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LAPD Refusing to investigate or put a stop to these crimes against me
(Police Offices I have been to, to file reports and get detectives to investigate, showing they all refuse to lift  finger over the years and get anything documented in the Police system on my behalf as well as investigate the mass crimes against me as to what has and is being done to my life. They are also trying to cover it all up by saying that this is somehow my fault, when them refusing to stop, and take part in the actual crimes is their own fault and all they had to do was say this is wrong when they found out I was being hunted and working with Mike Huntley sent after me at a young age)

Go straight to Locations I attempted to submit evidence and file reports of the enormous crime spree against me
Go straight to Police Contacted for specific incidences showing I am not crazy and under attack in which they REFUSE to lift a finger to stop and are supporting since a young child

Link to Raw Data of these conversations exposing being lied to as you can see by what they say and how they act avoiding every aspect of the situation to lock me away to cover up their 40 year crimes

I have pretty much have gotten the same exact packaged responses from all divisions, fabricating lies that absolutely no crime is being committed basically telling me that people who get together, attempt to kill, torture, inflict pain until something happens to you with aggressively and endlessly following you, or waiting for you in large groups from place to place, with pre-meditation, Motive, and intent to hurt, harm, mame, and rid someone of the world conspiring together is absolutely no crime, is allowed. And therefore killing people according to them is allowed, because their is no physical contact. Basically saying killing people is only illegal is physically touched and done in an obvious manor. And if it is done in other ways, it is ok, and has nothing to do with motive and intent. Showing they support illegal, criminal activities such as this for those they just feel they don't like. And has nothing to do with Law and Order, or right or wrong when they hold the power to make choices about peoples lives and crimes being committed.

Police and News Admission that Gang Stalkng is real with Police Stating that it is a crimes
While going from station to station all throughout California with solid proof and evidence of these mass crimes, I was told by each and everyone of them all in global communication that no crime has been committed against me and people are allowed to inflict psychological terror, especially to end someones life. But right here, we have news organizations and the Police saying the opposite. Showing that they are involved in my stalkings. And don't wantto help me in any way, shape or form, and want me quiet or dead and gone. Showing these aren't just civilian operations. But government operations who usually contact the citizens turning them into vigilantes. For 17 years, trying to hire Private Investigators to prove what has been going on, each and every one knew who I was, and refused to help me even after taking my money.

Government trying to keep me quiet in Washington DC when I hired PoliceAbuse.com for counter surveillance to prove what is going on  https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/trip-to-washington-dc/

Yet if Kevin Perelman blinks wrong or smiles at a girl it is the end all be all of capital crimes, and the Police have no problem followng me from place to place with NSA/FBI and probably billions in resources on me. Making me 10 times more known, or Infamous for no legitimate reason then Donald trump and destroing me life and name in secret. Except the difference is, that I am told I am imagining it, when each and every person I m in contact with world wide knows me, and does not want to admit it for some reason, basically doing the types of things that cause paranoia. Try talking to person after person who knows you and says they don't. What is the affects of that kind of trong>ABUSE to your life?  How could you even have a life? Hence one of their many crimes against me. That is not mental illness, that is a reaction to the manipulated devious situations against me. Hence the cover ups, becuase they don't want to admit the truth to the world. Because that invovles admitting all sorts of crimes and illegal operations that have been done to me my entire life. Hence destroying my name and life for who knows what the real reason is.

Some of their lame cover up excuses is I joke around on my social networks, as if that is going to cause chaos, and somehow it isn't other people actions and behaviors doing things in my name. Yet no matter how many times it's said or reported at these people are stalkign me. The police will turn things around on me refusing to be honest just like all the false arrests, threats, and things done to me. Showing they have ulterior motive and hidden agendas to dictate my life or lock me away. Which goes against our constition of the United State. Example, when you were 21 you walkd down to the store in Ashland Oregon and bought a joke shirt that said "Lords Gym", "His pain, your gain" somehow equals, I am creating worldwide Chaos and am a nuisance. Yet, the people who make the shirt, where you can now buy at christianbook.com. The Store owners, have done nothing wrong. Just the person they don't like is committed the crime of all crimes and they can't even tell me in a direct sentence what my crime is, shows that this is not about some joke shirt and things like this that people normally do all day and night. That is like saying Robin Williams is creating chaos by telling jokes.

The Psychochology communities involved in trying to cover up these operations with the Police aiding and abetting one of the largest crimes in history against one man with worldwide support.

Some black girl named Felicia also invovled in following me to Topanga/Ventura Starbucks and Encino Ventura/Havenhurst Starbucks telling me that in order to stop what is going on is to sue and that she is a secratery at a law firm with changing stories. While she is right as far as the people responsible for destroying my life and holding them accountable for damages. She seemed to be playing both sides of the fense with the Police and Lawyers in respect to them trying to put me in a bad light, as well as locking me into positions with the police and lawyers to charge huge flat rates instead of hourly, and keep arresting me to fraudulantly steal my money with a large group of lawyers, and turning things around on me, trying to make it look like I am crazy and a sue happy nuisence. All planned out with these mass groups.

Also notice, that while there are some recent ILLEGAL setup attempt, and frame job by the LAPD, in these endless operations  to rid me of the world. This also shows MOTIVE in their behalf to lock me away for no reason, because they just don't like me for soem reason. Because filing a police report shows the truth that I am being stalked, targeted, and hunted. And filing the report, shows that I am the victim. This showing that they are involved, and aiding and abetting one of the largest crimes known to man. And are not acting on things like crimes being committed. Just hunting down people they don't like for no reason, just like Adolf Hitler. Especially with some court dates coming up in regards to these arrests  would show that I am being stalked. And the the Police showing that, that hunting down and killing someone is ok for some reason when they don't like or trust people. Yet it is never ok, for any reason which most people generally know. There is no reason why the Police would not file this at any time.

Details about these Illegal Arrests and the Polices 23 year hunt to end my life: https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/officer-sean-dinse-jenson-and-toros/

After turning 29, about 17 years ago,  and not being able to comprehend the situation and get past being freaked out, I went to the LAPD, and at every single time was denied help. After the first few times that nothing is going on, the usual lies and cover ups, or whistle blower hints, with them whistling at me, or other cryptic thuggings, I went to several Private Investigators who pretended they didn't know me and ripped me off. One was even a Police officer who did part time Private Investigations showing this was about a cover up to endless crime spree's against me since a very young age. Why would they not want me coming in reporting a crime when I found out directed at me? After this, I decided to get proof with servaillence equipment because no one would help me, which seemed to make them angrier that I wanted to  document and prove crimes being committed against me, which is their job, which they refuse to do for some reason. Even after this, things like telling them, and trying to present them with the proof and evidence. Going to the detectives with a hard drive of 6 months of psychological torture of servaillence video at public locations of these endless terror attacks directed at me now going on over 35 years. Which I found out at 29 was going on. Undeniable vidence Presented to these Police Stations

THEY REFUSED, to take one second to even look at it. Or investigate it

A restraining order form showing that obviously crimes without physical touch such as putting poisen in someones food or pre meditated psychological terror/torture operations with large groups are illegal. Showing their lying to cover up their involvement

Which the Police will make insane comments, that because their is no category for these mass stalkings against me that I am supposedly imagining. That no police crime report can be filled out.

Example, Mass stalking, Attempted murder, Group mental batterings, Group Harassments.

As if the end all be all importance is what is on the Title of a piece of paper which goes to dedectives who alredy know me and the endless crimes to INVESTIGATE!  Especially the amount of reports or times I had to call the police.

The whole concept of a report is to get it to the detectives to do their job and figure out what the crime is. Which they INENTIONALLY refuse to do because they don't want the truth coming out. That I have done absolutly nothing wrong and am being hunted since 5 years old. And the BEHAVIORS show that I have nothing to hide, and they have everything to hide. Especially since 29 years old and fnding out.

This is exactly what was given to them and a little more. All they had to do was look at the pictures and be honest. So those who looked at it are lieing, and those who refused to look at it, or instantly cut it short, are showing they are INTIONALLY avoiding the evidence so that they don't have to investigate the crimes. Showing they are invovled in illegal operations to end my life or remove me from society which makes them responsible and involved in one of the largest crimes in history directed at one man.

On each and every place station, they do whatever it takes to INENTIONALLY avoid the issues. They pretend that they are busy and don't have time, The ydo whatever it takes to stop me once I am about to show them the flat out deniable proof. They pretend I can't verbally tell them, but once I start to explain the complex details to cut me off pretending all crimes are based oon a single sentence. Example.
"He hit me", "He threatened me" Yet they know who I am, and refuse to take the time to look at the evidence. Either way, it does not matter if they know me or not. Someone comes in a police station who is being stalked, or for any reason, and it's instant blow off's, and then things like "We are watching you" shows that they are negligeable for not stopping the crimes in all circumstances. Especially if someone walks in with proof, and they don't want to take the time to see it. And if they have seen it and refuse, they are even moreso guilty of aiding and abetting a crime.Or refusing to do their job and stop the crime against someone who's life is in danger.

This is done with Malice, and Intent to stop me from talking, Stop them from filing reports, or investigation, PRETENDING that things have to be a specific way in life. And this is not only the street officers, this is the Detectices who do things like invest their lives and all day in figuring out a crime. Showing that they are guilty and involved, and don't want the crimes stopped because people they know will be held accountable. Making the statement that killing people is ok, if they are friends with them.

Showing that they are involved and don't want any of this coming out with world wide cover up labels working with corrupt paid off psychologists, that I am crazy and a Paranoid Schizophrenic, while trying to collect anything they can to cover up their crimes against me. What they have always done to me my entire life.

They refuse to file a simple report. In every single time or location I go to the Police trying to make it look like I don't want this stopped, am crazy, and stop any paper trail with evidence I keep trying to get them, showing a crime is in progress, then trying to say I am a nuisance, and trying to cover it up by pinning it on me and turning the entire situation around on me. Simply filling out a report that goes into the system, and shows that these things are being done to me, they absolutely will not do at any PoliceDivision all contacted with packaged responses.

Normally, you come into the Police Department, a report is filed, if there is enough their for detectives, they investigate it. They are intentionally avoiding step 1, so that there is no record of anything.

No matter how much Undeniable proof I have of these stalkings, harassments, terror operations, they will do whatever it takes to try to cover this up, make sure it doesn't get into the police system with evidence, and investigated to protect and sever me for some strange reason. Which seems pretty simple to me, even if you didn't believe it, someone people would be curious to take a few seconds to look at the photos in front of them, saying, this unacceptable, like they would every other person on this planet.

So, here are all the locations that all  have been contacted, as we know they are all one connected organization through the Internet, and will not simply fill out a simple piece of paper saying I am being stalked, harassed, provoked, threatened, you name it by groups with every lie known to man

One officer said to me. "This does not meet the level of a crime", "People can park their cars on the street". Any time things like Motive, Pre meditation, people conspiring to use their cars and mental illness weapons to end my life and commit crimes they pretend is perfectly normal, allowed, and accepted and that I just have to get used to being hunted with mental illness tactics for some reason.Which is a conspiracy to hurt, harm, mame, kill, remove from society, you name it is completely ignored as they play stupid. They simply refuse to do what they are obligated to do which is fill out a piece of paper that goes into the system, and then is reviewed to see if it needs to be investigated despite that fact that the evidence that I bring in each time normally a detective would instantly look at and say that what is going on is unacceptable.. Also, when talking to the investigators, or detectives, they all have the same cover up story, non of this is a crime. And we all know their is one of the largest crimes known to man, in history, and with world wide support. Their is no crime larger that what has been done to my life. With literally every criminal and civil laws being broken known to man directed at me.

On almost every instance of going to police stations all over, each and every one tried to manipulate me back to the source, at Topanga, and Woodland Hills Division in California. On each instance, I went out to public locations, like starbucks, witnesses the crimes against me. Took pictures and video, and when walking in explaining of the situation also with pre printed examples of where I live, and world wide examples they tried to play games that it is not in their jurisdiction even though the daily crimes are being committed in each and every one of these city's by mass groups. Showing the crimes are taking place in their jurisdiction but they for some reason want to keep me on a leash, with the originating predators in the LAPD, who have targeted me at a young age with these operations. Normally, you would be somewhere else, no one would know you. Of course, they pretend they don't know me and I am crazy, to try to cover up what they have done to my life, while data-mining, and following me from place to place collecting every detail of my life, and using it for mental illness tactics, and their spy game suggestive messages hinting that they know this or that, one of Brain Longbotham's tactics sent after me, while hiring me for a Universal Studios job called Spy Game. to try to make me look like a Paranoid Schizophrenic.

Which shows that information and what they are trying to do to me and my life is all being controlled with pre-meditation, motive, and intent with an end goal. And that is removing me from society which is the crime of all crimes. ls known as STALKING. Except in this case, with world wide support since younger then 9 years old.

Yet on fox news, a girl posted on her twitter, "Good, I made a girl kill herself" who committed suicide in High School, and yet she was arrested immediately under the same criteria.And this is one person, And I have worldwide groups working on me all day and night, 24/7 for 35 years. Showing that they are trying to sweep this under the rug or turn it around on me.

Conspiring to do things to people by itself is crime. No matter if they say it is to help someone or rid them of the world, especially in world wide groups with every lie, smear, slander, defamation, criminal defamation, endless death threats I had better not say anything, and things like this. You name it. People in positions like Karine Echington, Susan Donar, Oscar Pakier being paid off to throw clinical labels on me, while disseminating my conversations, taking them out of context, turning them around on me, giving them out to the public, and Lorena Escobar, or having people endlessly try to prove their theories on me, until they make it come true in their heads with their endless obsession is a crime as well. These are all illegal activities pursuing and targeting me. Especially if I go to them paying them to have someone to talk to breaching confidentiality agreements. Showing that these people will try to get any information to take out of context and use against me illegally and with Motive, Pre Meditation, and execution of a crime, that they are trying to accomplish.

The definition of all these things are CRIMES!

Also, they refuse to file any type of other reports for me that while appear as other incidents, are linked to the same operations, like the fraud operations they are working with the private citizens. For example, the Private Investigators, the Lawyers, all involved in these activities, and stealing my money in fraudulent acts while trying to lock me away  and try to figure out ways to not only take my money, but stop me from getting help on any level, after. Even told to my previous  Lawyer Richard Barnwell, who has no concern for these illegal operations, and turning it around on me saying that I am screwing with the cops, and it is my hunt  or pursuit while working with the prosecution to try to get anything to use to use against me. Showing that this is a criminal supporting these illegal operations, while Lawyers, and Private Investigators, psychology community, seem to all be connected and involved in these illegal operations and told to do the same things. Example, after they have people commit crimes against me, I call them for help, and Officer Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, and a lot of others my entire life will be contacted worldwide  and make sure they take my money and put me in jaul. After 100's of phone calls to each and every one. Same thing, also letting me know they have been contacted. This is because of what I know was done to me my entire life, This has been done to me my entire life for some reason, which is strange and they want me dead and gone. Even operations of the Police in Colorado sending in a squatter in my home, and when the police were called, them coming after me for simply doing what people are told to do, and that is call the police.

When trying to report this mass crime spree, and put a stop to it, On almost every occasion the police do not want to take the evidence I have showing they don't want any record of what is going on, sometimes I am told a Detective will contact me, But never anything to file a report, get it in the system and start investigations, and put a stop to the crime since 29 years old.

This is a packaged response, done with intent to stop me from getting any help, showing specific proof of crimes against me. Seems strange that the people who talk about law and order, and peaceful communities don't want that, and to stop horrific crimes especially against one person, like this. Met will all sorts, of thugging, blackmail, indirect threats, you name it.

Also, this is so large, they already know of it, and the world knows it,  and nor  should I have too even spend the time trying to get people to do the jobs they are obligated to do once they know of the crimes against me, weather I go to the police station, or not.. They should have stopped the criminal activities before I even knew about it. Because that is their job, to keep the peace. Not create the Chaos and pin it on someone for finding out, and watch them be hunted so they can keep their 35 year secrets covered up.

Also, each and every time I go into a police station, just like the public places, mass groups follow me in with the tactics in 10 minutes tracking my cell phone locater. With all the tactics, clothing colors, you name it. I would think, instantly, they see these people coming in with these mental illness operations, it would be unacceptable. And not try to somehow cover it up saying it is my fault.

Recently 10/30/2017, I am now walking into the Police station with this evidence printed on paper and put in front of them in simple format. Undeniable that a 10 year old can comprehend, and they say their is absolutely nothing strange, out of the norm, or illegal going on here. Which is a blatant lie and showing they are aiding and abetting this crime, and refuse to put a stop to it. Most of them don't want me hading it to them and leaving it with them when I leave showing they don't want any record of the crimes against me.

What they are handed which is printed from this page

Why they are not after  17 years of their refusing to lift one finger to stop this working with their community volunteers (Empowered corrupt Vigilantes) as they call them. Especially down in the Topanga Division. Now at least after 17 years they are giving me their cards showing that I am reporting it, like I have always tried to do, showing I have done part in reporting it, not that I should have too, but still.no official information filed so I have to walk around the planet in isolation while they try to make me look like a crazy person to this world wide mob who wants to control me, instead of being honest about the situation so I can have the life I was robbed of.

Some background (Tip of the iceberg)

- Police have Kelly Hatch follow me to Southern Oregon State College Stalking me and trying to  figure out ways to remove me from society for some reason, trying to collect whatever she can, frame me, try to set me up, and give the world every lie, information taken out of context, or trivial things that don't matter taken out of context and given to the world. Also claims I stole her car, and after her telling me to go in her room to get what I needed to barrow, telling the world that I broke in her room. Also trying to get a confession when the Police pull me over driving on the way to the movies with her.

- University of Colorado - Homeless man pays a little down and signs a sublet agreement, probably an undercover cop, does not pay and rent and squats. Moving me out of my place. Just before I move out, My brothers friend Jason Baum who was sent after me with the Police and was told to Befriend me working with my brother. Tries to scare me into a false confession about my father and the LAPD putting a bullet in my fathers 300e Mercedes, and they tell the world I tried to kill or scare my father. Police called several times for things going on with this person, yet for some strange reason they are hunting me down over this situation with cover up operations, still in 2017, and in California..

Around 1998
- Police send a girl named Skyler(Stephanie) after ho befriend me on IRC working with all sorts of frame job operations, also trying to make me look crazy, We meet in Florida 30 mins away from where my brother lives, and she is working with thePolice in Operations to try to scare me into false confessions when Police pull her over

From 2001 - 2017
- when going down to the Police Station on and off for help, every single time was denied help with lies, harassments, or terror tactics to make sure they would not stop the crimes against me. Went down there on and off. And several time with solid evidence. The same types of things you are seeing now, except that I couldn't comprehend the situation. Where it was coming from, what it was about. I was afraid to be firm about people worldwide knowing me and almost every interacton with people worldwide involving endless passive aggressive provokings and psycholgoical terror operations connecting mass worldwide groups across the Internet. While each person tried to leverage themselves over me to make me look crazy and remove me from society. The same operations have always been going on since 5 yeard old. Just going to larger and larger, more aggressive groups and tactics progressing over the years to try to keep me quiet and remove me from society. The only reason the police would not want to stop this is because they are involved and guilty of doing this to my life, and they don't want to incriminate anyone they know. Showing that they are not about law and order and involved in illegal operations.

Around 2005 - contacting a Private Investigator who was a part time LAPD employee did whatever it took to silence me, and was not concerned with doing his job to prove what was being done to me

2011 - 2012 - I called the Police called while at Encino Starbucks (16461 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91436) as I go into CVS Phamecy next door, a black man is waiting in the distance by the cashier line. Cashier which endlessly provoked me for about 5 years with worldwide support. As I go into line, the black man working with the Police and Starbucks COrporation says I cut in front of him. I am nice enough to tell him, he was waiting on the other side way over there, but if he wants the spot in line, and it means that much to him, he can have it. He makes a derogatory comment, and I let him know I am not afraid. He then punches me in the face, non damaging, but non the less, a Battery. Once again while calling 911, and talking to the Police, the police let me know they know of the situation before I called letting me know they are working with him to stalk and hunt me in these 40 year operations. Like usual, at no point are these endless attacks on my put in the System to establish a paper trial of me bying hunted by enormous groups while saying I am a crazy violent paranoid schizo and public Nuisence to cover up these operations.

- assault and battery by Jonpaul Narnjo against me at Starbucks nothing was done on my behalf

2012 - The day after these assaults Jaguar top was slashed - Filed report, they saw no need to investigate

2012 - the next day after this, they slashed my front and rear tire - They saw no need to investigate this when a report was filed

2012 - 10/30 - After telling a Encino Starbucks manager that people would not stop harassing me they told me I wasn't allowed there. After letting the Security Guard know everything that I already knew he knew was going on, he called the police on me making up lies with the customers
After talking to a security guard from Andrews Internatonal  he then calls the police on me. Policecome with security guards and Starbucks work on me with more false accusations to cover up the mass crimes they are involved in.Still working on me while just sitting outside to show that even though I was no longer in the Starbucks, anymore they would still continue to stalk and hunt me with the police, and mass worldwide groups

You should take note that, by me simply sitting on a bench outside, and being forced to document these mass mental batterings in what the police call SKULLFUCKING to end my life or rid me of the world, that everything other then them saying what is being done to me is wrong. Putting a stop to it, admitting or ackknowledging the situation is happening is their focus. In other words. I do not speak of it, or I am a dead man for speaking out about being hunted.

After this on 1/23/2013 A Police office who made up a name Officer Toro based on someone they sent after me 20 years prior at Soouthern Oregon State College named Javiar who would joke around saying "If you mess with the Bull, you get the horns" threatened my life saying "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way" Keep in mind, not only is this person not Javiar. But the only thing I could have done to Javiar like everyone else in my life is blink or yawn incorrectly. And obviously this has nothing to do with Javiar, Just SKULLFUCKING me to death as they've been doing as far back as 5 - 9 years old for some reason

In the late 90's they had a girl on IRC befriend me basically telling me they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death however it was cryptically delivered to me so I didn't know it was actually a death threat by her and the police.

For a detailed incident report of these mass mobbings at this location alone, you can go to: http://www.kevinperelmantarget.com/Report/Default.aspx and sort by location to see the minute by minute attacks that went on for years, and are still going on worldwide all day and night 24/7
4/6/2013 - Attacked by a security guard on the Topanga shopping center property working on cover up operations with the police for destroying my name and life worldwide with endless mental terror attacks. Once I got photographs of the paperwork, John Paul Narano attacked me with 5 - 7 blows to the head to try to put me in the hospital or end my life to try to keep me quiet about not only what I know. But proof of libel, Defamation, Slander, on paper that is PROVABLE in a court of law. To their endless 17 year crime spress against me with WORLDWIDE support, and contacting every coffee Shop worldwide with 1000's of lies directed at me to rile up the masses to end my life

Of course, the police were called, but like usual, they felt it was not a crime to kill someone if the person or people don't like them making up whatever lies they feel necessary. The fact remains, the person tried to bash my skull in and put me in the ground. And it was not in self defense. An arrestable crime no matter what his reasoning was. Yet, like usual, in the endless filed police reports my entire life. This is all perfectly normal and every day life for everyone.

In this paper alone all sorts of cover ups and false accusations that they tried to FORCE and BLACKMAIL me into signing false confessions. What has been done to me my entire life to figure out ways to remove me from society

After they turned the bathroom lights off on me 14 times, and had people keep following me to the bathroom, I called the employee's bluff sarcastically saying "I must be masturbaiting" she didn't like me standing up to her and they claim I told a girl I was masturbaiting in the bathroom.
They Also had a Persian Friend of theirs yelling at me the top of his lunges trying to start a fight that I ignored. They then claim on this paper they didn't want me having a copy of that "I was yelling racial slurs, and starting a fight"
They then also claim I threatened someone. Despite their 10  years prior of having 1000's of people per day provoking me endlessly, with every crime known to man done to me to end my lif, frame me, set me up and rid me of the world which no one wants t otalk about. All Related to my family, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphry, Polie and government illegal operations they don't want me talking about.

While their Libel, Slander, and Defamation with Internet based resources go a lot deeper. This is just what is on this paper proving a few of them. They have made claims I am a white supremecist, Pedaphile, Tried to kill or scare my father by putting bullet holes in his mercedes which was him working with the police framing me with these endless other operations, Car Thief, Supposedly harassing woemn in Southern Oregon State College, And University of Colorado sent after me, Somehwo doing something to loiterers sent in my house to run me out of my house in college, Did something to a gay person in college by the crime of not asking him out, Asshole who abuses women, Am a hacker trying to make people mentally ill, Claims with the people at Golden State Sports Medical, my fathers company, after having Lorena Escobar hire me to finish her 30 year stalkings, are making up lies I am doing things to them to cover up their endless crime spree against me to end my life. These are just a few of their worldwide lies destroying my life on every level known to man to cover up this mass crime spree against me, and even funded by the Starbucks and Coffeebean Corporations to try to silence me with corporate money, and contacting Security, and having people follow me from place to place threatening my life over and over. Especially when corporate is called for complaints.

2014 - Officer Toro - "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way" Threat, and reported to Internal Affairs

2014 - Around same time - Officer Jensen and Officer Sean Dinse misdemeanor with all sorts of bunk charges like assaulting someone by throwing a card at them because I asked Officer Jensen for his badge number when he showed he kept lying to me of things that weren't true. Like saying it is illegal to have a tripod on a sidewalk reported to Internal Affairs

2014 - At Encino Starbucks, Black man hits me in the Rite Aid next door, LAPD knows of it while calling 911

2016 - Black people in car working with Starbucks follow me home while I am on my bicycle and egg me - Police take over 1 hour to show up after multiple calls

2016 - Filed a report of Vynal Wrap sign torn off my car. They saw no need to investigate all these incidences

2017 - Black people from the Metro Complex stage a fake theft, one jumps in my window of my car to frame me and try to make it look like I am involved in a theft, 911 is called, cryptic harassing messages from them directed at me, They still don't investigate what is being done to my life

2017 - Multiple calls to LAPD to come out on things like neighbors leaving rat tails on my welcome matte, and The cars parked in patterns to create mental illness, in the 1000's alone in a few blocks around my house. All they had to do was write some reports. Even the ones sitting in front of them while trying to thug me quiet that I am a 5150, and a Paranoid schizo. Refused to take a simple 100 yard walk with me showing them what was going on, which is blatantly obvious, and normally would have a a detective investigate it.Trying to make me look crazy. Making sure nothing was documented on what is being done to me and trying to make me look crazy.

2017 - Call to Westlake Village/Sheriff to come out being attacked and mobbed at Champagne French Bakery, and when showing him cars parked in such was, and walking back to my car and them doing it, he didn't want to write a report, and when calling to get the report, they never filed on like he said he did. Telling me weird things that I am winning and things like this. Trying to make me look crazy. Making sure nothing was documented on what is being done to me and trying to make me look crazy.

September 2017 - Terrance Scroggins working with the LAPD and Sean Dinse in setup attempts, comes on my property throwing cards, following me around threatening me, with other threats from neighbors, I am arrested as the Police pretend that I call them while coming in my locked gate, just one of the many illegal setup attempts and Sean Dinse telling everyone on his personal facebook to set me up - Case was dismissed. Lawyers all contacted and told not to help me or steal as much money as possible while working with the prosecution on flat rates, and refusing hourly with retainers on every single one called.

October, 2017 - Baily Bernard - Follows me home, harassing, provoking, blocks my gate to my place to stop me from getting in, Police are called,  No evidence is taken, Detective Angela Stuart calls, does not want evidence, when asking if she wants me to proceed, they arrest me on a false warrant arrest they try to throw in fake charges of battery against me which was thrown out. Angela Stuart Contacting all the lawyers telling them not to help me, and refusing hourly with retainers on every single one called.

November, 2017  - Reported multiple fraudulent thefts of my money stolen with corrupt pre meditated fraudulent operations with proof. LAPD refused to take reports, lying and saying they are civil matters. Would not make a simple report, nor would they investigate them

November, 2017 - A Neighbor walking says "That is the man I want dead" while politely handing him a card. LAPD is called, Cryptic messages, and yet, nothing is still investigated on my behalf

November, 2017 - Hispanic person waiting at my complex in gray infinity working with other neighbors, and Baily Bernard, does the same thing as Baily following me, and harassing me. Once again, the LAPD is called. They never come out and cryptic terror  messages on the phone

2017 - Officer Sean Dinse - Stalking, Detective Angela Stuart, Officer Jensen and one claiming to be named toro stalking me "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way"

2/15/2018 - - Police called on a car vandalism, a camera theft after taking pictures of my car, and an hour later for a person with a trained attack dog, who assault and batteried me, and sent an attack dog biting me while his girlfriend was hitting me in the head. And also wanted my other camera to try to thug me quiet. Reported to Topanga Division, and Van Nuys Division. Van Nuys didn't want to see a thing even though I was standing in ripped jeans and a dog bite saying that it needs to be reported to Topanga no matter what.

Also, the day before a police K-9 Unit was driving by my place on Canoga/Burbank, and a police car waiting for me to take a walker

NoNotice, nothing in the reports about a person having his dog attack me
Download the Police Reports
Download the Hospital Report of Dog Attack

Endless calls to the LAPD about things after thing from random strangers I do not know, have no contact with, and when they come out, I am not involved in the crimes, or they are things like me simply going to the park and sitting on a bench trying to relax, where call after call is made. Even multiple times per hour, when they come out. I am simply sitting on a bench trying to relax. while they come out with their mass terror mobs, the police aren't concerned with, and They still don't investigate what is being done to me. Notice in the Reports, the Person unleashing a dog on me and biting me isn't even it it, while standing in front of them with blood and ripped flannel and jeans

8/16/2018 - on the phone with Detective Shapiro aabout this same person who see's me coming home, yelling "Fucking Faggot" and something else. Which she doen't want to take the time to look at with ACCUSATIONS that I am Delusional. Flat out telling me I was never assaulted or bitten. AVOIDING the evidence sent to her. A flat out statement, that I am crazy, this never took place. Showing she is not doing her job because she is throwing labels on me. It is irrelevant if I am crazy or not. Her job is to STOP CRIMES. and that is it. And those statements of hers, basically state that killing crazy people is allowed. Yet the Proof is right here, which she says never happened and does not exist. She also claims that he didn't say "I'm going to get you, you little snitch, Your dead" on the video and all it says is Dead, 7/17/2018 trying to play stupid while asking me about the time I emailed her focuing on the specific time. Which she seems mad at me because I emailed her late at night instead of 9 - 5 which is IRRELEVANT. She is also REFUSING to give me his name to file a restraining order to protect myself from him.

3/8/2018 - Police called about someone writing "Homo" on my other car in their endless obsessed angry rage to try to figure out ways to remove me from society while they keep doing this over and over, year after year. Police officer said she did not know what Title to put on it and would ask Watch Commander. Also turned out that after this people were following me the next day, trying to get information to use against me while saying "Gotcha" over and over which at the same time hinting about the movie from 1985 "Gotcha" where the Strip Club owner calls the person not going into the Strip Club a "Homo" showing that mass groups are working on me with paranoid schizofrenia Tactics.
Download the PPolice Report from this hate speech

3/11/2018 - Black Person follows me from Ralphs lot who doesn't like me documenting the illegal activities yelling at me in his car. 911 is called and tells me to not go to Topanga Division because they are closed. Then tells me to go to Van Nuys and report it and they will be notified that I am coming in. When I go in. They refuse to file the report. Telling me I am crazy. And that due to freedom of speech, people are allowed to follow me in cars yelling in obsessed threatening manors. No report was filed with them saying no crime was committed. Because they didn't want any documentation in my behalf showing that mass groups are taking turns on me. I also have video footage of the event, which they did nto want to take it into evidence or file a report even with solid black and white proof of the situation.

3/14/2018 - 911 called and police come out to take  report of someone who unbolted my front license plate nad put it on my front window. No report was written, just a card with an incident number. This could be because they don't want a paper trail of what is being done to my life to try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizofrenic. Was told by Officer Jaron that Detective Shapiro would be getting this information with the other things being done to me. Also, as per the conversation at the police station with the detective was to call 911 and have police come out and document it.

3/21/2018 -
Restraining order processing against Victoria Walker, a person sent after me by the name of Brian Longbotham, a Visual FX superviser who befriended me after being fired from Modern Video Film, who I thought we had common interests to make money to find out he was sent after me by the government. IIntroduced me to Micheal Bialys, a Criminal Defense Attorney, and Victoria Walker. Told to befriend me, reel me in, and then try to filet me. Victoria has come back after 17 years to finish the job so to speak after it taking them 40 years of worldwide attacks to get the arrests they wanted. Even though they are trumped of charges of things done to me. Showing her true colors trying to get murder confessions, then tell me they are trying to find out what is wrong with me to cover up their endless, hate, rage obsession, nd destroying my name and life. working with the police, and having someone write her address 187 on my car after calling me telling me that 187 is the penal code for murder. Then having people assault and batter me with dog attacks once calling the police about the hate speech of theirs on my cars.

Read More about it
Download Victoria Walker Court Restraining Order Filings

4/6/2018 -
Police called when Greg Koenig, and Dog attacker follow me out as I take a walk. Greg walking by me not saying a things as I didn't say anything either. Next day trying to jam my windows with cards working with Elsie Sandobal, and the dog attacker person who saw me on the other side of the street yelling things at me then flicking me off. While no actual crime was committed. The Dog attacker showed agression after threatening my life, having his dog attack me, and assualt and battery me with his girlfriend while working with Officer Sean Dinse's mass setup and extermination operaitons he packages as a neighborhood watch group.

4/7/2018 3 3:00 am
After going outside to get some fresh air, Metro Neighbors can out in an angry rage, that I am still breathing to cover up their 35 year crime spree against me trying to passive aggressively provoke me by making U-Turns in front of me over and over. Finally one in a white BMW went out of control speeding on a right turn to try to bait, provoke, or guilt me about the lies they are told. And while doing this lost control and now is involved in a hit and run. Hitting the door of a white 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. These people are Involved in Officer Sean Dinse's so called Neighborhood/Terror wtch groups as they try to package them. Setup operations to rid people they just don't like of the world who have done nothing wrong with childhood government flaggings. Starting in on me at around 5 years old. The hit and run has been reported with video of the incident. Although the car had no plates on it since a large part of the city has been told to take off their license plates directed at me as seen in other videos.

One of Officer Sean Dinse's Gang Stalker/Neighborhood watch group ends up in Hit and Run while trying to provoke me with passive aggressive behaviors to try to figure out ways to lock me in jail

This video shows what has happened every single time I have left my house for 17 years. Even simple walks, anywhere in the world directed at me with Officer Sean Dinse, and Mike Huntley’s so called Neighborhood watch groups. Which don’t fir the definition of what a neighborhood watch group is. And are personal terror operations now going on since early childhood to remove me from society with mass groups taking turns in anger and rage on me for reactions to lock me in jail.

In this hour time, multiple people came out with more aggressive behaviors. One saying go to fucking hell 3 times in a row. 2 of them making U-turns where I am sitting because they don't want me walking around a cul-de-sac,

And finally the person causing crashing, then fleeing the seen while the person waiting at the corner involved didn't want it on video

While this never stops, it actually starts on more subliminal tactics starting around 5 years old and at 29, met with all sorts of Death threats from a person sent after me growing up named Mike Huntley a friend of my brothers.

And at 29, going from pretending to be a friend to "We are using the system against you", "You had better live a careful life", "I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with", dropping papers about making people in South Korea mentally ill, while singing "World of paranoia"

Working with the LAPD, officer Sean Dinse, and many others in these operations across 40 years, NSA/FBI support for some strange reason. And telling me weird things like Adolf Hitler, or a Slave owner would say "You are not allowed to defend yourself" On any level. Even verbally.

4/12/2018 -
Went to Chatsworth Courthouse to file a Restraining order against Greg Koenig with undesputable proof of his stalkings with groups. The court denied the temp restraining order which makes sense, but after setting a hearing date for 6/1 for the main restraining order. The clerks refused to sign it, stamp it, and refused to give me to papers to serve Greg. Trying to play word games by packaging the temp restraining order with the normal Restraining order. With multiple people involved. Filing it in the computer systems as open, with no hearing. But on the paperwork has a hearing. To stop any record of what is being done to me in their computer systems. Multiple clerks were lying saying that because the checkbox says temp restraining order is denied, So is the perminent one. And the 6/1 hearing was to get the temp one again, which does not make any sense because temp referes to the immediate moment and how would you get a temp later, for now?

If you've watched this video, how could you not want a hearing for a restraining order? Does something seem out of place? That is because they don't want anything truthful coming out about what has been done to me my entire life. And you can't make excuses to justify their actions or they can just hunt down and rid whoever they want of the world with lame excuses they did this or that based on whatever they want to say in their propaganda. Everything they've done to me my entire life is one sided arguments in secret to the world behind my back and in SECRET! The true sign of a liar who is trying to cover up their crimes with the Police and Government against me.

Greg Koenig Showing who he really is. Notice how he says "Never Yell at me" with a thug personality. I do what he says or he stalks me. Is that the personality of someone who wants a  peaceful neighborhood?

Or a tyrant working with the police who will do and say whatever he wants to get what he wants.

Just like AdolfHitler or the Aryan Brotherhood

While going down to Chatsworth Courthouse to get a restraining order, the Judge Refused the temp Restraining or, and set a hearing date for the main one.

After the judge signed the Approval forms, the Clerks all got together making sure to not sign it, and get me the appropriate serving papers saying that it was denied packaging the Temp with the Main one on word tricks

After I got the main clerk to sign it, they Still refused to provide the paper work making up every lie known to man.

Eventually when they figured out I wasn't stupid and knew the process, the main clerk took away the papers, and they gave me back copies missing the front page with the CH-109 form which shows a hearing date.

This has all been recorded as anyone with common sense can see their endless lies to stop me from getting anything in the system that shows what is being done to my life. With such death threats by Mike Huntley a 25 year friend sent after me at 14 "We are using the system against you"

This shows huge judical system corruption and after seeing this, you should not feel safe at all!

The police are not here to protect you! If they don't like you, they will hunt you with every resource known to man.

The reason they don't want me filing police reports, or restraining orders is, it will disprove all their lies to the world about me.

I was flagged at 5 years old and my constitutional rights taken away. You should be afraid, very afraid! You could be next. For the crime of spilling your cereal milk on the table as a child

This is all because I turned 29, wondered what was going on, and started asking questions and telling people what I was finding out

Document with hearing date. But not in their computers

And no papers to process the respondent to show up
Eventually the Clerk in the court room signed it but after after for processing papers associated with it. She took it back showing they don't want it going to Greg Protecting the criminals they are working with in thee illegal operations. And gave me 2 copies of the one without a stamp. In there 2's tactics Online court schedule. Notice it is open, but their is no hearing done. So it is completely pointless. What is their excuse? I am a bad person so they don't want anything truthful coming out? That bypasses the entire judicial system that has to prove someone is a bad person. So they show guilt, and aiding and abetting crimes. Because there is no other reason they would stop this process that determines innocense and guilt. Why not just put jews up against a firing line and blow their brains out because they are supposedly bad people then

5/3/2018 - Officer Sean Dinse working with someone told to write "Homo" on my car in the endless car vandalisms, and defacings, then comes by and writes a parking ticket of 1.5 inches in the red on my car, about a week before him taking the stand in is falsified arrests to remove me from society, and lies that I am a 5150 Violent Paranoid Schizofrenic to cover up the crimes he is invovled in. Notifying mass groups off his facebook account to stalk me his illegal and unconstitutional Neighborhood watch groups directed at me to rid me of the world. And of course, my lawyer did not think that this information showing an obsessed police officer trying to rid me of the world is an act of a personal vendetta about keeping me quiet showing something highly illegal is going on in the courts, to the judge, or in front of the Jury. While this cannot really be reported to the Police, It has been Reported to Internal Affairs.Wether or not they are going to do anything about these corrupt unconstitutional operations. I cannot answer this.

5/10/2018 - After going to Van Nuys Court House, Instead of Chatsworth, they provided me with the Filed Restraining order paperwork. But of course the Chatsworth Courthouse Sheriff's could no get the papers to Greg Koenig after paid to serve him. Gee, Imagine that.

The Restraining Order Paperwork can be downloaded here

- On my way to Van Nuys Court House to take the Stand for Officer Sean Dinse's Illegal Fabricated operations to "Incarcerate me for life", because he is involved with thesse illegal 17/40 year stalkings with Mike Huntley as I quickly stopped to get coffee, and came out my 2007 GMC Envoy tire was flat and a person claiming to work for a tire company was sitting next to my car who didn't want to give me any information for my lawyer or court to let them know ehy I could not make it with passive aggressive harassments in anger.. But not only this, as I called the tow truck, the Persian Gas Station owners came out threatening the Tow Truck Driver not to tow me. When reporting this incident to the police on multiple occasions. They made up lies that because I was not the one threatened that the crime should not be reported or does not matter, even though it was directed at me non the less. Yet they have their neigborhood watch groups that report when lint falls off my shirt to the police with worldwide information disseminaton. But real crimes like this, that are in repetition, normally would go to detectives showing obsession and stalking directed at one man. While I will admit the tire rubber is old things aren't what they appear. And with the amount of resources on me, people and the police get very crafty to get what they want on every level known to man with endless resources since I was a young child Police are here almost every night being social with these people who are involved in a mass worldwide extermination campaign against me. While I cannot tell you if this is racial, I can say that I am Jewish, and they are Persian.And of course on the spookyer side, right after I came out ot my car, about 6 cars with "Keyes" plate covers showed up instantly, and several others without plates with  mass groups working together on these psychological terror attacks which heen been esculating and growing since 5 years old directed at me. The things that are harder to grasp.

Some of their Police Friends showing one of the reasons why the police won't uphold the law when it comes to me. While these police have pretty much been here almost every night for 10 years. My guess is that they are befriending the Persian Gas Station Owners to come after me. And that if I didn't stop by on the way to work years ago to grab a cofee, they never would have hung out with these people. Either way, the polices job is to uphold the law, and not kill others because they are friends with  criminals.
6/21/2018 6/21/2018 6/21/2018 6/22/2018 - Morning

Groups of them congregate together with their Persian Criminal Friends who are involved in a mass stalking and on video which Topanga Police refuse to take with everything else I have being done to me.
6/22/2018 - Morning

Groups of them congregate together with their Persian Criminal Friends
6/22/2018 - Night

Once they realize I am documenting the situation because they have thrown me in maximum securiy prison based on false police allegations. He take off his plates.

And since they didn't care that their Gas Station owner friends helped pop my tires on the way to court to take then stand, then THREATEN the Tow Truck Driver to not tow me with endles worldwide crimes being done to me with the Persian Community as well as other racial groups with worldwide defamaiton that I am a white supremecist and a crazy violent paranoid schizofrenic. And no matter how much proof of crimes against me did nothing to stop the crimes against me, covering up these mass unprecedented crimes.

Who their friend friend officer Sean Dinse, who falsified endless charges and convicted me with illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL OPERATIONS to try to silence me for their endless 40 year crime spree against me. And these recent arrests start once I made phone calls to civil attornies for damages to my life. I have been THEATENED by peopel in the judical system that I will be incarscerated life if I tell people what is going on, and rid me of the world. As police and Judicial thugging for what I know.

6/7/2018 - Come home, and my car is gone 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse, towed and impounded. Howard Sommors Towing had towed my car. They refused to tell me who authorized it. And even after signing paperwork with the authorization on it, they refused to give me the signed paperwork. When I got my car back, at Howard Sommors Towing, the tire had been popped or slashed. After talking to the police on the first visit on a friday at about 4:30 pm,

6/8/2018 I spoke with an Officer Ortiz #27808. Who told me to talk to a detective on monday and DEMAND he do his job which I told he him I wasn't going into police stations demanding things from Police Officers, especially ones making up lies that I am a violent paranoid schizofrenic and 5150 and need to be incarcerated for life for what I know.

On monday 6/11/2018 I spoke with a Detective who pretended he didn't know me and gave me the runaround how they will probably never investigate it. And it looks like nothing strange is going on. When I mentiond the video of the Gas Station Owners trying to stop me from towing the car, and threatening the tow truck driver and on video. Not only did ne not want proof of what looks to be a criminal threat. Saying because the Tow Truck driver is not reporting the crime of the Gas Station owners threatening him. Then it doesn't matter. And I can't report the crime being a third party, even though they are coming after me. Also, these Gas Station Owners are friends with some of the Topanga LAPD Officers who hang out each night with them. Showing the police support criminals. After this, I spoke with Officer Valdivia. He wrote of the 2 reports under the same report number. But of course kept mouthing off that nothing had happened and they are just old tires as if he knows everything and his opinion is the end all be all without investigating showing he is involved in a crime with his friends. Valdivia gave me a lapd email address to send more information, but he gve me a bunk address that bounced.

After finally getting the paperwork from the Police Station, it turned out Officer Sean Dinse, working with these mass groups had someone slash my tire, and then impound it in front of my house on the public street claiming that cars can only be on the pulic street for 72 hours which isn't really enforced. Officer Sean Dinse who took the stand a few weeks prior, and gave me a parking ticket right before he took the stand for 1.5 inches in the red zone and not a Parking Enforcement person showing his person obsession to try to blackmail and thug me quiet. While talking to the Detectives about the continual tire poppings and other related incidents, like usually they give me a song and dance how their is not enough their to investigate, pretending they don't know me. And endless police reports like this showing I am being hunted which they seem to support. Once again, the leak appear to be right at the seam, but these tires keep going flat at convenient times, as well as the amount of resources to do these things with mass conspiracies, and provokings from almost each person involved while trying to hide who impounded my car for reasons that cars aren't normally impounded.

6/20/2018 - Gettng into my car and leaving to go to a Psychiatrist they are trying to BLACKMAIL and make me look MENTALLY ILL with their endless severe abuse to try to put me on medication to stop me from talking by putting me into some kind of zombie state, jail cell, or mental institution, I notice once again, the 3rd time in this month, on the GMC Enovy, in the same spot the Eclipse was parked on 6/7/3028.  Someone let all the air out of my tire. And when I drove and felt it flat, the tire bead came off the wheel. After inspection of the tire after taken off, there was no actual damage.When going to Topanga LAPD to report the third time of this.Once again, Officer Valdivia was there. Same person who made the  reports last week, Valdivia, who gave me fake emails was atthe front desk. This time said that nothing was strange about 3 flat tires on different cars in one month. Especially with the threats by the Gas Station owners  to stop me from getting towed which I see police cars their every night hanging out talking to them. and that it is a bad tire. Not only did he not look at any pictures. He REFUSD to write up a report showing this keeps happening over and over. He even told me I could talk to "Officer Sean Dinse, he is in the back" trying to thug me in one way or the other as I let him know "Officer Sean Dinse is a lying Piece of Crap" At this point, because all police computers that are connected worldwide, and them telling me I am only allowed to go to Topanga Police Station to report the crime, like some kind of Manopoly or I am only allowed to go to the location of officers who have wanted me dead since Middle School with  Tom Farley, I went to West Hills Police Station acouple of miles away and filled out a report with Officer Cozzarc, who says a detective will be contacting me. Althugh I have not seen this happen in 17 years since 29 and finding out I am being hunted by worldwide extermination operations for some reason.

7/17/2018 - Dog attacker See's me on the corner of Canoga/Burbank Woodland Hills, as I am making a right turn,. Threatens my life "I'm going to get you SNITCH, your DEAD" Report filed, but will the detectives do anything? Reported to Topanga Division LAPD Especially when it comes to my reputation and what is going on for the last 40 years, or these recent trumped up falsified charges and arrests by officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart? His statement alone proves they are mad at me for speaking out about then endless crime spree against me in which he doesn't want me talking.
Download Police Report

- Blackmail and extortion emails linking back to when I was the IT admin at my fathres office Golden State Sports medical showing privacy violations linked back to Lorena Esscobar and the Employees

Went to Van Nuys Police Station and reported a crime of receiving blackmail and extortion emails saying they wanted money because they knew that when I worked at Golden State Sports Medical, at one point I changed my password to "ST@LK3D". I did this because Lorena Escobar, Fernanda SIme, George Escobar, Shanna Briantseva kept getting the admin passwords. George kept hinting he had them, but never directly said it. Fernanda Sime, kept demanding the passwords. And Lorena Escobar was hiring IT people to try to make me mentally ill, and shred up the network infrastructure as well as telling the world I am crazy in her mass stalking campaign my father was paying her to do as posing as an office manager while demanding I get rid of the firewall, and telling everyone I was somehow BLOCKING them from working because I was keeping outthe mass network attacks which she wanted to destroy the computer network and pin it on me. I changed the password to this to let them know that I knew what was going on to see what they would do. It's been years since then, and I was fired about 1.5 years ago. But you can see, something has lit a fire under their aass's and they took the bait, as they don't want me talking. Hence these blackmail and extortion letters you are seeing here which go a lot deeper into illegal activities directed at me my entire life from one thing to the next like this from person to person all INTERCONNECTED.

Like usual, when I went down to the Police Station, they knew me, and didn't want to take the report, because they want to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizofrenic for what I know. And after having a long discussion about that, and a few days prior DEATH THREATS, in a slew of endless life long DEATH THREATS. That these people were adminently hunting me. He at this point after talking to a detective filed a report, I am sure they will do nothing with. Because he was pretending that he could not understand how a death threat from a person who has already attacked me with a dog, and assault and battery calling me a snitch, somehow isn't a danger to my life stating the "I am going to get you SNITCH- You are DEAD" he says is not a criminal threat somehow. Yet my farts according to the Police, are attempts on peoples lives.

While Eventually this was delivered to a Detective Pamela Noon, who seems to be big on hinting messages about 12's. And first tries to fabricate things I've said to turn things around on me. And try to get any type of dirt to cover up what they are involved in. Then tells me that this is a genric spam that everyone is getting.And then telling me that it has nothing to do with me, even though my password that no one could have in it is on it. And the fact that I put it their because I was being stalked and wanted to see what they would do with it as we are now seeing years later. Not only this, with Coffee Shops WORLDWIDE claiming that I am somehow masturbaiting at them in public. And theirs supposedly no correalotion to these, Lorena Escobar sitting me in front of their security camera while having employee's provoke me every 5 minutes for 14 years. As well as tell me I am not allowed to use the bathroom. And Starbucks employees turning the lights off on me in the bathroom each time as well. Somehow this isn't connected? Ya right!. Also, she claims that Cyber Division doesn't have the ability to track the email. Yet 15 years ago it took the FBI one day to catch the EBAY hacker who shut them down. But she was adment on the phone as if she herself was CYBER DIVISION.  Of course, at the end of the call, she said "Bye Bye" which is what Detective Angela Stewart said to me 7 months ago when these recent Cover Up Arrests started when I started calling cvil attornies. And all the Attorny's worldwide, and now psychologists are told to all say "Bye Bye" to me with some kind of most likely DEATH THREAT, or threat they are going to rid me of the world with their psychological warface campaign they call SKULLFUCKING, while trying to INCARCERATE ME FOR LIFE. Which seems to start at 5 years old. And the more I find out, the angreir they get for talking about it.
Download Police Report

After this, Pamela Noone is back to some of their older tactics with my father at Golden State Sports medical claiming that I am a hacker which they started in on my back in 1994 after having my brother call me up at University Of Colorado and introduce me to the Internet. While Just recently contacting www.GoDaddy.com, www.A2hosting.com and telling them to shut me accounts down or try to stop this website from being online with Corporate Employees who are violating their own agreements, and unethically associating with the police to shut down my accounts and steal my money. Aiding and bedding these Police Crimes against me. Also right at the same time, my father trying to contact me about his business domains trying to reel me back closer to him to work on me some more. They also seem to be back on their "We think Kevin has a gun" tactic which has gone on my entire life. But of course no one for some strange reason ever questioned the 2nd Amendment - The right to bare arms. Showing that, my fathers 40 year hunt that I might have a gun and am a danger to myself or others. Is not based on any actual crime being committed. But him just wanting to hover over me dictating my life and if he doen't trust me, lock me away forever. After finally getting these illegal trumped up fabricated convictions, the Police, and my father are trying even harder to get in my house to try to figure out how to cover up his crimes, and dispose of the toy gun that he had Victoria Walker give me to put me in jail stating I have a gun. Working with Karine T Philips, and Therapist Karine Echigian, who was working with Lorna Escobar to remove me from society.

8/10/2018 - Dog attacker walks by, says nothing, and like usual, say nothing, 10 minutes later Police car drives by where I am sitting, which seem to be working with him in more setup and frame job attempts which never work, and have not for 40 years all day and night

8/15/2018 - Dog attacker see's me driving, calls me FAGGOT with other threats - Of course 911 and  Detective Shapiro is notified. As she tells me I am Delusional, and none of these events have occured which are all on this website, and have been emailed to her pretending like she is incapable of watching a video with black and white proof. Also refusing now for about 6 moths to give me his name and let me file a restraining order so that I am safe from him and those working with im. Showing she is involved in a mass crime while trying to make me look crazy instead of doing her job to stop crime. Also, 911 with their cryptic "Bye Bye" threats whatever they mean by this.

8/16/2018 - on the phone with Detective Shapiro aabout this same person who see's me coming home, yelling "Fucking Faggot" and something else. Which she doen't want to take the time to look at with ACCUSATIONS that I am Delusional. Flat out telling me I was never assaulted or bitten. AVOIDING the evidence sent to her. A flat out statement, that I am crazy, this never took place. Showing she is not doing her job because she is throwing labels on me. It is irrelevant if I am crazy or not. Her job is to STOP CRIMES. and that is it. And those statements of hers, basically state that killing crazy people is allowed. Yet the Proof is right here, which she says never happened and does not exist. She also claims that he didn't say "I'm going to get you, you little snitch, Your dead" on the video and all it says is Dead, 7/17/2018 trying to play stupid while asking me about the time I emailed her focuing on the specific time. Which she seems mad at me because I emailed her late at night instead of 9 - 5 which is IRRELEVANT. She is also REFUSING to give me his name to file a restraining order to protect myself from him.Remember, according to Shapiro, nothing out of the norm is going on in this video as well and I'm imagining it.

8/25/2018 2:45 am
- Dog attacker and group of people in clothing patterns all follow me out with The Met Security pointing their security cameras at my house, as I go out to take a walk. Dog attacker starts walking my way and once again, starts yelling and threatening me. Police are called. An hour later Officer Jensen, arrives at the scene, Original police officer trying to cover up the My Brothers BBQ mobbings, with worldwide restuarants helping by arresting me for sitting on the sidewalk. Like usual, Jensen tries to turn things around saying things like I am walking by him so it is my fault. Or because he only threatened to beat me up, it's nto a ctime. Yet I have endless death threat video's with previous physical and dog attacks showing he is obsessed and stalking me. Yet Jensen pretends he has done nothing, is not a danger to my life, and has done nothing wrong. Of course me sitting on the sidewalk is the crime of all crimes back in 2013. Where he arrested me for asking for his badge number. Yet things like peaceful communities don't apply, only exterminating Kevin Perelman applies. 911 is called as well, of course their like usual "Bye Bye" Threats
8/28/2018 - Starbucks Woodland Hills, Oxnard/Canoga - Lady wants a card, then asks me about my life. When she realizes I can explain the situation in specifics, logic and, facts, details, showing that I am being hunted and stalked. She gets extremely angry and starts provoking me as the Starbucks employee whistles at me that I am a whistle blower. A common tactic. Lady tries to give me back my card I say do whatever you want with it as she tries to force it on me, one of their cover up lies to try to stop me from ever passing out a card to anyone worldwide or tell them about my life. At this point trying to somehow force it on me, then throwing her body up against mine over and over. Eventually, she gets even angrier, and and hits me in the face. After this working with a person in black and grey saying I hit her, to cover up their mass crime spree and the Starbucks Employee telling me to wait outside while trying to make it look like I am on the run. When I go to get a new coffee she says I had hit her, with like usual, people willing to lie and support them in their crimes. I go down to Tpanga Division Police Department, once again have them write up a report, which they are not concerned about the situation trying to make me look crazy, but write up a report saying a detective will get back to me in 2 weeks. Of course with 100's of similar reports like this and them not concerned. Shows that they are aiding and abetting a mass crime to rid me of the world since a young child. Police ask some questions. Why I didn't call the police then which takes them over an hour to come out each time for me, plus the fact that everyone will all make up lies to remove mefrom society in these endless worldwide attacks no one thinks is wrong for 40 years now. Pus I have it all on video anyways so their is no argument.
Women working with Starbucks who struck me after employee whistled at me hinting I am a whistle blower to try to silence me and set me up who claims I had hit her after with Starbucks and a Grey and Black tactic person has no bruises Women working with Starbucks who struck me biggeted racist look with their "Your kind Can't Exist" for some reason and no bruises or cuts As lady leaves, she flicks me off showing her guilt anger, rage for my kind existing which they will not tolerate, and have spent 40 years with worldwide support to remove me from society for some strange reason Proof of contusion to my face while of course, like usual, city groups are trying to cover it up saying I have hit her like many others in my life over and over on all sorts of tactics for 40 years At the hospital so their is documentation so no one can lie stating I am a violent paranoid schizofrenic who is imagining this Police Report showing it was reported even though the world will be told I am a vigilante even after reports are filed which the Police refuse to do anything about

Download Police Report

Hospital Report

Download Hospital Report
2 day prior Youtube post showing that this is all pre-meditated, and groups working together Audio and Video of yet the next endless attack to try to silence me for what I know coming soon      

8/29/2018 - 5:50 pm, Dog attacker follows me out while I am taking a walk yelling over and over something about Fish, or maybe Snitch or Bitch, trying to thug and intimidate me. Detective Shapiro at Topanga Division Notified. Who has made previous claims that I am delusional and none of this exists even after sending her all of these videos.

8/31/2018 - Got an email from detective Shapiro stating that because I could nto identifiy him in a fraudulent photo lineup. Where 5 pictures were not him. And one was of a person with photoshopped stretched ears, and a wide angle lens shooting upwards at the person. Made the person UN IDENTIFIEABLE and barely looking human. So if the picture was him, as I am told he might not even be in the Lineup by Detective RUIZ. Even if the 6th  Photo was of him, no one would be able to identify him. Now showing that Deputy City Attorney Karine T Philips is involved in HIGHLY ILLEGAL LAPD Operations to cause chaos, destruction and mass mobbings against one person out of some kind of PERSONAL hate, rage, jealousy, obsession. working on me for 40 years to put me in the ground or remove me from  society for what I know. They Also through out the investigation on the same person after flat out attacking me with his dog. And having the girl with him hitting me in the head. Showing, they are paying him off to aid and abet in their crimes to have me killed or removed from society. This is basically PROOF that the LAPD is telling mass groups to hunt someone down and kill them WORLDWIDE, and they will ALLOW them to do it!

9/3/2018 - Call to Topanga LAPD to get the newer Case Nimber for the Dog Attacker they closed because they are paying these people off to have me killed, and telling the worldwide groups to support them, refusing to Protect me, and uphold the law for me, since I was 5 years old for some strange reason. Officer Ortiz, who on a prior situation tried to manipulate me into looking like I have an anger and agression problem with the detectives. To try to set me up says "Man" to me while people world wide are told to say man, over and over to create mental illness and have me killed for what I know. Also refusing to provide me with the Case Number Showing  the LAPD's involvement in having me killed for what I know.

10/10.2018 - Dog Attacker waits for me to park my car while a person in a black pickup follows me home, waits behind me with lights on. As I get out of my car to go in my house. Which appears to be a  KKK, White Supremecist dog attacker yells, "Fuck you faggot", "You Coward".Keep note that a lot of these people who have threatened me, are bald, and I am Jewish. He is also working with Offficer Sean Dinse and Detective Angela Stewart with what appears to be a police trained K9, which can attack on que. Reported to Detective Shapiro tonight of the Topanga Division. Who closed the case and made outrageous claims previously that I am somehow a danger to this person which is why they stopped me from filing a restraining order. And closed all investigations on him lying saying he never attacked me with his dog which is all on video above, and hospital photos and video.

11/5/2018 - Person keys my car, in front of my place on Juliana/Burbank aftter I go out to Malibu and Therapist Christina Vescovo, wants me to meet her a Cross Creek, Marmalaid. Then she wants to eat as I talk about my life. Reported to the police to Officer W, Mardn, 35067. Who like all of them pretended they didn't know who I am, and was trying to get coerced false confessions as he got mad at me for knowing more then he wanted me to about these illegal operations and what has been done to my life. In hopes they can make it all just go away. Of course, like usual I was told a detective will contact me in two weeks. But that will never happen with things like providing them video footage of the dog attacker, who they say it never happened even with me providing flat out black and white evidence of these endless WORLDWIDE Crime spree against me. 

12/24/2018 - Go out this morning and notice someone had slashed 2 rear, brand new tires at the same time on my GMC Envoy tires once again. Go to Topanga Division, and report it. While I am there, the other Police Officer keeps humming hinting I am a whistle Blower because they don't want me talking about their 40 year crime spree against me. On the say home, The Dog Attacker is notified to go out and take a walk with his girlfriend as he yells Faggot. He then yell's Bitch, as I do not respond, he gets angry and throws something at my car in anger to try to cover up Tom Farley's, Eric Johnson Egg Mobbings when I was in 8th grade. While calling Topanga LAPD and notifying them, they were checking with the watch commander to see if to file a report which their is no reason why they would not unless they are aiding and abetting a crime.

On the way back from the Police Station, the dog attacker was waiting for me with a girl yelling "Faggot, BItch", and throwing things at the car. In which is on Video. Upon calling, they did not want to write up any paperwork in regards to this. The next day I went it with photos and video. They did not want to put anything on paper with the $1000.00's of damage with the keyings. And photos of Faggot, and Homo, on my cars.

I am supposed to hear from a detective Avila, from Topanga Division

11/30/2018 - LAPD tries to illegally break into my house with, just like my father when they got their fabricated convictions. I am not home at the time, and it appears they know this. Also, an officer with rank on his shoulder showing that this goes right up to the top, in illegal police operations. Once again, Just like Officer Jensen stalking me back into 2013 to try to silence me. And his ex partner Sean Dinse. They are trying to get into my house to get whatever they can try to use against me. Or possibly even plant something on me, as you can see they are putting things in front of my door matt and moving boxes around on video. Also, I am sure this website and all the evidence on it is also upsetting in EXPOSING their mass crime spree against me.

Internal Affairs, once again is called and given more proof of the situation as well as recent break in attempts from LAPD to try to rid me of the world no matter what it takes for what I know.
12/30/2018 - LAPD tries to break in my house when not home 5/21/2018 - Father tries to break in my house right after he frames me with Victoria Walker, giving me a toy gun for my 30th Birthday, and telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo with a gun, riling the masses against me 12/15/2018 - Terrance Scroggins who claims his life is in danger from me, comes on my property putting papers on a chair to try to do what he always does and bait me to go after him which never works, despite what the police are telling the world Proof Internal Affairs has been contacted and supposed to be investigating the situation

-3rd attack from a bald person working with Topanga LAPD

Police Divisions who have been contacted - Assault and Battery from a person working with Lead Officer Sean Dinse who didn't want me talking. And get defensive when I mentioned his name. Saying I'm a liar. LAPD is called. Officer Lee and Partner come to the scene. I try to give him video proof. He REFUSES to take it. He also tells me the Police are not obligated to help me which means. He is trying to cover up their MURDER operations to have me killed and clearly is obligated. He makes up lies in his police report saying I am a witness to a murder to try to make me look crazy. The person comes walking around the corner and I point him out. And the Police do nothing showing, just like the Dog Attacker, people are being contacted and paid off to have me killed since 5 years old. He also tells me a Detective won't call me

2/15/2019 - Go to Van Nuys Police - tell them that Officer Lee Refused to do anything on any level, they told me they could not do anything and I had to go to Topanga Division and ask for a Detective Superviser

2/19/2019 - Dropped video off to the a Detective of assault and battery, while he told me he does not believe these worldwide events are connected. As we all know they are since 5 years old while he kept saying "BUDDY" over and over. One of their tactics. Another officer who previously refused to admit to all the tire slashings, Whistling at me that I'm a whistle blower sending me messages they are not going to help me because they are aiding and abetting a mass 40 year crime to have me killed.

3/20/2019 - Person comes by holding a beer, knocking on the door straight for 15 minutes, calls me name 3 times. When I look through the peep ole in the front door, he is hiding by how the door opens so he could wedge himself in to attack me on setup operations and frame jobs. Also, he unscrews the light bulb by the door, and places his beer under the light. He then proceeds in trying to get in the sliding door. Right before leaves, takes off the cat door.

When going to Topanga LAPD, they, like usual, did not want to file a simple breaking and entering police report giving me weird bugerly nunmbers. The one officer got mad, calling me MAN over and over, one of their provoking worldwide tactics to try to set me up to remove me from society trying to make me look crazy, as I signed in because he didn't want record of me there.

They refused to take any of the video, photos of flat out proof of a crime against me telling me "No means No" based on the last aassualt and battery where they had Officer Lee tell me "We are not obligated to help you" Showing they are an accery to attempted murder. I made it clear they are OBLIGATED to help me, and are not allowed to turn a blind eye where crimes are involved or it is a crime.

I then proceeded to West Hills, and once again, not only did the front counter want to take a report, they sent me up to the Detectives. Detective Kim, played all sorts of mind games trying to curve the situations and make me look crazy. After his obvios line of avoiding the issue, and skating every direction other then the point, while trying to turn it aaround on me. I hold up the photo in front of his face he does not want to look at and he gets EXTREMELY MAD, as if I wronged him somehow. Telling me it's rude to hold up a picture of someone breaking in my house. As I explained them refusing to help me and playing all sorts of mind games is rude.

He then told me to go down stairs so they could file a Police report and asked me why they didn't as they are stonewalling me. And he put "tresspass" when the crime is Breaking and Entering and Endangering my life. Once again, writing things that don't make sense, and dumbing down the situation so detctives won't investigate the real crimes they are trying to cover up and eradicate me for what I know.


In endless attempts made to simply file a police report of the crimes against me by these mass worldwide Gang Stalking groups, and or speak with a detective, showing they all are involved as each and every one are told to REFUSE any type of help on any level, and then try to make me look crazy

paperwork being filed on my behalf as to anything being done against me and investigating the crimes still occurring when it comes to the big picture and anything that is of importance establishing what is going on or given to detectives is always refused no matter where I am worlwide, No matter how much solid evidence I have. And while each Officer tells me mass groups mentally battering someone is not a crime, I have video of the police saying it is for other people.

They all give the same packaged response showing their guilt and involvement. And most even try to manipulate me back into the Topanga Division as if the police aren't connected through central and Internet based systems. Pretending that what is being done to me, isn't a crime, which is the crime of all crimes. Pretending they don't have the resources, capabilities to do anything, yet when it comes to spreading their lies to the world about me. They can do it. And at no point having Detectives investigate the crimes, which is their job, and what they are paid to do. Pretending all they do is write speeding tickets or something while hunting me with endless fake fraudulent investigations for some reason.

Topanga Police Department Department - 10/30/2017

21501 Shoenborn Street

Canoga Park, Ca 91304



West Lost Angeles Police Station - 10/30/2017

1663 Butler, Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca 90025 


LAPD Wilshire Police Station - 10/30/2017

4861 W. Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, Ca 90019


Santa Monica Police Station - 10/30/2017

333 Olympic Dr,

Santa Monica, Ca 90401



Thousand Oaks Police  - 10/31/2017

2101 E Olsen Rd,

Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360

        Oxnard Police - Ventura County - 10/31/2017
        100 Durley Ave,
        Camarillo, Ca 93010

        Police Department Devonshire Division  - 11/01/2017
        10250 Etiwanda Ave,
        Los Angeles Ca 91324

        West Valley LAPD Station  - 11/01/2017
        19020 Vanown St.
        Los Angeles Ca 91335

        LAPD Foothill Community Police Station  - 11/01/2017
        12760 Osborne St.
        Los Angeles, Ca 91331

Culver City Police Department  - 11/03/2017

4040 Duquesne Ave,

Culver City, Ca 90232

Hollenback Community Police Station   - 11/03/2017

2111 E 1st  Los Angeles,

Ca 90033

Ventura County Sheriff's Department   - 12/01/2017

2101 Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks,

Ca 91360

Ventura Police Department   - 12/01/2017

1425 Dowell Dr.

Ca 93003


These new divisions all working together with a new angle that I am violent and a danger to myself or others for simply walking in with evidence, and trying to tell them what they already know is going on, and telling me nothing is going on, and their is no crime. Also working their Kevin suffers from mental illness label, to try to get leverage over me and try to make their crimes look justified with all these jurisdictions working together, to stop anything from being filed, and stopping the crime with instant communications as how to stop me from talking. Last a checked when walking into a Police station and trying to get them to stop a crime, usually doe not result in them grassing you, and trying to intimidate you with questions about weapons or being violent. Showing they are guilty and aiding and abetting a crime. When they can just take the evidence they refuse at every location to take, and file a report, and have a detective investigate and stop the crime.


But the trigger of the Sandiego Police's oguilty panic to cover up these operations and try to frame me and thug me is based on Christina Stalinsky, and Mike Wexler, and Eric Christianson, multiple people sent after me to get me to Sandiego For some reason working with them from the age 20 - 25 for some reason


Sandiego Police, like all others refusing to do their obligated job to hepl me showing involvement
and Negligence keeping this mass crime against me going, making up lies it isn't a crime. Showing they
are violating my constitional rights for protection, 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, and many others


San Diego Police Headquarters   - 12/06/2017

1401 Broadway, San Diego,

CA 92101


Officer Nigro, lies to me see mass group stalking is not a crime, and sending me off on a wild goose chase not only saying a mass stalking is not a crime, but then telling me to go to Central Division office, which has a note to come back to 1401. Then proceeding to old town on Harbor Blvd, them telling me to come back. After this, When I was adiment that, yes, me being stalked and hunted to kill me no matter what the method is, is a crime. He got mad and told me to read a sign on the wall about misconduct, and how he was going to drag me out himself. I then proceeded to leave knowing he is covering up their crime, while he contacted all other divisions world wide in frame operations saying I am violent, and a danger to myself or others for simply standing up to his lying with a stearn voice, showing is he corrupt and needs to be fired, and does not belong in a position he claims to help people.


Temecula Police Department  - 12/06/2017

30755 Auld Rd # A, Murrieta,

CA 92563


First someone who is in non uniform approaches me, says he is the police, I let him know what is going on. After this another person comes in uniform, and he says he wants to speak with me outside and doesn't want people knowing his conversation. Like usual, won't take the information, and won't file a report, Trying to make it look like I am violent, and they had to take me outside in front of others outside watching even though like usual, their was nothing done out of anger. He pretends to be sort of helpful in an off the record way, but like usual, what assurances do I have anything is being done on my behalf if they won't even file simple paperwork showing of the crimes against me. He also tells me I shouldn't go places. Which shows the same old. You haven't committed a crime so we are going to home jail you for not committing a crime because we don't want you talking


Oceanside Police Department   - 12/06/2017

3855 Mission Ave, Oceanside,

CA 92058


When go down to police station and ask to talk to a police officer, even though they are still open, they do not let me talk to anyone having an officer arrive later how they would after hours in a patrol car. As I come in to report the crime, I am met with all sorts of questions about do I have a weapon. Yet I am the one walking in reporting the crime. Showing they have been notified to try to thug me quiet, and intimidate me. Keep in mind, this is in Oceanside, two hours away from Sandiego. Different county's, Different Jurisdictions. I wait for about an hour in their office they locked up as I knew they were stalling or maybe wanted me outside in front, So I went out to get my laptop, then they told me I could not come back in. So I waited outside, eventually 2 patrol cars came with a female officer with a scared look asking questions about do I have weapons and am I a danger to myself or others. Yet of course, the only event like usual that has occured on these locaitons is someone walking in, being friendly, and reporting a crime with proof and evidence they intentionally don't want to see, and not being a push over. Hence showing their true colors.


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