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Everything the world has been told are blatant lies to remove me from society since 10 years old, this site tells the truth as to what is really going on and the reason non of these issues are addresses directly and I am told I am imagining it, is because they don't want the truth coming out. And if I address one issue and put it to rest, then the next set of lies are made up and I'm attacked endlessly. Because it's not about anything I have ever done, it is about removing me from society, and getting away with the government supported crime.

One of the things the Police, government, with these mass world wide groups is are doing, is try to coverup and try to turn around their endless crime spree against me, by saying I am a nuisence and also trying to say that my website and telling people, especially those who lash out in anger at me that they have been told lies about me is causing the problem. When my website is the only thing ACKNOWLEDGING the problem and EXPOSING what is realkly being done to me and my life. Which is a strange bullshit behavior on anyone who is involved in it.

A note to the people taking part: Remember that you are being told lies, and being used by the very people creating these lies with intent to use you against me. The very people feeding you this information don't care about you and are using you as tools to get you involved in this crime and do what they themselves don't want to do personally.

Mike Huntley (Working with my Brother and family):
First saying "Your ok" like he was doing some kind of psychological eval one me, then he switched in anger and rage "You are an out of control for California and a monster",  "Its your Behavior", Whatever that means since i am the only one is is professional and sane aorund these people who analyze every imperfect hiccup in life. "We are using the system against you", "I've given you enough rope to hang yourself with", "Have a good life now", Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea and making people mentally ill to control them. While walking around our office singing "World of Paranoia" saying  "You had better live a careful life"  and telling me something while working in my fathers office something like "You are not allowed to defend yourself" of course, me wondering what the hell was going on, and to this day, 17 years later, don't really understand any of it or why a world wide extermination campiagn in secret against one man since earlier then 9 years old, is supported and tolerated and is remotely going on with world wide groups telling me I had better not say anything about it.

Rodie Morales, sent after me by Mike Huntley and the Police, who was involved with the police in catching someone who was on the run for murder at our gym, me finding out years later, going from I'm your friend and lets go to strip clubs and hollywood, or sunset clubs to a police interogation mode saying things like "It's not like you killed someone have you?" with an angry voice and me realizing he was involved in all sorts of frame jobs with Mike Huntley and my family, especially wanting to take me to strip clubs with frame jobs to make it look like I was obsessed and stalking strippers nad things like this, the 4th person in my life from 20 - 30 working the same tactic from state to state.

Stripper from 4play who called herself Bentley, at 29 years old right when I started to notice what was going on "You will get yours"

My father "You know what you did" but refuses to specifically tell me what this is saying "People lie, so they are not told what they have done" showing he is full of shit and a pathological liar, who then kept trying to get coerced false confessions asking me why this would be done to me each time I tried to tell him what was going on instead of telling me what was going on so he could try to get dirt to use to make what they are doing look justified to give to the world.

My mother saying "Your past caught up with you" once again, cannot tell me anything specific and back tracking saying she never said it with all the other lies I caught her in. Also at the same time Hinting to me that I need to leave the country, trying to make it look like I committed a crime and am on the run.

Later on to try to physically and mentally batter me quiet for what I found out, aside from the 100,000's of psychological attacks per day world wide with mental illness tactics
Who knows how many subtweets threats world wide directed at me like "No Relaxing for you Nigger"

Starbucks corporation
working with these mass groups and my so called friend Paul Humphry (After he went to the police academy, supposedly didn't make it into the LAPD), and the Black Community, now having something like 5 Black People follow me from Starbucks Threatening my life saying things like "Accept what they are doing and what my life is now, or things will get a lot worse for me" , Followed home and Egg Mobbed on my bicycle and things like this to try to intimidate me quiet which is still going on, on a daily basis I've watched for 17 years now.

Security guard mace attempts on the public streets, coming out of the Metro complex he is supposed to be inside doing his job as well as the security company following me to public places. And physical attacks at another starbucks in Topanga/Ventura by different security guard to try to intimidate me quiet by punching my something like 7 times in a row in the head and first punch in the back of the head.

Car tire slashings, Convertible top slashings, Car Keying, Dog Crap on doors, spit, car eggings all for the so called crime of finding out I was being hunted my entire life and them wanting to thug me quiet, etc

LAPD Officer with Fake Name Officer Toro, Linking back to them sending a person named Eric Christianson after me with Sherry Christianson in Southern Oregon State college around 21 years old they are trying to cover up, follows me to Encino Starbucks in 2012 "If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way" because someone they had working on me in college named Javiar said  "If you mess with the bull, you get the horn" then said it was me who said it, as if it would matter anyways.

Black man, working with Starbucks in Encino and the police hitting me right after officer Toro Threatened me. And the police knew what happened right when I called 911 before telling them which was also working with Elsie Sandoval in my fathers office.

Large Corporations involved in this Propaganda/Terror Torture systems built around me using their immense resources to ACTIVELY PURSUE ME and help to remove me from  society supporting these highly illegal government operations and are responsible for unfatheomable damages to my life and are trying to mentally batter me quiet and end my life or remove me from society because of it with such coverups attempts that I am crazy or a paranoid schizofrenic to get away with their crimes. Starbucks, Ebay, Facebook, Universal Studios, Fox News, Majority of the entertainment industry and Adult Industry, Southern Oregon State College, University of Colorado professors, and much more worldwide as far as any business I walk into or have any contact with world wide due to what is going on then told I am imagining it. All Conspiring togethor with government support.

And I can assure you, this isn't about a girl or any girl that has even been in my life or more importantly contacted world wide and told to take part in this especially with a family starting in on me, around 9 yrs old or younger.

One Psychiatrist I went to, Dr. Natalie Krah, said to me: "If you don't take medication, you will destroy your life". But what she really ment was. If I don't do what I am told, Be who I am told, Date, who I am told, Do the job I am told, Not say a world to anyone, etc. and take medication. Or be or do what I am told suggestively. They will destroy my life. As medication didn't do a thing when being hunted. What is strange is what made them mad was when I was healthy and out living my life. Not doing anything wrong. After finding out something was very wrong with my life from angry enraged people.

Click Here - To understand the system used to try to dictate my life -
based on setups, smears, and psychological warfare tactics

Explained from someone else (Most is very accurate with the social terror operations except the electronic mind control technology part, or saying 911 was an inside job by the US is a little too far out there for me. I have never heard of or seen proof of, but the begining part with turning to masses against with psychological warfare part for a take down with mental illness is very accurate and can be achievd with  todays internet based communication resources (Especially with NSA), making you think it's your fault for some insignificant thing seems accurate to make things not make any sense for you. With ulterior motives) For me their technology is hacking and using private information to terrorize and send hidden messages. But the beginning is exactly what has been done to me, the disinformation, the psychological terror operations. I can't tell you why I am being psychological hunted terrorized and targeted since 9 years old. But a lot of what he talks about with these terror groups accurate).
How they operate ABC News showing another target on a small local scale
Which shows how these operations work and that they do happen on rate occasion

My WordPress for daily events (Detailed Information on situations) - Latest Posts or KevinPerelmanTarget.wordpress.com
The people who were in my life and what they did - Here
Videos showing what is going on to keep me quiet - Here
First PoliceAbuse.com report (Witnesses to the crime) - Here

A world wide campaign started by my family and the government to try to set me up, smear my name, create mental illness, terrorize me and torture me to remove me from society any way possible and cover it up since I was 10 yrs old working with the police, government, social workers, my family and friends with a world wide funded smear operations. Violating my civil rights because they just don't like or trust me and refusing to protect me when I found out what was going on due to the fact that they were involved in the operations. Their are other names for these types of stalking mental illness tactics being done to me known as. "Gang Stalking", "Cause Stalking", "Community Harassment Groups" Also known as Gas Lighting. Basically the intent to end someones life with covert mental illness tactics in mass groups,  which can be researched if you have any confusion of how they operate. Except my targeting is on a world wide scale, all day and night and started and coordinated with my family and government since 10 years old, almost every single person I have been contact with, and never stops. And if I try to address any issues, these mass groups are told to terrorize me more and more with what I addressed to try to inflict pain and keep me silenced and try to stop me from speaking out.

Since the age 29 when finding out something wasn't right and not knowing I was being hunted to remove me from society, I went to 24 psychologists/psychiatrists each and every one was working with the masses to try to stop me from speaking out about what is going on. Some even working with the police to set me ups with neighbors and people around the city. Others trying to trick me into checking myself into institutions. The rest working with the masses to create mental illness or terrorize me into false confessions to give to the world or just toture me to death or stop me from speaking out.

One of the world largest cases of CRIMINAL DEFAMATION (Endless lies told to the world with intent to rile the masses to end my life as well as try to keep me silenced about it, with upwards of 10,000 premeditated passive aggressive and covert harassements and psychological suggestive messages directed at me per day world wide for years, esculating since 10 years old)

With such well crafted thought out and globally spread out lies as to clear and obvious intent to rile the masses against me trying to make their criminal actions look justified:

(These are just a few of the well crafted world wide lies to rile the masses against me)

  • He's a Paranoid Schizofrenic, and or whatever other mental illness label they can fabricate to coverup their mental illness tactocs so that what they are doing looks justified. Hence Gs Lighting, Gang Stalking, Community harassment. Even working with groups in the phychiatry community world wide to cover this up and make it look justified on a world wide scale working with the police and government.
  • Family holds me back a grade very young at a place called Sunny Skies Day camp. They call it T1 when I was around 112 years old. I kissed a black girl there, then my family went ballistic telling the world I am a white supremecist for kissing the black girl. And my father a few years ago even said with his pathological lieing that I was somehow in a rage about them putting me in T1. Yet like usual. I never said anything on any level about it, or even thought about it, until finding out they are manufacturing endless lies to the world to try to make it look like I am an angry enraged person like they are. Trying to fig up all information relating it to my cars and women and things like this that are complete fiction like everything else to remove me from society.
  • I've supposedly drew some psychotic violent picture of gruesome picture murders as a child I can't remember and am schizofrenic (started by my mother out of anger against me after her becoming an art theropist then notifying the psychology community world wide with these lies and art she cannot produce)
  • Mother asks me, then tells the world that I hit a kit named Josh Burnim in the head with a Golf Club when I was 14, another fictional story of hers to the world
  • After Kissing a black girl at sunny skies day camp, and school, my fmaily put me in a class called T1 in between grades around the age 12, the world was told I was a white surpremecist by my family and police for some strange reason riling black communities against me my entire life in secret.
  • He's a Narcisist. Obviously well thought out, to turn things around on me as a label when it came to defending my self or telling people what is going on.
  • He's a troll, a women hater, and a women beater, and harasses women
  • He's on the run (Continual lies to the world since a young age that I've done somethign wrong and am on the run to help turn the masses against me)
  • He suffers from paranoid schitzofrenia (One of my families, Police, Government largest lies to try to justify their actions, and give to the world to get them to help them in what they are doing
  • He has no communication skills (Of course not only are these people strangers, but how can you communicate with people trying to remove you from society or create mental illness who refuse to address their issues with you and tell you that you are imagining it)
  • he can't see himself
  • He's VIolent (of course no history or factual evidence of violence, just people trying to make me look violent)
  • he's a racist (I believe my family was telling the world this either to try to dictate who I associate with, or to just create world wide mobs to end my life)
  • He's angry at the world or thinks the world is out to get him (I believe said at a young age because my family didn't like I was a fun loving, open minded free spirited type, and they could turn around what they were doing on me to try to make me look angry)
  • He is acting and pretending to have paranoid schitzofrenia and playing mind games (as a coverup for the original lie that I have paranoid schitzofrenia)
  • he's confessing to things either through his artwork or behaviors
  • he's too sensitive
  • He's Catty or Bipolar (except these claims are made by strangers I've never spoken too for such things as taking some days off from the gym and other various cry wolf tactics from strangers, then noticing them endlessly trying to trigger me to get reactions which shows they are lieing and have ulterior motives)
  • he has a high Libido, therefore he's angry and in a rage and a murderer (As if sex is somehow related to anger as we know it is the opposite)
  • He's a troll trying to get people to blow up (of course not based on anything rational, factual or logical. (More like He asked a girl how she was, and he committed a crime, or maybe he wore a red, green, blue,  orange, or any other clothing or he went to the gym or went jogging, or listened too music or sang, and somehow that equals trolling with no actual fact explanation or logic behind it. Just random events taken and used by putting stories to each action and taking them out of context and giving them to the world. This applying to every minuet details of my life from any gesture, saying, apearence, you name it.)
  • He thinks differently then other people
  • He's waiting for something
  • He's a hacker
  • He's a pedaphile
  • He's starting fires by speaking out about what is going on (obviously the fires are being started by my predators, and speaking out is the only option showing that it is a coverup)
  • He's a women beater and has hit multiple women
  • He's pushy, violating, intrusive, following people, and spying on people (of course these just seem to be more lies made of for people to endlessly do to me to justify their actions)
  • He's a bully
  • He's Spying on people
  • He's Stalking people (of course the only so called stalking I've done is wonder or be curious as to what was going on when people were sent after me to end my life and remove me from society. Which is clearly not stalking and people and the police trying to cover up their crimes of endlessly trying to set me up until it started to become appearent)
  • He's trying to get people to blow up in anger
  • He's Racist or hates gay people or even women
  • He believes in Karma, therefore he is committing crimes (Another attempted justification so they can commit their crimes against me and make it look justified)
  • He's trying to control people
  • He snapped (this was said after I found out what was being done to my life and freaked out because I didn't know what was going on to cover up their crimes of trying to remove me from society with a mental illness campaign)
  • He's like Loki, and creating mischief and screwing with people
  • He's playing mind games with people   
  • He has no morals, is a con artist, and involved in fraudelant acts
  • he's a danger to himself or others
  • he's out of control and needs to be watched (he's a danger to himself or others)
  • we are trying to help him (of course by following me around with mental illness tactics)
  • He's shady and can't be trusted
  • He's different or weird
  • he's committed crimes and needs to be accountable  (and some of these crimes they use as excuses to end my life are breaking the speed limit or J-walking, he peeled out in his car. Things that don't matter and don't justify their actions, even though they never could be justified anyways)
  • he's lost
  • He suffers from obsession, or anger, or rage
  • He's competing with people (and of course, not just normal competing even though the lie isn't true, but psychotic type of things)
  • He's careless (Yet my life has been about caring giving and helping everyone I knew or making sure I didn't do anything wrong or offend people within reason. While endlessly being setup, I might have fell for a few insignificant things, not paying attention, as I am then     told it is my fault, and not the fault of the people trying to destroy me)
  • People are afraid of you (of course they don't actually have any specific reason why anyone would be afraid of me)
  • It's a public shaming (of course I seem to be punished for all the crimes committed against me, because I haven't done anything wrong accept find out about all the attempted setups and smears, which means it's a coverup and torture operation to keep me quiet. Not that world wide public shaming operations would be legal anyways and would violate your civil rights)
  • It's his personality (of course not based on who I meet and if it works out, but rather trying to profile me, and give it out to the world wide masses before I meet them to poisen the well so they can't see who I am because they're  perception of me is based on endless lies intentionally giving out to destroy my credibility and keep me isolated)
  • And finally to cover up their mental illness tactics since 10, he suffers from Paranoid Schitzofrenia and obsessional looping (this way they can get away with their crimes by trying to make me look crazy)

Also, just of few out of 1000's of mental illness tactics done to me all day and every day world wide

Click here for Simplified Tacitcs explanation with proof

  • Hacking into my computers, invading my privacy, and trying to use the information to take out of context to smear my name or try to use it to create mental illness (which they will claim I am somehow letting them in, to make their hacking look justified)
  • Identical cars parked in patterns such as 2's, 4's in front of my place or where I go
  • Cars parked where I go using the cars names or types to send me suggestive messages
  • Mimick tactics of things I say or do by strangers world wide all day and night  wherever I am
  • People following me from place to place trying to get me to interact, then claiming I am following them and won't leave them alone. Especially ones I have never said a word to.
  • 1000's of people per day will show up to the coffee shops or other locationsworld wide I go where I try to relax working on me continually
  • People befriending me and trying to set me up or smear my name each and every time
  • Tactics to try to make me look bipalor and crazy by trying to get me to talk to them, then attacking me with these tactics to tell everyone I am crazy and wronged them
  • Clothing in patterns to try to make me look crazy. Example, I might go to a coffee shop, and 20 people in 30 minutes might show up in solid black pants, and solid green shirts or shirts with horizontal stripes  changing from pattern to pattern.
  • Conversation collection and dissemination. Example, I might go to a coffeeshop and say "hey, what's going on" the next day at a completly different coffee shop, that will be said to me by the employee. This will be done world wide from place to place my entire life.
  • Person after person all around the world whistling at me when they see me
  • Using all types of media to send hidden messages or use parts of my life in them and then tell me I'm imagining it

For more of these endless tactics click here

And all day and night covert psychological mental illness tactics with mass groups networked and working togethor worldwide with every resource imagineable. From internet based notification systems, to mass world wide groups working togethor to inflict psychological pain by using coordinated mental illness tactics starting around the age 10 - Click here for tactics

Anything imagineable will be said to rile the masses against me. Including endless elaborate attempted setups, and pinning other peoples action or crimes on me. And doing everything imagineable world wide to smear my name and destroy my reputation and credibility so no one would help or put a stop to it. And Finally with Threats from people like my brothers friend Mike Huntley who befriended me. were friends with for 25 years and started an Internet Company for 6 years and at the end threatening me "You had better live a careful life" and "Have a good life now", "We are using the system against you"

What gives away this operation as criminal and all smears is the fact that I have never really been asked one question about these endless accusations given to the world over the last 30 years and told I'm imagineing it as well as endless all day and night provoking to get me to defend myself, so they can get a confession from my actions, then tell me I have to leave and never come back. which goes on at every single place in the world.

The only reason someone would tell me i'm imagining it is because what they are saying are lies, and they don't want their endless criminal accusations addressed, or they would be exposed because the facts would show that not only are these things lies, but they are absurd and not remotly consistant with any logic, facts, or who I am and always have been unless your looking for insignificant imperfection. Hence bypassing things like the justice system which would show that they are committing the endless real crimes and have been since I was a child. They don't want any of their criminal actions coming out. Especially with the real intent to rile the masses to try to figure out ways to make me look crazy and remove me from society starting at an early age around the time my brother and friends were bragging they gave a teacher a mental breakdown and put them in a mental institution. This is right after he realized he could not get away with the physical abuse.

To find out that not one person tried to set me up. But each and every person in my life tried to endlessly set me up. They could not. And each time covering up their attempted setups with lies to coverup their setups. This does not count the endless all day and night psychological warfare and covert mental illness tactics provoking me to try to trigger me into defending myself which has been going on all day and night with the masses since 10 years old with passive aggressive and psychological warfare attacks to try to make it look like I suffer from anger and rage or am crazyor too sensative or to try to make me look like I suffer from Paranoid Schitzofrenia to coverup their true crimes of hunting me since 10 years old so they can get away with it.

If anything at all is done, said, you name it to defend myself against this world wide campaign to end my life, they will collect it, try to turn it around ignoring the entire picture of what they are doing, and spew more lies to the masses to try to stop me from speaking out or defending myself. Saying things like, look, I told you. Or we have proved it right. In a mass coverups with clear calculated pre meditated thought of what they were doing from day one and trying to cover it up and get away with their mass extermination campaign.

If asked what this is really about. Each and every person will deny it, say I'm imagining it. On some rare occusions, they will break from their covert demeanor and  speak in vaguities, things like "Your past has caught up with you", "You know what you did", "It's your transgressions", and  if asked specifically what it is about. they will say I'm imaging it. Showing that my accusers are either liars or sickos trying to get any dirt possible to use against me to control me, dictate my life, or the real picture,remove me from society, who don't want to take responsibility for their lies. Some people have spoke in vaguities saying, it's my past that caught up with me, or my transgressions, etc. But once you go into specifics, it's either something they have tried to collect from me defending myself after wondering for over 14 years why it was going on, or, just back track saying they never said it. Because they know that the truth is I am a target since 10 years old being hunted for no reason by the masses. And they don't want to be exposed as liars with ulterior motives and endless attempted setups for 30 years.

Of course, because of this campaign I am known world wide, each and every person invloved, will try to keep it covered up saying they do not know me. And each person usually shows their true colors when they start digging or hinting, or working with their mental illness tactics that they are given and told to do showing that they do know me and have a hidden agenda to remove me from society. Not only that, but because of their mass 30 year terror operation, Everywhere I go, people I talk to world wide, all seem to know me. And you can tell when they see me and act out in rage because of what they have been told. Yet if ever addressed, they will try to keep it covered up saying they do not know me. Doing this to intentionally try to cause the effects of something like Paranoid Schitzofrenia, obsession or anger. You could say, I'm probably known as well as our president world wide, and so it's fairly obvious, just by the sheer magnitude of what is going on. That the majority of people telling me they do not know me is like saying I don't know who the president of the U.S. This all done with the sole intent to try to make me look or feel crazy for whatever sick demented reasons. Most likely to dictate my life and tell me what I have to do or else, which is just to inflict pain to figure out ways to rid me of the world. Leaving me in a position of isolation as a control tactic trying to use it as leverage to dictate my life or tell me what I can and can't do with endless all day and night emotional battering using their psychological warfare attacks. A simple analogy would be. I don't like you talking to that type of person, I am going to zap you with a cattle prod and never stop. By the way, it never happened and your imagining it and you suffer from anger and rage. Because using psychological terror tactics are easier to hide, and you can't get away with using a cattle prod. But it's a lot harder and more covert to stop 100 people following you and whistling at you per day. And you can easily brush it off by playing stupid and saying "So people whistle, you are just too sensitive" and try to make you look crazy for watching it happen.

They have done everything possible to keep me silenced and smear my name since 10 years old to stop the truth from coming out with out with world wide communities working with the police and they will make up any lies possible or try to endlessly set me up to turn people against me and terrorize me quiet. The real motive is to terrorize me to the point they can remove me from society by either pushing me to suicide, or pushing me out of control working with the police to make it look like I am a horrible monster, or just couldn't deal with life.

The only crime I've committed is not being 1000% perfect with their continual setups, endless trolling since 10, and provoking finding out the police and the world wide masses were being told to passively aggressively try to set me up to remove me from society any way possible. At the  point I had found out something was wrong, they realized they had to hunt me down with a mass psychological warfare campaign and try to end my life to keep me quiet about what they were doing to remove me from society and make it look like I was a problem, out of control, anger, rage, violent, crazy, delusional, live in a fantasy world, antisocial, no communication skills, Play games with peoples lives, spying on people, hacking, an asshole, it's my behavior, I'm too pushy, I'm following people, violating peoples privacy, you name it, every lie imaginable in to 1000's in funded world wide smear operations with clear and obvious intent to end my life.

Covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics by the masses. Every aspect of my privacy has been violated from my life from endless hacking, world wide neighborhood watch groups, cell tracking, world wide notification systems of where I am and am going. Every aspect of my life, conversations collected and datamined since 10 which they call their "Laundry List", and used for covert mental illness terror tactics, or fragments of, where I go, who I talk to, web sites I surf, you name it is collected, given to the masses to take out of context given to the world in secret as lies, while strangers send me hidden messages all day and night by having people with specific names befriend me on social networks using their names as hidden message, or parking cars with hidden messages with specific names to send me hidden messages, And people following me from place to place all day with mental illness tactics. I know you did this, I know you said that, etc. either trying to terrorize into false confessions, or just terrorize to get that reaction working with the police to remove me from society. This is done all day and night world wide by strangers and never stops and has been going on since 10. This is what they call their "Spy Games" with the intent to create mental illness, and remove me from society. Started by my own familyworking with the government started around the age of 10 years old. These are the mental illness Tactics used because I would stand up to my brothers endless beatings, battering, physical provokings, holding me under water as long as possible which my family want to protect and reward him for his actions and try to keep me silenced, which is very strange.

Internet terror tools developed in the early 90's given to the masses for mass psychological warfare and terror tactics started by my own brother working with the police pretending he liked me and wanted to show me the internet to try to set me up, or smear my name any way possible, who would call me up to get in me on Internet when it evolved working both sides of the fence. Notification tools, and portals, continual hacking since the early 90's trying to get any dirt possible to smear my name and take out of context, given to the masses for the sole purpose to have mobs datamine, and are notified where I am and everything I say, do, wear, etc, every detail collected, archived, given to the world, or used for covert mental illness tactics, and used to have mass mobs terrorize me from place to place world wide. If I go somewhere, mass mobs are notified to go there and make me mentally ill. Everywhere I go, the masses have details of my life or where I went prior, or things like this as they send me endless suggestive hidden messages to try to create paranoid schitzofrenia, and obsessional looping. These tactics started at the age of 10, but were based on notifying the masses by simpler technologies. As the Internet evolved, these mass groups, my family, and the people involved like Lorena Escobar, and Mike Huntley, and Jason Perelman, with the rest of the people I was friends with used these tools for mass world wide terror campaign to exterminate me with elaborate claims I am out of control, crazy, suffer from anger and rage and need to be watched and have tabs kept on me to make their murder campaign look justified.

The media is also used world wide to create mental illness. Aspects of my life are written in endless media, shows, movies, music. Things I say in social networks are mimicked world wide. But I will be told I'm imagining it, and no buddy knows me.  As they try to create the effect of paranoid schitzofrenia rather then being honest and saying it is happening which shows their clear intent to try to make me look crazy, isolate me, terrorize me, and remove me from society. News Organizations involved in creating mental illness to try to keep me quiet about what has been going on for the last 30 years. Fox news with their entire media networks have been heavily involved with their right wing government agenda to keep what is going on covered up.

If I try to go to any type of doctors for physical or mental issues that have been done to me from this, I will be attacked endlessly and forever by all the employees in the offices. Not only that, but all the psychologists and psychiatrists have done everything possible to try to silence me from speaking out. Some have even tried to trick me into institutions with lies to keep it covered up as well as working with my neighbors and communities to try to create mental illness while going to the apointments. Showing that this campaign is now more about keeping me quiet from what I know and keeping a horendous world wide murder campaign with government and social worker support quiet and covered up..overed up.
My WordPress (Detailed Information on situations) - KevinPerelmanTarget.wordpress.com

Starbucks for Corporate involvement where I am attacked followed provoked at every location in the world with Corporate support after they found out I kissed a black girl around the age of 12 years old. Showing they are a racist establishment. Also riling up black communities to have black people follow me from place to place, endlessly threatening me and trying to thug me quiet. After I found out what was going on and started speaking out. While having people follow me from place to place whistling at me that I am a whitle blower, each time I talk to someone about it. Then contacting all non Starbucks coffee shops world wide when going to other places and trying to mentally batter me into the ground for knowing.

Paid Security Companies working with Starbucks to Blackmail, Thug, Mentally batter me quiet about these endless 35 years of crimes against me telling me that I am not allowed to say anything about anything or tell anyone what they have been told is lies. Also telling me that even the sign on my car is a crime to my website explaining the situation from a truthful, out in the open context, with what is really happening, and open for any type of honest discussion showing their true colors. Also, these security companies have been working with other security companies my entire life following me from state to state, college to college after  my brother when he was 16, working with them to get them to chase him, then pinning it on me. Which they were all in on, including my brother and his friends with clear intent to try to figure out ways to remove me from society. Which he himself told me when I was 14, that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental instition.

They are working with Starbucks as an excuse but the bigger picture is that they have always been involved in stalking and targeting me working with my brother and family to figure out ways to remove me from society and thug me quiet about it

ADT Security - https://www.adt.com
Boyd & Assocaites - http://www.boydsecurity.com
Allied Universal - http://www.aus.com
Golden West Security -  http://www.goldenwestsecurityinc.com
Security Specialists - http://www.capatrol.com

Security companies following me from place to place harassing me for things that no one usually cares about. This isn't a one time incident, it happens over and over. Especially after getting more agressive in telling people that the lies they are told aren't true. Showing that they are desperate to coverup their 35 year crimes against me. Criminal Defamation, Slander, world wide conspiricies to hurt, hurt, harm, mame, and rid of the world which they do not want the truth coming out. These are just some incidents on video, these are daily types of situations for 17 years, going on 35.

Ventura/Oxnard Location and it appears he is pretending to
smile like it is a friendly pic, afterwards he takes out his cell phone
trying to scare me videoing
Arriving a few mintutes before closing, knowing when they were going to close
and taking pictures of my car, and trying to thug me quiet. I highly doubt he even works
for this property.
Woodland Hills location, not sure if same person
ADT security see's me in Van Nuys Follows me to Starucks, then tries threatening,
 terrorizwing me, telling me where I can and can't go and trying to thug, blackmail
me quiet about their endless 35 year crimes against me that they are involved in and most
likely being paid.
After he follows me and I don't listen to his threats of trying to keep me quiet,
especially what Starbucks is doing to my life working with Paul Humphry, he
moves his car off the property so no one can match the plates with  him down in
Van Nuys following me
Him keep coming up to the window, because he thinks that  yelling at me from the outside
is somehow going to stop me from talking about what Starbucks is invovled in doing to my life
the very first moment of walking in one at 29 years old while they worked with Paul Humphry to try to
figure out ways to make me look crazy  especially ater me finding out that I was being hunted from person to person since 9 years old
and their involvement to remove me from society with their world wide propaganda/terror systems

I am sure a lot of others paid to hunt me since a childhood


Starbucks employees discriminating p and trying to kill me  - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/gang-stalking-6182-14-daily-harassment-at-starbucks-home-2-accords-2-explorers-2-grey-pickups-2-people-waiting-in-cars/

Starbucks Discriminating against me https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/golden-state-work-mobbing-with-the-intent-to-kill-targeted-by-lorena-escobar-since-she-was-hired/


Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me with covert mental illness tactics known as Gang Stalking - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/gang-stalking-6182-14-daily-harassment-at-starbucks-home-2-accords-2-explorers-2-grey-pickups-2-people-waiting-in-cars/



Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000's

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used
The next day at 5:00 pm to see how thigns changed from mass groups doing the same things to more subtle terror tactics in hope for some insignificant reaction that can be used to give to the world saying I am
angry, violent, a nuisence, to show how these operations work. Normally, even if some said something rude to someone, it would not be disseminated world wide to use against them, Showing it's about information used to remove someone from society on these propaganda/terror operations
The Same Night at 8:20 pm. Shows how things ramp down from more obvious groups to more subtle and subliminal level terror behaviors to try to get get some kind of violant reaction based on what appears to be nothing going on. So they can make their lies look justified that I am crazy, need to be watched, and these things done to me. As you will notice, This time, groups of cars with dealer plate covers. Mostly "Keyes" and the Fire Department working on me This is across 2 days, you will notice, tons of coordinated events in 2's. Their these are the more subtle tactics which lead into large group mobbings as it kind of cycles back and forth. They start with the subtle terror tactics in hopes that they can get a reaction. But if they can't get a reaction, the will fabricate some kind of behavior they don't like.

Aubrey Fisher

Aubrey Fisher,  Working with Starbucks, Police, Rodie Morales, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Following me to Starbucks locations, endless world wide lies while befriending me for several Years working with ModelMayhem.com and ruining my reputation on every level known to man. To try to figure out how to Move me off the planet so to speak or into the ground. Telling the world, I am violant, I am a troll, I am trying to compete with her, and sending people after me to try to frame me and set me up. And clearly using NSA resources as where would she have the ability to do something like this world wide and in secret.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/community-mobbing-aubrey-fisher/

Fox News Heavily involved in mass smear terror campaign and has spent huge amounts of money to keep me quiet using their media outlets working with a man named Brian Longbotham and Tom Farley, my family who I thought was a friend and mentor from a visual FX company called Modern Video Film he later sued as he worked with the mass media connection to try to create mental illness and help remove me from society with these mass media networks as I've been followed for 30 years while they try to get any information or take what they can get out of context to distribute to the world. These organizations will say whatever it takes to cover up their 30 year crimes against me or try to create mental illness to keep me quiet. Seems to be headed up by a person named Greg Gutfeld, Host of Redeye. While people all around the world, movies, tv shows, news, mimick, hint, suggest, things from my life in their media. I'm of course told I am imagining it and suffer from Paranoid Schitzofrenia. Even upwards of 10,000 hints mimicks, or suggestive things all based on me for the sole purpose to make me look crazy and remove me from society
More Information

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth "We are using the system against you", "Have a good life now" as he was singing "World of paranoia", and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me "You had better live a careful life", "Your too out of control for California"

Lorena Escobar

From the day Lorena Escobar, who has been working with my brother and the rest of my family, was hired to work at my fathers office for the last 25 years and told to follow me from place to place trying to set me up when my family doesn't like my lifesyle or so she's followed me from state to state in colleges having people, especially women try to bait me into situations and set me up or collect person information to try to get dirt, or create lies to give to the world to smear my name and end my life. At one point one of the employees Vicki Broke from silence claiming that Lorena was trying to "Protect the company" by hunting and stalking me, which is what I'm sure she tells people to try to make it look legit. She quit or was fired a couple of weeks later. Lorena has had people follow me from place to place terrorizing me for the last 20 years smearing my name, telling people I can't be trusted and need to be watched. She is involved in a world wide campaign to end my life with a mental illness campaign with this mass group. She approached me at one point, offered me a job at my fathers office, and immediately told the employees every lie imaginable that I was crazy and did all these things that weren't true while endlessly sending person after person after me to prove her theories from following me around for 20 years trying to get dirt or taking things out of context. Her true motives are clear showing her hate and rage to end my life or remove me from society or push me to suicide. She approached me right after I found out Mike Huntley who approached me to start a company and was doing the same exact thing showing that this is not a random event but a systematic campaign to have person after person come in my life terrorize and torture me until their agenda is complete. Several women have come in my life working with Lorena to try to befriend me, try to manipulate me into situations to set me up and smear my name on and off the Internet world wide. If they cannot, they make up the lies anyways to cover up their crimes of doing this to make it look justified.

Patty Googin

"We thought you knew" Showing that something was going on. Weather they wanted some kind of confession, weather they said I was playing games with them because maybe they think I was doing something to them in their own paranoia and guilt while projecting their psychotic behaviors on me and targeting me my entire life. Except refusing to address the issue with the one person who is isolated, alone, and wondering why their is a world wide campaign taking turns on him. Showing that there is no way anything going on could be my fault. Maybe they were trying to control the situation by saying that I somehow knew they had these world wide neighborhood watch spy and terror operations going on, and I liked it or something freaky like this to help keep it getting worse and worse.

Golden State Sports Medical
Golden State employees working with fox news to try to endlessly set me up, smear my name, terrorize me quiet and torture me into false confessions to remove me from society to keep their crimes covered up  are:

Lorena Escobar
Elsie Sandoval
Loydi Matinez
Marlene Ramirez
Gwen Suazo
Tony Montilla
Shanna Briantseva
Fernanda Sime
Connie Raya
George Escobar
Houri Berberian
Jorge Rodriguez
Marcela Carroza
Fernanda Sime
Leonor Calderone
Romeo Calderone

Adriana Olivarez
Patti Googin
Scott Sookman

For specifics, click here

Jason Perelman
Michael Huntley
Since early childhood, around 8 - 10 years old my brother Jason Perelman has been involved in a mass campaign to remove me from society. It started with his continual thugging, bullying, following me around punching me in the back of the head or endlessly flicking my ear, or hold me under water as long as possible things like this to get reactions. He could not succeed in getting what he wanted so he started telling the world I tried to kill him and have no self control to cover up his attempts to try to set me up. He would tell the world I suffer from anger and rage and need to be removed from society, leaving out the facts that he would physically attack me endlessly. At this point he launched a full mental illness campaign using paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping with tons of other tactics with all his friends, and then using my friends as well to create mental illness. He also started committing road rage crimes, and telling the world it was me to try to set me up and smear my name to rile the masses to end my life or remove me from society using his psychology and urology degrees to torture and try to remove me from society.

Paul Humphrey
Befriended me at the same time Mike Huntley, my brothers friend targeting me with my brother. Little brother of my brothers other high school friend Joe Humphrey, My brother was working with to send Paul into my life to work with Mike to smear my name and figure out ways to remove me from society. Paul is involved in every setup possible with Mike as well as mass world wide funded smear tactics to remove me from society out of my families hate and rage towards me from some of their delusions. I believe Paul was also working with the police on the elaborate setups such as putting bullet holes in my fathers Mercedes and telling the world I did it along with the 1000's of other lies and smears to the world with a funded operation.

Tom Farley
Tom Farley
Introduced around the age of 8 followed me from place to place all around the world smearing my name with 100's of lies. From his own mouth "Kevin, You can't control people" while following me around and notifying the masses of every lie possible.

Adriana Olivarez
Adrianna Olivarez
Introduced to me by my father and Lorena Escobar. Her motive was to befriend me for 6 years, get dirt to give out to the world on a funded operation to rile people up against me to end my life working with Paul Humphrey, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, and with mass neighborhood watch groups, When she could not get dirt, her and Lorena Escobar spent all day and night taking my life they had collected, taking each thing out of context and disseminating their lies to the world with intent to kill in the gray areas of the law in a funded operation    . This is just one of the people Lorena Escobar tried to get into my life to get dirt to destroy my name for whatever her real motives are.

Maybe around 2010

Police Threat they are watching me
October, 2017

Officer Sean  Dinse Admitting they have seen my websites with proof of the endless crimes against me since 9 years old playing stupid and trying to cover it up by trying to make me look crazy during a bunk warrant thugging arrest to try to intimidate me quiet. Not only this , Sean was working with Officer Jenson back in 2013, on a misdormeanor arrest because I asked him for his badge number because he was spouting off all sorts of weird things that weren't true. The biggest was that he told me that it was illegal to have a tripod on the sidewalk. And while not telling him I would not leave, I simply wanted a badge number. At this point he arrested me with Dinse with bunk charges with My Brotehrs restuarant, who was involved in endless mental battering with world wide support. Now out of business. Making up such claims of such things like. I assualted someone by throwing a card at them. Which is the stupidest things known to man. with several other charges like this. Which didn't work for them because they want to create a criminal record to label me to the world which they've been doing to me my entire life. Just to someone with a clean record. Now, 4 years later, Dinse pokes his head out of the grass, showing he is one of the obsessed lunatics, stalking me with the LAPD in this 35 year operatioon and trying to thug me quiet. With the same personality as his mentor, Jenson and his illegal activities of stalking me after posting harmless social message tweets to a Louise Jenson, an Adult actress on twitter. Sean DInse, also has a personal facebook account where he is riling up the masses, basically telling people to take part in policing as
if civilians are allowed to do police work, and posting all sorts of things like this on his page to help with suspects. He is also babbling about peoples mental stability, fear mongering, and talking about weather they should be on  streets due to weather they can make rational decisions and things like this. Showing that he is no Police Officer, and has his own personal Agenda as to who should and should not be in society. With claims he has seen my website, which has solid proof of these world wide terror operations against me.  https://www.facebook.com/sean.dinse.1

Police trying to blackmail and scare me quiet about their 30 year campaign to remove me from society after I found out they were trying to set me up any way possible. This is just one of many blackmail tactics such as Officer Toro telling me "If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way" Basically a death threat being that they are doing what they have been doing for 30 years. At the end of this video the officer says "We are watching you Perelman" Showing that they want to try to keep me scared, and quiet, and stop me from speaking out.

For more people involved in setups, smears, mobbing, befriending with intent to kill, and a mass campaign to end my life click here
Incident Report (Detailed daily incident reports of my targeters)
Searcheable database by time, date, tactic, highest harassments per day, etc
Word Press Links
Officer Sean Dinse, Jensen, and Toro’s endless rage, stalking and pursuit to remove me from society for what I know - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/11/04/officer-sean-dinse-jenson-and-toros/
Conglomerated Security Companies world wide working world wide to figure out how to remove me from society and mentally batter me quiet - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/10/17/conglomerated-security-companies/
LAPD – Audio of Officer Dinse admitting they have seen my websites and showing Negligence for refusing to stop the crimes - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/lapd-audio-of-officer-dinse/
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7/31/2017 – Police called on me working with Neighbors at a public park twice in one night for going to the park and minding my own business like usual - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/police-called-and-working-with-neighbors-at-a-public-park-twice-on-me-for-going-to-the-park/
The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/06/24/the-police-report-brain-washing-double-standard-tactic/
Restuarants working togethor to stalk me, and stop me from eating food with psychological terror and abuse - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/restuarants-working-togethor-to-stalk-me-and-stop-me-from-eating-food-with-psychological-terror-and-abuse/
Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, by pinning their crimes on me - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/ron-perelman-putting-his-x-wife-janet-nordet-in-jail-and-trying-to-cover-it-up-by-pinning-his-crimes-on-me/
Beware of this predator accusing me of being a sex offender, he is working with Lorena Escobar and the police to give lies to the world to keep me quiet - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/beware-of-this-predator-accusing-me-of-being-a-sex-offender-he-is-working-with-lorena-escobar-and-the-police-to-give-lies-to-the-world-to-keep-me-quiet/
Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/discrimination-and-stalking-at-the-champagne-french-bakery-bistro-westlake-village/
LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/lapd-setup-for-speaking-out-about-what-is-has-been-done-to-my-life-and-is-still-going-on-to-remove-me-from-society/
Aubry Fisher and Traci Anna Koval involved in destroying my Photography reputation - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/05/06/some-of-the-people-involved-in-destroying-my-photography-reputation/
Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva – Some of the people that have been hunting me in this 30 year campaign - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/lorena-escobar-gwen-suazo-patti-googin-shanna-briantseva-some-of-the-people-that-have-been-hunting-me-in-this-30-year-campaign/
The Family, government, police, world SPACE tactic to remove me from society and Julia Sophia Reynoso - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/the-family-government-police-world-space-tactic-to-remove-me-from-society-and-julia-sophia-reynoso/
The Your like your Jason Perelman brother scam tactic to try to remove me from society and it’s genetics - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/the-your-like-your-jason-perelman-brother-scam-tactic-to-try-to-remove-me-from-society-and-its-genetics/
12/15/2016 – Neighbors parking fake police cars by my house to try to IMMOBILIZE me while continuing their torture campagin - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2016/12/16/12152016/
12/13/2016 – Woodland Oaks Neighbors throwing cat liter on my car to try to keep me quiet because they don’t want the truth coming out and more and more people are seeing what is going on - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/12132016-woodland-oaks-neighbors-throwing-cat-food-on-my-car-to-try-to-keep-me-quiet-because-they-dont-want-the-truth-coming-out-and-more-and-more-people-are-seeing-what-is-going-on/
1/29/2016 – Metro Neighbors parking cars in 2’s with the police with intent to kill - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/1292016-metro-neighbors-parking-cars-in-2s-with-the-police-with-intent-to-kill/
12/4/2015 – Metro Neighbors increase mental illness tactics by parking cars in patterns of 2’s. 2 Elances, 2 Prius’s, 2 pairs of Lexus’s - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/metro-neighbors-increase-mental-illness-tactics-by-parking-cars-in-patterns-of-2s-2-elances-2-priuss-2-pairs-of-lexuss/
Community Mobbing – 9/11/2015 – Metro Neighbors parking 2 Prius’s, 2 Kias, and 2 Elances with intent to create mental illness and kill - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/community-mobbing-9112015-metro-neighbors-parking-2-priuss-2-kias-and-2-elances-with-intent-to-create-mental-illness-and-kill/
Latest Incidents
11/23/2013 2:45:00 PM - Starbucks - Woodland hills - Shoup - Man comes in green shirt and blue jeans, when comes in, another man wearing same shirt gets up and walks by him so I'd see them togethor. goes to the bathroom, for a few seconds comes back, then sits back down - Patterns - Clothing - Random Strangers Details
11/23/2013 2:30:00 PM - Starbucks - Woodland hills - Shoup - 2 people come in same time, red shirts, black hats - Patterns - Clothing - Random Strangers Details
11/23/2013 2:19:48 PM - Starbucks - Woodland hills - Shoup - 2 women come in same time camo clothing sit next to me - Patterns - Clothing - Random Strangers Details
11/23/2013 2:18:00 PM - Starbucks - Woodland hills - Shoup - 2 ppl come in red black sit down on either side of me wearing red and black - Patterns - Red and Black - Random Strangers Details
11/23/2013 1:55:09 PM - Starbucks - Woodland hills - Shoup - teams of people come in probably about 30 in couple hrs with ideas of references to make me mentally ill - Ideas of Reference - Random Strangers Details
10/4/2013 9:12:34 PM - Home - More people parking cars in patterns to create mental illness. two blue ford focus's across from each other - Ideas of Reference - Metro Complex tenants Details
9/28/2013 1:20:00 AM - Home - People Park white pickups all up and down my small street to create mental illness - Ideas of Reference - Metro Complex tenants Details
7/22/2013 11:53:08 AM - Home - Community Mobbing – Woodland Hills – Metro Complexes – Continue to try to create mental illness to end my life - Ideas of Reference - Random Strangers Details
7/22/2013 11:52:10 AM - Golden State Sports Medical - Gang Stalking – 7/16/2013 – More People with umbrellas - Ideas of Reference - Random Strangers Details
7/22/2013 11:50:53 AM - Golden State Sports Medical - Gang Stalking – 7/16/2013 On my way home from work more people come out with umbrellas - Ideas of Reference - Random Strangers Details
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COINTELPRO - http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2016/08/21/the-surreptitious-reincarnation-of-cointelpro-with-the-cops-gang-stalking-program
OSI Organized Stalking Informers - https://www.facebook.com/OrganizedStalkingInformers/posts/313050825461644
Covert Government Investigations, using community policing. AKA Gang Stalking in UK - http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj36/04.html
A target like myself showing how these people operate and the amount of effort they use to try to remove their target from society - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMeA5i485Eg
Some other links, some seem legit, some not but gives you an idea about Gang Stalking when go through them - https://wn.com/gang_stalking  

Links to my other websites (Showing that before 29, I was a completley different person and not some kind of crazy recluse that my family, police and government have been pitching the the world to try to make me look crazy and keep me isolated while finding out that the people who were my friends and places and people I had worked with had been approached beforehand, and not really my friends or profesionals and had ulterior motives to remove me from society.

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