daily blog probably covers about .001% of what really goes on - Daily Blog

While the list of things here are unfathomable to believe is going on. It is going on, and it is also very difficult to comprehend without photos. So I have provided a simplified page showing just a few example of these world wide coordinated terror operations since 9 years old so you can understand with proof and visuals laving the the question of things like, is it really going on, out of the debate with proof.

Click here for Simplified Tactics explanation with proof

Asian girl follows me out of the MET Complex while I am taking a walk to try to set me up with the CRY WOLF tactic and telling me that “You shouldn’t talk to people you don’t know” as some kind of thug censorshop tactic with the Police

While this is an example of a tactic that has been done to me from one person to the next for the last 40 years. You get an idea of how these people operate. First, like usual, I have no clue who this person is. Kind of like Terrance Scroggins, Baily Bernard, Greg Koenig, and the rest WORLDWIDE. 

Also, realize that the tactic used here, ranges on all levels from obvious like in this video to subtle. And usually I am not warned when the Police, NSA/FBI, and Psychology Community are hunting me with these operations and random people WORLDWIDE using the same tactic who I don't know 

This girl, doesn't want me talking to people, so she makes a statement that any human is going to ask them about. And when I start to talk, she CRY'S WOLF that I am harassing her.

 “You shouldn’t talk to people you don’t know” 

She then follows and pursues me in Anger, because she can't thug and INTIMIDATE ME quiet as I am simply walking away, and letting her know she means absolutely NOTHING to me. Making her Angrier, and showing that she is PURSUING me.

And while she is PURSUING me, she keeps threatening me that she is going to call the Cops, and Security!

But yet, I am out in PUBLIC, taking a walk, and she is acting like I somehow broke into her place. Or just like Terrance Scroggins said on the Stand, This is his City, and there is no place for me in it because he doesn't like me. This Girl Exerting the same BEHAVIOR that somehow the PUBLIC is hers as she follows me around from place to place threatening to call the police on me if I don't OBEY her commands. 

Showing that these peoples statement being that this is a GLOBAL operation, is that there is no place on the EARTH for my kind as they say. 

Labeling me different, and doing what Adolf Hitler did. Yet, I am simply out in public taking a walk, and she didn't want me talking to her or anyone else. 

While she has the right to not talk to me, she does not have the right to tell me to talk to anyone else 

Why not just tell me I'm not allowed to read books for outside knowledge.

And at any point she could have said something like "I am not interested" even though it was one sentence as I walked by her joking around and not really engaging in any sort of topic. 

Yet on this video, you can see that she is involved in something MUCH LARGER than some girl that doesn't want someone talking to her.

 She is INVOLVED in Cover Up operations to try to HIDE what they did to my life, on their mass EXTERMINATION Spree, and endless lies, smears, defamation, Slander, Libel, and Criminal Defamation to have me hunted and killed with Psychological Torture operations in mass endless WORLDWIDE Groups. 

So, by me taking a walk and talking to people is a threat to whatever aspect she is involved in this. And part of Mike Huntley, and Officer Sean Dinse's illegal Neighborhood Stalking/Torture/Extermination/Watch group operations

Feet on Chairs Tactic - Done to me at every coffee shop worldwide

At this location, As well as coffee shops all over. Keep in mind, they do this with every aspect of my life, this say that they didn't like the fact that I sat outside reading books and sometimes rested my feet on chairs sometimes. Making up lame excuses that I was exerting abusive behaviors that are offensive to others by minding my own business, reading a book, and relaxing As we all know, that this is not an abusive or offensive behavior to others who are not obsessed lunatic stalkers. Nor would anyone care because they'd be off living their own lives, and not following someone around trying to collect things to use against them Needless to say, while they actually have deemed this a crime in their worldwide terror system being used against me to remove me from society They are heavily working with the Starbucks Corporation where this all seems to start with the Coffee Shops linking to someone named Paul Humphrey

See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic
Parking identical Cars on the Corner in 2's Tactic

This is an example of what is done to me all day and night 24/7 to remove me from society or have me killed 

While I did a simple short video of where I sit a lot of times at my Townhouse, there are about 20 pairs of cars in 2's around this block alone around my complex 

This is done to me WORLDWIDE. Example, if people aren't doing it in hopes I arrive somewhere, then after I show up, within 15 minutes, mass groups show up doing these terror tactics in the 1000's to me 

Example, I might go to a coffee shop I've never been to, in a city I've never been to. Photo the lot while all cars are parked forwards. After about 15 minutes, cars will show up, backwards, and backwards in pairs of 2's. 

Their tactic you are seeing here, is the pairs of same cars in 2's which I have witnessed since 29, finding out. With Mike Huntley's DEATH THREATS. And realized it was going on right when I moved in. 

Example, After Mike Huntley, me so called 25 year friend sent after me by the Government at 14 years old to have me killed mentioned I should buy a 1966 Lincoln Continental with him maybe about the age 28. 

The next couple of days 2 1966 Lincoln Continental's were parked on my street in front of my house 

The Police, damn well know this is going on, and are Aiding and abetting these Government Murder Operations, which seem to start from my family, and the PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY, in ERADICATING Imperfection, just like Adolf Hitler did. 

Taking away my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and PROTECTIONS starting around 5 years old 

Also, the LAPD is trying to sugar coat these MURDER operations with mass mobbings, calling them NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS AKA Murder Operations and PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE

Statistically Possible mass groups of identical cars in 2's at the Warner Center Park Where I have been told I am not allowed to take walks, or relax. Starting around 2004.

And such Internet based Death Threats, "No relaxing for you nigger" All Police supported, and even with Fox News sending about 12 Helicopters and a ground crew to try to thug me quiet for what I know. Also explain 5 years old, and how my family, Government, and Pscychology community started in on me to remove me from society

This is yet another example of this ongoing 17/40 year mental illness operations to try to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic from day to day with WORLDWIDE support

Here are more extremely large groups taking turns on me to set me up with the police to remove me from society with 2 Fake Police Cars, and 3 Jeep Rangers the next couple of days


Parking identical cars kitty corner in pairs on my street and wherever I go directed at me
The No Plates Tactic

This simply show one parking lot out of millions directed at me to have me killed with These Government Psychological warfare operations they don't want coming to light directed at me. 

While this is just one of 1000's of these PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE tactics to end my life. What you are seeing are mass groups coordinating psychological attacks directed at me. In this one tactic you will see the amount of people told to take off plates, put on dealer plate covers, as well as parking cars in pairs of 2's and 3's. Sometimes backwards in 2's 3's 

Sometime, no plates in 2's 3's 

Sometimes people waiting with lights on backwards, and in groups.

The U-Turn Tactic

This is the U-Turn Tactic, done to me by mass groups all in a short time period when I leave me house and go out for walks 

This seems to start when I go out for walks and get to the end of the streets and walk around the Cul-de-sac. 

They somehow deem this a crime, and then work on the MIMIC tactics to try to guilt me to death in their rage that I am still breathing or left my house 

While this seems to be a more local tactic, most of the other 1000's are worldwide 

But this gives you an idea of the types of things that are done to me all day and night 24/7 worldwide which seems to start around 5 years old, and progress to large and larger groups to use against me 

This gets really bad in about 1994 when the Internet came around and the Government realized they could launch a global scale operation against me. 

While it is very strange this is happening. What is odd is no one is concerned about it

Mental Illness Tactics with the Entertainment Industry to have me killed

This gives you an idea what is being done to me for the last 40 years WORLDWIDE now with about 60% of all media from movies, music, adult, mainstream, verbal conversations, you name it.

 On this Long Version, I also Talk About the Blake Mitchell, Nikki Delano, Tia Cyrus, and the Movie Knock Knock, and the association with the Adult Industry, Main Stream Industry, and Worldwide Murder Operations to try to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic linking back to my father and brother to have me killed and trying to justify it by either saying I am crazy, or endless cry wolf, lies, and frame job operations as well as endless setup attempts to cover up these MURDER operations since 5 years old with the Police, Government, NSA/FBI and PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY

 Now demanding I tell them why they are hunting me down to have me killed since 5 years old with WORLDWIDE support because they want to torture me into false confessions to make their MURDER look Justified.

Golden State Sports Medical - Submitting the same entries 2 or 3 times, almost every single time, and by every single employee

After my father had Lorena Escobar approach me several years after finding out Mike Huntley was involved in a global operation to remove me from society pretty much from anyone I had been in contact with starting at the age 5 - 9 years old, started by my family working with the NSA/FBI with every cry wolf lie known to man made up about me, and with every setup attempt and frame job still going on today.I took the job not being able to comprehend the situation, and that my own family seem to be the originators. While at Golden State for something like 14 years, I am pretty sure I was attacked and harassed on average of maybe 2 to 4 harassments in each and every minutes. And that foes not include the 1000's of people pulling up cars in the parking lot per day working on me as well from worldwide strangers working with them.

While trying to keep a stable network while Lorena hired people to sabotage it and try to pin it on me while I kept fixing things, or her demanding I take down the firewall so the people she hired could tear up the network and say I was incompetent, many other things were going on, with My father, Lorena, these mass groups working with the police on these setup attempts and frame job operations.

To give you an idea, of how they operate. Lets say the network switch gets over loaded and there is a network drop for 10 seconds. An employee would go to Lorena, saying. I can't work and Kevin is doing this or that to m. Then maybe 5 other people knowing that this one person complained would all go to Lorena, Saying, we all can't work, and Kevin is stopping us from working. Also, things like, them all collecting links that out be stopped from the ad blockers or virus checkers in the firewall, they would all give out to each other at the same time. Then all of them trying to make it look like I was stopping them from working by saying. Kevin is blocking us, and stopping us from working. Also, things like If I went out to smoke a cigarette, employees would follow me out trying to hover over me and intimidate me, as well as people in the parking lots waiting for me to send me hidden messages.

At one point an employee named Victoria Licardo followed me out, and when I addressed the issues, she said well "Lorena is trying to protect the company". And I asked her if stalking and trying to kill people has anything to do with protecting a company. All I know is 2 weeks later she was no longer there.
Other things my father and Lorena were doing was sending a friend of theirs Debbie Groveman paying me to fix her sons computer, then trying to manipulate me into taking over this dead end company. And when that didn't work, my father and Lorena were telling the world I am trying to take over the company. Also while they were going through all their setup and frame jobs done to me in Oregon and Colorado, trying to thug and torture me into coerced false confessions to lock me away which is still going on all day and night.

What you are seeing here, is at the point I got sick of their lies that they could not work, I wanted transparency, so I built a simple trouble ticket system that would specifically document the complaints, the down time, the time it took me to fix it, showing what was really going on. And who could and could not work, and why. Well, they got really angry. But of course me smoking a cigarette is the crime of all crimes and have no problem killing me for. So, you can only imagine. And when they got angry they continued their mental illness tactics that they've been doing to me starting from 5 - 9 years old and submitting their complaints 2 - 3 times for each one so that it registered identical entries to provoke me and send me hidden messages to get rid of me. And keep in mind, these are some screen shots of the tactic, this one tactic in the thousands went on for years. But obviously since this is worldwide get rid of me, means collapse my brain or nervous system out of hate and rage working with the Police, NSA/FBI which is unfathomable. And having Loydi Martinez, Shanna Briantseva following me, and having people follow me from place to place and coffee shop to coffee shop with worldwide support in these mass stalking operations.

So you can see here, some of their patterned tactics of 2's and 3's that are on the screen captures. This also applied to them doing things like walking by me saying "Yes, yes, yes" and all sorts of audible terror tactics that are similar as they were working with the coffee shops, and everywhere else worldwide to exterminate me.

See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic
People told to whistle as they walk behind me and never stop Golden State Sports Medical 14 years of Terror Operations

While after Mike Huntley at our own company Signet wasn't done with me on his first  25 years of being sent after me, Lorena Escobar was told to approach and offer me a job at Golden State Sports Medical, my fathers company. While from day one, continueing their terror operations with worldwide support. And trying to remove me from society. While Lorena, my fathers office manager who really doesn't have much of a job description except follow the doctors son from place to place dictating my life by mass worldwide defamation and slander riling up the masses to end my life.

During this time, she had all sorts of information about my college life in Oregon and Colorado connected to all sorts of women sent after me in setup attempts and frame jobs. And while in the office, these mass attacks never stopped every few minutes for 14 years, and 1000's of cars parking in the lot with people waiting for me, and or parking cars in such ways to terrorize and torture me to death trrying to make me look like a violent paranoid schizofrenic for some reason in hopes they could get a reaction to lock me away in jail.

The same types of things I believe my father did to his X-Wife, Janet norder who he has made the same types of claims about me to the world, and his office exerted the same types of setup, and frame jobs to me. I cannot speak for Janet, but I can however speak for myself when I can tell you the the endless slew of lies and things said to the police were completely fabricated about me. Hence my beliefs that when my father was no longer happy with Janet, it was done to her to get rid of her in such a way where he didn't have to verbilly tell her it's over since he has no communication skills or has no concept of honesty.

Even his inability to tell me he didn't like me having a camera in on me in his office which in the begining I used to take art pictures was impossible for him to do. Instead the world wide told lies that I have OCD and cannot, not have a camera on me. Or I always have one on me. Instead of simply asking for what he wanted so you understand the personalities who are doing this to me.

Hence what happened to me at 8 years old for kissing a black girl resulted in the world told I am a white supremecist because he could not deal with it.

Some of the few things going on in this office were people saying things in 3's over and over. People told to walk by and whistle at me over and over for years. Asked to go out to lunch with them while notifing all the restuarants to take turns on me endlessly, for example saying ENJOY from almost every restuarant employee over and over for years to try to get violent reactions. Same cars parked in 2's together in their lot. 2's backwards together. People waiting for me in cars in 2's sometimes the same cars if I go out and smoke a cigerette. People in the surrounding stores working on me.You name it. This video shows a taste of the whistling and them talking to each other behind me saying things in patterns of 2's 3's. The whistling which was done over and over in hopes to get me violent to put me in jail and mental institions.

They will have all sorts of lame excuses that don't make any sense like, this is because a bought a "Lords Gym", "His pain, your gain" shirt at the age 20 in Southern Oregon state college. As if people don't buy joke shirts. But also refuse to address how they have this private information from childhood in a different state. With hints about my shirt, but never direct conversation so issues can be addressed. Not that you can really address too much while being hunted and killed by these people, or them trying to lock you away for things no one would really care about normally.

Also with several black employees hired, Brandon, and Elita told to work on their white supremecist angles to the world.
Humming and singing behind me and in repetition. Also people told to follow me to public places never stopping Other Tactics

Mimic tactics from the park, swinging arms, George provoking with pen clickings behind me, saying things in patterns of 2 's and 3's done worldwide now
When I am not around, everything goes back to normal  
People told to park cars backwards in patterns of 2's and 3's, and tons by themselves backwards directed at me

While it is rare that people exert the energy to park their cars backwards. It is not unheard of. However around 2011, most of the people parked their cars forwards until I, parked my car one single time backwards at an Encino Starbucks, 16461 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91436 where all sorts of things happened from police death threats. Black people working with the police told to hut me. Black people working with the employees and friends at that location following me to the AMC woodland hills Movie Theater trying to thug and intimidate me quiet. You name it, all working with the people in my fathers office like Lorena Escobar, Loydi Martinez, Shanna Brientseva, Patti Googin, you name it.

After this, I noticed mass groups slowly getting larger and larger with people mimicking me to punish me for once again, another one of my so called crimes according to them and not parking PERFECTLY, or I am a dead man, how it has always been since 5 - 9 years old. After this, when sitting outside I'd watch car after car pull up and park backwards. Now, it is worldwide! Or at least U.S. wide. And you can even go on Google Earth and take a look. All for the sole purpose to try to make me mentally ill, torture me and end my life or lock me away in some kind of cage for such crimes like this with Mike Huntley's Death threats, that it is my BEHAVIOR!

Who was someone sent after me by my family and police to exterminate me for some strange reason. Now, what is freakier, is this is everywhere you go, and what you will notice is while I talk to people worldwide and they play stupid and try to make me look crazy with disinformation. The question of why they aren't looking around asking any questions like? "Why am I seeing cars in 2's and 3's everywhere I go" Something really messed up is going on. Their is only one person asking this question, and that is me! Kevin Perelman, the Target! The person who has been hunted his entire life by the Police, NSA/FBI, and worldwide support from their endless secret wrap sheet of fiction to the world. Also a Propaganda/terror operation to remove me from society.

Keep in mind, these are just a few pictures, and even a lot of them are in the same lots taken in a few minutes. For example in one Northridge lot, by the Barclay's coffee they don't want me at, I think I took about 30 pictures in that lot within minutes of pairs of backwards cars. But you can walk outside your house wherever you are and go to any public parking lot and observe what is going on, all directed at me to end my life.

See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic

To give you an idea of what happens if I end up at a place that they don't think I will go to, notice how the parking lot changes from people parked normal to backwards

This is a Starbucks at 17901 Chatsworth Street Granada Hills, CA 91344. When I had got there, a location I'd never been to, and a city, never really go to, Everyone had parked forwards like back in 2011, before Officer Toro's threats to my life. "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way" Working with Sean Dinse in some 2013 arrests which didn't work with  trumped up charges like trying to keel people by throwing a business card at them with assault charges which wasn't even true to begin with not that anyone would take it seriously normally. As you can see, upon arriving at Starbucks, everyone is parked normal. Across a couple of hours time, between mass groups arriving with these stalking tactics, People in the clothing patterns, People sitting next to me thinking they can thug and blackmail me quiet. The mimic tactics, and people going outside, turning their cars backwards and coming in. Then the rest just showed up parking backwards as well as some sitting and waiting in their cars backwards directed at me.

While not only parking cars in 2's and 3' is one of the tactics, also people are told to just park random cars backwards by themselves as well. But you notice they try to get them next to each other to create patterns of 2's and 3's. Observe here, how the lot goes from normal to lots of cars backwards when I leave. And also ask yourself how I knew to take the picture knowing what was going to happen before it happened.


The Spinning keys and objects tactic

One of the tactics is mass groups worldwide groups who see me is to start spinning objects or keys when they see me. This happens a lot with Ralph's employees, and all over the world. You can even see a police officer here, who see's me and spins his flashlight. Back when I was 29 years old. Mike Huntley, Bob Sandler, And Tim Thompson were showing me Joe Cartoons, Frog in a Blender (https://youtu.be/ebQy8QDWjkE) little did I know this was a death threat of theirs with worldwide support as to what they were going to do to me right before they broke from friends and business showing their life long angry rage against me. The, with the threats about SKULLFUCKING me to death, pretty much lets you understand what is going on with these people. Remember, these aren't random incidents with strangers. They are connected tactics with people worldwide told to send me suggestive hidden messages all day and night until I am dead or gone
Mass 17/40 year Gang Stalking - Topanga Starbucks/Coffeebean/Ralphs Shopping center - shows unnatural Behavior changes directed at me

While this activity starts around 17 years ago, or when I first started going to Starbucks in this shopping center on Topanga/Ventura Woodland hills.

Met with mass stalking groups following me into Starbucks as I witnessed 10 - 100 people provoking me per hour. It still goes on today and every location in the world I go to in order to remove me from society, or end my life which the Police know about, and don't want me saying a word about for some strange reason

These operations have been done to me on a more subtle level since 5 years old.

This video shows un natural human behavior which shows people acting togethor doing the same exact things, and all at the same time. And then change all at the same time.

This shows that, people will park backwards with the other tactics. Then it will all of a sudden stop in an area which can only happen if information is disseminated telling people what to do. Showing non random events.

You will notice towards the end of this. While they try to make these attacks to me look like random people living their own daily lives are given information of what to do when they go to places they know I will be at. And even notified when I am there.

So you have people who are going here for a reason. But will do things like park cars backwards because they know I might show up. Then you have the groups who are actually following me. But showing that Internet based dissemination tools have been built around me to notify the masses to stalk me, and try to Gas Light, create mental illness with the Police, to remove me from society

Based on "He's crazy" labels thrown on me at 5 years old. Yet if I were to be crazy.That is no crime. That is like saying jews are crazy and need to be exterminated. In this case Crazy = Extermination.

What is crazy anyways? I like to play pool and you like to Sail, therefore sailing is correct, and pool is wrong therefore you are crazy?

Notice the Ralphs location at the end is 99.9 normal when the rest of the lot is 40% backwards. This can only happen by people being given information and told what to do all directed at me.

This is the same Ralphs parking lot on 3/17/2018 and 3/19/2018 and is a little more obvious with the city wide, and worldwide groups following me from place to place.

You can see the rate of change a lot better in this video. Especially at 4:00 am when the parking lot is almost empty and people start showing up

3/23/2018 What you are going to see here is me isolating all the terror patterned tactics directed at me, and showing only the people who followed me without license plates on in 1.5 hours or so.

While a small percent were already there in case I would show up to commit horrible acts, such as buying food to eat and stay alive which they say I am not allowed to do.

You will notice huge numbers of cars following me with dealer plates on, or other plate covers. Yet, in this 1.5 hours of a parking lot with 40% cars without plates on. I believe I took about 80 pictures or so.

While normally when you go into a parking lot, now and then you see some cars without plates. Not 80 per hour in a small lot.

Also, some of these people doing this around my house have had these plates on for years. Showing that the car is registered, but they choose to not put the plates on.

This is all directed at me to create mental illness and try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizo. Some of my brothers 16 year old threats that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution. Because I jumped in the way and stopped him from bashing my friend Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar after His girlfriend Jen Yang cheated on him with Greg.

But you will also notice, the more people find out what I am doing, the more defensive they get with their terror tactics, and thugging on video. Showing all sorts of hate speech, and people playing stupid and trying to thug me quiet, or false accusations they do to try to cover up their crimes by attacking my credibility. Trying to make me look crazy, or a public nuisance and things like this.

Hurricane Jada Fire Porn Star  - Working with several Lawyers, Police, and Black Community to try to thug me quiet working with mass worldwide groups following me all around the city

This is an example of what I found out 23 years ago is being done to me with worldwide support  started by my family and the police. Now NSA/FBI and worldwide operations to try to GangStalk, Gaslight me to
remove me from society for what I know and found out with the psychology community screw ups. Endless death threats and well as the Police threatening my life sending a girl after me named Skyler (Stephanie on IRC that they were and are going to SKULLFUCK me to death.

While every industry is involved worldwide, especially the Entertainment and Adult industry using media to try to create paranoid schizophrenia. This video shows you what has been going on every single day at the Topanga/Ventura, and Winnetka/Ventura Shopping centers as well as some city events all coordinated. I've watched this worldwide, as well as in these local shopping centers alone for 17 years now with endless threats and telling me I had better accept being tortured to death. It also shows how Jada Fire (Hurricane Jada in this video) in one of her videos is being played out to actually hurricane me to death so to speak with the Black community thugging me, following me places with subtle threats as well as doing what it takes to stop me from talking to the police and lawyers all working together. Keep in mind, this is only 2 days, and a few hours. This is all day and night 24/7 which I noticed 17 years ago at the age of 29 where I magically went from extremely healthy to sick right when met with death threats by Mike Huntley, my business partner and 25 year so called friend who I met through my brother because they were friends, and Rodie Morales my Gym manager who befriended me working with him, while having my own company. And before this, growing up it started with more subtle psychological warfare tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society I had no clue this was even going on for things like stopping my brother from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar, and him giving me the mobster blood is thicker then water speech, and telling me I needed to spy on Greg for him and things like this which I refused. Then him basically telling me he was going to put me in a mental institution with his friends. Things get a lot deeper, but you get the idea of people who don't want you talking or the notion that some day you might talk, and want to collapse you brain and kill you, or as it has been put to me SKULLFUCK me to death like Mr Churches. Then cover it up saying I am a violent paranoid schizo to try to lock me away.

For the Shortened version just with Jada Fire, leaving out the proof of psychological terror attacks, https://youtu.be/niZWYTm8qjA to abuse me to death and remove me from society.
Running hand through hair and touching face tactic

People are told as if they walk by me, or I look in their direction to run their hands through their hair or touch their faces. This is done over and over and in repetition. Worldwide like the rest of these endless psychological terror operations. At the one Coffeebean alone, in less then 40 minutes, I think something like 27 people walked by me with just this one tactics alone which doesn't include the rest of the other ones being done to me to end my life or lock me away somewhere because those involved in these operations since childhood don't want me talking.
See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic
Cars parked crooked directed at me

While this situation is similar to the one time I parked backwards at Starbucks at an Encino Starbucks, 16461 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91436. First, I noticed Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager, basically paid to stalk me since the day she was hired, and pretty much her only job description after this parked her car crooked at her Golden State Sport directed at me. Then I noticed mass groups escalating worldwide. Obviously more prevalent to the places I go, and people think I might go to parking their cars like this. Most of these pictures are around my house, but I can assure you it is wherever I go worldwide. And any place I am at a significant amount of time, people will show up parking like this. As well as any place they might think I will ever go.
See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic
Parking cars in 2's without license plates

Once of the tactics is for mass groups to take off their plates and put on dealer or other plates. If you are at least around where I live or the areas I go, you will notice insane amounts of cares without license plates. And just like the ones parking backwards they do whatever it takes to get them in 2's and 3's. But at where I live alone. This happens all day and night as well directed at me. Some of these cars I've seen with no plates for 6 months to a year showing that, they just aren't putting on their plates. Obviously the police would have noticed this long ago. But clearly know it's going on. Showing that this mass conspiracy leaves really only one person in the dark. Me, Kevin Perelman.

While these are just a few pictures. I can guarantee, I could go though lot after lot where I first noticed this at the Encino Starbucks, taking pictures of what is going on. I saw that lot alone go from almost no dealer plates to about 40% dealer plates for years alone.

I went out to Hollywood one weekend, which they go ballistic because they don't want my car with the signs on it exposing the truth. I noticed thy from Hollywood blvd on the side of the road, all the way to Sunset, to the 405 Freeway.Something like 1 out of 10 cars were parked on the shoulder with no plates directed at me. Aside from all the other things going on, like people following me there in the same color clothing patterns and such

See More Of these Stalkers Using This Terror Tactic this tactic
2/18/2018 Restaurant Terror Tactics

Ponchos taking turns on me in their anger and rage with all other restaurants worldwide for whatever they are so mad at me about at 5 - 9 years old to help remove me from society. Keep in mind things like this are done by pretty much every restaurant to me my entire life progressing into more obvious types of attacks. The more I try to eat food, they angrier they get and you can guess why. Since people generally don't last long without food in them. Normally the restaurant terror operations are more verbal. Example, almost every restaurant employee I am in contact with saying "Enjoy" over and over to try to provoke me into violence. Which obviously stems from my family's accusations to the world that I am a violent paranoid schizo that needs to be put in mental institutions, while having Mr. Quigley my English and P.E. teacher with the government tell me to hit a bully kid in class. Which I did not fall for.

Another tactic which happens worldwide is if I order a steak. They will cook it wrong no matter how I order it. It will always be wrong no matter how many times I tell them. This is obviously done to try to make me look violent. These restaurant tactics alone are endless. And when I leave, people will follow me to public places mimicking back my conversations from the restaurant employees. This never stops. Obviously to remove me from society for some reason.

But once you start understanding the dynamics of things like this. You understand the real motive behind these 23  year operations. You get the idea. This isn't about me being a bad person. It is about someone who wants me dead and gone, or locked away from anger, rage, hate, and jealousy. Nothing else. Or I would have been told what this is about, and not wake up at 29 years to find out I have a global extermination operation going on which I am told does not exist, and absolutely nothing out of the norm is going on.

Keep in mind. These are the Operations the Topanga LAPD Division is trying to keep covered up as they call these worldwide terror operaitons "Neighborhood Watch Groups" and Sean Dinse, and Detective AngelaStewart are involved in illegal arrests and thugging back in 2013 from My Brothers BBQ doing the same endless things with mass groups. As well as 100's coming inthe restuarant taking turns on me. And Sean Dinse knows what he is involved in. Hence these new arrests in 2017 trying to put me in mental institions for speaking out about their mass stalkings since 5 years old they refuse to stop.

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/officer-sean-dinse-jenson-and-toros/

The day after Ponchos put 2 knives in the food, the next day Weilers Deli put 2 spoons in the soup, showing thaat these are all worldwide connected events since childhood 12/6/2017
The steak Tactic. Each time I ordered it medium or medium rare. It was always completely rare. This is from Chili's in West Hills
This was done over at this location alone and over. So I made sure it was medium instead of medium rare to prove a point 3/17/2018
Chilis's again barely cooking the steak in these global setup operations
Chilis order showing medium rare which we all know is a little pink in the middle. Now barely cooked done almost every single time, and different restuarants worldwide Confession from a Togo's employee who put a dime in my food with another one. One of many tactics  
Labels Table Deli. Same tactic as Panchos restuarant, showing global coordinated terror operations
Labels Table Order          
Cryptic referene messages on Twitter directed at me Worldwide Internet based terror tactics all directed at me

What you are seeing here, worldwide. Just like the cars parked crooked and backwards are cryptic messages directed at me to create mental illness and figure out ways to end my life and remove me from society.

When you see the unusual cryptic terror patterns such as things in 2's 3's 4's spaces in between things

example "..." "!!!" “//” emoji's in 2's 3's 4's

Space like "Word !!" next to words

And tons of other things directed at me.

For each of these crypitc terror patterns seem to be some kind of guilt messges they are trying to send me or accuse me of things because they want to torture me into some kind of forced coerced false confessions since 5 years old. Of course like everything else, it is then turned around on me and the world told it's because that is what I am doing. Yet common sense question like I don't even know any of my accusers who make these claims about me from thing to thing.

Even things that people like from my saying like Vibe or all sorts of aspects of my personal life will be referenced as if they like aspects of my life and want to incorporate them into their lives. Except the part where I am lied too, and told no buddy knows me and am imagining it, is that part where they show their motive, anger and rage.

This has been going on for 17 years now. All day and night 24/7 and is with the intent to provoke me into reaction of anger with the police and government to remove me from society. With death threats that “You had better accept what is going on or it will get a lot worse”, or “No relaxing for you Nigger” Yet the police are not concerned what is being done to me, playing stupid. 

Basically giving you the notion that you think the world revolves around you, yet you are crazy.

All all weird cryptic messages to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizophrenic.

At times, people will pretend they don't know me without cryptic references. Say something they know I might respond to or can relate too. And if I am friendly enough to post something direct to them. They will respond back after acting normal, with the trolling harassing cryptic messages to try to get reaction.And keep in mind. The police and government know with worldwide extermination operation is going on. With the same story I am imaging it. So what is their agenda and why are they doing it? Well, not to help me, I can tell you that.Which starts at 5 years old locally from smaller circles of people. My friends, my family, growing up.

Now you will notice this is about 7-10 people worldwide taking part in ending my life. Saying they don't know me, and I am imagining it and nothing is going on out of the norm. Then sending me these references to create things like Schizophrenia (Ideas of references)Well, even if it wasn't about me, then who would it be about? because this isn't normal BEHAVIOR from people all working together like this. This gets really bad when the Police and Government sent a person named Rodie Morales after me on IRC posing to be a girl named Julia Sophia Reynoso, working with a Jen Hess as well.

Basically saying things like "You think the world revolves around you" saying it out of context. Basically letting me know they had these worldwide murder operations to end my life while the police and government in order to send this person just like every other one after me since a young child are trying to turn it around on me to rid me of the world. And stop me from ever talking.

These tactics are done on almost every web page in the world. Just like almost every parking lot in the world with cars parked backwards or crooked directed at me. What was my crime at 5 years old? not breastfeeding correctly? You get the idea.

Cryptic referene messages on Facebook directed at me Cryptic referene messages on Instagram directed at me Cryptic referene messages on Google+ directed at me
Cryptic referene messages on random web surfing directed at me. Mostly areas like forums or where people post toeach other in their conversations directed at me. But some big companies like Grubhub.com, ebay.com, etc will put things from my sayings in their corporate design, slogans, you name it. Cryptic referene messages on Modelmayem directed at me. After Aubrey Fisher gave me some advice to sabotage my photography working wth these mass groups while I was trying to pursue photography Posts on Instagram in patterns of 2's and 3's from strangers WORLDWIDE directed at anger at me
People taking Cards off Cars tearing them up and litering then telling the world I am a liter bug

One of these cover up operations is to try to get reactions to use against me with the police to lock me away or remove me from society

Hence being forced to pass out cards to try to get these mass worldwide Gangstalking operations to stop and leave me alone, or let people know everything they've been told is lies on ILLEGAL information dissemination operations that involved, Libel, slander, defamation, and in this case, Criminal Defamation or attempted murder to end my life or remove me from society are the motives.

With full police, NSA/FBI operations for what I know. The types of things Edward Snowden came forward about, and me being the victim of these government flagging operations they don't want the world knowing bout which they try to cover up by calling them Neighborhood watch groups which are still illegal since they are based on mass groups stalking one person. And nothing about concern for peaceful communities

Hence, what you are seeing here, is the Met complex, as well as worldwide groups ripping up my cards and LITERING

The reason they are doing this is to work with worldwide groups saying I'm a public nuisance, and a liter bug to try to stop me from being able to get the TRUTHFUL information out to the world so that they can understand what is really going on with these one sided secret information defamation to the world about me which isn't true. AKA Propaganda.

But because I am told I am imagining it, it gives anyone a license to create any lie they want and give it out worldwide on these government terror systems built around me starting at 5 years old.

Since their motive is to remove me from society. They don't want me talking. And this is an example of what happens when you simply tell people the lies aren't true, exercising your 1st amendment of the constitution.

Hence a 40 year mental battering and Rodney Kinging which I started to find out was going on at the age 29.

There have been several arrests and people physically attacking me in the name of LITER. But this has nothing to do with LITER, FARTING WRONG, or imperfect yawns, or J-Walking.

This has to do with Illegal Government NSA/FBI Operations, with Police, and Worldwide support to torture and do horrific things to someone as well as dictate me life. Every constitutional freedom was removed from me at 5 years old.

And they don't want the world knowing the types of illegal things are government really does. Hence these LITER frame jobs they have even arrested me for trying to make me look like a public nuisance, as well as trumped up battery and criminal threat charges of things done to me which they are not concerned about helping me in any way shape or form showing their involvement. Especially with the amount of police reports, and call to them over the last 17 years where they have not lifted one finger, met with their cryptic threats which I found out was going on at 29 once I started to figure out something was very wrong with my life.

An example of how the media with mass groups are used to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizofrenic, and try to make it look like I can't seperate movies from reality working with the psychology community

This is taken from the Movie Gotcha 1985


In order to try to make me look crazy, they take things out of movie after movie to try to flip me out to remove me from society. A lot more is going on than the video here. But you can see how mass groups are actually incorporating things out of movies to try to make me look crazy.

While this keeps going from movie to movie starting at the age 5 years old with the movie Wizards by Ralph Bakshi


When these crimes are reported not talking about the hidden messages they send me all day and night, the police still refuse to report and investigate. Telling me that they need to find out if I am crazy. Yet no matter how much solid proof on video I have of such crimes. Even dog attacks and assaults.


THEY REFUSE! to look at the proof of these crimes or curve into something it's not.


Even the endless car vandalism, like top slashings, car slashings. With endless Police  report after report. They pretend nothing i going on or is connected. Their motive is clear. To Gas Light, Gang Stalk, flip me out, keep working on worldwide groups until they can collapse my mind, flip me out. Make me look crazy.


At no point do they think what is going on is wrong. And they damn well know what is going on since 5 years old. These are worldwide groups all working together, all day and night 24/7 to lock me away in a mental institution or Jail cell which is basically what my brothers threats to me were at 16 after stopping him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar. He and his friends are going to put me in a mental institution.


Hence them sending Mike Huntley after me for the next 25 years working with Officer Sean Dinse with his "Neighborhood Watch Groups" as they call them which are psychological warfare operations and stalking groups to remove me from society. But rememeber this al started at 29, with Mike Huntley threatening my like basically telling me that he was using the System against me, that he had given me enough rope to hang myself. Working With the Police, Government, and actually showing me movies to send me messages. Or Joe's Cartoons Frog in a blander sowing spinning a frog to death. Which is a conduit to my brother and his threats at 16 that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution after stopping him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar. Mike was originally his friend. So, with everything you've seen on this site alone, you can sort of trace back to what is going on, and the Why's which get very complex.


If you watch the movie Gotcha, this one movie by itself has all sorts of things I didn't realize were being done to me By Tom Farley, His Girlfriend HOPE, who made up a lie to the world that at 8 years old I supposedly saw an Alien and am crazy. Nothing that ever came from my mouth, only his. You get the idea. These are government operations to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society. Also known as Gas Lighting, and Gang Stalking. This done with movie after movie to me. And then turned around that I am a violent paranoid schizo.


Also note, that these events are within days with mass groups hinting about the movie. So if they try to say I am collecting things from my past, and applying them. That is not the case. They are actually doing things in such a way to send me hints and references. To try to make it look like I suffer from what is known as "Ideas of References"


So they are labeling me CRAZY, then having people endlessly provoke me trying to get violent reactions. So they can arrest me, so I am a violent paranoid schizo and a danger to myself or others. Because it is not a crime to be crazy. it is only a crime to be violent so they can try to lock me away. Hence several illegal arrests with people making up lies with Officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart and people in these setup and frame job operations claiming I threatened them or others that have attacked me physically which they refuse to file reports about directed at me.


In other words, My constitutional rights have been taken away from me at 5 years old because someone just doesn't like me. Have been flagged and hunted with these psychological terror operations. And if this was any other person, the police, Lawyer, Judges, and people would stop it immediatly, or investigate it. And not tell me I am crazy and imagining it. They would voice out what is going on, and not try to cover anything up unless they were involved in it. And wanted a mass crime covered up.

Santa Monica and Hollywood - Groups follow me to locations told to wear Yellow/Black Clothing

While this video is 2:35 minutes of pure boredom of me driving. It shows one thing. The fluctuation changes from normal to mass groups wearing yellow and black clothing. The Pattern has seemed to now have changed to Yellow/Black, Yellow/Blue, and Yellow Shirts

If you go out there, or anywhere else on a regular basis, you will notice that bright yellow is normally not a popular color. Yet everything changed when I go there showing that, it isn't random. Example, Maybe you go there for 5 hours one night and see a couple of people wearing yellow and black, to an hour later or the next time, and you see 1000 in a night showing that these behaviors are based on communication to tell people to get together and do these things directed at me.

Also, in this video, it is hard to sit through, and sit around watching. But it's here if you want to understand what happens each and every time I go places and what is done by the masses using technology and the Internet to create mental illness.

It is also hard to see these pattern changes if you aren't the target. And you have to kind of take the time to watch what is going on over time. In this video, I am at Santa Monica for a shorter period of time, which is easier to see the flucitons from the first 25 minutes of normality, and then after the people showing up for the next time minutes in a good amount of numbers. 

If anything, you get to listen to some good music!

This is online for the world to see, even though it is boring as hell, it documents what is done to me. Also remember, the patterns are in the 1000's and change. Some nights they all come out in Adidas stripes. Some night Red/Black, some night with hoods on in huge numbers all at once. Then it goes back to normal. All directed at me with the Police, Governmnet, NSA/FBI to try to get reactions to remove me from society 

With lies and cover up operations that I am a violent paranoid schizo, am a danger to myself and others in these 40 year now, ongoing worldwide operaitons to remove me from society on government flagging operations. 

While this video is difficult to see what is going on, my shorter ones of other tactics establish a foundation of their worldwide group BEHAVIORS directed at me to get what they want which never ends and starts at a very young age.

Neighbors all come out at same time walking dogs to try to create mental illness

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000's

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used
Next Day 2 hour walk at 5:00 pm to show you what it is like

The next day at 5:00 pm to see how things changed from mass groups doing the same things to more subtle terror tactics in hope for some insignificant reaction that can be used to give to the world saying I am
angry, violent, a nuisance, to show how these operations work. Normally, even if some said something rude to someone, it would not be disseminated world wide to use against them, Showing it's about information used to remove someone from society on these propaganda/terror operations
Day 2 at 8:20 pm - No Dogs but now way more subtle terror tactics

The Same Night at 8:20 pm. Shows how things ramp down from more obvious groups to more subtle and subliminal level terror behaviors to try to get get some kind of violent reaction based on what appears to be nothing going on. So they can make their lies look justified that I am crazy, need to be watched, and these things done to me. As you will notice, This time, groups of cars with dealer plate covers. Mostly "Keyes" and the Fire Department working on me
4th walk around my block, Very Detailed across 2 days - 10/21/2017 1:37 am and 10/21/2017 8:51 pm

This is across 2 days, you will notice, tons of coordinated events in 2's. Their these are the more subtle tactics which lead into large group mobbings as it kind of cycles back and forth. They start with the subtle terror tactics in hopes that they can get a reaction. But if they can't get a reaction, the will fabricate some kind of behavior they don't like.
Woodland Oaks Gang Stalkers Man in Black Jeep waiting by other jeeps and other things

In this video you will see a black couple waiting for me in a black jeep when I come out to take a walk by all the other jeeps parked to send me hidden messages for years in the same spot with a conversation.

Not only showing that I am not a violent dangerous person like they are telling the world in any attempt known to man to rid me of the world. But I am a normal decent person who is observing a mass crime against me.

And full LAPD, and Government involvement to try to torture me quiet. Also, an hour later, another person in the Metro Complex parks a Grey Jeep there. Then people all come out, maybe about 30 of them walking dogs.

Then the red/black clothing from Hollywood and Santa Monica the nights before directed at me which I took over 120, in the few I saw within a couple of hours.

Also done to me at My Brothers BBQ in 2013 working with Sean Dinse, and Jensen, and Detective Angela Stewart to try to figure out ways to remove me from society because I found out their endless crimes against me growing up.

Also, you will notice like 90% of my walks, the local fire truck comes out from down the street. As well as people all coming out with Adidas striped clothing, starting this week. An older tactic of theirs. Other things are 2 cars waiting for me with lights on next to each other. And a girl coming out of my complex in red/black. Showing they are the violent obsessed psychotics who won't leave me alone, and have been hunting me for 35 years now for some reason. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with me

Also notice after out conversation he says "Got it" Which is a common tactic of trying to force me into false confessions then trying to intimidate me and scare me quiet

The Met Property Call Cops for waiting for a parking spot on the street by a red curb

While you might laugh at the ABSURDITY of this. Not only from the Met security Guards following me from place to place trying to dictate my life 

Also the cops saying they have me on video by a red curb, trying to make it look like a parking crime, while the car was never off, or me out of the car 

Not only this, but people wait here all day. But they are only concerned about ONE person breathing 

What is this really about? What I know, and me talking about it! 

The only thing you are really seeing here, is Security and Police thugging to try to intimidate me for what I know. Especially with people like Lorena Escobar, and Fernanda Sime sent after me from my father’s office. Even before Lorena Hired me to work there. 

Lorena was involved in sending all sorts of women after me in Colleges for setup attempts and frame job operations. 

Which was her real Job Description at Golden State Sports Medical

While in the end, he just wrote me up with a lying warning ticket that I "Parked in a Red Zone" not even that is true, or he would have just issued a parking ticket 

But you might want to consider my father’s story to me, which I have no clue is even true about a Police Officer named Officer Romo who gave my father ticket for turning too close to the right curb and my father telling him that if he ever came into the Emergency Room, no one would ever help him when I was a young child. 

If it is true, it could explain why no one worldwide will help me in this flagging operation mass extermination campaign since 5 years old. 

But I highly doubt the story is true. But the ACTIONS are one in the same. To hunt me, leaving me no recourse to defend myself with worldwide support, and everyone known to man refusing to help me

The Met complex Cherokee owners conspiring to create mental illness directed at me

This is merely an example of these types of mental illness tactics using cars. Not only is this locally around my house, this is done to my worldwide or wherever I go 

A lot of times, I can walk around these blocks around my house and literally have pictures of something like 20 pairs of the same cars together parked in 2's 

Example, 2 grey civics, 2 Honda accords. They are big on the Jeep Cherokee's because Kelly Hatch sent after me from Calabasas High to follow me to Southern Oregon State college was told to take part, and hunt me down working with the police and government. 

In order to try to cover up their crimes against me, and removing my constitutional rights, they are trying to torture or guilt me into coerced false confessions to try to cover up their endless 40 year crime spree. Hence these mass groups of Jeep Cherokee's 

While this is just one of the 1000's of these all day and night 24/7 terror operations to torture me to death to remove me from society no matter what it takes for what I know. 

This gives you an example of just one of these terror operations. It also shows you how these mass groups are communicating and conspiring not only locally, but worldwide in these operations using the Internet technologies that they don't want people knowing what is really going on, and what it is really about. 

Hence their cover up operations, just like Edward Snowden, trying to make me look like a horrible monster for what I know, and started finding out at 29 years old.


Note: this is not mental illness or me being hypersensitive, these things are actually going on in repetition, and calculated, premeditated, and systematic and have been done in repetition since childhood.

Rile the masses tactics
  • People who see me outside will do U-turns in cars by me, or some of the people walking by me will do 180's and turn the other way next to me. Done over and over obviously

  • If everything settles down on social networks with the cryptic terror posts, and I go out to take a walk, or a lot of times go somewhere, once I leave, it goes from quiet to tons of worldwide posts with the cryptic hidden messages

  • If I go take a walks, peope on social networks will post and ramp up their crppitc attacks. And someone who cryptically pretends to show interest by oging from silence to posts on their social networks. This will do it over and over showing it isn't a coincidence and make me question how they know when I leave my house. Then cover ups that I suffer from paranoia. This will be done from person to person my entire life all across the world

  • By speaking out to people in order to stay breathing, or out of cages, which seems to be their motive in trying to mae me look crazy. People with the police and government are saying that I am trying to overthrow the government. Which doesn't make any sense since I live in isolation, don't have any friends. The friends I had in the past were told to try to figure out how to remove me from society. While people run around telling me I am the leader of something. Yet, of what, because not one person has admited to the truth and situation. Meaning that I could not be leading anything but imaginary ghosts. And anyone who acts in my name is acting on their own. The only thing I've asked of anyone is an admission of the situation for my survival and because it is honest and right. An admission of something horrible done to someone is not an overthrow of anything. That is like saying soemone who was raped spoke out about it and are trying to take over the government by speaking out that their rapist told them that the victim made them do it. The only difference here is that this is worldwide groups against one person. But the principle is one in the same. Why would someone be told they shouldn't speak out about horrible things being done to them? One of their reasoning is to try to make me look delusional and make people think I suffer from Delusions of Grandsuer or Think I am some kind of crazy massia. So they can say I am crazy and lock me away.Instead of being honest.

  • Trying to make it look like, by me trying to stop these mass attacks on me, I am someone trying to get confessions from my family. Especially while these mass worldwide attacks never end, to remove me from society. What would speaking out while watching people who refuse to stop, with endless death threats that I had better accept what is and going on, isn't acceptable and needs to stop. That doesn't make any sense other then these people don't want the truth coming out, and stopping these mass terror operations to rid me of the world. Why can't they just stop, and leave me alone? They have an agenda and ulterior motives like Adolf Hitler did.

  • Since the age 10 years old the masses were notified to make it look like I have Paranoid Schizophrenia and then run around claiming I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia to the masses for sole reason to control. Who I like, What I do, etc. Example, if my family doesn't like who I date or what hobbies I am into, they will create mental illness, although the larger picture is to just figure out how to remove me from society.

  • Person after person will come in my life, befriend me, try to set me up any way possible while disseminating their lies to the world in a funded campaign since the age of 10. If they cannot set me up, they will make up lies that I did what they were trying to get me to anyways, to cover up their setups and destroy my credibility with the intent to rile up the masses to terrorize me until either my nervous system gives out, I kill myself, or they can try to provoke a reaction to remove me from society. This has been done all day and night since the age of 10 with heavy police and government support.

  • Common pattern of Following me around telling everyone i have a problem. Then do things to make it look like i have a problem. Then have people follow me around sending me hidden messages that i have a problem. Then telling me they will never stop unless I confess with the intent to kill using that as their reasoning and sending people all day and night after me.

  • Endless Double Bind Sceneries where I'm locked in and the public is notified by whatever happens, I'm attacked for punishment, and told no buddy knows me and I'm imagining it. Most of the punishments are covert innuendos or visual cues to lock me into a state of aggravation and make it look like I have an anger problem

  • People will make up some outrageous claim that I had done something, then come after me trying to make me mentally ill as if it's justified saying we don't want it to happen again.

  • Try to figure out ways to endlessly set you up, or provoke you into situation to use to control by telling people what you did and that you cannot be trusted and they need to do what they are told to keep me in line.

  • Follow me from place to place or violate my privacy taking information out of context and disseminate it across the world then making up lies that it's because I am doing it to cover up their crimes

  • People follow me from place to place, making up public lies that I am following them

  • When I go to almost any public place, a stranger will start making up lies about me riling the masses against me with some lame excuse, but then it's no one knows you and your imagining it. On rare occasions someone will say something. But not usually. Example at a Studio City Starbucks a black person said to another person in front of me, that I was kidnapped, then I kidnapped someone. When I explained the situation to the person playing stupid, The other person starts whistling that I am a whistle blower and mass groups come in attacking me. of course the other person was trying to make me look crazy telling me it's God, and that I will see signs, trying to make me run around looking crazy that I am God or talking to god so they can say I am crazy and lock me away. And of course people all the way in Woodland hills after this were saying I think I'm God. Since these operations are done all day and night, never end, and are world wide, and yet no one magically has any common sense when it comes to Kevin Perelman.


  • Mental illness tactics



  • The self fullfilling profacy tactic - People will say something about me worldwide. Then they will endlessly, never stopping trying to prove it, a lot of times making their insecurities come true with clear and obvious INTENT out of anger. Example my father through some young childhood label on me that something is wrong with me. And saying I have a problem. Hence, in their anger and rage following me from place to place all day and night with strangers trying to get an answer to their insecurities. When finding out something is going on in my life it shouldn't, creating problems for me of wondering what is going on. Hence, even my mothers weird freaky comment on the phone at 29 "You have a problem to" which makes no sense, but showing she is obsessed with trying to build the perfect robot. By having worldwide groups follow me from place to place all day and night trying to bash my skull in with people with mental Baseball batts, creates problems from me, and is a self fullfulling prophacy. And in their anger and rage that they were wrong, come the Cover Up operaitons to try to lock me away in jail cells, and mental institutions because they destroyed my life, and don't want to be held accountable or the TRUTH getting out to the world. That up until 29, and met with Mike Huntley's Deat hThreats working with the Police and Government. My life did a 180 and they don't want that known to the world. That there is nothing I have done wrong, and this isn't about me other then the Victim of a mass unprecedented WORLDWIDE crime based on things like his kind should not exist, while trying to make me look like the Vegas Shooter as Cover Up operations to their crimes and self fullfilling prophacy showing their hate, rage, and OBSESSION to stop me from living my life.
  • The no context tactic - Most people worldwide live within contexts of situations. Things that can mean something in one way, are completly different in other ways. Or a simple word by itself in meaningless until applied to the situation. In my life, is collected and Data-Mined by the Government in such a way that every aspect is taken out of context and given to the world to rile up the masses to kill me. Simple words, Envy, Karma, Hate, Crazy are left isolated and used and JUSTIFICATIONS to have me kiled, my life ended and removed from society with elaborate profilings based on thin air. Example, you said the word ENVY and only murderers envy, therefore you need to be removed from society before you kill someone. Yet people say Envey all day and night with 100's of different contexts and no where in HISTORY has anyone ever been hunted and killed NORMALY for someone using the word envy in a sentence. So why do I have worldwide groups trying to kill me for saying the word ENVY? To create psychololical warfare tactics and crete severe mental pain while trying to brainwash me into thinking I did something wrong by people blabbing weird things about MISCOMUNICATIONS that don't make any sense. If you cn create neough mental pain, they can get people to commit suicide, or try to turn people in to the Vegas Shooter, by trying to make it look like they just flipped out and went crazy. But yet, these are Police and Government Operaitons who damn well know this is going on and have endlessly taken part in them. Then of course, like  usual, I am told that I don't haave the ability to put things in context as cover up operations to try to immobilze me until the job is accomplished.
  • The this way or that way tactic - No matter who is in my life. Everything is either this way or that way. First I am told by the Police, and Mass groups hunting me down to kill me saying that I need to file 100,000 restraining orders per day, which is impossible, based on subtle passive agrressive attacks and when I cannot do the impossible the WORLD is told I am a Vigilante for putting up a webstie stating I am being hunted by mass groups. Then, when I get direct death threats and physical attacks the Police won't allow me to file any restraining orders showing they are aiding and abetting a murder operaitons. Or another exmple First, they try to get a confession that I am a serial killer who has killed 100,000 women, abused them and thug and bullied them. And if you call their bluff and prove them wrong, then I am a puppy dog who won't leave women alone and am annoying and they can't get rid of me. No matter what you say, no matter how normal I am, lies, smears, defamation  are given out WORLDWIDE to these carefully crafted lies. While this doesn't just aapply to  women. It applies to EVERYTHING in life as they just keep manufacturing lie after lie to the world. Then try to tell me that this is who I am to cover up their crimes against me by trying to make me look crazy while trying to figure out how to end my life or remove me from society. While the world is told I can't see myself. Even mind games of such things like you can either chase women or be chased by women. But yet, I am not allowed to INTERACT with women or other people based on how communication NORMALLY works. For example. Men don't chase women and or women don't chase men. People gives signs by flirting or the way they talk as to showing interest and both work together for a common outcome. This works in business, hobbies and every aspect of our daily lives. But in my life, I am told that I have to do the IMPOSSIBLE or I will be PUNISHED. And things are either this way or that way applying to all situations. Example, I aam either a good person, or a bad person. Their is no such thing to the world in my life, as just being a person. A person who is not perfect, and anything that is in the category of imperfection is used against me and given out on these worldwide governemnt EXTERMINATION tools across the Internet to the world on these Police and Government TERROR systems. And of course, like usual, I am imaging it and now one knows me in this worldwide slander, defamation, and lies I deal with  all day and night 24/7 worldwdie based on no reason starting at 5 years old.
  • The, You committed a crime so the world has to do it back to you for the rest of your life tactic: Any person who has any type of association with me since around 5 years old will make up lies about things I've done to people from subtle to non subtle. Then when they fabricate these lies, it is put in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST to the world to clean my up by killing me. These terror tactics are then disseminated to the world to do back to me by almost every person WORLDWIDE I am in contact with. Example, when a girl named Aubrey Fisher was sent after me by Rodie Morales working with the LAPD NSA/FBI  to have me killed or rid of the world. One of her claims is that because I tapped my foot around her a couple of times. Thaat I aam a troll trying to provoke her. Well, delusional women, or hypersensitive women are not uncommon. Or even people you don't work well with are not uncommon in life. However, she should have stopped calling me asking me to come over and help her with things.  However, WORLDWIDE groups being notified for 6 years on this one of thousands of tactics like this told if they saw me to start tapping to try to guilt me to death, trying to make me look like a obsessed, violent paranoid schizofrenic, kill me, and collapse my brain is however UNHEARD OF! with full Police support. Opening up serious questions about what is going on, and the TECHNOLOGY being used to have me killed. How information like this is being disseminated WORLDWIDE and instantly across the Internet. This does not fit into NORMALITY While this does not only apply to tapping my foot a couple of times to a psychotic murderer sent aafter me like many others. It goes from thing to thing from person to person. He rested his foot on a chair at a coffee shop, and that is a crime and needs to be guilted to death at very coffee shop in the world now going on 17 yeaars on that one tactic alone. He called a girl a bitch, and needs to be bitched to death by worldwide support, in their laundrey list of 1000's starting at 5 years old. This leaving out room for me to act like a normal person when around people. Because these types of things aren't normally done to people so they can live life without being in danger of worldwide stalkings which the Govrnment started at 5 years old for flagging and extermination operaitons. Hence trying to say things like it's my Behavior, or it's because I let Aubrey Fisher into my life or am a dog for being nice to her. And it's somehow my fault trying to Brainwash me while ramping up more and more similar attacks to end my life. At the point I mentioned Karma, they really got defensive ramping up their murder operations for the information I know. Which I didn't see what wasa going on then, but they thought I did, trying to silence me. Which seems to stem from my family, and things said about Karma, and things they were and are doing to my life. Of course all the things I've mentoned here, are things people do on a daily baisis and no one could care less. People tap their foot sometimes, people sing songs, people say "Hey" people say "Hey you", people say "Hows it going", people make jokes, people get in arguments, which I am told are all crimes and it's my BEHAVIOR, and I will be punished with worldwide support in these mimic tactics until they can endlessly give me nervious breakowns and kill me. Then labeling me as crazy to cover up the crimes with the PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY and Government. In what is really about "His Kind" as they have put it. Labeling me as different.
  • The Your memory is too good tactic- The psychology community trying to pretend that a good memory is somehow mental illness. And that because I can rememer all sorts of aspects of my life. That is somehow mental illness. When the reality is that it is not that I have a good memory. I can remember all sorts of childhood crimes committed against me that I did not realize were going on. Example, making the connection between Mr Quigley, a 10th grade english teacher telling me to Punch Paul Schauffer which didn't work so they could tell the world I am a violent paranoid schizo who goes around punching people for no reason. Wa not some random incident of a teacher doing something stupid. He was told to try to set me up in these never ending similar operations. Hence the PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY trying to cover up their crimes by trying to make me look crazy and throw endless psychological labels on me to the world to remove me from society for what I know. Yet people with photographic memories are just fine and not a threat to anyone.
  • The Obsession tactic - Having never ending worldwide psychological provoking all day and night while saying you did SOMETHING, "Your past caught up with you", "You know what you did" with hinting messages about every aspect of your life. While each person pretends they don't know you. Then turning it around asking why they are stalking you. To try to exert your brain to the point it gives out to kill you by making it look like you suffer from obsession and can't move on with your life. Done from person to  person WORLDWIDE and the Police, and People in the Psychology community told to kill you. Which starts from my own family at a young age as I found out at 29 years old it was going on. Using Psychology Degree's as murder tools to kill those they don't like. The police will then say things like you have a thought process problem because you are focusing on things that aren't happening, are from your past that are thrown in your face linking the crimes to larger things as they try to immobilize you by trying to make you look crazy while they try to have you killed in such a way that is very Stealth
  • The PERFECTION THUGGING - Tactic - In order to try to make me a perfect robot. Although the question of why this is happening is important. People will be told or paid to try to THUG me to daeth. But I will never be told why this is happening. I will only be told vague comments like "You know what you did", "Your past caught up with you" to then have the police and government follow me all day and night with mass worldwide groups that they are watching me while taking turns in rage on me to rid me of the world while being told I have to be perfect. To give you an example, Greg Koenig in 21620, Woodland Hills, Unit #2 in my complex. After slashing my car top, tires, and years of car defacing over and over tells me their's an investigatoin on me. Which has been going on since  years old changing from thing to thing to try to intimidate me into impossible imperfection. He says this while commiting crimes against me. At the same time, telling me "Read your CC&R's" while telling me, my house isn't mine, my car and parking spot aren't mine. But why can't he tell me what he is mad about? WHy do I have to read entire law books, or books of CC&R's, that no one could notmally care about? What is he trying to do? He wants me to go through a book of guidlines that no one could care less about making myself think I did something wrong based on things like farting wrong, blinking wrong, J-walking, leaving a little liter on the ground. Thinks that sane rational people don't think about. WHY? Because, he and my family, the police and Government want to thug me into a PERFECT person which no one could ever be. This way I can read the HOA, CCR's, and no how to be a perfect person, instead of someone telling me that they are mad about this and that. How life normally works. People don't walk around saying "You did SOMETHING" now you better be a PERFECT person or we will kill you with WORLDWIDE support. In otherwords, for no reason at all, they waant to dictate my life, tell me what I can and can't do, in an impossible level. Then torture me to death as punishment while THREATENING ME! "We are watching you" But why is this really happening? Well, it's really about PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, inflicting severe PAIN, and ridding someone of the WORLD while making me think it's my fault. Remember this started from PSYCHOTICS with PSYCHOLOGY Degree's working with the GOVERNEMNT. With this type of thought process of their's, kissing a girl is BATTERY, and you will be hunted for EXTERMINATION, if not PERFECT from things like BATTERY.
  • When people see me around anywhere worldwide, or around my complex or neighboring complexes when they push their car alarm button, they will click it after the doors lock so that the horn honks. And they will do this in patterns of ones, two's and three's over and over so that I can her the horn patterns to try to provoke me into situations
  • The only time anyone will ever want to talk about anything is when they have leverage or control, never an actual conversation. Example, normally when people address issues about things, they address the issue about the entire situation to resolve it. In my case, it is never about resolving the situation, it is about telling me what I can and can't do saying, You did this, or you did that. Example, someone keeps giving you dead arms and never stop, and this goes on for days. Finally, maybe you hit him back or do something to stop it. His, with everyone else who have even witnessed the situation, will say. You are a bad person, or angry, or lash out, because you hit this person, or maybe even asked him to stop raising your voice. But at no point will the person or the witnesses say, endlessly giving someone dead arms until they get a reaction is wrong talking about the entire situation. Showing that they all are conspiring tougher, have motive and agendas
  • Endless hints or confession attempts about things you've done but never anything direct so if u figure out the accusation they say you're crazy because not directly said
  • People will be told to come up to me asking me for information, or accusing me of things, trying to get reactions, or confessions, trying to make me look crazy, or angry. A lot of times when they are loosing control of their situation. Then it will be given to the Police to make investigations or neighborhood watch groups look justified. At no point will anything they say or do be wrong. False accusation, threats, you name it. It's just about putting me in a position where they make it look like what they are doing is justified to others. And trying to immobilize me and put me in fear and terror for psychological thugging, or to try to get reactions to use against me. Like a modern slave owner would to a slave with  psychological whipping when they feel I do something they don't want me doing. Which could be as simple as being at a park for longer then 10 minutes, or going to a public coffee shop and being friendly or open about my life.
  • He's a perfectionist tactic - By contacting worldwide groups and having each and every one abuse me, they will turn it around saying I am a perfectionist. Example, if I talk to 100,00 women, and each and every one is told  to abuse me which they are. Then me nor anyone else is going to ask someone abusive out. Then say I demand perfection. Same with Lawyers for example, I have talked to 100 - 1000's and each one with the secretaries are all told to say "Bye Bye" at the end of each and every conversation with all sorts of other abuse tactics. Then they will say I am a crazy perfectionist because I don't want to work with a lying manipulating person who is involved in a mass conspiracy to make me look crazy and lock me away.
  • Person after person will try to lock me into a position to take my money, a lot of times with contracts, then start in on me with the mental illness tactics to get rid of me, trying to make it look like I am impossible because I know what they are doing, but since the Police and government have isolated me, worldwide, people are told not to help me while I am lied to that Fraud and things like this are not crimes. Especially when mass groups follow me from place to place with mental illness tactics to try to torture me quiet, and solely done to torture me to death.
  • Mass groups making up lies that this website is about trying to force people into confessions or apologies when any rational sane person would tell you that it's about truth and awareness. Just like we have books, and movies, and wiki's about WWII, and the Holocaust. That would be like saying the Jews are forcing the Germans into an apology by documenting a horrific crime. And since this crime is one of the largest historical crimes against one man in history. They don't want any word of it to the world, and covered up.
  • The logic tactic - People like Connie Reya in my fathers office would tell me her brother was too logical, she hates him, and he had to move to Japan because he is too logical. Then working on me with mass groups saying I am too logical. But there is no such thing as people saying people are too logical, like it is some kind of label or disease. Trying to make me think this mass stalking to me, is somehow my fault.
  • People would have people endlessly do things to me, then they would ask me what they should do when it was their responsibility to try to make it look like I am the boss, or taking over. Of course leaving out the them asking me to make it look like I am trying to take over or have no clue about boundaries. Of course it never worked. But it did't stop them from making up the cover up lies each and every time
  • You’re an asshole tactic - as if someone being an asshole, is someone a crime, and worldwide murder operations to kill them is OK, or practiced. Showing that it is not about being an asshole. Because there are actual assholes out there don't have worldwide murder operations to kill them generally isn't practiced. Would never happen. Showing this is about something else, and some lame asshole label is probably applied to 30% of the people on this planet.
  • The "What do you do?" tactic - Person after person will ask me what I do. When I tell them, they will start to go ballistic on me for making me think I have done something wrong for whatever carrier I've chosen or learned trying to make me think I've done something wrong.
  • Trying to make me think that theses terror operations are to make it so I have good sleep patterns, example hinting that they or I will sleep good, because of the severe mental torture. When in fact the opposite occurs from severe stress and anxiety until your nervous system gives out. Trying to make you think this is for you
  • Brain washing tactic, the reason they use these paranoid schizophrenia tactics, is because these people want to make you think you are like their abusive terror tactics and have done something wrong, with hints, you did this and that, while trying to mimic you. But it's all about your accepting that you are a horrible person and deserve what you get. Kind of like Adolf Hitler telling the Jews he is taking them to the showers to keep them clean because they are dirty people
  • The Behavior tactic, Where you go lies will be made of about your Behavior, using behavior as some kind of weapon. You don't sit perfectly straight, you are in the bathroom longer than 30 seconds, you scratch your head, you cough, Shake someone's hand, you smile at a girl, you have a conversation and every insignificant aspect of the conversation, is collect, turned into fiction. Then all these things are given to the world that you committed some kind of crime, and worldwide groups are told to mimic everything known to man trying to make you think you are a bad person or have a problem. If anyone does anything that involves putting you in a defensive position, it's you behavior. But nothing about the behaviors of mass stalking groups, or telling someone it is a crime to defend yourself, or even speak about others wronging you
  • He needs approval from others tactic - People will pretend you need approval from each and every thing, then try to make you think like parking Green Toyota Camry's in front of your gate where you walk out when going out to take artistic pictures trying to make me think they are helping me while torturing me
  • Controlling who your with and the situation locking you into the person. For example, lets say I go to a a lawyer or a psychologist. Everyone worldwide especially that community will be notified of all related details and if you want things like second opinions to protect yourself or make sure things are legit, they will always refuse to give you simple advice, or do anything to make sure that there are checks and balances, or that you get truthful information for your benefit. Normally if you go to a doctor for a second opinion, everyone worldwide would say that is a good idea. But in my life, they say you need to stick it out with the person who might not like you, want to put you in the ground, jail, mental intuitions, you name it. Sometimes trying to pretend it's about communication skills and teaching you something. Kind of like locking fighting dogs in a cage, only when you try to get away from it because normally people have choices, people are contacted stopping any sort of help and support from people on your side, or who have taken oaths in defending you. Also applies to friends and relationships. Normally if you meet someone you don't like or are abusive, you find people or places that aren't. In my case, each person is told to do the same exact thing, saying you better take who we give you that will destroy you.
  • Keeping you in the dark tactic - Lawyers, Police, Mass groups or people in your life. Example, Lawyers representing me while the LAPD with worldwide groups hunt me down with endless setups won't tell me what's going on, give me disinformation, while working on me with the paranoid schizo tactics, and the LAPD contact all the lawyers giving them mental illness tactics to work on me with and advice to put me away. While you wonder what is going on worldwide. And this will go from lawyer to lawyer all working together or try to dictate the outcome, while saying things like they don't know me
  • we only want simple answers to complex extremely complex situations which is not possible
  • The one sided argument tactic, at no point ever from anyone worldwide will they let you explain the situation or your side of the story. In the psychology community. No matter how many you call world wide. They will figure out ways to simply not come in for an hour and talk about your life and pay them. Sometimes they will tell the world it is because I like them and it's about that, others they will say things like you are not allowed to talk to me if you don't take medication. Showing all sorts of unethical tactics to let me have a healthy life
  • We are afraid of you so we won't help you. Yet it's world wide and in secret. Of course why they are afraid of me can't be addressed either which is even stranger. Because their is no legitimate reason, so then they switch up to it's schizophrenia, and I can't see myself
  • We don't want to look at your website with factual data, as to what is going on, because we are afraid. Making up all sorts of lame excuses to avoid the truth. Normally obsessed nut jobs who say they are curious about who you are and what you are about look at everything, and not just stick to one side. But in this case, not one has looked at the entire story. They avoid anything positive which opens up debate with people. In this scenario, they is no debate, because questions are then asked and facts come out. So that is intentionally avoided, showing ulterior motives. It's not one person, it's world wide.
  • People told to do extremely abusive terror behaviors to me to make me think that's who I am, when I walk away it goes from person to person until I give a false confession which I refuse to do, never ending and world wide. Because they want to figure out ways to get me to say anything to cover up their crimes and make it look justified
  • the post traumatic stress tactic. Create an event that looks like an emotional breakdown, and say I suffer from obsession or something that makes me look like never got over it. Of course it then magically turns into paranoid schizophrenia by the psychology community like Susan Donner probably paid off to cover-up their crimes, because it's not about a nervous breakdown, it's about removing someone from society because they don't like them since young childhood.
  • Police keep sending people after me to commit crimes, if I call the police, they come after me and will not help. (Example, had a person assault me, and after talking to a detective despite proof, they he pursued me, of pictures of him attacking me on my property, they came after me trying to make me look violent or the aggressor) Or send people in my house to squat, and if the police are called they tell the masses I am trying to get rid of someone. Or like Fernanda Sime, while stalking me with worldwide groups trying to manipulate me into going to the police to look crazy about something, or some kind of confession, but of course everyone worldwide knows the situation, playing stupid, while the police say I suffer from mental illness to cover up the operations instead of just protecting me, putting a stop to it, and admitting to the situation.
  • Metro complex surrounding me having complex security cameras pointed at my front door and giving the feed out to the complex so they could come out at same time to stalk me with these tactics
  • Neighbors coming out with same clothing colors in pairs of 2's. Usually one on each side
  • Cars pulling out in 2's usually one on each side
  • Fire Trucks told to drive by sometimes with sirens on, sometimes not, over and over when I walk down Owens mouth, the other side of my complex
  •  If I say hi or something to one person, when I talk to a person locally, or even anywhere worldwide it would be mimicked directly back. Especially neighborhood walks
  • People told to mimic the same thing to me over and over from person to person, place to place. Example, a Starbucks employee, might say Awesome, then person after person, especially Starbucks employees, and even the police trying to intimidate me quiet with these tactics. For example, at PetSmart getting cat food for over 7 years, almost every single employee every single time I leave says "Have a good one" from different employees
  • Women following me, then saying I am following them and stalking them over and over
  • Security companies all working together that have nothing to do with security companies job descriptions my entire life trying to set me up for breaking and entering or to try to get me on to properties to have me arrested for some reason
  • Every single place I've ever lived at, People would try to figure out ways to make me move, and get rid of me, for no reason
  • Every person who I've ever lived with, roommates, all were contacted before they moved in with me. And if I moved in with them, they were contacted as well to take part
  • Every person on the Internet worked on me with mental illness tactics to try to remove me from society turning it around on me, that I am trying to make people mentally ill
  • Computers hacked, and privacy violated since 1994 when my brother introduced me to the Internet with cover-up operations saying I am hacking people and trying to make them mentally ill so they can get away with trying to gas light me, make me look crazy and remove me from society, and with government resources FBI, NSA
  • People told to try to launch vehicles at me in such ways to make me look like a reckless out of control driver to cause accidents where I hit them, but they did something like throw their cars in front of me, or from the shoulder of the road. These types of things done thought my life I lost count of
  • Food delivery people told to work with my neighbors to do all sorts of things like mimic private conversations on delivery, mimic fragments of my social network posts, say ENJOY, over and over which was done when my father would take me out to eat at restaurants at almost each and every place.
  • Endless frame job operations to make it look like I was crazy for example, My friends when we were 16 got into cars after I did. Then wanted to go to a place called Kevin's Burgers where they had the hot rodder meet. Then telling the world I am Schizo and got into cars because the name of the restaurant and things like this. Also with my brother telling the world I think women are like Hamburgers, after my brother started cooking what they called combustion burgers, trying to blow up the hamburgers with alcohol
  • Setup attempts with my brother, his and my friends to try to pure pressure me into going after his girl fiends, telling me things like they were pissing and shitting in their cars, in hopes I would and things like this, and when they couldn't set me up would pin it on me then telling the world that I hate women or sabotage peoples relationships and things like this.
  • Coffees shop frame jobs. I might walk into a coffee shop, they know I go to on a regular basis, and the entire place is filled but one table next to a really good looking girl. If I even look at her once, they will blast to the world I am trying to thug and intimidate her with hate and rage
  • People going from every insignificant behavior, and using it as labels and weapons to the world. He did sit straight, rested his feet on a chair, snapped his fingers while talking to someone, was in the bathroom longer than a couple of minutes, are all made into blatant lies like he is a troll, or threatening people, or masturbating in the bathroom, a confession of guilt, and given out worldwide.
  • GPS tracking with mass groups following me from place to place with these mental illness tactics, and with police and government support
  • Groups of same place all notified to sabotage me. If I get into playing pool, all pool halls are told to make me mentally ill worldwide. If I get into Coffee Shops, same, also, same with Restaurants and Supermarkets to stop me from eating food and try to make me sick
  • Using license plate covers, or dealer plates to try to create paranoid schizophrenia. Example after Mike Huntley brought in someone we made as a partner Named Bob Sandler. People would follow me or park pairs of "Bob Smith" plates in 2's. Also hinting about someone named Brian Smith when I was around 16, which I guess the world was given lies I had somehow done something to him
  • World made to think that I am always on the run for crimes. If I choose to go to College in Southern Oregon, I am on the run for crimes, If I transfer to University of Colorado, I am hunting down my brother because he went to the same school and graduated.
  • People told to manipulate me into situations to make it look like I am on the run. Mother giving me advice to move back to California before completing 2 college courses and finishing them in California telling people I am on the run, or even a bunk warrant for my arrest on a closed case they reopened the day before someone telling me to get out of Dodge because I had no clue they were going to arrest me. So they could try to make it look like I am guilty of their endless worldwide accusations in secret, also known as Propaganda
  • Every Psychologist worldwide refusing to let me pay them to talk about my life and the things done to my trying to force me on medication, but it didn't matter that the only things that created illness is mass stalking groups, and the fact that at 29 upon finding out, I hate a completely normal life like everyone else, and the only thing creating illness is the mass worldwide stalking groups. Also, after being on medications for years, the psychiatrists, with these mass groups still did not stop stalking me, showing that it wasn't even about medication, but extermination or ridding me of the world somehow for some reason
  • Police officers working with worldwide neighborhood watch groups empowering communities worldwide to take the law into their own hands with cover-up operations that I am a vigilante, or trying to revenge people. And also converting common sense saying like Accountability = Revenge. For example, if you tell someone, especially the police, that this is all criminal defamation, and slander. And they need to be held accountable. They will turn sued, and arrested, into you are taking the law into your own hands. The reason for this is because they don't want the truth with all the people involved in this historical mass crime coming out. So they cover it up with lies that you are somehow obsessed or committing crimes that any honest rational person would say that, if someone destroys your life or causes damages, normally they would agree that you have been wronged. This also applies to the assaults against me as well that the police have been working with people to do to me.
  • People told to tell you, that you are causing problems by telling people that all the lies they've been told against you aren't true. But yet almost every person I am in contact with worldwide lashes out in rage at me for some reason, then tries to control the situation saying that they don't know me trying to make me look crazy
  • Brainwashing, continually told or more importantly hinted, that I am causing problems from things that don't matter. A harmless joking shirt at 20 yrs. old, saying Fuck You to my mother at 14 in our one and only fight. Buying a camera for photography, I am told by the police and most other people worldwide that these are all things that destroy your life, because people have a problem with all these things. Which is absurd and society would have collapsed long ago with Nazi thinking like that.
  • Every time I either go to the police with or without proof of these activities, they do whatever it takes to stop me from going there, met with anger when I ask for help. With endless solid proof still would not investigate and stop it. And even several calls to have them come out to document the incidents, instead of doing their jobs, they came out with large groups trying to intimidate me with the Your crazy, your 5150, you’re a paranoid schizoid. And I could walk them a couple of blocks and simply prove it. And they could just drive by and not only see what I've told them happening. But also off my website they have had for years watching it on a daily basis refusing to stop it every time I put up newer and newer terror operations
  • Police blackmail and tugging, Officer calling himself Toro "If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way", another officer "We are watching you" because they don't want me saying anything or having evidence of it
  • Endless death threats, especially by the black community, also working with Starbucks. Egg Mobbing's, you name it
  • People following me from place to place, or waiting for me at places, in their cars trying to intimidate me. And sometimes even in mass groups
  • Car headlight tactic. People will see me, and turn on their headlights, letting me know they are watching me and trying to intimidate me. People on the Internet will refer to it as "Lit" saying I am lit, he is lit. On a simple drive back home from maybe Hollywood, I might see several hundreds to thousands of cars doing things like at 3:00 am cars waiting in public parking lots all the way home, waiting for me with these passive aggressive provoking behaviors directed at me. Walks at the park, they will follow me there, wait with headlights on to try to provoke me into situations
  • The whistle Blower tactic. Things will mellow out a lot, and someone will then come up playing stupid and asking me about my life, I will start talking about the specifics that don't make me look crazy and even early childhood things done to me. And they will then get mad. After they leave, people will start walking by whistling over and over then these mass groups will start attacking me again. Some days at a simple Starbucks or coffee shop I will see, 100 - 1000's a day or even per hour show up attacking me. This goes on over and over pretty much at every place worldwide especially places like coffee shops were you can relax
  • Cars parked backwards directed at me, after once parking backwards at an Encino Starbucks. Now worldwide. You might see 60% of each lot parked backwards for the last 5 years or so.
  • Cars parked aggressively crooked, same as the backwards
  • People will try to bully me about things that no one would care about. Maybe you smoked a cigarette on a small block park next to the sidewalk, and or walked on a public/private driveway that leads to someone's house you had to walk to, to go to their apartment by the guest parking and stepped on the edge.  You will try to be polite, and they will start going ballistic on you with personal attacks. And when You show them that they can't Nazi you, they will turn into, I am calling the police. Because it's not really about right or wrong, it's about, I own you. Which is on the level of someone calling the police on someone who they see J-walk because they do not like them. Things no one would remotely care about. Showing this isn't really about anything about people like Adolf Hitler.
  • Mass groups following me from place to place sine 9 years old trying to get anything at all that can be used, taken out of context, given to the world to rile the masses against me. Normally every day things that no one could care about unless you were the president of the U.S. and were responsible for launching Nuclear weapons. Example, you dated a girl, called her a bitch, so you need to be extradited from the planet. Which is a normal Behavior done all day and night, or people bickering, unless you are someone like the President of the U.S. then it would be on the news and people running around for no reason angry about it. Trying to make me look crazy saying no one knows me and I have a lot of baggage
  • Delusions of Grandeur tactic - the same as above, but then people will play stupid asking me who am I, or what makes me important in hopes they can make me look crazy with  some crazy answer. I am God, I am a Hero, I am your savior, I am an Alien,  things like this so they can run around saying I am crazy even though they know I am clearly not from their behaviors when I prove them wrong and they go in their rages because of it
  • The Game tactic - somehow I am playing games with  people lives for finding all of this out at 29, which links back to a family mad at me for going to the Arcade or playing computer games as a child
  • The Army and Camouflage Tactic - My family didn't like me wearing green or green and black once in a while, so they told the world and psychology community, I am schizo and think I am in the Military, which changed from, I am mocking people in the Military. So people follow me around with mental illness tactics and also never wanting me to every wear anything with  green or green and black, saying I am crazy, which changes to I am trolling them with it. Which seems to also apply to all other colors I wear with all sorts of other accusations showing they keep jumping from lie to lies based on every insignificant thing
  • Family and Police obsessed with a simple social profile picture of me holding a toy gun in a picture as if that is somehow a threat, especially with the millions of cinematic or model pictures with people with guns, is somehow a crime or possibly could be a crime so I need to be watched
  • Family with psychology communities trying to collect me art to tell the world I am confessing to crimes. This art ranges from private classroom artwork given to the world, even private artwork created with NSA, FBI privacy violations telling the world this art is confessions of a crime or future crimes. Then switching up to things like a harmless college art project of a picture of mike Tyson in a boxing room with a fictional game character is a confession I am a wife beater and need to be removed from society. Accusations like this aren't just from one work of art. But EVERY SINGLE ONE. Showing they just keep manufacturing lies to the world in secret fear mongering in secret so they can create chaos to remove me from society. Also Known as Criminal Defamation and Slander. Premeditated attempt to rile people up to attack them until harm is done to them.
  • Privacy violations on every level with worldwide groups for the intent to use their SPY GAME tactic of person after person trying to create paranoid schizophrenia by hinting things like I know this, I know that. Example, Maybe you surf the web and type in Axillary cord on Ebay, An hour later a neighbor will pull out a car with a license plate cover with something with Axillary in it. Or maybe you have a conversation with a random person, he  will hind about sanding over and over, because you typed things about Sandi ego in Google. This isn't a onetime thing, but done in repetition so you know it is not a coincidence.
  • Trying to get you to go after people lies - People will tell you things about others who are in trouble or maybe talk about how they are bad people. Sometimes even applying to them coming after you. In hopes they can manipulate me in paranoia and anxiety to go after people. These tactics were done with endless people, like Jen Hess, Julia Sophia, and 100's more. Which never worked. Hence their cover-up operations to try to make me look like a crazy enraged, paranoid schizo with  no self-control and things like this.
  • Passive aggressive terror tactics with  endless provoking directly to try to get a violent reaction to lock me away
  • The police and worldwide groups making random claims I am "Fucking with people" to cover-up these operations and make what they are doing look justified. Some of their other accusations are because I have smiled at some women I am playing mind games with them. Just like when I kissed a black girl at 12, I then became a white supremacist worldwide which makes no sense at all based on thin air and insane amounts of government resources.
  • Racist, white supremacists bigot tactic - based on thin air and not one thing done on any level unless telling women who tell you if you want to be friends they are going to treat you like shit, and skull fuck you to never contact you again. Makes you a racist white supremacist by the police hunting you. Something strange is going on.
  • The competing tactic - People worldwide, and in secret are told that if I ever show we have something in common, can work together, be friends, have some kind of mutual benefit, or anything that can further my future, that if Kevin talks to them, is competing against them, and will try to destroy their lives, for some reason, riling up mass worldwide groups against me.
  • The attention Tactic - People worldwide are being told that I need attention and to not have any contact with me worldwide except terror operations. Yet everyone needs some kind of attention. And a lot of these people who talk like this to me, as with their friends, girlfriends, and wives, showing they are hypocrites, and everyone needs human interaction. Leaving me in complete isolation for some reason.
  • The Trophy Tactic - My family and people are trying to make me look crazy and think all of this will lead to a pretty girl like a trophy and it's for me. Then getting mad when I see though it all then going in a rage, I am a whistle blower then more mass attacks.
  • The obsession tactic - I have been waiting my entire life for someone. And weird things like it's a girl from the beach or something, and even at the park saying the Sign Marylee St, is because I am waiting for a porn star from the 90's named Heather Lee. But like usual, their lies are specifically inconsistent, showing it's just about manufacturing lies to the world.
  • The fear tactic - People will say that this is about fear, trying to get me to commit criminal acts. As if fear is bad, and you just do whatever
  • The leadership tactic - a lot of people will get together trying to make me think that this is about leadership telling me it will never end and to accept it. I am not sure how having your name ruined, worldwide terror operations, and told you are imagining it, has anything to do with  leadership if no one can admit to anything and you are not leading anything. Showing more brain washing like Adolf Hitler telling you the showers are to keep you clean.
  • The mental illness Victim tactic - women will come into your life, want you to kiss their asses, then pretend they are crazy or schizo. A lot of these women you I have never met, yet I have to treat them like we were married. If I do not sure that I will do anything for them. Even ones I have never talked to on phone, seen a picture of, who could be anyone being that they are a line of text who refuse to give me anything will then say that I am a horrible abusive asshole when they play sick, thinking that someone I owe someone I have no concept of some kind of statement that I will do anything for them. And if I am not around, walk away, because I have no clue who the person is. The world will come after me in retaliation that I committed some kind of crime. As if it was the same as your dying wife in a hospital, were you just left her and went off with another women. Showing that no rational person would side with a random piece of text who has given you no reason to trust them and could be your average garden variety Internet stalker. And somehow the world know of this, and is coming after you in secret in their Internet based terror/propaganda systems
  • Mothers admission to some kind of donation fund where people are paying of psychology community to follow me around and analyze me or something violating all privacy and lame accusations and judgments to the world which is just profiling, fear mongering you name it, and most likely highly illegal being that the information dissemination is all blatant lies and accusations
  • The out of context tactic - People worldwide will be told to take everything you say out of context and play stupid on almost every single joke, social post, public conversation and somehow turn them into criminal acts "Hey", "Hey You", "If the world was a perfect place everyone would be like me" For each reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction" are all collected, turned into literals, criminal acts, and given out worldwide to turn people against me which you would wonder how that is even possible unless someone is paying creative writers like Darrin Moselle to fabricate information for the world to have in secret.
  • The all or none tactic - There is no middle ground. You are either a good or bad person. You are either a danger to society or a saint, You are either honest or a liar. These people are pretending that they think in black and white, but it's not just black and white, it's psychotic because their ACTIONS are to hunt you down over it. If your only crime in life was stealing 1 cent jolly rancher at 10 years old, I am hunted as a mass murdering terrorist and a liar. If my only lie in life is a fat girl asking me if she is fat, and I say no, I am a lair worldwide, cannot be trusted. And at the same time, I am imagining it and no one knows me while they attack me in angry rages.
  • The no defense tactic - no matter what the circumstances, I am not allowed to defend myself. If people follow me from place to place, anything said will be used against me, especially by the police and given to the world of my crime in secret. If a 1000 people were to show up with baseball bats bashing my skull in, and I could muster enough energy to pick up a bat and swing for my life, the police would tell the world I am violent and attacked someone with a bat, Intentionally leaving out the 1000's of people bashing my skull in. This also applies to the world wide Gas Lighting and Gang Stalking tactics they damn well know is going on.
  • The lack of help tactic - no matter who I contact worldwide. They refuse to act normal and help me. Lawyers, Police, Psychologists, Private investigators, you name it, will act opposite of how they would with anyone else worldwide trying to stop me from getting any sort of help with even one psychologist trying to set me up saying "You can't protect yourself" as if she wanted me to go out, buy an Uzi, and start blowing mass groups away. Yet if it was any other person, she would say, this is unacceptable, and she would work with the police to stop. This type of thing as well as being attacked with 29 other psychologists was done to me. Private investigators worldwide will pretend that they don't know me with weird excuses, maybe I offended or competed with a PI, so not one worldwide will do their job for me, yet then they don't know me showing that they are lying.
  • The packaged response tactic - people will actually be given the responses to give to me for things. For example, almost every lawyer I've talked to in suing keeps asking me why, things are being done to me. For example, when I tell them someone destroyed my life and there are damages. They are not concerned with the fact that I have been hunted since 5 - 9 yrs. old with world wide support and that every crime historically known to man has been done to me with world wide support unprecedented and that it is wrong. They only want a coerced false confession from me so they can say it's my fault. The police are doing with as well with my family. Showing that it isn't about anything but flagging someone and ridding them of the world for no reason.
  • The Narcissist Tactic - I think differently, I think everything and the world is about me. And to my surprise and shock and denial for 6 years of pressure headaches, it actually is due to what the Government, Police, My Family, FBI, and NSA have done to my life. And it isn't about Narcissism as that is a cover-up
  • The sociopath tactic - I have no feelings, emotions, don't care about anything but myself, I've never had friends, etc. But the reality is that I had friends, but they were all approached and sent after me as terrorists, jailers, and thugs to dictate my life, who I could be with, what I had to do for a living, and punish me in horrific ways if I didn't be a family template. Although the bigger picture really is to remove me from society. And while all the people I liked, wanted to get to know, be with, or social events were all dictated with setup attempt and frame job operations. Example, if a girl isn't white, and I like her, I'm labeled a racist worldwide. If I play pool. I am labeled an evil hustler who rips people off and is shady, if I date a girl with tattoos, I am labeled a criminal. The reason is to control my life, keep me isolated and in a bubble to be told what to do. A jail or terror. Then covering up these operations that it is my fault I am single for note being thugged into a family and kids by my jailer dictating my life when I demand respect, warmth, and equality.
  • The miscommunication tactic - there was a miscommunication with someone who is rough or shady therefore there is worldwide, NSA, FBI, and every resource known to man with this person and yet no one worldwide is concerned about what is going on. Yet even though this is way bigger then what Adolf Hitler in a different way, because it is worldwide terror operation against one man for over 35 years now to torture, kill him, and rid him of the world. That is supposed to be a realistic excuse about the situation, especially when the police aren't interested in stopping it with the government showing they are aiding and abetting, and it is their operations since early childhood.
  • All the judgments of people and my family are based on one imperfect moment of imperfection, and not one of them can base the judgments on the history of who I am and my life long decisions of who I really am, then it labels are given out world wide. So if I make 1000 rational good common sense decisions in a row, but one of out those 1000 is backwards, my family and these groups will label me as someone who is backwards,, and thinks different. Clearly done intentionally.


  • Person after person world wide will attack me with well organized covert passive aggressive tactics. I will be followed from place to place. I will have people waiting for me endlessly. This on starting at the age 10 all day and night for over 35 years as these mass groups work with the police to not only smear my name saying I am doing things to them if they can get a reaction or need to cover up what they are doing. The motive is to get me angrier and angrier to set me up and get the reaction they want working with the police to remove me from society. It does not stop until what they want is accomplished.incident, of people coming in my life and saying things like, "we should do this or that" or them going out and doing things then telling the world it is me. If they can get me to agree they will then tell the world as well that I did things I didn't do in endless setups and smear operations. But at no point is anyone mad at the people that actually did anything nor are they mad that I didn't do anything no matter what was said. and what is the most interesting in these endless setup attempts is you will notice that if people aren't coming in my life trying to set me up then every one of my decisions are moral and kind generous decisions in life. Which is why they are smearing my name and trying to set me up to begin with.
  • At coffee shops, person will follow me to the bathroom. Usually someone doing some of the other tactics, like the specific clothing colors to send suggestive messages or maybe someone who was mimicking something from me.
  • Come in together at times in patterns of 2's doing hinting messages. Example, maybe 2 women will come separately, but at the same time wearing camouflage pants and will sit in the chair next to me while waiting to get her coffee, then right after, another will do the same. Or identical cars parked in 2's, or saying things in front of me in 2's over and over "Thank you, Thank you" etc
  • Wear specific color patterns directed at me at places they now I go -  People will use clothing in patterns to send hidden messages or copycat tactics. Maybe one day I wear solid black pants and a solid green shirt, the next day, all day if I go somewhere like a coffee shop, or somewhere where I sit still for a while, mass groups will come in wearing what I wore the day before. Also, they do it in patterns, so maybe at the location I am at, 80% of the people will come in wearing horizontally striped shirts, and then they will switch to a new pattern like maybe people then coming in with Adidas stripped pants in mass groups. Or they might use colors to suggest things like anger and such, like if I get mad, maybe a group will then come in wearing red shirts, etc. to let me know it's based on around me and they are trying to make me mentally ill.
  • My conversations are collected world wide and parts taken from it and mimicked back from almost each and every person  - Example, If I say "ya'll", I will watch mass groups world wide saying "ya'll". I'd I say "lil" instead of little, same thing. If I say "Much Appreciated" I will watch random people mimic it back over and over until the point it is no longer coincidence, and of course told I am imagining it and no buddy knows me.
  • Put foot or feet on chair when see me - After I went to a coffee shop and rested my feet on chairs, people world wide were told, if they see me, mimic that back at any place I go in the world. Mostly happens at coffee shops because you sit there. Or a lot of times people will see me sitting in parked cars and then put their feet out the car window.
  • Carrot Dangling tactic - People I meet will keep trying to put me in situations to endlessly dangle carrots until the end of time to try to create anxiety and get reactions to use against me. Example, almost every women that has come in my life since childhood has done the same tactic. I am interested in you, but not yet. If I get mad at all, they will then turn it around saying I have anger, rage, and hate women. When I move onto the next one. Same thing and it goes forever. This also happens in business sceneries, and other situations as well.
  • Conversation Collection and dissemination world wide - If I have a conversation with someone, it will be collected, given to the masses and parts mimicked back. Example, I was on the phone at the office with a tech, and I said "Okay Dokey" an hour later when I went back to my side of the office, one of the employees kept saying "Okay Dokey" this will switch from thing to thing endlessly and forever.
  • Conversation mimics from employee to employee at businesses - Lets say I go to Starbucks and buy a coffee. I then thank the employee and say "Thanks Much" the next day, lets say I go to a coffeebean, or maybe even a restaurant. And the stranger will say to me "Thanks Much" this will go from phrase to phrase on daily basis world wide until the end of time.
  • Humming or singing as walk by me - Random strangers world wide will be told, that if they see me, as they walk by sing or hum to try to create mental illness.
  • Whistling from person to person (almost everywhere I go) - almost all restaurants mostly chefs, Star bucks, and Coffee bean's, other public places all over the world people are told that if they see me, to walk by and whistle. Or if they work at a counter or restaurant, to keep whistling forever until they can get a reaction.
  • Information collection (Data-mining and archiving) – Places I go information is collected and distributed to other places and archived to use against me. What I say, gestures I do, behaviors of others around me, etc. are distributed to large networks to do back to me world wide. Example, if I am talking to someone and snap my fingers on a thought. Strangers will show up or if they see me, they will be talking to their friend and snap their fingers. This is done over and over.
  • Shaking keys as people walk by or see me - People will see me, take out their keys and start shaking them. Sometimes it's more covert to try to make it look like I'm too nativeness.
  • Spinning keys - People will see me, take out their keys, and start spinning them around their fingers. This will be done world wide. Sometimes I think to send threats. Example. We are going to spin you because you spoke out.
  • Snapping fingers as people sit by me or walk by - Or sometimes in conversations with each other after being told I snapped my fingers.
  • Stamping feet twice from person to person - someone will see me, and stamp their feet twice
  • Foot Tapping - People will see me, and start tapping their feet. This may be while I'm in line, or someone sitting next to me in a coffee shop. Sometimes it's done based on things I say or do to try to intimidate me.
  • Hacking into all my accounts and computers or put spy ware on it to collect information for large groups to have to send me hidden messages to get confessions or create illness- Everything imaginable will be taken from my life, computer, etc. Taken out of context and given to the world to use for mental illness tactics. Example, lets say I web surfed to Paris Hilton's website, and later that day went to get some coffee. Someone might sit down and have a magazine with Paris Hilton of the cover and make sure I see it. These types of tactics of collecting private information that I knew this, or that about you is done all day and night by mass world wide groups.
  • Taking information off my computer and posting it under similar screen names to mine - Don’t know the motive, but I think it has to do with people trying to make up lies and setups about fraudulence. Example, we took this information off his computer, put it under a similar screen name, now were telling people he is trying to steal someones identity.
  • Manipulation - Anything to try to put me in a bad light. Try to manipulate me into breaking and entering by telling me to come in their place and don't knock sending me to someone else's house. Try to real me into credit card fraud. If I got in a fight with someone, my friend would move by their houses I think to try to real me into things to try to make it look like I have obsession or am a stalker or a killer. If there are situations in my life, my friends will step in and try to give me the wrong information intentionally. Lets say I meet a girl, she pretends she is interested, but she is on the fence. So my friend will come in and tell me to harass her. Of course I won't. And then he will go around telling the world I hate women. From friends sneaking things in contracts, you name it. "everywhere I go or every person I talk to will say at first, “how are you doing” this one is really hard to distinguish if it’s going on or not. But what give it away is that non of them would say Hi. Also, If I was nice enough to return the favor and see how they were, they would not answer, showing anger and intent. This was done world wide.
  • The buddy tactic - Everywhere I went world wide, people would call me buddy in repetition after I called a bus boy buddy after he wouldn't stop harassing me. also, 1 website, Modelmayhem.com, started using the button “add buddy” after 80% if their community puts hidden messages directed at me on posts to create mental illness.
  • How’s it going tactic - was collected as if I’m am hinting about “going” then groups of people retaliate and harass me in teams telling businesses and people all around the world to do this to me over and over. When it's done in pattern, with their angry acts. It's more of a suggestive threat. These aren't just people randomly asking me how it was going.
  • Pairs of 2, and 3  phone, email, texts, skype, social networks – People will do things like call me at 2:22, 3:22. 4:22. Or they might text me on the same times, or in pairs of 2's. In their messages they might do "!!!" "!!" "??" ".." things like this all directed at me. This will be a world wide operation on twitter, facebook, etc all to create mental illness.
  • Something will be said, then repeated by person after person place after place. For example, in two days time at one coffee bean, I was asked if I had a lighter about 9 times in two days. 3-4 people in the office would ask me if I had a monitor for sale. Or at work, when people were leaving about 6 of them walked by, patted me on the back and said goodbye. or, person after person would ask me for a cigarette, then give me 25 cents.
  • Bipolar tactic - Act really nice, then do something mean. Over and over, person after person to create bipolar emotions or troll me into a reaction to post to the world. Or for example, at the office, each person would ask for help, and once I help or fix their issue, they would harass me. Same with people asking for cigarettes and such.
  • Projection games – try to analyze me, then act like they are me usually to try to extract guilt or just set me up again or get information to give to the world or maybe it's just a terror tactic. Some will say it's because I can't see myself to try to make their actions look justified.
  • Projection games on line – people will message me wanting to be added or show interest and will have information in there profiles that were collected referring to me and then used in their profile as if that’s who they are. (guess like identity theft)
  • Copycat games. Collect acts, behaviors. Then person after person will copy them back in world wide groups.
  • Ideas of reference tactics - People will sit down next to me and make references, or similarities about my life. Say things like “that’s CRAZY” extenuating it to try to provoke me into a reaction to give to the world. Or have conversations that relate to some aspect of my life trying to make me look crazy. Some will even be character attacks or baiting with insults. Others will be mimic tactics in 2's or 3's or suggestive to some aspect of my life.
  • On the Internet, capitals are used to do it like I did with crazy. For example, I met some guy name KEVIN and he's CRAZY, referring to someone else. Or if I post a complaint about what's going on, people will post things like. I like dogs they are SO cool. Basically sending me hidden messages saying, I don't care to create illness. This is done over and over.
  • Group mobbings – invite me somewhere, then attacked by groups trying to hint about guilt, embarrassing situations, or to make feel horrible over and over until I leave, then do it again and again, by different groups over and over. This happens on the Internet, and off. I can recall some women inviting us to listen to their radio shows off twitter, or web cam rooms, and if I go their entire groups will work on me all day and night. This also happens at bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc
  • Hinting emails – hidden messages about me in them. Might be a Spam, or a business with hidden message from my life. or might be things the business says based off me and my life. But then I'm told I'm imagining it and no buddy knows me.
  • Email hacking setups. While people were spying on my computer, the other people who I thought were my friends would call me up, and ask me to check their email, while they had spy ware on my computer collecting me doing them a favor and then telling the world I am hacking peoples accounts. Then a group of people would come after me trying to get a confession that I was hacking emails.
  • Cars parked for weeks outside my gate to my complex or on specific days using the car names, colors, patterns they are parked to send hidden messages to create illness. I might have for example 4 green Honda accords same yr. parked next to each other, or the patterns will change. Mike Huntley was trying to get a murder confession so he told me we should get a 1963 Lincoln continental. Next day, or few days later, people were parking restored classic Lincoln continentals on my street.
  • Cars Parked in patterns and specific names used to send hidden messages - The neighbors each and every day will park cars in patterns. Example 2 gray civics next too each other, 2 blue civics, 4 Lexus's. Not only this, but they will also use the names to create mental illness. Example if I go out and take photos, they might pull up several Toyota Camry's. Or if I go out the the city, maybe they will park 2 ford explorers. Trying to create mental illness.
  • Names as literals - People I meet on line or off line will use their names in literals. Mike HUNTLEY was hunting me down, Aubrey FISHER was digging for information to destroy my life. Jen's come in my life because my brothers X Girl friend.  People with nicknames on line like Paranoid will try to make me paranoid. This has been done from each and every person since 10 years old.
  • Obsessional looping tactic - People would hint, use visual cues, words from conversations to remind me about my past. then tell me and the world I suffer from obsessional looping. This will also be done with clothing, objects, innuendos, you name it.
  • It is unhealthy for you here tactic - Trying to make it difficult for me to stay in places. Assuming running me out. Telling me it is unhealthy for me to be there, when they are continually provoking me and harassing me with these terror operations, then turning it around and saying, "it is unhealthy for you here"
  • Tapping tactic - from place to place. In lines, with employees at counters, people sitting next to me, would all start tapping when they saw me. Sometimes when it was things they didn't like me saying to try to keep me quiet and passive. This seemed to start when a girl named Aubrey Fisher didn't like me tapping me foot so the world was told to torture me to death.
  • Trying to figure out ways to immobilize me with guilt from my life - and then attacking with groups then tell me what I can and can't do in life. Example, someone will come up, try to get a confession about some aspect of my life. When they think they have guilt as if to immobilize and scare me, larger groups will attack. Almost as if. You did this, now were going to torture you and you need to do what we say.
  • Profiling tactics - I keep meeting people with certain issues or pretending they have them, and If the relationship maintains. There’s guilt by association. Kevin can't be trusted because he associated with this person, and the world must be told.
  • Invited places and then games played with my life to run me out or create mental illness, and when I leave, I'm followed to next place and next place until the end of time to do it over and over.
  • Seed planting tactic - Trying to hint or manipulate me to go places or do things on certain times to play games with me or discredit me. I will have people try to manipulate me into doing thing after thing then make up lies that I'm up to this and that. Or women will say I am obsessed with them, while all their friends try to get me to go to their events and such working both sides of the fence.
  • World wide terror networks - Obviously their are world wide information networks based on every specific detail of my life. Data-mining, etc where I am told I am imaging it and no buddy know me. If I do anything they don't like, example longer then 15 minutes at a coffee shop, I am tortured to death saying I am just angry and shouldn't be there. These types of things are done all day and night.
  • Completely reactive people tactic -. Eg. If I’m too busy to return a call, they will start playing games with my life. Or I say something normal, instantly I’m retaliated upon as if I’have done something These people won't be normally like this, they will do it to try to show me who I am until I confess to something. And if I don't confess, they will do it forever until I am dead.
  • Systematic preying on weakness tactic - Points of trying to find guilt or weakness to use as leverage to control or set me up. Every time I show weakness, I’m attacked at a higher level. Or it’s used to try to maneuver me into a situation to use against me. For example, at the point that I was made paranoid, that is the point the real terror began. Or if I tell someone I’m in a bad mood, it will be done more. If I tell someone I am sick, teams of people will attack more. Especially after they are the ones creating the illness.
  • Thug me quiet tactic - When I ask for help, from managers, friends, and tell them what is going on, they notify everyone, and they all attack more to silence me. And Also, when I ask for help, things from my life are hinted back, to accuse me, rather then address the issue.
  • If I go to Pi’s, Police, Lawyers, They will spend the whole time trying to show me who they think I am and create mental illness, with abusive mimic (paranoid schizophrenia) tactics, and will tell me I’m imaging it, and refuse to stop the crime.
  • Guilt collection tactic - Trying to collect any sort of guilt and continually said or hinted back to try to control in large groups. Example. We don't want you here, so now 1000's of people will keep hinting, you did this, or you did that to create mental illness.
  • Bait game (Trolling) tactic - Continually bait over and over until I react, then collect the reaction and disperse it to large groups to discredit me. Or say I am a problem.
  • Isolation terror tactics - Any time an issue or concern is discussed regarding my situation, it is used as leverage to do it more, in the groups. And put on the Internet. By keeping me isolated, they can say I am crazy or this or that because no buddy is saying they see what is going on. Not only this, but who can you tell to normalize or get the truth out. This is strategically done since 10 years old so if I address something, they will just say, sure, whatever. And their is no accountability. Especially when the police are involved with social workers.
  • Games of making me feel crazy - Saying, it’s just gossip. People talk, I’m too sensitive, these are normal events. Just ignore it. And then they will push more buttons after they comfort me. And it is obvious that these aren't normal situations.
  • Street theater – fake events will be fabricated to make hints about events from my life. Fake situations will be done to show me who I am or try to scare me. Maybe I walk into a supermarket and everyone in the market runs and grabs toilet paper and they are hinting about you somehow. You know the situation is odd, and not right, but their is nothing you can say because it's a coordinated mental illness tactic.
  • Ideas of references tactics – People will set next to me talking to each other, or post comments on line to others with hinting messages directed at me to create illness.

  • Spooky conversation collections and hints – I will go to a place and have a conversation, when I get home and go to Internet chats, the conversation will be hinted back. Or if I go to get food, someone will say, I’m going to this place to get food.

  • Movies hint tactics – friends or family will either invite me to movies that hint messages about my life, or will whistle after it’s over. To provoke me to obsess on what’s going on.

  • Media hidden messages tactic - in about 50% of the movies, news, TV, social networks I watch or take part in, their are endless things and messages based on my life. This has been going on since I was a young child. Of course, I will be told that I am crazy and imagining it. Yet most scripts have things taken from my life. weather it be my sayings, or suggestive messages about me. This trying to use media to create mental illness with hidden messages.

  • Conforming Tactic - People will be told I am not well grounded, and conforming to movies, or other people to rile the masses against me

  • Competition Tactic - People will be told I am angry and competing with everyone to rile the masses against me

  • The you can't control people tactic - Games of doing something to me, then telling me I have a problem. Ex. People will do things to try to control me, then I will be told that I can’t control people. Example, we will follow you to every coffee shop in the world with mental illness tactics. You can't control people. So don't drink coffee.

  • Dramatic situations created with mental illness tactic - There’s always something spooky or hinting in them to make it look like I’m overreacting from a normal situation. For example, someone might keep accusing me of putting spy ware on there computer, but at the same time or previous conversations, they’d mimic back my conversations with other people to troll me into a reaction. Then I’d be told I have a problem for reacting and that they are just insecure. And if I get mad because I know what's going on in secret, they use it against me saying I have an anger issue knowing exactly what is really going on.

  •  Run out of every place I go tactic - And if I stay, things will be done over and over to make me mentally unstable. And lies will be told that I’m doing something to them, rather then the obvious that I have a right to be in public place and I'm not doing anything to anyone.This even happens when I go out on random photo shoots and such. I will be followed, showing that this is about doing this all day and night until I am dead.

  • Staged events to teach me lessons - Example: Maybe a stripper will come into a coffee shop and start talking to me. I will ask her out. People will hunt me down telling me I am never allowed to go to a coffee shop in the world. Then they will suggest or say, I hope you learned your lesson from talking to a stripper. Of course we all know. No buddy would remotely care unless they had ulterior motives.

  • Pocket mimic tactic - Person after person puts there right hand in there pocket when they see me as they walk by because one time I did it, to check my pocket.

  • Pat on the back tactic - Person after person pats me on the back at work when they walk by 4-5 time a couple minutes.

  • Cry Wolf tactic - I will talk to someone and then they will either flip out and walk away pretending I have done something to them and then tell the world, or they will tell someone I am doing something to them. Then I’m retaliated upon as it’s done back to me endlessly by groups of people. This is not one person, but sequentially after the next. Multiple women claiming I have hit them, endless claims I am trolling, insulting harassing, stealing, obsessed, you name it. This then goes world wide to rile the masses. And I am then told this is normal behavior from people to try to keep it covered up and put me in the position where I am tortured to death by the masses as I am told I am too sensitive.

  • .Help you out tactic – when I’m in a public place. Strangers will supposedly help me be aware of what I’m doing in an abusive way. For example, I have a habit of pulling my eyebrows. Someone stranger will whistle when I do it. If I look at a girl, or a girl walks in that is of my type, someone will whistle at me. This is not one person, but teams all over the world over and over and then I am told I am imagining it and no buddy knows me.

  • Spy game tactic – I will go somewhere, and someone will be collecting information and sending it back to other circles or the world for the sole intent to have people retaliate on me, or mimic me all day everywhere I go to create mental illness. They will send me hinting messages. I know you went here, I know you said this or that to that person yesterday at a different place. I know you surfed to this website. etc.

  • Fight hint tactic – games that I like to fight, and it’s my fault and I have to win over and over, when each fight is being continually and obsessively started no matter how hard I try to ignore it. Then the world is told it's my fault.

  • Art Smear Tactics - Any artwork I create will be collected and used against me. Example, any art created will have some elaborate theories put to it. Things will be said that I am confessing to crimes, or that my work is somehow offensive and random people all over the world will come after me. Not only is there nothing in my artwork offensive unless someone is delusional, but their act of trying to conspire to end my life is a crime. Of course I am told that this is my fault for creating art. But of the millions of artists I've seen, especially with more controversial work, I've never seen one person with the same problem.

  • Art Forced confession tactics - Collection of art, and interrogation to find guilt from my art. (I made a Tyson picture fighting with a girl) people were then told that I hate women and have no self control. This was done by my art teacher in college. Then, my family with these groups tried to force me into false confessions with therapists working with them.

  • Slander tactic - when someone doesn't get what they want, they will start smearing my name to the world.

  • Spin tactics – random hints or thoughts about my life to keep me wondering what it’s about and get my mind to obsess on things. Especially when I ask what this is about and given vague answers, yet no buddy will specifically address any issues. This is done intentionally for me to wonder why I am being attacked all day and night since 10 years old.

  • Telegraphing tactic– taking my common behaviors profiling me, and setting up situations before, to make it look like it’s me. For example, I usually go outside for a smoke at the pool hall, or coffee places. So someone will go out before me, or after me and try to make it look like I’m the aggressor. Then someone will start hinting that I’ve done something. Or try to control me. if they know I go to a specific coffee shop, they will be waiting before I get there working on some tactics.

  • Fight setups - Doing everything possible to bait me into fights, then use the reaction against me to increase the size of the hate group. Example, collect my conversations and mimic them back to me. or collect motions, and mimic them back to subliminally start a fight.Then of course they will say. Look what Kevin did, he's a problem.

  • Continual paranoia campaign -People will follow me from place to place with paranoia tactic, Then people will be told I suffer from paranoia, this also will be done with obsessional looping, and trolling

  • Passive aggressive behavior tactics - to intentionally get me to react. then use it against me. Invite me somewhere, then flake. Get me to drive to Sandi ego, then blow me off. etc. Just for the purpose of creating a reaction to use against me. They will do it over and over until the end of time.  If I get mad at them, I am crazy and need to be watched. etc

  • Interrogation tactics - People will collect things they believe I've done, and invite me places setting up a reenactment to try to get a confession. Example, I can recall Rodie Morales when he started to show his true colors tone change asking me if I had ever been to strip clubs before. As if I had somehow committed a crime by going to a strip club after he started taking me to strip clubs.

  • Trying to keep me in line and controlled tactic - for example. if I react to teams of people trying to terrorize me, more mass groups will get together to terrorize me to try to keep me quiet. and If I react again. more people will terrorize me. I'm told If I ignore it will go away, until I react again. And if I address the issue, they will react more as well. Then I'm hinting that I had better behave. This is clearly to end my life as they have not stopped since 10 years old.

  • Punishment Tactic - If I step out of line, someone that I like is then contacted and given information to sabotage my relationship, or any chance of any communication with that person to teach me a lesson or punish me for speaking out or defending myself.

  • Things that I say on line are used against me - Let's say I am being social and joking around with people and I say "If everyone was like me, this world would be a perfect place" or "for each action their is an equal and opposite reaction" newtons law. It will then be taken as literals, and these things actually done to me while people tell me I think differently. The reasoning for this is so that I don't talk to people and have no social life and live in isolation.

  • Isolation tactics - If I get into a business, or hobby, or try to be friends with someone, the community will be notified to get rid of me. For example, When I got into salt water aquariums, every store in the U.S. Was instantly notified that if I come in any stores, keep whistling at me. This has occurred in every industry, hobby, web community, Internet community, coffee shops etc.

  • The lesson tactic - People stalking with the intent to teach lessons or play games with my life. For example, Wet tried to manipulate you into a situation to destroy your life, I hoped you learned a lesson, Have a good life now.

  • Clothing tactics – when I leave my house, people will be told what colors I wear, and people all over will copy me the next day, or later on. People will also use shirt messages to try to get confessions or find guilt, or use it to create sickness.

  • Cars backwards Tactic - Cars will be parked in reverse, mostly ones that have some kind of name pertaining to something I've been accused of in my life to send me hidden messages to me. This isn't 1 car, it's either at every place I go on a regular basis. And on some occasions, 30% of the lot will do this.

  • Restaurant Mobbing Tactic -People will take me to restaurants using the names of the restaurants to either get confessions, guilt me, or create illness. Not only this, but people will come in with the clothing patterns, or the employees will work on me with suggestive messages over and over.

  • Names in literals tactic - People will come in my life using their names to create illness, for example, Aubrey Fisher was running around trying to get confessions, Mike Huntley was hunting me down all my life, etc

  • Porn Star, Model setup tactic - I might watch a porn and think a porn star is good looking, somehow they will know this by hacking and spy ware, that porn star will then follow me to locations wanting me to talk or look, or add them on face book, or twitter, etc. Then they will make up lies I am stalking them when I have done nothing to them. This has happened over and over until the end of time. Sometimes they will use hidden messages from my conversations on line, even though they are not part of my twitter or face book.

  • Starbucks Employee follow tactic - Star bucks employee's will go from location to location working wherever I go, then cry wolf of some sort or harass me in passive aggressive abusive ways

  • Strip Club Tactics - People will invite me to strip clubs over and over, then same people will make up lies I am harassing and provoking strippers and I hate women.

  • Suggestive Manipulation Tactic - Teams of people will conspire together to try to manipulate me into doing things with hidden messages. For example, someone they know I might like might say, I'm dancing here tonight, or I work here now. Then teams of people across the Internet will say things like “If you really like someone, you will go after them” or it might have some kind of personal message in it about me. This will be done in groups. If I go, people will harass me in hidden messages calling me a stalker, and if I don't they will do the same calling me a coward. Either way, they are just trying to make me look crazy.

  • Keep in line tactics - If I go into any company, and say anything someone does not like, it will be posted on the Internet for millions to mimic back.

  • Employee's will have their friends come in to try to get me to like them, then terrorize me with hidden messages that I'm a monster or I've done this or that in hidden messages. This is done over and over. On some occasions, some of these people had resemblances to porn stars. Or other people I know.

  • People will befriend me with the same name as people from my past, and then send me hidden messages from my past life with the person in my past, then try to make me look crazy.

  • Movies – People will take movie fragments or names and use it to try to create mental illness. For example, after my brother said, lets watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he told me about his friends mother chainsaw his door down working on some mental illness tactic.

  • Black and white tactics, people will either intentionally pretend they are either like this, or the opposite. Example, someone will come in my life wanting to know why I talked to a girl, and will tell everyone I am obsessed stalker in love with them. When I tell them that's not true, they will tell everyone I hate them and want to kill them and things like this. This isn't one strange person, but one sequentially after the next.

  • Person after person will come in my life taking things that don't matter and trying to guilt me, get confessions, or create illness. For example, I have millions of people trying to make me mentally ill, guilt or get confessions from wearing shirts they don't like as a kid, or saying “fuck you” to my mom at 14. They will obsess on this in world wide teams telling me it's my fault, but they will not do this to anyone else with this obsessed irrational behavior, just to me.

  • Sitting in cars – People will follow me from place to place sitting in cars watching their phones. Then to make sure they make me sick, a girl will come in my life trying to pretend she's like me getting confessions or make sure I know what's going on to make me sick. She will say, see these people, they are all sitting in cars stalking. Then I will be followed from place to place with this done while the same group tell the world I'm crazy.

  • People will come up and talk to me at Star bucks or somewhere else giving me hidden messages they have a leash on me or things like this, or if I react to their threats, strangers on line will post things in patterns inferring things about me. For example, after this person said this, and after a girl whistled at me and I whistled back. Teams of girls posted pictures in sequence, of themselves touching their hair.

  • Collect fragments of my conversations, give it to the world, and they will mimic it back for the yes of my life on and off the Internet. Example I said “y'all” in a sentence, now millions of people walk around posting or saying “Y'all” in front of me to create mental illness.

  • Collecting my screen names, making up lies and there is and giving it to the world.

  • The more I address what is being done to me to someone, people are told to do it more, over and over all around the world.

  • At each location I go to on a regular basis, each and every location will make up the same lie, I am waiting for someone specific and spying on them. This will be at any location in the world. For example, every Star bucks I've ever been in makes this claim to their community to have people terrorize me to death.

  • People coming in teams in same color patterns - Solid Black Pants, and Solid Green Shirt, Solid Black pants and solid red shirt, solid black pants and solid white shirt, solid black pants and solid yellow shirt, Solid black pants and solid pink shirt, solid black pants and solid blue shirt, All black. Sometimes reversed and come in or go to places I would go to create mental illness.

  • Text messaging - done at specific times to send hidden messages, like 2:22, 4:44,  or post the same ones 2 or 3 times, or with same type of patterns like the Internet, example "WHYYY"

  • Social networks - post in patterns, 2,3,4,5 Example "Hello" or "Heyyy" or using imoji in patterns

  • On website, post things on specific times as well, example, 3 people in a row might post each day at 3:33, then next time do another time withing patterned numbers

  • On Internet, mimic my sayings back, example if I say "lil", instead of "little", people will say lil, or def instead of definitely, or various phrases like awwwwee, HA! after I do it. etc

  • On the Internet using exclamations in patterns 2,3,4,5 example Hi!!!, over and over

  • People sitting in cars and waiting. At my house, or places I go, trying to intimidate. sometimes in patterns. example 2 people waiting at my house in cars

  • Notifying the masses that I think I'm a hero and taking the law in my own hands then sending hidden messages or trying to  get confessions form psychiatrists or random people and using it as leverage to smear my name in this mass world wide campaign saying things like I'm a vigilante and taking the law in my own hands

  • People will be told to endlessly say "Bye Bye" at the end of each call in the masses to create paranoia

  • People of different races or groups will claim I hate them and their race and turn angry mobs against me. Black people I will claim I hate black people, Asians will claim I hate Asians, Persians will claim I hate Persians to rile the masses against me.

  • Movie producers and directors using parts of my life in endless movies for references but at the same time everyone telling me I'm imagining it  for the sole purpose to create paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping.

  • My family and random strangers notifying the world that I am a troll and to endlessly do it back to me, telling me I'm imagining it to make their actions look justified and cover up the smear campaign

  • People told I am a hacker, and then to hack my computer and use information to either take out of context and smear my name or use it to create mental illness

  • Lies that I am somehow up to criminal activities in my house so they can justify spying on me with surveillance, then using the private information to create mental illness

  • Using peoples names to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, example, in 7th Grade tome Farley was using his friend Tracy Peekos to send hidden messages, or Aubrey Fisher was fishing for information, or Mike Huntley was hunting me down.

  • People trying to get me to talk to them so they can then start harassing me with hidden messages to try to make it look like I have an anger and rage problem.

  • Distributing a wrap sheet of lies to the masses before I ever even meet anyone so that if I do, they will attack me being given things that aren't true and smearing my name world wide to sabotage my life. Which my so called friend and mentor called it a "Laundry List" saying they were going to clean me up.

  • Collecting private conversations between people I talk too, taking the information out of context and giving it to the world as lies and accusations with intent to rile the masses against me.

  • Any person I talk to world wide will use the conversations against me by taking it out of context and giving it to the world then telling me I have to watch what I say to people.

  • follow me around collecting everything I do, then send hidden messages about it to get a confession if it's not perfect to keep me in line with mental illness tactics (example, lets say I sign up to a website, they will know password, and want to know what it means or scare me into a confession with hidden messages about it)

  • Cover up tactics using the masses to make it look normal - example, at first, people would follow me where I went parking cars backwards, then mass cities once I tried to prove it. So people could say, look, everyone parks backwards. Then when things end, it goes back to normal where rarely anyone does.

  • Disinformation and false hope - example, mother would say, keep my chin up making me think this was for me while I was confused not knowing what was going on. Or people will tell me that it's so I can collect a prize in the end. More ways of psychological terrorizing while I wonder what is going on.

  • Every time I speak out about it people will tell everyone it's because I want them to do it which is really just a cover up to smear my name

  • Inviting me places, and having groups of people harass me

  • asking me for a favor, to do something or to fix something, then provoking me afterwards

  • Telling the masses I am a Paparazzi and violating people, because I walk around with a camera because I have to document their endless crimes to try to smear me because they don't want proof of what they are and have been doing since 10 years old which was originally bought to create art, but they came after me for the purchase before even going out with it because they knew if I had a camera, I could document it.

  • People trying to get me to talk to them or like them so they can harass and terrorize me over and over and say I am crazy or too sensitive or get a reaction to tell the world,

  • Conversation collection, archiving and dissemination tactics - Mass groups will be given my conversations to use against me. Not only that but they will take parts out of them to mimic back to me or in front of me. Also, details about things that are said will be taken out of context, turned into lies and given to the world to smear my name.

  • Calling in pairs tactics - Someone I know will call me, hang up, then another person working with them that I know will do the same. They will do it over and over until it is no longer coincidence and go from different groups of people.   

  • Waiting in cars tactic - People will wait in cars at the places I go and try to let me know they are watching me. And try to figure out ways to bait me into situations. Not only will they follow me places, they will also figure out where I am going to go and wait as well. Sometimes profiling my patterns of living, others by collecting information off my computer using spy ware and other various methods. Example. If I go to a website with an appointment time, or something or things I say on social networks about what I am doing. Things like this.

  • U-Turn tactic - People in my neighborhood will see me and do U-turns next to me walking or driving. Not only this, police officers as well have done it.

  • The "Enjoy" tactic - When I go to restaurants, almost every one. As they seat me or give me food, they will say "Enjoy". This is done over and over and endlessly until it is no longer a coincidence and try to provoke me into a situation.

  • Hinting messages and mind games that it is over or the end, then start to do it again to create aggravation that this time they might stop or give false hope to try to drive me crazy. Example, my father might go out and say he is having a meeting with everyone, a "Heart to heart" but won't say specifically why because of course, I'm told I'm imagining it. everyone will stop for a while. Then later that day, attack is mass groups again.

  • Is anyone sitting here tactic - After asking someone at a Starbucks if a seat was taken. People world wide now say the same thing at coffee shops all over to try to provoke me by mimicking me over and over

  • Dig through trash tactic - People will go to a trash can and look in it, putting their hand in for a few seconds and digging around. This is done over and over.

  • Using handicaps wearing colors I am wearing - Handicap people will follow me places trying to pretend they are me to try to send me hidden messages. Usually wearing specific color patterns or sometimes even mimicking what I am wearing this is done to try to send hidden messages and provoke.

  • The Thank you mimic - A lot of times when I go in businesses, and when the transaction is done, and I try to be polite, and thank them, they mimic me back saying thank you to provoke me.

  • Having people text, call, emails, skypes ending in :04 :44 over and over and done in such a way to let me know they are not random events. Example, About 5 people today called, tested, and emailed at 04. :44, one at 1:44, another at 3:44, and some text at  this goes on and on and the masses are told to do it to create mental illness.

  • Will be invited to go somewhere with someone, then after strangers will show up sending hidden messages about my conversations to create mental illness - Example, my father might invite me out to dinner or lunch, then after I go home or the next day cars will be parked hinting about the conversations. if we talk about a cruise, then people will park Chevy Cruze's in front of my house. This will be done over and over from thing to thing until it is obvious that it is going on.

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