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Coming Soon

This page will talk about what I was noticing going on at 29, and MikeHuntley breaking from pretending to be a 25 year friend sent after me to rid me of the world. Him working with such people as Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley,  Bob Sandler, Jen Hess, Tim Thompson, Victoria Waller, Rodie Morales, My father Ron Perelman sending these people after me with Mike Huntley. And right at 30 years old, talking about how Victoria Walker was told by my family and Government to give me a toy gun right after 29 after Rodie Morales working with the LAPD taking me to strip clubs says to me "It's not like you killed someone?" trying to get a Murder confession in a Surprise Box (An insignificant friendly joke I was playing on a girl named Kelly Hatch at Southern Oregon State College. Little did I know she was sent after me by the Government to remove me from society no matter what it took and was told to follow me up from Calabasas High) for my 30th Birthday, a couple of months later, which relates back to Kelly Hatch when I was 20. And the Toy gun in hopes they could scare and guilt me  into a coerced false confession from several frame jobs my father did with the LAPD to destroy my name and life out of his hate and rage for me by putting a bullet hole with the LAPD in his 300e Mercedes and telling the world I tried to kill and scare him in ENDLESS similar operations like this my family has been dining to me for 40 years starting at 5 years old. For 17 years now, my father has been trying to get this toy gun back, because it incriminates him in a crime. Hiring me at his office in endless setup attempts and frame jobs like his did to his x-wife Janet Nordet. After 17 years finally getting what he wants with false convictions on trumped up charges of things that were actually done to me, and right after this in his calculated pre-meditation tried to get in my house to get this toy gun pretending he, just wanted to help feed my cat while I was off at jail. A man I had walked away from and don't want anything to do with, from his severe torture and abuse, lies and unspeakable things. Pictures of my joking around with the toy gun and models in photoshoots with the toy gun were used against me with the Police and Courts for CREDIBILITY attacks on perfectly normal situation of fantasy art that is done all the time. Pictures my father went BALLISTIC over and asked me about. What was it that bothered him so much? Does he not go to movies or Art Galleries?Why would anyone go through this much trouble to get me in jail so they could break in my house, and get this toy gun to dispose of? Who could care less about some crappy toy gun in someones house? This will all be explained based on the college operations over and over to try to get these coerced false confessions from me. Which go from, not just bullets in Mercedes, but from thing to thing to try to make me look like I am a crazy violent paranoid schizophrenic with clear Pre-Meditation, Motive, and Execution from people with Psychology Degrees

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