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Some of the things I've done to prove guilt and expose what is really going on

While this whole operation is to figure out how to remove me from society with NSA/FBI operations and worldwide support since 5 - 9 years old, by trying to make it look like I am crazy, a nuisance, and out of control monster, met with  angry worldwide rage about what? I have no clue? was it too many lap dances? Was it that crime of playing pool? Was it the fact that I may look at a girl or even smile at one on occasion? all the horrible behaviors that are forbidden in society so I am told. Of course, when I say told, it isn't verbally, it's met by terror tactics, and punishment for the crimes of, with endless worldwide sarcasm about all these horrible things I've done in such ways that messages are delivered to me, that I am not allowed to confront, address issues, or defend myself against. For example, instead of saying OK, to a programmer in India, people now worldwide on social networks says "When you say K, it means FUCK YOU taken from me saying FUCK YOU, in my one and only fight with my mother at 14 years old. Or after smiling at a girl, people will say smiles are evil, and some kind of references to me in sub tweets how I am a murderer. Hence if I ever smile at a girl I will be met with endless attacks to immobilize me before I kill someone. At least, how they will put it, clearly with a larger picture and agenda. If I go see a horror movie, you can only imagine what happens to me with all sorts of information given out to the world that I conform to movies and I am a danger to myself or others, as well as a copycat. Of course, then later on finding out that mass groups are putting messages in media directed at me taken out of my personal life done endlessly as well as people trying to use parts of movies to make me think I am in them. Also cover ups by taking what I say, and applying it to all sorts of movies, and tons that  I have never even seen before as I will find out 20 years later on a lot of these.

Their argument is that it is my BEHAVIOR right out of Mike Huntley's mouth, and in order for these punishments to stop, I have to be the perfect person. Yet, there is no such thing as a perfect person. And of course these terror systems don't apply to anyone else in the world. In other words, no mater what I do that someone doesn't approve of. Like eating steak instead of being vegan, will be met with these inhuman, psychological terror torture punishments. But yet it only applies to me. if someone wants to be a Porn Star in life. No one could care less except the select few standing out holding picket signs. But if I create a simple harmless picture of a black girl on a chess board in which the meaning is up to what the viewer see's. I will be hunted by police NSA/FBI, and worldwide support for nothing at all done wrong which millions of pictures like this a year are put on the Internet and in art galleries.

So if I don't sit perfectly straight and things like this, I am whipped for my behavior. And it stops when I have good behavior? Well, their is a translation to what is going on, and it really is, we don't like Kevin Perelman, and ridding him of the world is what we are going to do on government flaggings from 5  - 9 years old. And remember, everything is collected, Data-Mined, never forgotten, and always thrown in my face even 40 years later by stranger after stranger worldwide who could not care less normally that a 14 years old said "Fuck You" to his mother something like 32 years later. And how would strangers worldwide even know this in the first place?

Now we have people like Officer Sean Dinse, working with my family since I was 5 - 9 years old on these operations to try to make me look crazy. We also have my brother when I was 16 years old threating me that he and his friends are going to be put me in a mental institution. Which was a little more indirect but still said. As well as Mike Huntley, my 25 year friend. originally my brothers friend, who wanted me to start a company with him, and we did, for 6 years. Then going from, I'm a really good friend to all sorts of threats. But right before this he said "YOUR ALRIGHT" in some kind of psych evaluation. And now, working with Sean Dinse, they want a psych evaluation. But what is strange is, people don't try to make people look crazy so they can get psych evaluations. Because the concept of making someone look, or be crazy, defeats the purpose of seeing if they are crazy. In other words, they want me dead, gone, out of the picture, no matter what it takes. And this has nothing to do with my mental stability, it has to do with what I know. Especially when their are crazy people out there, and no one really cares.

But what I find more interesting then anything, that if I simply did one of these harmless things. Did not talk to one person, and simply sat on a park bench for 30 minutes. The police were called over and over, multiple times even in one hour on one night. With all sorts of criminal accusations that weren't true. For simply sitting on a park bench for an hour simply wearing a wig and things like this. Do you really think this is about a crazy person? Because last I checked, every time someone see's someone walking down the street  talking to themselves, I've never seen the police called over and over for thing like attempted murder, Stealing cars, etc.

I've never seen a situation where the police or government said "That person is crazy, so we need to push them out of control to remove them from society" because the basis of arrests are weather or not one commits a crime, and crazy has nothing do with it. Hence why their motive is to try to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizo. As cover up operations for destroying my life, and stopping me from ever speaking out

Now if we want to go deeper, people like Tom Farley were sent after me at the age 8 years old with all sorts of claims attacking my credibility, one I found out in my late 30's was that when I was around 8 years old, Tom actually was spewing out lies that I had seen something or an Alien from his bathroom window. This actually being told to the world. Yet I at no point in my life ever made any claims in any way shape or form, but I can recall being in his bathroom with him with the doors open adjoining him and his brother Sean Farley's room, and Tom yelling, and pointing at their weird bent glass with a reflection and Tom saying "Look Kevin, an Alien" Now keep in mind and apply this situation to endless other situations in my life. That in that incident alone. Absolutely nothing was said by me, yet Tom Farley has given this information out worldwide, that I am crazy, and thought I saw an Alien. This also applies to someone named Mike Wexler sent after me at University of Colorado. A friend of my brothers he introduced me to, like Mike Huntley. Mike Wexler also played these same exterminate Kevin games. At one point, Mike Wexler told me, statutory rape is below 16 in Colorado, while sending a girl on IRC after me named Lynn Junkin in hopes I would make some moves on her, and at the same time, her making up lies that I am hacking her computer and trying to make me mentally ill, as well as stealing laptops, while then telling the world I did all these things. Another is Mike Wexler told me that he has a lock picking set, and licked to pick locks, telling people I was involved in hacking and breaking and entering. Another was Mike Wexler telling me that if a homeless person walks in the street, it is OK to hit them because you have the right of way. To find out that he was telling the world that I said this trying to make me look crazy. But you will notice one thing. In all these situations, I have not said one thing, nor have I done anything wrong, but the whole world is told these things I've done that don't exist.

After about 43 years old I decided to make statements with clothing, wigs and such to prove a single point. That the things I am being hunted for. Not only would no one normally care about. But more importantly, they are not against the law. In other words. If you see someone walking down the street joking with a clown nose on, or a afro wig, or joking shirts. People either laugh, go that person is crazy, or whatever. But it is extremely rare, that people especially mass worldwide groups get together with the argument that a person wore a wig or a funky hat so we need to remove him from society with  NSA/FBI worldwide support all working together. Over someone with a wig on or a joking T-Shirt. The reason for this, is because just one of the endless things I am being hunted for is at the age 21, I bought a shirt from a store in Ashland Oregon where I went to college that said "Lords Gym", "His pain, your gain" And I have been hunted for it with worldwide support as if anyone would even care. I can assure you, while you can buy this shirt at the Christian store, ChristianBook.com. No one else on this planet is having this problem especially others with the shirt. So to prove a point, I have done all sorts of cheese ball things that PROVES that this isn't about the cheese ball things, because normal people BEHAVIOR is to laugh, go he's crazy, and move on, and go back to living their lives like most people do and not obsess on Kevin Perelman trying to prove I am crazy. Their is a big difference from someone thinking someone is crazy, or someone spending their lives to rid someone of their world because of it. And that separates those who are sane, to those who are like Adolf Hitler.

Now all this information has been disseminated worldwide, from Tom Farley's accusations that I somehow saw an Alien at 8 years old when he said it. To Mike Wexler's tactics, from each and every person I've had contact with since 5 - 9 years old. So everywhere I go, people know me, but pretend they don't. Hence, the obvious intent to intentionally try to make me paranoid, while met with people worldwide in an angry rage telling me they don't know me and I am imaging it as they attack me in their 36 year anger and rage. Now, we have every lie known to man given out to the world in secret that I am told I am imagining it. So when I wear these shirts, that make jokes about aspects of my life. Their should be no reactions. Yet this isn't the case. As these mass groups go ballistic for me knowing what I know, and speaking out about it. Proving, once again, that their is Criminal Defamation, Defamation, Slander, Criminal Intent of things like removing me from society. Which are all beyond any level of illegal on a criminal and civil level. Especially when it comes to damaging my health, like a brother bashing my skull in with a crow bar. Their is just no physical touch, just as if someone poisoned someone. It is the same crime, just different method and an excuse that looks justified when coming from the corrupt police. Just like NSA was preaching how their illegal activities were for terrorism. But that was just an excuse so they could get away with all the demented activities they were involved in. With the good old, "The ends justifies the means". And then violating the law. Last I checked. No man is supposed to be above the law. I don't care what Uniform they are wearing. A doctors smock, a Police Uniform, A Lawyers suit, a car mechanics jump suit, a politicians clothes, Even the President of the United State. Hence why we have the Constitution in the first place, to keep us all safe, and not just the tyrants who want power and will do anything to obtain it.

 A representation of this Alien Light Tom Farley said I saw at 8 years old

This is a simple CGI representation I made of the claims of Tom Farley at 8 years old that I am crazy, and think I saw an Alien Light in his bathroom. And think I am roaming around with aliens on this planet, and things like this. I never said anything at all. The only thing that happened is we walking in the adjoining bathroom to he and Sean Farley, his younger brother, and Tom as he pointed at the windows lit up by a street light with sand grain glass creating a blurry streak, as he yelled, "Look, an Alien" or something like this. Absolutely no words came out of my mouth. At this point, Tom Farley using this common tactic of people coming in my life, saying things, then telling the world I said it is done over and over.

This tactic is obviously done to get people to believe that I am crazy, believe these things, ND supposedly have done these things. Yet they are based on complete thin air and fiction. Nothing was said, nothing was done but observe Tom Farley saying this. Yet the world is being given this information illegally, in secret, and on propaganda/terror systems to use to rile the world against me to mentally batter me to death to remove me from society. Also, just another one of these claims from this stalker, Tom Farley, sent after me for over 30 years, is that I said all people are stupid. Even though I never said that. It still isn't anything there would be a world wide operation to remove me from society and lock me away.

Hence, showing that these fabrications are calculatedly being created and disseminated with pre-meditation, ulterior motives, and hidden agendas to make removing me from society look justified, and Billions of government dollars in resources invested on me to do so. Riling up the world in a mass conspiracy and terror operation to remove me from society with these fabrications to try to push me out of control to make their lies took true.

And keep in mind one EXTREMELY important thing. until right now, at 46 years old. This has not been directly told to me so that I can defend myself in these insignificant accusations! Does that sound a little strange to you? Not one person will directly ask if this is even true worldwide? Do you think this is really about me being crazy? or the Government wanting me to look crazy, not be able to defend myself, and remove me from society working with the masses?

Who would really care anyways if someone said they saw an Alien Light at 8 years old? Or said people are stupid? Kids say things like this all the time, and the government doesn't step in saying they are going to lock them away no matter what it takes with worldwide support.

So my point I had to prove, even though we all know I am the furthest from crazy, is that by doing crazy cheese ball things, it EXPOSES the paranoid psychotic, like Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, and the people working with them. Because a police officers job is to not stalk people and set them up because they don't like them. It is to prevent crimes and has nothing to do with  some crazy label.

But more importantly, some of my shirts, while joking and funny, also are jokes based on what is being done to me. Which, their arguments are that I am crazy, and no one knows me worldwide. When I walk into a room with some of these shirts which joke about what has been done to my life, these people go in a angry rage. EXPOSING, the fact they do know me, and are wallowing in their guilt, anger and rage. Once again showing that they are in a rage for other reasons, and it has nothing to do with Kevin is crazy, it has to do with Kevin is not crazy, and he just rubbed their lies in their face. And that don't want the truth coming out.

Hence here are some of the things, the Police, Government, and mass groups worldwide, didn't like me doing exposing their guilt and crimes that they are involved in since they refuse to be honest about the situation and let me have a life. Showing that the people involved in this, exert all the Behaviors of your average garden variety murderer with Anger, Rage, Severe Obsession, and Paranoid Psychotic behaviors. And a large majority of these things that these mass groups did not like involve all sorts of illegal privacy violations of information, they should not have to begin with. Exposing the real crimes with illegal bug tapping, Cell phone violations, and even tracking my locater on my cell phone, Government computer hacking violations, you name it. Making them the real criminals. Telling people, how they can sit, what movies they can watch, what hobbies they can have, weather or not they can own a gun, even with a spotless record, what they can or can't eat, who they can date, in the name of, your crazy.

And these are some of the things that I have EXPOSED Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, Officer Jensen, Officer (Fake Name) Toro with, by them going ballistic violating my privacy with these HIGHLY ILLEGAL, and UNCONSTITIONAL operations to remove me from society because they don't like or trust me with their crazy labels, while launching their Propaganda/Terror operations to try to set me up and rid me of the world for IMPERFECTION or not liking me if any aspect of my life might be slightly different. Who's next?

Tactics Used
Tactics Used Simplified

"Kevin Perelman Target" Signs on my cars

While after like something like 14 years of noticing what was going on a t 29 years old of the all day and night worldwide terror operations to remove me from society, eventually I realized that 95% of the people I am in contact worldwide are in an angry rage, want me dead for some reason, and then tell me they don't know who I am while working on me with these covert psychological government terror operations to remove me from society. And realizing that every lies known to man in the thousands, and thousands given out to world in secret on their propaganda/terror operations to torture me to death and rid me of the world. I realized that their was no possibility of getting to know people who either are going to be honest about the situation and talk about what is really going on. It is simply, a worldwide extermination operation against one man to make me look crazy and rid me of the world.

No matter who I speak to, they have been fed every lie about me known to man, and their is obviously no way of getting past any of that, unless the situation and truth is addressed. Just like Martin Luther King addressed Slavery, or People were told what Adolf Hitler was really about and doing. On something of this magnitude, their is no ignoring or looking past it. And any decent honest person would tell you exactly what I have said.

Try walking up to a Jew who spent half hi life in a concentration camp, who watched everyone he knew shot and killed. And tell him, it never happened. Ignore it, move on. You imagined it, and they are there for you, but never mention it again. That type of person is not your friend, never could be, and is on the side of people like Adolf Hitler. Those same types of words coming from my own family while telling me they love me.

Why not just tell me they love me while chain sawing off my arms and legs. At that point, I decided that If every place I went in the world I was going to be brutally mentally mobbed and battered to death until I am dead with full Police, NSA/FBI and worldwide support since 5 - 9 years old, and not even for any type of actual reason other then we don't like or trust you. Then I figured, why not let the world know the truth while I am being hunted and killed with Billions invested and told I am imagining it. Showing that, while their LEVERAGE slavery tool while trying to mentally whip me to death is to tell me I am imaging it and am crazy. Especially with such people like Detective Angela Stewart of the LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, Jensen, and Toro.

Blog on officer Dinse and his illegal arrests

That I might as well, give people the ability to read the truth about the situation. Because if you hadn't noticed the first constitutional right that was taken away from me, by trying to Matrix Mouth me to death, was the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech. Kevin does not talk! PERIOD! And me having idle meaningless conversations with  friends in college about stupid things like my father putting a shock collar on his dog Rhoda, little did I know, I was being hunted for talking about my family life.

Well the 1st Amendment is one of our most important protections against Tyranny. It was put in place by our forefathers for just these types of situations. Except mine is on an unheard of level all against one man in secret. All sorts of constitutional rights have been taken away from me at childhood. But what happened here, EXPOSED these situations especially with the1st Amendment.

The amount of anger and rage I was met with by simply putting a sign on my car basically saying, you have been told lies, and this is the truth, brought out mass groups trying to set me up trying to launch their vehicles at me waiting on the right side of the shoulder hanging U-turns in front of me. People wedging their cars in between me and the right curb on right turns on multiple occasions. Mass groups following me each and every time to Santa Monica, Hollywood, in the 1000's per hour wearing the same clothing colors to create mental illness to stop me from leaving my house. And this happening at every city I went to.

All for speaking out saying, nothing you have been told is true on my car which they have a loss of control just like a slave owner to a slave. But this is no slave owner. This is the United States if America Government with all sorts of cover up operations for what I know, and found out. Even to the point they have tried moronic cover ups saying things like I am trying to take over the government on some of their propaganda.

While I have always been about the U.S., what is going on here is unacceptable for anyone, including me. it defeats the purpose of the Constitution, and leave absolutely no checks and balances. In other words, the United States that once existed, is no more. And if no one fixes the system it is a matter of time before we collapse. And what you are witnessing here is since the Internet technologies came around. Our government has gone Rogue. Especially with what Edward Snowden exposed. And I am the worst case scenario. Things are going to get a lot worse with technology and our governments inability to work things out and focus on fixing problems. They are only interested in winning and control.

Hence why all the other countries are pulling past us in progress,

Hence, I am the example of a corrupt Government. And the operations done on me are no different from what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. Hence me speaking out  brings out so much shame, and guilt against me. But in order to get past things, especially for my life. The truth must come out, and this can never happen again to anyone else.

Hence, These insignificant $100.00 signs of a crazy person carry huge weight and EXPOSE the truth and reality of something much bigger and way beyond of comprehension, especially with Deep Learning technologies coming into play, and Government organizations like NSA, and the ones we don't know about which are classified. While the people aren't very intelligent and can't see beyond drama and gossip to the larger picture are reeled into this focusing on stupid things that don't matter. Like, he is a bad person because he smoked a joint in college, which everyone did on a daily basis in college.

This is about something much bigger then stupid things that don't matter, also known as smear campaigns. This is about freedoms and our futures. These piddly sign and what is behind what the world has witnessed has been done to me over something that people put on their cars every day of different natures. Usually most business oriented. They proof is in the pudding as they say.

Their is no going back. This sign alone has brought forward all the corruption working together, From private citizens, Police, NSA/FBI, Lawyers, Private Investigators, store owners, restaurant owners, you name it. Who say they are about freedoms and constitutional rights. But their actions show the opposite! Even working with several news organizations.

Even multiple LAPD Arrests of this sign, and the website they don't want coming to light.

So what, some crazy put a crazy sign on his car? Who would care? Unless?


This is their retaliation for simply telling people. everything they have been told isn't true, while they got angrier and angrier for speaking out. And this happens on and all day and night basis which never ends. And really got bad at 29 years old simply figuring things out before any website or cards existed. Need I say more?

Spit on my SUV Spit on my Eclipse Dog Shit on the door handle Keying my car Fag and Dick on the window Cat liter on the car With a Merry Christmas
Threats Trying to jam my windows shut daily for years messing with the wipers more messing with the wipers      

Baseball cap Surveillance gear

After the age of 29, finding out that Mike Huntley, with all sorts of Death Threats, working with NSA/FBI  with mass worldwide groups were sent after me starting at around the age 5 years old, while my father took me and my brother to a movie called wizards, by Ralph Baksi about a good and evil twin wizard brothers. The evil one who projects Nazi and Holocaust imagery in the sky to stun and kill the good people and take over the planet while the other one represents good and in the end kills the evil brother by simply shooting him. And oddly enough, since 5 years old, the police don't want me near any guns for some reason. While I never thought about this until after maybe 38 realizing that my family with their mass groups were doing things out of movies or sending me all sorts of hidden messages with what is known as street theater tactics with movie references. In hopes they can flip me out, give me mental breakdowns and make me think I am in movies to try to make it look like I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic with their ulterior motives. The reason they want to get violent reactions from me which they still haven't succeeded after all day and night 24/7 terror attacks for 36 years now. With endless cover up operations to make it look justified on their worldwide terror/Propaganda systems built around me since a young child to accomplish figuring out ways to remove me from society in their hate and rage against me for some reason.

Finding this out at the age of 29 with Mike Huntley basically letting me know I was a dead man working with the police and government for things like stopping my brother from bashing my friend Greg Waugh's skull in with a crow bar, who he was originally my brothers friend showing how things are progressing and their motive.

Keep in mind, the police were called endlessly over the years refusing to help, and trying to thug me quiet. Several Private investigators were hired. Pretending they don't know me, and ripping me off while taking turns on me. And same with the lawyers.

After 29 years old, I spent about 10 years with these all day and night 24/7 murder operations of theirs while trying to start my life over. But since I was and still am being hunted by these mass worldwide groups, especially at Coffee Shops, which happens pretty much everywhere worldwide and all coordinated across the Internet. So finally after 10 years of this, and being told I am imagining it, to try to get me to go ballistic and lock me away on these life long operations since 5 years old I decided it needed to recorded as proof instead of debating with lying murderers telling me I am imaging it.

Eventually I realized that I had no choice put to get proof of these extermination operations because after maybe 10 years, going on 39 years or something at that point. Their extermination agenda was pretty clear. So I went out and bought some Surveillance equipment. Unfortunately to get 10 - 100 people per hour following you to public places with covert terror tactics from things in 2's, Matching clothing, groups of people told to do the same things all together, you need something that you can look their direction with. So, this obscene hat and some glasses were all I could find that I could turn my head in their direction and record being that I am isolated and alone while being exterminated by worldwide operations for some reason.

Hence, people seeing me in this obnoxious hat. Especially at a Woodland Hills Starbucks on Topanga/Ventura who spent every single day trying to end my life with full corporate backing and working with every other coffee shop world wide. While some people know of me buying the servaillence equipment and don't want me having proof of the crimes, some may not have. But at this point, because they didn't want anything truthful coming to light. They ramped up their mental illness and terror operations because they don't want any proof of this mass 36 year murder operations with worldwide support.

Especially with Officer Toro (Fake name) death threats "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way"

But the other thing that is going on, aside from trying to reenact parts out of movies to try to make me look crazy like my mother and brother telling me they saw the entire kitchen floor full of Cockroaches after I watched Creep Show as a kid, and couldn't stop looking at Christy Reynolds,  a name of one of the characters in the movie,  because I was attracted to her. Which my mother calls a Death Stare. This is because she has no concept of love, attraction, emotion, and things like this.

Eventually their tactics to make me mentally ill, went from using movies to actually working with the entertainment industry to put things in movies either taken from my life or directed at me to gas light me or make me look crazy to rid me of the world. Now this isn't a one time thing or anything. At this point at 46 years old. If I were to put a number on the amount of art, media, Music, Movies, musicians worldwide, I'd guess maybe 20% - 40% have things directed at me or fragments of my life in them. Showing, the longer I am Alie, the angrier and more enraged the people involved get that I am still breathing.

A lot of times, writers will try to figure me out, profile me, and then write up these fictional characters which people know is going on in secret, and they actually believe that I am the person in the movie that they are trying to portray. Example complete fiction about me was made up, and put in some of the characters from someones fantasy taken from fragments of the aspects of my life are put in the Movie Fight Club. Which really has nothing to do with me. But people watch the movie and believe that Kevin Perelman has done some of these things in fight club that don't exist.Orthe concept of me being a troll and provoking people is all fiction from movies like this that has nothing to do with me. Other examples are the movie Hackers, or The Big Lebowski. People watch them, and think things like I pissed on  carpet when it was actually Tom Hoke at a New Years party at my fathers house when I was in High School.

You get the idea. So, the people that knew that I bought the Surveillance gear to prove and expose these mass attacks and murder operations that never end, wanted to try to punish and silence me by portraying me as a horrible monster and crazy out of control person who is a nuisance. Hence, a lot of aspects of the movie The Kingsman, involve all sorts of aspects that relate to my life to try to make me mentally ill and look crazy or a troubled kid. Example, the eggs, and the name Eggsy apply to hints about when I was 8 years old, kissed a black girl that the black community wants me dead for, for some strange reason, and while a teacher was cracking open an egg at that time, a fertilized bloody embryo came out. And around the age 40 even followed home by people in the black community while on my bicycle from a Starbucks and egged by them for kissing this black girl 30 years later with cover ups how I hate black people and am a white supremacist.

And from the image, the way Samuel L. Jackson wears his hat and has all sorts of references from when I worked with a person named Brian Longbotham who hired me to do some jobs for Universal Studios trying to rid me of the world. Same tactics Brian Weaver was told to do to me at 14 years old until I went off to college.

So, Samuel L. Jackson, character is the writers perception of what he thinks me or my alter ego is. Based on all the frame jobs done to me while growing up that aren't true. So you can see how me simply trying to stop this mass crime entered around me since 5 years old involves worldwide groups trying to make me look even crazier, and use it against me for some reason.

But what you will also notice, is the more I EXPOSE the situation, the more the police want to make me look crazy, hence all sorts of illegal arrests. And Several Operations with People like Bailey Bernard. One endlessly threatening me, the other one following me home assault and battering me. Which the police after I called them, or told them what was going on, each and every time working with them telling them to frame me, or try to set me up, always arrest me. As well as contacting the lawyers worldwide telling them to not help me all working together.

Now, if Companies like Universal Studios, Ebay, Facebook, Starbucks, Coffeebean are all trying to have you killed and make money off it at the same time. Isn't that something that they'd kill you over for speaking out about it? Or locking you away and throwing you in a mental institution so you can't say anything about your life or tell anyone?

Hence, the entire situation of trying to make me look crazier and crazier. Even to have famous actors follow me to places whistling at me that I'm a whistle blower.

So when everyone is told some person is in a coffee shop all dressed up in character and is crazy, really what was going on back in about 2010, that is still being used against me by the police is the fact that the mass stalking groups following me from place to place were being recorded.

And their is a couple of years of this Surveillance video documented by incident every few minutes for years in my database. After this, I was met with all sorts of death threats and physical attacks by people working with the police to try to silence me. EXPOSING what they are involved in, and their guilt behind these mass crimes.

Go here to see the unedited video. The attacks are mostly documented by time and incident in the database or Spreadsheets
Glasses Surveillance gear

Other Surveillance gear  I was using were these glasses which worked a little better. While, just like the Kingsman portrayal of me as punishment from the hat, On the remake of the movie the new Ghostbusters, they also tried to portray the Kevin Character of a dramatized version of me and my life. While Brian Longbotham was always making Ghostbuster jokes saying "Cats and dogs living together" and other references. I didn't realize he was actually hinting about my life and trying to send me hidden messages. While hiring me for jobs trying to create mental illness and frame me with directors, producers and actors to destroy my name.

Hence, the Character Kevin, Chris Hemsworth, in the movie, they joke around that he is all over the place,and unable to focus, and is wearing glasses without lenses. Well, here are the real glasses and the back story of what is really going on. This is how they got the idea and to try to portray me as crazy. Except these glasses have cameras in them that record video and clear plastic lenses with no magnification. The same video of the Gay Starbucks employees targeting and discriminating against me. As well as a woodland hills Starbucks working with a security person named JohnPaul Naranjo, who was not only trying to blackmail me into signing false confessions with Starbucks. But also attacked me from behind with something like 7 blows to the head to kill me several years later. Now, keep in mind, the Police, at no point have ever been concerned about all these mental and physical attacks to me. They want me dead for some reason with their 36 year SKULLFUCKING campaign.

And the are empowering the world to help with NSA/FBI operations. Hence, the more proof I got. The more their mental and physical attacks, false thugging arrests, with the public to end my life. And in their equation when it comes to Kevin Perelman and my life their isn't the possibility of anyone being honest about the situation and telling the truth about what is really going on and being done to my life. Hence why I am forced to document the crime.

This is because what I know was going on and being done to me at a young age, and is still going on. It also exposes government flagging and execution operations that bypass the constitution of the united states leaving no one safe. The concept of the constitution now, is just a false security to make people think they are safe. And things will get a lot worse if no one faces the sad truth of what the U.S. is becoming. Especially with technology and processes power growing as fast as it is right now. And with the basic level AI algorithms being written as we speak in the private sector.

Go here to see the unedited video. The attacks are mostly documented by time and incident in the database or Spreadsheets
Pre-Crime Felon Shirt - "Pre-Crime Felon"

While this is just a simple fun shirt. And people have all sorts of similar, gimmicky, fun shirts like this. In my life, wearing this shirt makes people extremely angry. The question of why people would be angry at insignificant trivial things like this became apparent to me over the years of not being able to comprehend what was going on. Simply for me to wear a shirt like this, speaks, anger, guilt, and shame in a large part of the world due to the fact that it actually in a funny way, states exactly the types of things going on, and being done to my life. You are looking at probably, the nicest, kindest, friendliest person known to man, yet someone I've been labeled as a horrible monster with no self control, Anger, Rage, who thinks differently and is crazy. The opposite of who I really am. And yet I have worldwide operations with The Police, Government, and mass groups to remove me from society. So what is it about? Well, nothing really aside from empty labels that I am nervous behaviors, a potentially someone who could be violent to himself or others. Yet I have not even come clews to do anything wrong that would justify anything like this. Hence, PRE- CRIME!, The Police and government took away my constitutional rights, labeling me as someone who they think will do something horrible, and I need to be contained, controlled, and put in a cage of sorts.

So, when going around the world wearing this shirt, You can only imagine peoples reactions of guilt as to what they know and are involved in. Usually exposing their anger because they will go ballistic in me wearing things like this no one normally could care about. Because they don't want me talking or letting anyone know what is going on. Weather it is conscious or not. They just don't want anything that can expose the truth. And watching their reactions says anything any decent person needs to know as far as who is the victim, and have been wronged.

"I'm a violent paranoid schizo, because ma muma said so" - Shirt I made

While this shirt really strikes a nerve, One of the obvious leverage tactics to remove me from society with the Police, Government, LAPD, and my family is that I am 5150, Crazy, and My own families bunk Labels out of anger towards me that I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic. While trying to get to the bottom of things since turning 29 and finding out something was very wrong with my life. To this day, nothing is directly said while worldwide groups try to remove me from society. One of their angles, is to label me with things like being a violent paranoid schizophrenic so that if I ask what is going on, I will get no answer while being told people are scared of me. Of course, Not only is any of this true, I later on found out that my family, friends, and worldwide groups are told to intentionally try to turn me into a violent paranoid schizophrenic to get reaction with the police to rid me of the world. Put me in Jail, Mental Institutions, anywhere but in society. Which is all pretty coincidental that I have a brother when I turned 16, telling me that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution, after stopping him from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with a crow bar when Jen Yang, His girlfriend cheated on him.

When people see this shirt, some play stupid, with fake laughs. But you can see a lot of people get really angry. Especially the ones who are more involved in these operations to rid me of the world. A simple shirt like this usually gets all sorts of angry reactions to those involved who don't want people knowing the truth. Starbucks and Coffeebean employees take extreme offense to this shirt, knowing that, that is their motive and agenda, and working with my own mothers empty labels out of her hate towards me.

Normally, who would care about someone wearing a joking shirt. And if their argument is that nothing is going on, and I am imagining it, then shirts like this shouldn't matter to them. Showing their true colors.

"Death  Becomes Him" - Picture of my self

While back in the Myspace days, I am guessing around 2007 or so, after realizing that my life was completely destroyed from people like Mike Huntley, My Family, Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley, The Police, Government using every aspect of my life. Especially all my artwork, and Lorena Escobar, Aubrey Fisher sent after me in an angry rage for me getting into Studio Photography, and creating what I thought was going to expand into some really cool artwork with people. Just as you would see in Hollywood Green Screen FX with movies. Of course sabotaged by a family who doesn't like creativity, expression, and movies of that nature thinking they are criminal acts all by crazy's.

But after finding out that one of the simple pictures I mad for a computer imaging class with a Professor named Jim Johnson, told by the government to frame me putting up a website he called "The Sleeping Dog Contest" back around 1995 when the Internet first came around using my artwork against me. Keep in mind that no other student had this problem, nor do things like this go viral with nothing in them of any negative nature. Also, the name of the website was directed at me, that I am like Rhoda, from the movie, "The Bad Seed" 1956. One of my families tactics to try to convince me that I am a horrible monster with hidden messages. My father even buying a Rodision Ridge back, and naming her Rhoda. Then putting shock collars on her and such. Same types of things he likes to try to mentally do to me.

Why would an art teacher even name his students art gallery that in the first place? So after being hunted for years and having people like Jen Hess with my family, Police, and Government sent after me with claims I am a wife beater and supposedly hit her wit a mask on. One of many fictional fabrications to the world from a simple art class picture with Mike Tyson composite fighting a video game character as their leverage to try to make me look crazy. With such worldwide accusations behind my back in secret that I think I am black. I suffer from anger and rage, and hit women. and am schizophrenic. Of course, all out of thin air like everything else. I decided to expose them and show their ACTIONS once I knew this, with their absurd accusations showing their motive and agendas since their refusal to stop stalking me and death threats that I had better accept my demise.

I decided to make a quick gory picture of myself to EXPOSE their true intentions and what they clearly are trying to do to me with their psychological warfare tactics, and full government and worldwide support trying to stop me from having any freedoms of speech, protections, expression, you name it to use against me to ratchet down more and more until I am either dead, gone, or in some kind of cage. Hence me defying what the constitution says I can do, and everyone else is allowed to do, creating a simple harmless depiction of their true motives!

Well, Officer Sean Dinse of the LAPD, and Detective Angela Stewart, Mike Huntley sent after me by my family telling me I had better be a perfect person with  endless mental battering that have still not stopped, or I am a dead man, with many others worldwide, and the FBI/NSA who have been stalking me since 5 - 9 years old took the bait, and fell for this hook line and sinker.

Keep in mind, some of Mike Huntley's death threats to me at 29 years old when starting to find things out, and completely confused what the hell was going on was a comment by Mike Huntley "I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with" working with the LAPD in endless daily setup attempts and frame jobs since 5  -9 years old. Followed from college to college, state to state feeding the masses lies and telling them to take part in removing me from society. Hence a gory depiction of Mike Huntley and the Polices motives to attack my mental stability and rid me of the world.

Keep in mind, right before Mike Huntley's statements about doing me away he said to me "Your OK" on a psychological profiling. After that came the Cover up operations for me finding out what they were doing.

Keep in mind, there is no crime in this picture. Sure, it is a little more aggressive in nature. But it is no different then most R movies we go see and are in the Movie Theaters every week. This has to be the most gory of art I have ever created but it isn't close to any of what is seen in the movies. And it was also created for the purpose to expose and show people that we do have these freedoms, and something else is going on, because their is no crime in this picture. And it would never launch an FBI/NSA investigation in secret with  worldwide support. Based on no actual crime being committed.

Also, keep in mind, I have been arrested several times with all sorts of scare tactics by the LAPD to try to coerce me into false confessions that I have killed people. Along with Roadie Morales sent after me by Mike Huntley and the LAPD back around 1999 working with the Police on actual Murder investigations, and then trying to pin things on me, frame me, and endless setup operations as well

Read the specifics about these recent arrests

I can assure you, people aren't removed from society for things like this. Only for knowing things that the government doesn't want them to know. Keep mi mind, I come from a family of all Doctors, all with  secondary psychology degrees to control and get what they want. And a Mother who does Art Therapy using peoples artwork against them. It does not matter how pretty and fluffy my art is, I will be accused of something riling up the masses on their propaganda/terror system, and it given out to the world to use against me. Mike Huntley's own words. "We are using the system against you"

Now, one of Mike Huntley lies to the world is that I am a TROLL person who likes to provoke people into reactions, Where did the term even come from? I don't know but I have my suspicions. Needless to say, My family, ad Mike Huntley have a pattern of, with endless other people. Befriending me, reeling me in, and trying to Fillet me. Mike Huntley and my father wanted me to move back from Colorado. My father wanted me to move in with for a year, while at the same time marrying Janet Nordet who went to jail for 3 years, supposedly in a solicitation to commit murder against him. Supposedly magically going crazy then asking her son, Mario friend to kill him. Who called up my father asking him to pay 20,000 for this information of Janet which seems strange to me, especially because my father intentionally wanted me to be around it.

Also, Mike Huntley called me up, wanting me to move back and start a company with me as an Internet Host Provider at the same time. Not only this but when my father's wife and girl friend he originally cheated on my mother with, when I was 13 years old, who I have done absolutely nothing too and wants  me dead and gone who my father has been seeing on and off his entire life, and eventually remarried as she went ballistic on me saying "Now you have an evil step mother", before getting married,  moved their office in my fathers office building above him. And I was approached by my father offering me space above his office on Ventura Blvd property for a too good to be true, monthly rent. However it is my father. But reeling me in closer where they, with Mike Huntley even connected the Network switch in the other room so the Golden State Sports Medical, his company could spy on our network, and put spy-ware on my computer to try to get dirt to use against me to vie to the world.

After this, Lorena Escobar was told to reel me in even closer by my father, his Office manager he has been paying to stalk me from state to state my entire life sending people after me on these setup attempt and frame job operations and after Lorena Escobar hired me also working with  Mike Huntley and my other business partner working with them, Bob Sandler. And if you want to put the two together it would make a Lorena Bobbitt, both working the same angles and tactics.

Needles to say, after I was hired by My father and Lorena Escobar, and mentally battered to death  for 14 years them knowing I could never work anywhere else after what they have done to my life. They were telling the world, I was trying to take over the company. Even at one point My father and Lorena Escobar  having their friend Debbie Groveman call me up on the phone paying me to fix her sons computer.Then after, wanting to talk to me for some strange reason about getting rid of Lorena Escobar and taking over the company. of course, my words to her were. Why would I take over a dead end company, and I am not even a doctor. I have bigger and better things to do in life and am working on my own projects on the side.

Of course, the words out of Leonor Calderon's mouth one of my fathers employee's working on me was "You are the doctors son, you are the boss" showing their true colors.

Golden State Discrimination and terror operations

Now that o understand the dynamics of reeling me in, trying to symbolically fillet me, or lock me away in mental institutions or put me in cages with the police, and government. You can understand the dynamics behind what the police are doing, and coming after me about anything I know about my life, and Mike Huntley. So as you can see, because I was arrested for a harmless gory picture which they go from one to the next wallowing in their guilt and don't want the world seeing anything from me that eludes to the situation which has been done to me. It exposes thee operations being done to me.

Like each and everything else. Why am I being hunted for things that people normally don't care about? Why if I tell anyone about my life do they start whistling, hinting that I am a whistle blower, then followed and met with all sorts of thugging and death threats? but when harmless art is created or a hat worn and people come after you. Something is going on, and this EXPOSES the situation. Especially with Officer Sean Dinse who on his Facebook account shows hate towards the mentally ill and imperfection wanting to get them all off the streets. Before any crimes by them are ever committed. And  here you have him with Detective Angela Stewart, who has arrested several innocent people on battery charges stalking me in the name of such labels by them, which seem to start by my angry mother around 5 - 9 years old that. I am CRAZY, I am a VIOLENT PARANOID SCHIZOFRENIC, and I am a Danger to Myself or others, working on all these angles. Yet of course, then it changes to completely different things like, I am a pedophile, car thief, hacker, Public Nuisance, Murder, Women Beater, committed road rage crimes. And the list goes on and on? So, Which is it?

Do you get the idea? THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED! By a trivial image

Reason I was originally arrested in 2013 because officer Dinse and Jensen didn't want me speaking out against the mass terror attacks against me Proof of Mike Huntley and others still pursuing me 11 years after me walking away with their over up operations and working with the Police to remove me from society. Not allowing me to walk away and live my life worldwide with every lie known to man to cover up the crimes they are involved in Proof of Officer Dinse's real Motives and Agendas showing it isn't about crimes, it is about his insecurities of people with imperfection and not tolerating it with endless setup operations to lock away good people he doesn't like or trust Just so people can understand way they are trying to make it look like I am crazy and a violent paranoid schizophrenic The 1990 setup attempts, and frame job operations with Rodie Morales to try to figure out ways to lock me away and remove me from society working with My Family, Mike Huntley and the LAPD

Download full resolution or view this Rodie Morales - Daily News Article - Oct 12, 1998
The Afro Wig

While this has to be the most significant in exposing these mass hate groups trying to remove me from society due to these endless racial slurs against me since childhood. While someone wearing a cheese ball fro wig is a little weird, I am sure. It is really nothing that anyone could remotely re about. The argument of, someone is wearing a wig, so they are crazy, so we need to remove them from society doesn't really make much sense. While I will give you, not many people cruise around with these types of theatrics, most people normally would just say "That is weird", or laugh, and move on. While in life, we see all sorts of weird or different things all day. Especially the more places we go with different people and different cultures. From people walking down the street playing a guitar or wearing funky clothing. It isn't that type of things that people normally say, "Well that isn't the perfect person, so we need to remove them from society because they are weird or different" And we need to give them Psychological Evaluations, such as people like Officer Sean Dinse, who proved my point as to what is going on with his bunk frame jobs, and arrests saying that he wants me to have a Psych Eval. Doesn't that statement in general state that If you are not perfect like him, and are different, you need to be put in mental institutions?

Even such accusation that I think I'm Mike Tyson and a women beater for the crime of simply taking a computer imaging class and creating an image with Mike Tyson composited with a game character Chun Li, with a Professor named Jim Johnson involved in these operations at University of Colorado back around 1995. Yet based completely on thin air like everything else.

So what is it that they are really so mad about with a simple insignificant fro wig, that driving down to Santa Monica, had the police telling people to try to set me up with car accidents and such? That the African American community went ballistic over from a white man wearing a fro wig? Well, at 29 years old starting to find out what was going on, I was met for 17 years by worldwide groups calling me Bro, over and over , and mad at some of my artwork what has black people in it. Artwork that has nothing mean of nature in it in any way shape or form. Yet they are using my artwork as an excuse to justify these mass terror attacks. So the question of why they are mad in the first place comes to question. And that seems to stem from me kissing a black girl my same age around 8 years old, when I was sent back a grade and to a special school called Sunny Skies Day Camp, also supposedly a school from 1st to 4th grade. Upon kissing the black girl, which my family and the black community went in an angry rage, they were using several things around me to smear my name. They were so mad at this kiss, that when a fellow kid's father came playing in a band named Devo "Whip it good" they started telling the world I am a white supremacist, and believe in slavery. Obviously, just a defamation tactic to get what they want. So while being called Bro, over and over for 17 years, I decided to prove a point. That by me simply wearing a harmless fro wig, put everyone in a uproar.

On one side, we had the Black community in an uproar that I stud up to their bunk accusations who kept telling me I had better accept what i going on, or it will get a lot worse for me, and all sorts of other threats to my life. As well as the police using it to try to make me look crazy, because they are the ones disseminating the lies to the world with my family.

But remember. I am told I am imagining this worldwide situation, and that I am not allowed to talk to anyone about it, and I am crazy. So once again, simply wearing a cheese ball wig, isn't going to offend anyone since their argument is that I am crazy and I am imagining it. Yet here were are after multiple arrests with the police trying to make me look like a crazy violent paranoid schizo. Yet, if I was just the average garden variety crazy, and not a danger to myself or others. I wouldn't have these mass 35 year worldwide neighborhood watch groups who are in an angry rage telling me I have to be perfect OT I am a dead man, in an angry rage, with loss of control throwing me in jail, or following me from place to place in their angry attacks.

Hence, this insignificant wig was beyond any level of effective, and watching peoples guilt over it s their demeanor changed exposed exactly what was and is going on.

Some of the things I bought on the Internet exposing illegal privacy violations

While you might think normally it is safe to simply go on Ebay, or buy someone on your computer on the Internet, for me it is not. Not only is every aspect of my life Data-Mined, with NSA, and Worldwide terror operations as the information is used to try to create mental illness in what they call their Spy Games. Things I buy on the Internet as used against me. It usually doesn't matter what it is. Also, if I buy things off sites like Ebay which involve interactions with people on times. They will work with everyone else worldwide to try to create mental illness, and even work with UPS, Post Office, Fed Ex, and others to take turns on me. For example, if I buy multiples things on-line, maybe multiple buyers will  cancel the orders at the same time, or maybe they will both send me the wrong things coordinated. Or maybe the Post Office person will try to get a confession from something I have ordered as they normally should not know what is in the box. Upon buying a camera, before it was even out of the box and used, the community went in an uproar.

Information that normally is not collected, or given out, through the people selling me it, or even government hacking violations which they've been doing to me since 1994 when the Internet first came to be, and my brother was told to introduce me to it, so they could ramp up their operations on me. Some when they really get bad with their endless stalkings, on occasion I will buy things, that, once again, no one would normally care about, unless they are stalking Nazi.s. Things like knives, guns, $1.00 skull items. That are based on some of their empty accusations. And a lot of times when I do this. They get angry and ramp up their attacks. Example, me buying these pocket knives on the Internet resulted in the Police wit their worldwide neighborhood watch groups spouting how I am a danger to myself or others, and I have a knife.

Yet, normally, no one could care less if someone buys a knife on the Internet. So as you can see, I bought larger and larger, and more scary knives that no one would normally care about to prove a point. That Sean Dinse, the LAPD, the Government with their worldwide operations that I am a danger to myself or others, simply for buying some knives on the Internet, that never even left my house and things like this. Things that we all have the freedoms to do, yet have been illegally taken away from me at 5 - 9 years old. VIolating every constitutional right known to man. And not based on crimes.

At around 29 years old, a person named Victoria Walker gave me a toy dart gun for my birthday I have used in several photo shoots with models, and my social network profile, and Sean Dinse, with my own father actually used this as leverage to have me arrested. The types of pictures you see millions of model photo shoots with.

The harmless images with the gun my family, the Police, Government, and these stalking groups are so mad about that they are using against me
The British Army - Van Pelt Pith Helmet

One of the tactics with my family and these mass worldwide groups, especially in the Entertainment industry is to either take aspects of media, Moves, Music, Imagery, and put things in it taken from my life so that when I see it, I notice something is going on, but can't really say anything to anyone because those notion in itself looks crazy and like schizophrenia. This tactic seemed to start later in life as it begin with my family, friends, and people taking aspects of movies and hinting about them in groups in such ways to try to make it look like I am not well grounded and can't differentiate between my life and media or a movie. Or more so, try to make it look like I am crazy and conform to movies and things like this. Something I trace back to my mother and brother taking references from the movie Creep Show, and the Cockroach scene with Reynolds, after thinking Christy Reynolds in Middle School was attractive, and not being able to take my eyes off her. After this, my brother and friends told to endlessly show me horror and B movie's to continue this tactic and such which expanded out worldwide, which never stops.

While working at my fathers office for something like 14 years after my father told Lorena Escobar to approach me and offer me an IT job because they knew I needed money to eat and didn't have much choice after finding out what was going on, Aside from Lorena Escobar telling the world I was somehow trying to take over the company by being hired to do a job I did very well. Of course, Lorena was being paid to stalk me and remove me from society with the Police and Government, and that was really her only job description. At one point coming back from lunch, of course, being mobbed and attacked every few minutes by the entire office something like 10 years prior of never ending terror. Lorena sarcastically says "Welcome to the Jungle" at the time, I wasn't sure if they were mad at me for listening to Guns n Roses as a kid, because My father, and Lorena Escobar have all sorts of issues with me listening to music, and guns. One being that he and the police put a bullet hole in his 300e Mercedes and then had people move in my house at University of Colorado in attempts to try to set me up, get confessions that I tried to kill or scare him with a gun

But later on, I made the connection, which honestly probably applies to both, that they were eluding to the movie Jumanji I think, while endlessly attacking me which still goes on AL day and night, hinting about the character Van Pelt. If you have not seen Jumanji, Van Pelt is symbolically, the boy who rolls the dice wrong, and has to wait in the Jungle for like 20 years until someone rolls a 5 or an 8. And he is Hunted by Van Pelt, an assassin who wears a British Pith Helmet who represents the boys father, and is the same actor as the boys father. The message in the movie about the boy, is about acing his worst fears and growing up, even if it meant facing his killer.

Ironically, the Pith Helmet worn by British Solders also in the Zulu wars. After figuring out what was going on with their hidden messages. I decided to show these people that they do not scare me with their covert gas lighting to try to make me look crazy, using media as a psychological weapon so in order to expose the situation I deiced to do what they thought I would be afraid to do, which is play into their "Kevin is crazy" tactic, showing not only that they don't scare me, but I know how they operate.

The entire leverage play on these covert Gang Stalking operations with psychological warfare is to immobilize the target by saying their crazy so that they are afraid to stand up for themselves, because to stand up for themselves, looks crazy and insane. Yet it is not once you understand how these psychological warfare operations work. And the amount of government resources behind them.

So, driving around Santa Monica, Hollywood, sometimes locally or other places I'd put on the Pith Helmet to make a statement. You do not scare me. Well, the demeanor of these people, especially the African American community went into complete guilt! They no longer exerted that aggressive belittling, attitude directed at me. How I am crazy, and think I am black. As well as realizing the movie references directed at me. They lost their control. Hence ramping up the things like having the mass groups follow me to Hollywood and Santa Monica with the mental illness tactics.

Example, one night I noticed all the way from Hollywood, to Sunset, and to the 405 freeway, probably 1 out of 10 cars on the curve the entire way didn't have a license plate. Or the mass groups coming out dressed in the same clothing colors in large groups an hour after I arrived. But not only this. They ramped up the amount of drivers trying to cause accidents by wedging their vehicles in between me and right turns. One actually worked. Other things I noticed from their reactions of me speaking out, were in one single night I had several skate boarders, and bicycles, and J-Walkers, all waiting for me trying to figure out ways to get me to hit them coming in the middle of the road where I was driving.

Or a J-Walker see me coming, and walk right in front of my car and things like this. Not spread out over different times, but all in one night and done in such ways that I can tell what is going on, I've seen this happening for so long.

Needles to say, The Black community also seems to think that the Zulu wars are somehow racial against the British probably trying to apply that to the childhood accusations at 8 years old after kissing the same aged black girl in Sunny Skies Day camp and the world being told I am a white supremacist. But anyone educated will tell you the the Zulu wars had nothing to do with Race, it had to do with  Government control of different belief systems which had their own lies and killing over what they felt justified that most civilized people would say is unacceptable leading to a difference in belief systems.

Now, if your out in Hollywood, and some random no named person is driving with a Pith Helmet on, would you remotely care? Of course not, especially with the amount of people on Hollywood Boulevard wearing Hollywood character costumes every night. Once again, proving my point, that not only am I known worldwide. But these people go in an angry rage exposing themselves. Showing Anger, Shame, Guilt, and finally, the we don't want you talking. From some harmless $25.00 Pith Helmet which they connected by themselves to the character Van Pelt in the movie Jumanji.

And people like Officer Sean Dinse and Detective Angela Stewart thugging and Bullying tactics show that he is involved in trying to make people look crazy, to get what he wants about people, and possible races which he hates and will do anything to accomplish what he is doing and involved in.

The clown nose

I can remember back around 2005 at the Starbucks on Topanga/Ventura Woodland hills where I was stalked daily by mass groups for over 10 years starting around 2002 to remove me from society and I remember some people saying I was a clown. Yet it was strange to me that thee changing accusations from thin air involved calling someone who had his own company for 6 years, worked in all sorts of animation and web development, went to college, and exerted extreme professionalism, drive, passion, motivation, accepted everyone, was somehow a clown.

Sure, theres a level of drama and gossip in life, but when your walking around worldwide, and every person you are in contact with is in some kind of secret anger and rage from covert Propaganda/Terror systems to use against you with active groups trying to hunt you down with psychological terror tactics to remove you from society, that is not drama and gossip. So the first question one someone calls you a clown, and wants you hunted and killed or rid of the world with worldwide support, what is so bad about being a clown anyways that involves global extermination? I've never heard of such a thing because their are people who are clowns literally, and figuratively and no one could care less. The worst, is maybe someone does not like someones clowny personality so they don't talk to them.

Around this time, I was approached by Lorena Escobar told by my father to ask me if I wanted to work for their company Golden State Sports medical, doing their IT, as they knew I needed to eat, and I said yes. Especially because I've worked with computers my entire life. Now not knowing Lorena was being paid to stalk me, and remove me from society for whatever my family is so mad at me about starting around 5 - 9 years old, I took the job, and did a very good one while watching around 14 years of the entire office told to stalk me to death, with  worldwide support, and watching them sabotage any aspect of me making money on my own or moving on. Also realizing some of the people they sent after me like Adrianna Olivarez, and many others sent into my life to try to get dirt to give to the world to rile the masses against me by my own family and blackmail me into who I had to date and be with, or their would be consequences to saying no, I am not interested.

After this, people worldwide who pretended not to know me, in anger would ask, and still do ask, "What do you do"? While, not an uncommon question in life, when you can tell people know, you, play stupid, then ask you about your life, is strange to begin with in the first place, but they seem to have some kind of double meaning and suggestive message behind it. Al sways telling them, and them always getting mad no matter what the answer is as if I have done something wrong by my jobs or talents. With  a suggestive message. Now, one of the things I've noticed is all the fake Gang Stalking targets call themselves T.I.'s for Targeted Individuals, and my guess is that I was hired for IT, by my family, and then the world told I do IT, meaning, I Target. So then their argument is, that I work for the NSA/FBI, Even though, I have had each and every person turned against me since 5 - 9 years old,  and in the past, have launched mass murder campaigns with all my resources? if that isn't the most pathetic attempt for a cover up, I don't know what is? Who is crazy?

And I did this all while taking classes at colleges, working for Universal Studios, Hollywood, Web Development, and IT? Never had many friends, and managed to walk up to strangers worldwide and tell them to all get together and make people mentally ill and kill them with Billions invested when the most I've ever made in 46 years of my life is $38,000.00 a year?

far less then the average middle class person. I'd love to hear their explanation on that, hence why I'm not allowed to do things like address issues. BECAUSE THEY CAN'T without exposing the truth. There is nothing they can say that will make sense, other then we don't like you and will do anything to wipe you off the planet.
That is the only reason why the Judicial System would ever be BYPASSED!

Well, if that isn't the stupidest thing known to man that individuals can't differentiate reality from fantasy, I don't know what is. Also, since around 2005, their were also tons of Internet References about Stephen King's book, IT. Which I never read, and saw the Movie for the first time in about 2017.Although watched half a poorly made TV Movie of it back in maybe 2014  wondering what the references were about.

Interesting enough, upon one of my Arrests with Sean Dinse in the Police car, their were several references with movies asked that they are trying to apply to my personality to try to make me look crazy to justify their criminal acts of trying to remove me from society.One being about Mr Churches Movie, as well as Officer Sean Dinse asking me if I saw the movie IT.

So, aside from collapsing my brain and killing me for crimes of stopping my brother from bashing Greg Waugh's head in with  a crow bar, They actually think apparently I am a evil clown with special magical evil powers that kill people and haunt them with their childhood guilt named penny wise. Which link back too all sorts of childhood things my brother and his friends were told to do to me I wasn't aware of.

Obviously, Sean Dinse, and his 35 year worldwide support doesn't really think I am an evil clown, they just want me to say and do things to try to make me look crazy, so he can lock me away with my family who is so good at giving out this type of disinformation in hopes they can get me to say things in such was to make it look like I am crazy and think differently then others to justify they means to an end out of hate, rage, jealousy, insecurity.

So, in defense to these covert accusations I am not allowed to address or tell anyone, I simply went out, bought a clown nose, and acted like a cheese ball clown. Once again, EXPOSING the people targeting me who want to box me in a corner of fear and terror, to try to make me look crazy. As you can see, Sean Dinse, and the LAPD bit the bullet on this one exposing their mental illness and leverage tactics by accusing me of being 5150, a violent paranoid schizo, and things like this based on either thin air, and my mothers accusations from childhood out of her hate towards me. Yet, nothing based on anything I've ever done wrong, or any crimes.

Last I checked, the government and police don't usually hunt people down based on some theory, especially with worldwide support and billions invested. Normally, and especially with the constitution of the United States, you have to commit an actual crimes, and this type of crime would normally be something like someone built a bombs and blew up a football stadium of people.

Their are actual crazy people out there, and the police could not care less unless they are actually committing crimes, and don't try to endlessly set them up trying to get them to, saying it's because he's crazy. That is a police crime. Hence, me simply joking around with a clown nose, or even putting it on when watching these mass groups follow me from place to place in their angry rage, really EXPOSED from the behaviors, how they reacted to a person joking around with  a cheesy clown nose really showed my predators true colors. Because the statement of, you don't scare me, and you called me a clown, so now I'm a clown, is actually pretty damn funny if you think about it. Just not to a bunch of murdering Nazi types who say that putting on a clown most for 10 minutes is the end all be all of crimes in humanity.

Their is something much bigger going on. It is not because I am a clown or crazy, and my website exposes that, and what is really going on, and the clown nose exposed these Nazi types of personalities within these mass groups working with my family and government that go all the way up the FBI/NSA, and police flagging operations and removal of people from society they just don't like or want around.

Basically taking what Edward Snowden has exposed to a whole new level of what American Citizens need to be concerned about, especially with where technology is headed.

There are also things that were shown to me back in about 1998 by Brian Longbotham, and Rob Roy McGregor in confession and scare attempts called Bingo the Clown done by SGI and Alias/Wavefront to show what their animation software could do, but they showed it to me in hopes to try to scare me into coerced false confessions, I didn't even realize was going on at the time. Which link back the the FBI sending in people in my house trying to scare me into confessions about the bullet hole they put in my fathers 300E Mercedes with him and told the world I did it.

Now remember, nothing was said to me about what was done to me with the media and sending messages, so any act of clowning around associated with things done to me are from their own guilt. Because if nothing freaky was going on. No one would remotely care less. Exposing what they are doing, and showing their rage out of their guilt and shame they don't want coming to light.

It also explains why my father who sent his wife Shelly Humphrey after me with these mass groups would keep calling me Kevo, I could not figure out. Who told me for no reason at all, "Now you have an evil step mother" angrily, when they were about to get married for no reason at all like everything else.

Someone who is sane, rational, and has a sense of Humor, unlike a Nazi, will appreciate the cheese ball Youtube, while not very professionally done, and imagery, especially in light of the absurdity of what I am being hunted for in the first place.

The Clown Nose       Alias/Wavefront - Bingo the Clown Me joking around
The Hugh Hefner Robe

Everyone knows I like women, so I found this one very on par with what is going on, and told I am not allowed to date, have friends, have relationships, even a family, not that I was ever in that mindset of settling down with kids before finding out what was going on. While women world wide are told to take turns on me since early childhood for some reason for absolutely no reason at all to remove me from society. With cry wolf excuses how I am a women beater and have done all these things to each and every one I've ever had contact with from 5 - 9 years old. Christy Reynolds told to tell the world I gave her a death stare in middle school. Cory Bixby at 16, asking me to give her a ride home labeling me a women hating troll because the gas peddle wasn't pressed perfectly on a car I supped up and changed the engine, in an angry rage for no reason at all. Jen Hess claiming I hit her with a mask on, Women I don't even know, or ever met worldwide claiming I am hacking them and trying to make them mentally ill. The lies are endless that go into their worldwide laundry list.

Yet, it is then turned around that I am in an angry rage and like Batman, while I spent years simply asking the question "What is going on?" with refusal to answer a simple question that would be answered if I was any other person on this planet. While people would go in an angry rage If I spoke to a women, smiled at a women, flirted with a women. As well as when I was younger building the Adult Websites, and Rodie Morales, Val Morazov, Tom Farley, Eric Christiansen all in different states wanting to take me to strip clubs so they could make up lies with endless frame jobs that I was somehow stalking strippers and porn stars and things like this.

So, simply joking around with a Hugh Hefner Rob, and taking a few simple block walks with it on while watching these 1000's of cars and people per day waiting for me to come out of my house really upset and expose their anger and rage against me for whatever insignificant reason they have. Was it I got too many lap dances so I ruined their lives? Was it because I asked out a girl who was better looking then another girl I associated with at one time? Was it because I went out on a date and felt that I didn't mesh with a girl and didn't call her again? Things that no one normally cares about which are all part of life which everyone see's every day. But yet when anyone is around me, and life isn't perfect, I am a dead man with NSA/FBI Worldwide Police, and worldwide neighborhood watch groups. That is something that needs explaining because that normally doesn't happen when a date doesn't work out and you move on.

Hence, once again, exposing the situation. And even more prevalent is the fact that people in the gay community started stalking me again. Bringing to light that if I am into women, then I am hunted by the gay community. Which links back to someone sent into my house in University of Colorado. And snuck in my room asking me what I was thinking about. And when I didn't ask him out and he felt uncomfortable. The gay community was sent after me worldwide.

And because the Met complex surrounding my house have they security cameras pointed at my place and are giving the feed out to the city so they know when to come out of their houses and stalk me working with the police to try to make me look crazy. This really exposed their endless rage and privacy violations when simply walking out on my porch.

Can you imagine committing a crime of not asking someone out and being stalked with worldwide support? Hence, doing stupid things like wearing Hugh Hefner robes and jokes that you like women, or want a life style which most men secretly want like Hugh Hefner. Ends up in mass groups going ballistic. As if it's somehow about a cheese ball robe, and my BEHAVIOR.

If anything, people would get a kick out of it and laugh their asses off. But the one thing I've learned is Nazi type personalities, don't laugh at things like this when they want you dead and gone. The important questions to be asked are, why do these people care so much that they deviate from their normal life in an angry rage instead of saying. Who cares, or that guy is crazy, or that guy is funny, and move on? Proving and exposing, exactly what is really going on. Hence why they need to try to cover this all up to try to make me look crazy.

The "Be Humble" Hat

 The be humble had was more of something I just bought, because I liked it down in Los Angeles after a Lawyers appointment. While followed by the police into coffee shops and around town like usual. And walking down the sidewalks while people had tables set up selling fun items. While the"Be Humble" looks like a fun playful cap, like most things I do in life, it in inadvertently exposes these mass hate and stalking groups against me. Their have been so many world wide lies told about me in these terror/propaganda systems, it does not matter what I do, no matter how harmless. People will wallow in their guilt, then try to silence me coming after me in mass groups. Stranger after stranger. Which is how this whole thing starts to begin with.

The endless lies are told to the world, and mass groups who I don't know anywhere in the world keep coming after me with  things like, you better not talk, or even think about it! Hence, me simply buying this fun hat, results in mass groups escalating what I horrible monster I am on these propaganda/terror systems. So, to make things more interesting. Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart's 2nd thugging Blackmail arrests disguised as all sorts of fakes trumped up charges, was right after going to a Starbucks on Tarzana - 18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356.

While this is much larger then the hat, I am guising the hat is the straw that broke the camels back so to speak with the police looking for an angle with these mass extermination groups working with them, they call neighborhood watch groups in disguise. Their reasoning behind trying to use the hat to make me look like a horrible person is based on all sorts of cover up lies from childhood. For example, while my family and police told my brother to Bully me to death, in order to cover up these operations, they told the world I was a troll, and somehow making my brother do these physical attacks supposedly by my personality.

They also had a setup operation where someone named Brian Weaver was told to take part in this I met in middle school. Some of the things starting that far back was Brian would bully a kid named Ryan Hearsh, then the world with my family, and government were told that I was a Bully, and doing these things to Ryan Hearsh. Well, you might think, even if I did bully Ryan Hearsh. Kids are kids in middle school, and who would really care so much that their is a world wide campaign to end my existence over it with Bully labels. But wait, it gets weirder, In High School, a kid named Paul Schaeffer was told to bully me. And This wasn't the worst bullying, but it was bullying. And at one point, In my English class, My English and Physical Education teacher Mr Quigley, as Paul pushed me over in my chair in class, looks at me in front of the whole class,and says "HIT HIM". Of course, I thought this was a very strange response from a teacher, and did not.

Now, here we are 30 years later with the world told I am a thug, a bully, a horrible monster who has a mobster personality while my father with Lorena Escobar hired me to work for them telling the world I am a thug who walked and tried to take over their company. Even with them having their friend Debbie Groveman call me up asking me to fix her sons computer, then trying to manipulate me into taking over my fathers company, while working with the Police to remove me from society framing me with these types of operations.

Now, if you haven't figured it out yet. Here I am, the world is being told I am this horrible thug, bully who thinks he's the BOSS, like a mobster boss, and yet a teacher trying to set me up like all these other things FAILED! If this doesn't prove I am a decent person, I don't know what does. But the real questions people need to ask, is why is this being done to me over and over, then told I don't know how the world works and thinks differently. And who would go through that much energy to try to get me to hit a student to get me expelled, put me in Juvi, or lock me away with these operations? Where is their RAGE coming from and why? Based on their argument that I am different because some rich boy likes to build hot rods and get greasy when others want to be bought things?

So, the point I am making is that, I am being told I am imagining the entire worldwide situation. But once again, buying a harmless hat, sparks anger, rage, people running around with their "I told you so's" and then the retaliation of thuggings, and arrests to try to lock me away, get psychological evaluations, which the Mental institution tactic seemed really get bad when I stopped my brother from bashing GregWaugh's skull in with a crow bar, and him basically telling me that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution, which my family and police seem to support.

Now, here I am with a harmless "Be Humble' hat, which normally no one would care about. Showing exactly what is going on and my website exposes. That I am not some crazy person walking around causing problems. I am the victim of what is being done to my life with my family, Police, NSA/FBI operations for some reason. And it is all based on cover ups, and people not wanting anything truthful coming to light. Once again, EXPOSING the situation, and the Truth.

The tinfoil Hat on my way to the "Close Encounters of the third Kind" Re-Release at the AMC

While years and years of lying thugs with the Police, NSA/FBI, and worldwide support are running around with the Gas Lighting, GangStalking, psychological warfare campaigns to off me, create mental illness, and my life or lock me away in their angry rage about whatever they are mad about starting around 5 - 9 years old. One of their leverage tactics is to try to control me, instead of being honest like most people about situations like this, and try to belittle me saying things like. "Do you walk around wearing Tin Foil Hats" and things like this. One of the biggest leverage player of this was someone I hired named Karine Echigian, a therapist, in hopes I could talk about my life. To find out she was working with the LAPD to try to silence me.

Normally, you would say talking about your life with people in the psychology community is a good thing, except I was told I wasn't allowed to talk about my life, as well as I better do what they say basically blackmailing me. Karine was involved in several of these operations like telling Terrence Scroggins to make up lies I had glued his mailbox shut and trying to provoke me into reactions while she was collecting my responses to his thuggings to try to use against me with the police. All for simply speaking out.

So, while Karine with these people were working on the crazy cover ups, they were also working with someone named Tom Farley, approached and sent after me around 8 years old. Tom was told to play the cry wolf and fabrication game as far back as that time. One of my closest friends for over 30 years, and the entire time told to figure out ways to lock me away.

The lies from Tom Farley around 8 years old start with things like I saw a light in his bathroom, and so told the world that I am crazy and think I saw an Alien. But of course, that is not the real story. The real story is, like usual, I did, or said absolutely nothing at all. We walked into this large adjoining bathroom, and instantly, Tom pointed at a bent light reflection in the sand grained glass window which creates light shapes. And he points at the window, and says "Look, an Alien" or something like this. Now, keep in mind that no one else was around, and only me and Tom were in that room. And yet the world has been told fiction based on me saying or doing nothing at all, that when I was 8, I think I saw an Alien, or an Alien light and am crazy and need to be removed from society. How did this even go worldwide, and why was it said, just like Tom Farley telling the world that I think everyone is stupid.

So, while movies are made around these world wide defamation and slander to reinforce these lies in secret while people make money off destroying my life and don't have a problem with  this. Not even the notion of telling me what is even going on labeling me crazy. We also have 100 - 1000's of people per day waiting in cars watching me and signaling to me with their lights on to provoke me, or thug and blackmail me into coerced false confessions that aren't remotely true, and I have been told, will never stop, and this is going to be done to me the rest of my life until I give false confessions.

One girl who would wait for me in a green sole, with the lights on, who was the ring leader of these local people in cars with lights on, walked up to me asking me "We want to know what you saw", "We get what we get". trying torture me into false confessions of things no one would even care about even if it was true.

So, in 2017, the Woodland Hills, AMC theater re-released "Close Encounters of a third Kind"a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg, and a movie with all his others that I love. And so walking to the theater I decided to jokingly expose what is going on by wearing a Tin Foil hat, because their entire argument, is that I am crazy, I've seen aliens. And I have no confess to this or I am a dead man!

Harmlessly showing that, their control levers won't work on me. Once again, watching their Anger and Rage skyrocket. Which normally wouldn't happen if I was a crazy person. They would not care less, would not come out of their houses in anger and rage. They would just say "Oh their's the crazy guy, but I have better things to do like live me life" showing that their anger, rage, obsession, hate is not based on me being crazy. It's based on what I know, and them not wanting me talking about it. Or the possibility of me even thinking about it. Because the more I find out, the more the possibility of telling people.

Once again, exposing the situation they refuse to admit to, or leave me alone.

The Chinaman Hat

While obviously in my life, after 8 years old, kissing a black girl and my family with the police and government telling the world I am a white supremacist, full of hate and need to be removed from society for some reason.around the age 14 or so, started working on me with the Asian Mental illness tactics. Around the Time my brother started dating an Asian cheerleader in High School, named Jen Yang. Now, you might want to note that after the amount of Jen's that have been stalking me since this time.

One of the things they did to me, was my father took us on a Caribbean Cruise with my brother Jason, and Darrin Moselle. While on this cruise while I was 14, we kept going to that bars underage ordering drinks. And while my brother and Darrin were the lead, they kept ordering over and over all night every night. B52's, and Kamikaze shots. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

I did not, at the time, make the connection of my last name PERELman, Their endless WWII ordering references to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, and being on a SHIP! Now, if you think this is bad, and more importantly, that my family are telling them to do this. It gets a lot worse when it comes to MOTIVE! While trying to turn me int o a violent paranoid schizophrenic which I had no clue of until maybe 38 years old. My brother goes and for no reason buys me a Kershaw pocket knife, and gives it to me! He was obviously hoping to flip me out, get me paranoid, and try to get me to go after him or someone else with a knife, while feeding a 14 year old something like 10 - 14 shots per night to get me belligerent.

But of course the only thing that happened was I close the knife stupid drunk backwards putting my thumb on the blade and cutting my finger. YET MY FAMILY IS STILL TRYING TO USE AGAINT ME AS RECKLESS! and 30 years later trying to get whatever they can to use against me!

Now after this, just like the Black Communities worldwide were told I hated black people for kissing a black girl at 8 years old, then they added, the now I hate Asians. Once again, based on thin air. So, you can imagine the mass stalkings from Asian groups as well since that time. A person named Mike Choe was sent after me in English class with Ms Tunic, pretending to be crazy who I never talked to or sat by. Trying to extract guilt or confessions from my artwork, you name it. Accusation somehow did something to Jen Yang, or made them break up even after obviously her cheating on him with Greg Waugh.

All sorts of Asians stalking me my entire life after this. They also by the way worked on me with other races and cultures like Persian groups, and many more. Example, one point around the age 32, Tom Farley meets me at the Coffeebean at 19732 Ventura Blvd., Ventura/Corbin, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. And gives me a speech how he is Greek and talks about how Persians can't be trusted and he is Greek and told about the ancient wars about the Greeks and Persians. After this, the entire Persian community worldwide was sent after me being given all sorts of disinformation on these propaganda terror systems. But it doesn't stop there! it hors to Russians, as well as every other culture!

Do you really think this is about me and my personality?

Needless say, I did not wear this hat a lot, but you can get the idea from everything else of why I bought the hat and wore it. Their argument is I am an angry enraged white supremacist who has done all these horrible things to all these races and cultures. Yet I have accepted and let everyone known to man in my life to find out they were all connected, contacted in a mass conspiracy to rid me of the world turning it all around on me. Disguised as secret worldwide drama a gossip, I am not allowed to talk about directly, even my own family and friends?

You get the idea, so wearing this hat, not only shows that I dabble in other cultures accepting them which people do normally, but also their anger and rage for me being a person, accepting different cultures. And showing them that once again, they don't scare me. Yet people like Officer Sean Dinse want me locked away in mental institutions for accepting all races and cultures, like my family.

Exposing like everything else. Things that while may be a tiny bit out of the norm. They are not out of the scope of what happens in life. And not the types of things that anyone could really care less about. Especially if they aren't part of my life. Alis exposing these unheard of situations like. You are 10 times more known then Donald Trump, which is really happening, but also, at the same time, You are imagining it, and you had better BEHAVE like Donald Trump, and the President!

An unheard of situation trying to make me look crazy with people with psychology degrees and turn me into a violent paranoid schizophrenic, with obvious pre-meditation, motive, execution, out of hate and rage for me. A CRIME! the Crime of all crimes which the Police are lying about and involved in.

The Sombrero

While you get the idea from the the previous posts, also the Hispanic community seems to have a problem with me as well. People like Adriana Olivarez sent after me with my father and Lorena Escobar with some kind of blackmail operation that I had to date and Mary her. While I can recall around this time, Adriana running around my fathers office telling everyone, "I am going to get the doctors son" little did I know what she really meant was she was going to put me in the ground with Lorena Escobar, and obviously my father paying them to do it disguised by payroll salary's. Of course, she is going to get the doctors son was really things like me letting her into my life, and like the rest trying to get dirt she and my family could give to the world taking fragments of information and turning them into complete fiction. For example, cover up operations of our conversations about a stripper named Mila, I like turned into blatant lies that I had mass groups mobbing her and things like this.

The usual fabrications based on thin air given to the world disguised as miscommunication. These things do not normally happen. Adriana was working all sorts and angles and tactics with Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Lorena Escobar, and of course Tom Farley. While me being nice enough to introduce her to my friends for dates, little did I realize that they were all working together to lock me away in mental institutions or jail cells.

At one point, interesting enough. I introduced her to Tom Farley which no doubt she was probably in communication on their Internet based terror systems. And Tom said something strange to me "She's yours" while I could not process what the hell he was saying at the time. Little did I know that my family, with the Police and Government had already put me in a jail cell dictating my life with blackmail demands stating that if I wanted companionship. I would have to take the jailer given to me, and do what they tell me.

Of course, I choose what any sane person would, and not want anything to do with Murdering Nazi types of personalities. This made my family with the worldwide groups extremely angry with all sorts of lies to the world that I demand perfection. And of course the cover up operations were and are endless. Obviously the Mila one is an example, but they were and still are fabricated and manufacturing endless lies to the world in order to keep me quit.

Also, of course telling the Hispanic community that I hate Mexicans, or Latins as they work on their white supremacist tactics. Of course, Adriana, like the rest of the people in my life were treated very well by me, and I went out of my way for her just like everyone else in my life. But when you go out of your way for someone like a Nazi. They really don't care how nice, or what you do for them.

At one point, I was nice enough to do things like introduce her to my friends, or even share my open minded life style with her taking her to strip clubs, and such but she proved that she was bigoted, and as mature as a 10 year old. Simply taking her to strip clubs or to Hollywood, Sunset clubs, especially with Paul Humphrey of course was also used against me that I am somehow using her to get to other women and things like this. The same tactics Tim Thompson was doing when he pretended his girlfriend died of cancer and was depressed a year later and I bought him some Lap Dances. Instantly telling the world that I was using the death and him to try to con women.

Can you imagine these types of anal retentive people being your friends? Now you wonder why I'd be hunted for simply creating a piece of artwork?

Also, their were several operations with Tim Thompson, Brian Longbotham, Rhodie Morales, and a Peruvian Porn Star named Alexis Amore, the Spearmint Rhino's to try to make it look like I was stalking her in frame jobs after Tim Thompson was leaving Porn Box covers in my office after giving him a place to work free of charge in hopes we could figure out how to make some money on. Supposedly he did IT for Hot BOdy International, but it was probably just another frame job operation. Of course, after me starting to find out things. Somehow, it went to, I hate Peruvians, or Brazilians as well. But of course,  before that, other people like Julia Sophia Reynoso on IRC was also sent after me in these frame job operations, all working together on every angle known to man to remove me from society.

So once the racial statements how I also hat Latin's was thrown out there. You can imagine the Anger and rage exposing what is really going on by simply joking around wearing a Sombrero. And of course some of the cover up lies went into how I am obsessed with Alexis Amore, and am crazy. But of course these elaborate fabrications switch from girl to girl, and place to place. Showing that this isn't about one person. It is about a global campaign, no matter who is around me to remove me from society for some reason.

The Russian Hat

While I am sure there have been tons of Russians sent after me as well a couple of them I can recall is one named Val Morzov sent after me while I was in University of Colorado told to befriend me in the Pool Hall. Working the black and white angle that all pool halls and pool players are shady people therefore trying to mike it look like I supposedly have a shady life and what is being done to my life is my fault. Yet things like a person who played mostly Straight Pool and never really played for money to perfect and strive to be the best at something is like usual, labeled as a hustler who has hustled 100,000's out of people.

One the Val Morozav's tactics was to come in my life, just like many others, saying he wants to start a company, and lets discuss it at Strip Clubs. While not a big deal to someone who isn't about perfection, he was working on all sorts of angles with the government. After starting a web design company, he didn't want to do any of the work, and wanted me to do all the work. So that didn't last long. But more importantly, at one point, he was trying to manipulate me into taking peoples adult content, and put them on CD's and sell other peoples content. But of course, those setups did not work, which years later, I can recall my father and Paul Humphrey taking me out to dinner digging for how I got all my money I didn't have, trying to get confessions about it. Which is pretty strange that not only could he manipulate me into these types of situations. That years later my own father in a different state with Paul Humphrey wanted these coerced false confessions.I can recall later on, Val working on the Kevin is a stalker tactic.

Also, the plot thickens. After my father told Lorena Escobar to hire me at his company doing IT. With every lie, smear, setup, and operation to destroy my name worldwide and stop me from making money. While having his entire office stalk me with worldwide support to either put me in the ground, or get these coerced false confessions with the police to put me in jail out of his hate, rage and jealousy towards me with the rest of my family. One of these many people he was involved in sending after me was a Russian lady named Shanna Briantseva. WHo showed her true colors with many people sent after me in Colorado. One was named Lynn Junkin in all sorts of frame job operations, of course she was also working with a lady named Val, Valerie, in the office, working on several angles. One was accusing me of being a hacker and making people mentally ill. The other was of course about Val Morozav. Also connected to Mike Wexler in Colorado who my brother introduced me too, trying to set me up with Lyn Junkin, and some women in Sandiego working with the Sandiego Police. As well as. Also accusing me of being a Hacker, which is connected to Lyn Junkin, and even the Movie "Hackers", accusations that I am involved in statutory rape with Lyn Junkin who was 16 on IRC I met at these IRC parties of people of all ages, working with Mike Wexler telling me lies that statutory rape in Colorado is under 16. As well as in my fathers office taking turns on me trying to provoke me into angry reactions working with the police to remove me from society with the entire office for 14 years. Never stopping.

She was also involved in following me to several coffee shops, such as Starbucks on 21504 Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. And working with them on all sorts of angles from pedophilia, Theft, Hacking trying to make people mentally ill. And of course, working with all other coffee shops world wide. If you haven't noticed. At this Starbucks location as well as several others, they were also working on the, Kevin hates gays tactics as well when they sent a gay person into my house in Colorado and I committed the crime of simply not asking him out when he snuk in my room asking me what I was thinking about. They aren't coming after me with one lie and criminal accusation. They accusations keep changing from one to the next from thing to thing my entire life, in the thousands! Showing that, this isn't about anything I've ever done wrong. They just want me dead and gone, or locked away. Kind of like Adolf Hitler wanted for the Jews.

So, while I didn't really wear the Russian Hat a lot. It made a statement once, again that they don't scare me with their endless crime spree against me. And while cheese ball as it is. You can see their blood boil and watch them go in an angry rage for things that stable sane people could not care less about. Exposing who they really are and what they are involved in, While Val Morozav in Colorado was also, 10 years later working with Rodie Morales in California, who also wanted to take me to strip clubs.

As you can see. All these people worldwide are connected in the operations and working together with my family, Police, Government, and worldwide support for some reason to figure out how to rid me of the world since 5 - 9 years old.

And I am sure their is no doubt, I also hate Russians according to them as more of their cover up operations.

The car testicles

While I find this funny as hell. Some people might be so wound up in life that they can't deal with it. Not only that, someone around my neighborhood in a white pickup also put a pair on their car, and even as a police officer who saw them couldn't keep a straight face without busting up  laughing while lying to me telling me that streets with the name "Parkway" after them are all private streets.

Needless to say, while doing stupid things like this to bring forward the Nazi types who have been stalking me with these mass worldwide groups. Sean Dinse and Detective Angela Steward popped their heads out of the snake hole, while me driving around in Santa Monica and Hollywood, once again proving what I need to prove. Sean Dinse, writes up in one of his arrest reports in the discovery that I was out in downtown Los Angeles indecent and need a psych eval. Well I don't see anything like me running around the city naked here? Do you? Once again, showing exactly what is going on, and the Police andGovernment are doing to my life, telling me who I have to be, how I have to act, what I have to wear, who I have to date, what news channel to watch, how I have to sit, if my hair can be long or short if I am allowed out of my Jail/home which Terrance Scroggins working with them is told to take part in these Police thugging operations with Such threats from an Officer Toro (Fake Name) "If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way", You name it!

This shows exactly what is going on. The police and government stalking and targeting me for things based on things a Mother Or Father would tell their 14 year old they have to do. It has nothing to do with the law! Hence Mike Huntley's comment to me met with all the death threats. "It is your behavior"! what behavior> I do things he doesn't approve of like ask out a girl with tattoos or silicon implants? Last I checked, that isn't even remotely close to a crime to justify rid someone of the world like Adolf Hitler!

Once again, Exposing these illegal Police FBI/NSA Operations.
Parking my car crooked and backwards

The Bullet hole sticker on my jaguar that people put on their cars all the time

While around I am guessing maybe 36, after years of severe terror and torture from worldwide groups to remove me from society with NSA/FBI worldwide support while asking what is going on with my family and people around me with such answers of, I am imaging the entire situation. And I am just a crazy violent paranoid schizo and the things that are going on and have been going on don't exist. And I had better do what I am told or else. Eventually I put the puzzle pieces together about My father putting the bullet hole in his car with the Police, and my brother with the police sending Mike Huntley, Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Rodie Morales after me, and many others to try to thug and mentally batter me into false confessions I had supposedly tried to kill or scare my father after I found a bullet hole in his blue 300e Mercedes.

My father claims it was no big deal and didn't even report it to the police. And I am just imagining the entire situation. From the people sent after me to the mass worldwide all day and night attacks which I've witnessed for 17 years and start from 5 - 9 years old getting worse and worse with endless setup attempts and frame jobs.

At one point I decided to put on some of the famous bullet hole stickers that everyone puts on their cars on my Jaguar. Well they really didn't like this. From police slowing down looking at the stickers to peoples reactions. But wait. I am imagining the entire situation right? Yet why were people so irate from simple bullet hole stickers that people put on their cars all the time? What is different about Kevin Perelman, then every other person on this planet? NOTHING! Except their guilt of what they've done to my life which they say doesn't exist!

Once again, not only have they been exposed, but some of Sean Dinse's arrests 10 years later of questions about toy guns in my Photo Shoots or joking social network profile pictures have to do with anything other then a harmless image? NOTHING! Yet Sean Dinse wants to put me into a mental institution with my family? Right on his own discovery! Why would this be. Not only have I committed no crimes, I watched endless terror operations and setup attempts with endless proof on this website. Can you figure out the obvious? Where else do you put someone you don't want talking that can incriminate someone involved in crimes especially of this magnitude. The same threats from my brother that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh's Skull in with a crow bar because Jen Yang his girlfriend cheated on him with Greg.

Once again, the people involved have been EXPOSED! because they would not care less if this was the case, just like everyone else with these stickers all over the world. Especially with these recent arrests and setup attempts and frame jobs of people trying to make me look like a violent paranoid schizo with Bailey Bernard following me home assault and Battering me, Terrance Scroggins endless threats then calling the police when he couldn't get his way, and endless other things like this. Where the Police not only told them to do it, but also arrested me for it to cover it up, and try to make me look violent to try to put me in mental institutions which says right on Sean Dinse's arrest Discovery showing that they have had ulterior motives and hidden agendas starting at the age 5 years old to lock me away from a paranoid psychotic family who all have psychology degrees and anger issues. Except their anger involves using their psychology degrees to to horrific things to people. Which is something most people aren't used to seeing.

This isn't about mental illness, this is about someone not wanting me talking about what I know, especially with government operations like this that they don't want exposed.
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