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An explanation of the Pattern Tactic and how they operate so you can understand what is really going on

The Pattern Tactic as a Gang Stalking tactic, but in my case, it's now literally world wide. While it is beyond rare that someone can actually get small groups together doing what is being done to me. Mine is literally worldwide. Meaning that someone like Adolf Hitler managed to create a worldwide extermination campaign based on psychological warfare to end my life saying all the right things to the masses, and somehow managing to get worldwide support in ridding me of the world. And do it in such a way that this propaganda about me is in secret, using the Internet on government terror systemss disgusted with excuses about the ends justifies the means. Just as Edward Snowden spoke about when exposing NSA operations and the things our government is and has been doing with thesame excuses. Showing power hungry children who could care less about right and wrong living in fear and need to control everything on every level thinking that our security of the nation is about thugging and bullying, and putting in loopholes out of fear violating all of our protections.

While the common man out living their lives does not care or comprehend what can happen to them. The U.S's recklessness, from things like NSA, FISA, The Patriot Act can have the Government torturing and killing people in horrific slow pain for the rest of their lives if some government officical does not get his morning coffee or has a bad day with excuses that we need to prepare ourselves for the worst by throwing aside the citizens protections which was put in place for a reason by our founders.

The 1st amendment alone which was taken away from me at childhood is one of the most important constitional rights. And as you can see from my website what has been done to me each and every time I have spoken out in my defense what has happened and has been done to me. While that person in a big house, and nie BMW, sitting by his pool getting a tan does not think about these things. I will only say, YOU CAN BE NEXT! and their will be no reason for it.

Also with Deep Learning and these new technologies which their is no doubt our government is already using, People need to be wearing of where the Government is going. Especially with  no actual checks and balances until it is too late. Things are only going to get worse. And when you think of the people behind the grow technology you better start thinking about Edward Snowden and Especially what was done to someone like me who was basically a model citizen, kind to everyone, helped everyone in their paths, and more importantly, was not bound by any type of government contract to commit any crimes like edward snowden. Even though Edward is a Hero for what he did.

You might think to yourself. How is that even possible? While this is unexplainable, it is happening. And most of the world knows this. A lot of people want me dead for who knows what reason. Others are neutral, but yet still won't come forward. And their are a lot of fakes who go around wanting attention, calling themselves T.i.'s (Targeted Individuals) in hopes they can get some kind of attention. Obviously, people who are hunted don't package labels called TI and run around saying. I am a TI, like it's the next best thing since apple pie.

People generally don't like to be hunted, tortured and killed. So, While the people who want to try to silence me and try to make me look crazy to the world, throw labels on me that my mind races and that I see patterns of things that don't exist. And have the inability to focus. And turning around the situation on me of what they have been doing in these mental illness campaigns to try to make me look crazy and rid me of the world.

So, while I am sure you have seen endless photos and video showing I am not crazy, and this is being done to me worldwide to end my life. I will explain how things start and escalate. Or at least how I started to notice things. While this applies to the 1000's of different tactics they are doing to me to end my life. I will focus on the more obvious things and you can apply it to the other things.

Now keep in mind. The concept behind these psychological warfare government and hate group operations are to put their target in a hyper sensitive state. Meaning that when you are out walking around, driving, talking to people. You are generally not focused on the intricate or subliminal things like what color someones shirt is. Or how many people said the same things. Also, keep in mind that those coincidences are extremely rare as well.

So, the predators, in my case, the Government, who target these people, motive is to get them into a hypersensitive state, then make things a lot worse by telling the world or large groups that the person is paranoid, or crazy. Because they have put them in a situation where they went from a normal life, to noticing things they can't believe they are even seeing. The types of things the targets are normally not going to want to tell anyone because that concept of getting groups together to kill people is pretty unheard of. I mean how would someone notify large groups to kill other people and get them to take part? I almost could not happen. It is not probable. But it is possible. So you wouldn't want to tell anyone what you are seeing at first. And the more you speak out, the more your targeters are going to use it against you.

Mike Huntley's words "We are using the system against you", while dropping papers on my desk about Korea and making people mentally ill to control them as threat messages. Although he was so cryptic and I was noticing my surroundings, I had no clue what to think was going on. Because how does someone even process something like this? Especially with worldwide support going on since 5 years old.

Now, Put yourself in my shoes, or imagine this situation in your head. Up until 29 years old. You are running your own company, working out at Gym's being healthy. Have friends, so you think. Have a OK social life that can be a lot better but not a hermit. The more social friends you are meeting want you dead and gone and are sent after you and are probably being paid to remove you from society. And keep in mind, all the people who I thought were my friends growing up, were all contacted. And they were my frenemies, little did I know. All working together.

Also, you need to keep the situation in context. Up until 29 years old, I was fairly quiet, shy, or at least, not good at breaking the ice in conversations. Was no one of importance. Like Donald Trump who makes Billions a year or some worldwide known actor who makes 100 million a year. My piddly company made maybe 20,000 a month. Which is pretty much a joke. And I just worked some small animation jobs. So with that in context. If your the president of the United States, I am sure smoking a joint in college is a huge ordeal. But if you are some random person who just worked IT, or some Animation jobs, or had a small company for 6 years. Is completely different. And cheating on your wide or something. People just say. Whatever, it happens. So what.

In other words, trying to create an environment where you are 10 times more known then Donald Trump, but then told no one knows you, while watching worldwide groups try to suggestively kill you with hints and references over blinking wrong, sitting wrong, yawning wrong. Accidentally walking out with a penny of too much change. J-walking. Doesn't really make much sense unless someone wants to SKULLFUCK you to death, and make you crazy and rid you of the world. Hence the Police sending a girl named Skyler (Stephanie) on IRC and to meet me in Florida after me with Cryptic threats they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death still going on at 46 years old for some reason. And trying to make me think this is somehow normal. As if all actors have people following them in mass groups with paranoid schizophrenia tactics and such.

I have even had several people try to make me think Gangstalking is normal, and I am just too sensitive like everyone goes through it like getting a cold. When in fact the numbers are so small, I'd guess maybe 40 people in the U.S. are Gangstalking targets in the last 10 years If I had to guess a number. Maybe even less. So this has nothing to do with fame or popularity. Because people who are popular have people talking to them openly that they know them and about their lives. And don't say "I don't know you" while taking turns on you with mental illness tactics.

Now the first tactic I can recall was the whistling tactic which years later, I realized they were hinting that I am a whistle blower for finding out I am being hunted for extermination. After Mike went ballistic on me, people whenever I was would see me and start whistling. I was watching 10 - 40 people per day whistle at me. And I could not believe what I was seeing. A lot would do it as they walked by within maybe a 10 foot radius. And some who would see me from a distance. I would drive random places. Hollywood, Oxnard, Laguna, you name it. And watched all these tactics being done in repetition to me. Which I could not believe what I was seeing.

The other thing is, how does one walk into a police station spouting off craziness like this without proof. On the one hand, if they know you. They want you dead. And if they don't, they are going to look at you like your crazy. Hence, the entire motive behind gang stalking. And the more your speak out, the crazier you are going to look, and those who want you dead, such as Mike Huntley and those working with him are going to use it against you. Such are the world is witnessing. This is all thought out before ever even executed. Whenever someone asks me about my life and I can explain it in a way that I don't look crazy. They start whistling, and larger and larger groups start hunting me.

You went to High School, you went to College, you worked for several animation companies. So you are not what the Police and your family are spewing to the world, a violent paranoid schizophrenic. Where did my family even come up with this fiction? Well, their fabrications to the world are endless and probably even paid creative writers to make up this defamation and slander about me to rile the masses against me.

Now, your 29, and your brain is functioning like everyone else's. Except maybe one day you come home from work and you park on the street an walking in your house and normally, you aren't looking at what cars are what. But you just happen to notice that on this particular day, by the gate you walk into. You see 2 blue Honda civics parked together one in front of the other. Now, normally, you would say to yourself. As I did at first. "How off, 2 of the same cars" and that is that and you move on. Now, maybe the next day, you walk out of your house, and the 2 blue civics are gone, and you notice, 2 Grey Civics where the blue Civics are, and you think once again. "No way?" another coincidence. And your thinking. "What are the chances of this?" But yet, you move on thinking. That is really strange, but whatever because what are the chances people are working together to make yo mentally ill and kill you. Or is it even about you. How could that even happen.

Now, I am in the office, and Mike Huntley tells me that we should both go in together and buy a 1966 Lincoln continental. Although at the time, he was trying to get a confession about JFK hints, and the bullet hole they put in my fathers 300e Mercedes and the police to pin on me. Although I had no clue this was even an issue or anything was remotely going on about this incident that was pretty much me noticing a bullet hole in my fathers car and telling him which he claims in no big deal while trying to rid me of the world.

So, While I take a look at the 1966 Lincoln continental, that Mike wanted to go into, then backed out of. I go out an buy one because it is a pretty damn cool car. Now, I come home, before buying this car, and on my small street. There are 2 1966 Lincoln Continentals parked one in front of the others like the Civics. Once again. I am thinking on a very subliminal level, "What are the chances of this" I mean these aren't every day cars. They are very rare cars. What are the chances 2 of the same 1966 Lincoln continental are together.

But not only are they doing things with 2's. They are also trying to create schizophrenia. So, for example. Lets say I go take my camera, and I go off to the beach or something. Or maybe it's building at night. Who knows. And I come home. Maybe by the Gate where I walk in, their are 2 identical Toyota Camry's. And at first thought you are thinking. That's ironic because I just went out and and did a photos-hoot and they are Camry's. Now, one time would be a coincidence. but this happens over and over.

Or maybe I go out, and I see a cute girl and ask her out. And when I come home, their are tons of white pickups on my street. Or if she is black, maybe they are all black pickups. This goes from thing to thing. And then, they might go from the groups of cars to one car. Which is way harder to prove. So, with these more obvious things going on. Their is a layer of more subliminal and extremely difficult to prove unless someone knows every aspect of your life who is on your side.

Keep in mind, these are NSA/FBI data-mining operations. Meaning that not only are these worldwide based neighborhood watch groups which every detail of my life collected and disseminated, archived with NSA resources to use against me in what Brian Longbotham hinted to me is their so called Spy Games. And having me work on a Pilot called Spy Games at Universal Studios. But also this information is being taken out of context, turned into complete fiction and given out to the world as propaganda of horrible events and things I've done that don't remotely exist. And whenever I go, even by Officer Sean Dinse's own admission, they have neighborhood watch groups on me. Except Sean is trying to turn around this 36 year worldwide neighborhood watch groups to make it look like I am crazy and need to be watched by trying to get reactions as cover ups. So that you understand not only the psychology behind what is going on in something that the government doesn't want people to know as to how they use psychology as a weapon.

Hence why the Psychology community is on edge, and non of them want me talking about what I know and the things done to me growing up that involves people in the psychology community.

Also, while all the endless present things are going on. You start to look back on your life and realize all the things that had always been going on, weren't really what you thought it was. In other words. Me growing up and thinking my life was pretty good, but could be a lot better went to. I can't believe those things were all being done to me. I had no clue. Things that you could not conceive even could be done to people. Unless mass groups got together with demented reasoning behind it. Which is difficult for one to grasp until they see it over and over and know what to look for, establishing a pattern of behavior from their targeters which is endless.

Now, keep in mind. It has taken these people 24 years of all day and night things like this to get me to this state. Where ever I lived. Oregon, Colorado, California. This was always going on. But these aren't things your normally looking at. Your normally focused on more important things in life. But lets say you go into a Coffeebean like I did, surrounded by a worldwide murder campaign, still not having a clue what is going on. And you are being your friendly self talking to people. "Hows it going", "Hi, how are you", things most people who see people in their daily life do to be friendly to others showing warmth and compassion. Yet keep in mind. Trying to be nice to a murderer or worldwide witch hunt since 5 years old is impossible. I could give each one of these people gold bricks every day, and they would still try to figure out ways to slit my throat.

So now, all the public businesses worldwide are told to mimic what you say in repetition. For example. Maybe the next 100 restaurants you go to, in sequence, from stranger after stranger. Will say "How's it going", or "Hi, how are you". And your starting to get more sensitive to things, thinking. I know these are normal sayings. But it is over and over. Kind of like winning the lottery 100 times in a row. It's impossible, unless something demented is going on, and people are being contacted and told to do things.

Keep in mind, this isn't a few people joking around with me, and then saying laughing "We are fucking with you" this is worldwide strangers who refuse to admit to the situation and have been hunting me for 24 years up until 29. This isn't a practical joke, it's a murder operation. But you have no clue what is going on, nor do you really believe what they hell you are seeing. Now, of course, when you go home, you start seeing more and more identical cars parked in patterns of 2's. And as the years progresses, it keeps getting larger and larger. Some while once in a while, you see a pair of identical cars in 2's, you question the chances. Now, you might see 3 pairs or even more of identical cars in 50 yards.

Now, you are driving around. And going to malls, stores, Coffee shops, restaurants, and every time you buy something and hand a stranger a credit card, they grab the credit card and tap it twice on the counter. And this is worldwide. But at this point after the first year, you are really starting to understand while it sinking in, and kind of in denile, that what you are seeing isn't coincidence, and these are mass worldwide groups doing these things to you. But you still can't really believe what you are seeing. You know it's happening, But you can't really tell anyone because the concept is insane to begin with. But you know it is going on,.

Also, think of the ramifications. For example. In order to do something like this, especially on a worldwide scale, how could this even be done? Well, for me, I was hunted my entire life since 5 years old, and people were approached as I was followed from place to place with disinformation campaigns to rid me of the world. Example, I moved to college in Ashland Oregon, Kelly Hatch was sent after me with the Government telling the entire city to stalk me. Then to Colorado. Now in 1995, the Internet came to be, with my brother calling me up introducing me to worldwide networks playing both sides of the fence how he wanted to show me this technology. But it was really about uniting the world to figure out how to kill me, in such ways to rile up the masses with Criminal Defamation, and Slander with motive to have the world do his job for him, working with Mike Huntley and many others.

But still, how can one accomplish this? I cannot tell you. All I know is what I see and have proven. But, you can understand that the Internet is very powerful, and a lot of these tools I could even build. But that is not the hard part. The hard part is approaching people telling them to take part in a murder campaign. So, the question once again, is how someone like Adolf Hitler, which seems to all stem from my family and up the latter to the government is achievable. And now knowing that the government has flagging operations and psychological warfare operations. Especially with Edward Snowden coming forward. You can now understand some of the things our Government does that they don't want me talking about. And the only reason I know this is from readying about the select few real Gang Stalking targets to What I have witnessed and realized was happening and being done to me my whole life after looking back before 29.

Things that didn't make sense like Mr Quigley, my PE and English teacher telling me to punch Paul Schaeffer which didn't work and seemed a little odd. Or all the people launching cars at me in weird ways that I didn't make the connection and though they were just strange incidents. One lady even waiting for me on the side of the road by the Honda Dealer. Throwing her car perpendicular to the road. Causing and accident, getting out and yelling "You tried to kill me", as well as the insurance company trying to tell me the fault was 50/50 which I told them no way in hell. While these are beyond strange incidents. They still do not normally trigger paranoia unless it's done over and over. Hence, it having nothing to do with paranoia.

So, while watching identical cars parked in 2's at my place, now maybe walking down the street and seeing maybe 4 - 5 pairs of 2's. Also, they do things like car fluctuations. Example, Maybe you now more observant to what is going on, on your street. And you see a white pickup truck. And you think to yourself. It is rate that I see a white pickup truck on me street, but whatever. Now an hour later, you see 4 more white pickups. And your thinking. I've never really seen a white pickup, now their are 5 in 50 yards.

Now, the next day, maybe the white pickups are gone, and maybe you see 3 - 4 black pickups. Then the next day, they are gone and maybe you see 3 black Mercedes. Kind of spread but not together. Now these group patterns change daily or weekly. Then it might be 8 gray Honda accords, or prius's.

And these aren't random cars. Example, for one week maybe you see Honda accords in larger radius's all around your local area. A week goes by, and all the Accords are gone. But now maybe it's Jeep Cherokees. The car the Kelly Hatch who was sent after me drove. Then a week goes by, and it's all Honda civics, and the Cherokees are all gone. So it's never random events. All coordinated groups.

Now, in my case, I had a friend named Aubrey Fisher sent after me by the NSA/FBI and government to take part in this extermination. And she kept calling me up wanting my help or wanting me to hang out. But she had ulterior motives to rid me of the world. And while this one imperfection around her was that I tapped my foot around her and she didn't like foot tapping so. After this for about 6 years. Wherever I went people would see me worldwide and start tapping.

In line at computer stores, malls, coffee shops. Airports worldwide. Now, we all know if you look around once in a while maybe you see someone tapping. But all day and night for 6 years?

So, eventually after maybe a couple of years of seeing the unexplainable, you start slowly trying to tell the people you know who are closer to you, who you think you can trust. But you are met with anger and hostility. Now the normal concern. For example. My mothers reactions to me were things like "Your past caught up with you" and hints about me having to leave the country. Your father at one point broke of his lies you could see right through, saying "You know what you did". Of course, when it comes down to specifics. They can't answer the simple question. My mother backtracked making up lies she never said that. My father started spewing disinformation and bullshit telling me weird things that "If someone does something wrong, they are not told because they can lie"

WHO WOULD SAY THAT! well, someone who knows you didn't do anything wrong, and has ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Their is no reason why your accuser would not tell you what you have done wrong or what they accuse you of, unless they are criminals, psychotics, or people involved in something illegal. Of course it took my father 14 years after to get that far saying that.

Now, imagine, you are at a coffee shop, in this case, Starbucks, Encino, and you park your car backwards once. Not that it should matter. But after this. 40% of the parking lot goes from people parking normal, to cars parked backwards, and over the next 7 years it grows worldwide! so, 10 - 40% parking lots worldwide are all parking their cars backwards. Even in spots it takes huge amounts of energy to do, which would be way easier are all backwards and directed at me. Then, on one occasion, I park aggressively crooked in a hurry, and after this, Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager heavily involved and paid off to stalk me my entire life, starts parking her car the same way over and over. Then it goes worldwide all directed at me.

Now, almost every person you are in contact with, or are in public places are told to collect fragments of your social network conversations and mimic them over and over. Or people are told in their conversations with each other next to me, to mimic parts of my conversations in hopes to provoke me into fights. This isn't one sicko. These is worldwide all day and night 24/7.

So, lets say I am Online, and I type LIL, instead of Little, joking around. Worldwide groups on the Internet will all use LIL. This will go from thing to thing. And lets say I am in a coffee shop, and so "No Worries" to someone. After this, people worldwide will keep saying to me, and everyone else, No Worries, around me. Now, where as, it isn't unheard of to say No Worries, to hear it over and over because you said it world wide changing from thing to thing is very strange, then be told your imagining it.

Now, you you start watching TV, Movies, News, and you notice this is also happening all throughout the Entertainment industry as well. And people are writing all sorts of aspects of my life in all sorts of media. But of course, I am told I am imagining it, and no one knows me. With vague hints I am a horrible monster, but I am not allowed to know what I have done wrong.

At one point, Michael Clarke Duncan, comes into Woodland Hills camera after me, and starts whistling at me hinting that I am a whistle blower. But of course, I have no clue what is going on or how this person even knows me. Yet, almost every famous actor I have met, talked to, been around has been in an angry rage at me. Once again, who knows why? Did not like a movie I watched in High School and their is a worldwide campaign to kill me? Like the rest, it makes no rational, logical sense, based on how society works normally. In other words, a mass conspiracy worldwide.

Now, you will notice while not only cars in parking lots parked backwards and crooked worldwide. But you will also notice, that they are doing things in 2's. So people will park cars backwards in 2's all centered around me.

Now at one point, I bought some fast food, and pulled my car to the side of the road at the woodland hills park, and left my car running with my lights on while I ate the food. And this was the next crime in their so called laundry list. So, for about 5 year which still goes on. Wherever I go. People would see me, and sit in their cars leaving their lights on. Trying to provoke me into situations. Keep in mind this is worldwide.

And if I go out and leave the valley, when I come back, people all through the valley will wait in cars with the lights on as some kind of punishment for leaving my house. Or if I go out, and do something like try to get air, sit at a local park, cars will show up, and they will sit watching me and turn on the lights and things like this. Keep in mind. This is not a one time thing. This is the rest of my life until they achieve ridding me of the world.

So you can imagine, in the local area of my house alone at this point. With only the cars tactics. I'd guess maybe 1000 cars a day are parked in such ways to make me mentally ill. And no matter where I go worldwide. Worldwide groups do this to em.

Now, lets so you want to go out. Do something social. For me, I love coffee shops, being social, getting work done, fresh air. So when I go to a coffee shop. Mass groups will show up doing these pattern tactics. I'd say, between 10 - 100 per hour follow me to coffee shops no matter which one I am in worldwide. On some occasions it can actually be up to 1000 per hour. With things with cars in front.

They might all come in at the same time in clothing patterns. You might see groups of people show up in solid green pants, and solid black pants all at the same time. Then it might change to solid red shirt, solid black pants. Then all solid blacks. In groups, like the cars. Not random. After reading a book and resting my feet on a chair relaxing. After this for the last 15 years worldwide. If I walk in groups of people will put their feet on chairs. Which then turned into them putting one foot on a chair.

One of people all told to wear hoods city wide at the same time and it gets more obvious when society goes from once in a while you see someone wearing a hood to 10 people at the same time inside a coffee hop or restaurant with their hoods on. Isn't something people normally do all at the same time. And more so when they know where I will be.

I can recall at one point, a security guard Ray befriending me and as I was trying to be social and talking about my life, snapping my fingers in mid thought. And after this I was followed from coffee shop to coffee shop while people would sit next to each other snapping while talking to each other. And this would happen maybe 10 times a night at one point. Of course, I had never seen one person snap their finger in a conversation before this.

Of course the people who have Nazi personalities trying to make this campaign look justified will say things that it is my BEHAVIOR. just like Mike Huntley was babbling about in his murder operations while threatening my life. You put your feet on a chair it's you behavior? You called a girl a bitch it's your behavior? You texted someone a breakup, it's your behavior? You farted imperfectly it's you behavior? You took a couple of weeks off from the gym it's your behavior? The types of people who say things like this are either psychotic murderers. Or are part of a conspiracy in government flagging operations. Because that is like me saying you put too much salt on your food or smoke, it's you behavior and you will go to jail if you do it again. WHO WOULD REMOTELY CARE! And if people are coming after you, it's not because of the salt or cigarette. That's just an excuse to justify their psychotic Nazi-ish means.

So, what I have tried to explain to you is the progression of these events, and a persons, as well as my normal thought process of how the targeters, are with clear and obvious criminal intent trying to manipulate and change your thought processes to make you look crazy and rid the target of the world. Some of these psychotics excuses to me in the beginning is, well this is all my fault for not instantly calling the police!

Also, people play these mind games like. Someone just turns an age, and instantly knows what is going on, like out of some kind of movie. This is real life. And nothing is being said. Not only that. When people are going to hunt you down and kill you. They don't walk up telling you that they are going to kill you and how they are going to do it. Especially if they have worldwide support. How could you even conceive of what is going on? Especially the more people you try to explain things too, the more they want you dead and gone. Especially within the psychology community, because they are involved in the crimes from childhood.

It's one thing to read a script then watch the movie. And those saying things like this to me, are the type who know what is going on while I am in the dark. But it's another to go see a movie and wonder what is happening and how it is going to end. Well, those who live in reality know that you don't know what the end is until you see it, and you can't go around telling other people how they should reach in other situations.

If you told me that someone pulled a gun and on you, started shooting, and you froze. And I told you, that you should have jumped on to the chandelier, swung over to him, rolled 3 times on the ground, and kicked him in the balls, and took his gun. What would you tell me? Then I tell you that I'm not going to help you because you froze, and should have did what I told you. Well, Now do you want to talk about BEHAVIOR?

In other words, what has been done to my life was not only planned out since day one to exterminate me. But they knew from psychology what they were going to do to me the more I found out, and the more I reacted. Turning 29 with their intent to try to make it look like a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic was always their plan. And me reacting in fear and telling the world I snapped in a violent rage and am a danger to myself or others was always the plan since a young child to figure out ways to remove me from society. If that isn't food for thought about government life long flagging operations. I don't know what is.

Well, you can't! If the police are involved. Which they are for me. They are going to try to lock you away. Which after 12 years of these operations Officer Sean Dinse, working with Mike Huntley has poked his head out of the snake hole with Mike Huntley trying to get me in mental institutions. The very threat from my brother saying he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution at 16 after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar, by simply jumping in front of him and harmlessly putting a stop to it after Jen Yang, My brother girlfriend cheated on him with Greg.

Giving the the blood is thicker then water speech. Wanting me to support psychotic behaviors like this. Now, never wanting the possibility of this coming out. Hence some of this reasoning behind this. And if the Police aren't involved, they are going to look at you like a crazy person. So what they police are telling the world is that I didn't go to the police, so I am a criminal. Well that doesn't make much sense.

But wait, what did happen. Well, about 2 year into this, after getting past a lot of the fear of a situation which is unprecedented in history. Especially done with worldwide support to one man. I wanted to get enough proof to go to the police so they could help me. So I called tons of Private Investigators to get proof of what was going on. But of course they all knew me, stole my money, and just screwed me around. Even 17 years later calling more of them, same things.

One Private Investigator was a part time police officer, and PI. So you would think, that is a good thing because this way, they could get paid to prove it. And let the Police know what was going on. But the only this this person wanted was like usual, coerced false confessions so they can cover up their crimes. So eventually, I decided to get my own surveillance video, but guess what? I spent years simply trying to walk into police stations and getting detectives a hard drive full of endless crimes directed at me.

Not only met with tons of whistling that I am a whistle blower or endless street theatre in hopes to get reactions to use against me. They simply would not help me. From day one. Now, it does not matter when someone hunted comes in. Why would a police officer say, well you didn't come in before. So now we are not going to help you. This doesn't make sense as well. People normally don't think like this, unless they are part of a conspiracy. What people normally say and do is, someone needs help. And we are going to help them. PERIOD!

Now, on every police report call I've ever made to the police which I could simply walk them 50 yards to show them cars in 2's and such. They REFUSED! to observe or take reports. So, when the police and others spew out their fear mongering about BEHAVIOR it applies to me, and things that don't remotely matter that no one could care less about like taking some time off from the gym or being polite and asking someone how they are, or hows it going. But things like 25 pair of identical cars in 2's in a few blocks directed at me, is not out of the norm BEHAVIOR.

Well, obviously, this isn't because I have done anything wrong. It's more about government flaggings. And what I found out and know. And them not wanting anything truthful getting out to the world as far as government operations and what they do to flagged individuals.

And the more violent my targeters get from these attacks and not getting their way, the more the Police show their true colors by leaving out the important things in all the reports or connecting the dots that you keep coming in on things filling report after report of things done to you. Yet it is all one sided. It doesn't matter how many people assault and battery me. They didn't do anything wrong. All the car vandalism, they didn't do anything wrong.

But when you were 16 years old, Paul Schaeffer kept setting his watch alarm when I would fall asleep in Spanish class and throw it under Mrs Garcia's desk, and the Police pretend to think it was me 30 years later. So the fame job of me putting a watch alarm under her desk is the crime of all crimes, and random strangers killing me 30 years later in different states and countries who could never even have this data-mined information over something people would laugh over normally is the crime of all crimes, so killing me in torturous inhumane ways with worldwide support is somehow OK? Does that make any rational, logical, sense? Of course not! Because it isn't about that. It's about driving someone crazy to remove them from society from a simple flagging operation.

Pre-Crime, We don't trust you and we are going to rid you of the world. Do you think the Government wants information that Edward Snowden came forward with taken to the next level of what most Gang Stalking targets talk about before all the publicity T.I. scammers wanting attention.
NO! they want people living in their happy world that things like this don't happen and we live in the best country in the world.

Well, I have always loved the U.S. the CONSTITION, and CAPITALISM! And have strived to be successful despite my learning disabilities, but I don't like being hunted for extermination for not fitting into some kind of category. Ask yourself that simple question which seems very Hollywood, and their are several movies about. But what is going on here as you can see from the videos and photos, and proof is not a movie. and the mases are being riled up to remove me from society with all sort of lame excuses like I suffer from anxiety and m nervous and supposedly the calmest, nicest, most docile person who is open minded with everyone is somehow labeled the Unibomber, and a ticking time bomb doesn't really add up to.

We don't understand you and therefore their his no place for you breathing on this planet. Of course, that is not what the world is told while being turned against me.

And I have never personally heard of situation with worldwide support against one person where their aren't varying opinions, and some people in agreement, and some people in disagreement. This is the only situation in history where a person has been left in total isolation and hunted with worldwide support. Those on my side would verbally talk about the situation going on. And those who aren't would verbally say something about what I am accused of. Making this one of the largest crimes across a 36 year period in human history. Take what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. And imagine a worldwide campaign to torture and do this to one person on psychological warfare levels that never end, are all day and night 24/7 of immense pain. While trying to make someone look crazy and lock them away, or force them on medication to pretend that, that is going to help. Instead of hunting them down trying to kill them.

In other words, you don't keep following someone from place to place bashing their skulls in with a crowbar and never stop, then telling them that they suffer from head trauma and to do what they say. And still not stop bashing their skulls in.

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