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Incident Report Database (Detailed daily incident reports of my targeters)
Searchable database by time, date, tactic, amount of harassments per day
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Raw Data View
Here you can view years of information proving what is going on with these mass Label year attacks

While a lot of this data that is unorganized. You can still go through it to see the endless documented activity with worldwide support directed at me to remove me from society. You can imagine when almost every person you are in contact with worldwide are working on you, with upwards of 100,000, or probably a lot more cryptic terror pattern tactics worldwide centered around you, it is difficult to document, organize, or prove a global conspiracy against you by the NSA/FBI, Police. Hence, I have put all this information on-line. Some is organized, and a lot is not due to the amount of man power it would take to organize the information in such a way that is more provable to show that I clearly do not suffer from mental illness. And it is being done to me to try to figure out how to remove me from society. Have at it!

There's several things you might want to notice:
  • After 2012 the parking lots worldwide went from normal to people parking backwards, and taking off their plates with dealer plates, and in patterns of 2's
  • Mass groups following me in same color patterns, mass whistlers, mass people with hoods on, mass people waiting in cars with lights on, and backwards
  • People who whistle when I am around over and over endlessly
  • Insane amounts of cars without plates in the same areas
  • When people talk around me they will mimic fragments of my social network conversations, normal conversations, or say the same thing in patterns of 2's and 3's over and over
  • Cryptic things on-line worldwide in forums, blogs, comments, social networks like "!!!" "!!" "??" "??" "//" "Spaces" and language all created around me for the sole purpose to endlessly sent me hidden messages all day and night on-line or off-line
And 1000's of other of these mental illness tactics!

A lot of these folders will have a info.txt file in it explaining things so that they make more sense if you don't already know because almost all of these photos by themselves, just look like a crazy man with OCD pushing a camera button over and over. But I can assure you that all these incidents are connected with mass groups working on me all day and night given out terror tactics and told to do it from stranger after stranger. And putting the info together in such a way that makes since is extremely time consuming and difficult. Especially with one person isolated to the world in an angry rage trying to cover up what they are doing and try to make it look like I have OCD, Obsession, am a violent paranoid schizo, you name it. If you watch these video's you can undertand how they operate much better.

Watch to see how all the events are connected or read the Incident reports which I've observed directed at me for 17 years now

If you want to know about all these terror tactics you can go to:

The Pattern Tactic Explained so you can understand how it all works in such a way that it makes sense

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